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tv   Arirang News  PBS  May 2, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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yours the operations of the sower disaster sites continues but kobe has doubled in eight years the parties of the mess and not all recovered. inside the ferry shh use of a frieze of life. so friday afternoon during some one hundred and seventy passengers. every other place is its top military commander what does this say about the government's grip on power in the future the korean times. new year
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the news i'm sean went and i am trying to be. the search for the missing at this hour disaster site continues with operations they are welling to their seventeenth day or the latest let's turn to our team geology and soul of body was found to date born a half kilometers away from the surf side and that's raising questions of whether we should expand the parameters of the search that may be the case and there are growing concerns that the bodies of the victims might never be found as some were clearly tearing away from the accident site. i crave. it's hard to predict which way the body is made to death. also just how far the search easy add me to be expanded. so the victim's belongings have been found as far as thirty km away from
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the ferry and there was the senior employee of the ferry company to actually admit it today and that she knew the firm was overloading that the cargo onto the share raid at one end and place i was questioned today admitted that he knew over loading cargo on the ferry could cause it to capsize employee identified as cam was in charge of loading cargo onto this one a team of marine companies that fills an earlier in the present acting on the ship. eden's apparently told prosecutors that he had warned him that there was too much cargo was the speculation is growing that the company simply chose not to heed those warnings for our financial profits well speaking of the allegations of greed in this case how is the investigation going into the de facto owner of this company while a close aide to owner hugh has been put into custody today the first in this investigation school then the ceo of the cosmetics company called cap and that
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was eighteen when that freedom finds when hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the fourth of march statement on the eighteenth which is the biggest shareholder of the ferry operator. prosecutors say so has induced losses to one of these ghost company. i paid a large sum of commission the same. it was nice for a business consulting. but with new high farce prosecutors are expected to speed up its probe into three figures connected to an adult male was given to one of his sons to answer the summons by next thursday after he refused to answer to some as for the second time today alright next thursday we'll keep an eye on the story thank you very much to see on the top of the story and one apology may not be enough for a president can help. it's as if she believes it's her duty to officially apologize for the ferry disaster. meeting with religious leaders on friday the president said she will do all she can to ensure that the missing passengers were found. and once again
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play for the overhaul of the national disaster response system for apology for the government sport management that came earlier this week was criticized because it was not addressed to the people but rather came during a cabinet meeting what a time when campaigning for next month's local elections should be dominating headlines the ferry disaster has cast a long shadow over the political re not exactly an act that's changed election strategy as well to win over voters. rival parties are doing what they can to distance themselves from the government and as our chairs and tells us the ruling party could take a head to come election day. if the ferry disaster has completely overshadowed the upcoming local elections in june with only about a month to go before the polls the moline opposition parties and to think that campaigning in the mookie and criticism of political leaders most of the inability to cope with such disasters
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the latest survey show government handling of the man made disaster the president for finance popularity meeting to below fifty percent for the first time in the year. in the past it and the government and building party to have suffered the most politically from a disaster. any opposition in upper hand. but this time around mistrust of threats from the government to both ends of the political spectrum. in a move likely intended to distance itself the building funded party on friday criticized the government for its mishandling of the crisis party from the decay gum on the first official to mobilize to help the family found the missing passengers have not been working since then fell into a disaster and people sixteen the opposition new politics alliance for democracy on the other hand sat on the seventeenth after falls on the government and its absence and the sufficient disaster management control
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tower. co leader team and in city center waiting for the government to determine who is responsible for the ferry capsized in the national assembly to meet the effort. despite the political blame game political observers say the outcome of june for elections may be determined more i abide voter turnout as many korean still feel despondent over the tragedy on to the accident occurred at the saffron afternoon here in seoul to subway trains that collided with and eating around two hundred people injured. let's go directly into our bones allow for the latest is a lighthouse sirius has the situation become it seems like the number of injured has gone up. that's right as the story first broke out around forty were reportedly injured but now the number stands at around two hundred and this includes two foreigners are on one of fifty aren't getting medical help at local hospitals and demos that the injuries are
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reported reminder that if these two are said to have suffered bone fractures and one of the drivers involved in the accident was seriously injured. this after a subway train traveling on mine too with allocating funds. i want in the station to station crashed into a stationary train at around three thirty pm korean time. what does this in the second train set and was slowing down and stop and started the number of times before that scratch that allowed back into the subway car ahead of its what this as our passengers said they did not received any instructions nor did they hear any announcements for about twenty minutes causing a lot of confusion and chaos and sell them actually said they had to force open the doors themselves. but this ceo of swelling metro said that about five minutes after the crash. the first announcements by officials were made in both the boys passengers were evacuated thirty minutes after
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the accident. now do we know what cost of the two trains to cry. seoul metro thirty said they will first focus on the recovery process which according to the ceo should have ended by now actually investigations into the cars will come next but there is the possibility that the so called automatic train stops system was not functioning properly and that the driver in the second subway could not see the subway and had been due to the current tracks that solid half an hour but he will have more updates later on. the new again lead to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking all the hottest interviews and a whole lot more. join aidan sean ryan and jamie from the heart of so it begins that point i knew last week nights like that and on and on tv i have done during
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number two with both endeavors he meant the uk is our ten hundred am the site is an acid top military commander no word yet on the reason for resigning shake up the week reports sheffield and income the yen has replaced its top military commander and if i haven't seen yet leader may be struggling to maintain his grip on power. reporting on an eight day event friday the north korean central news agency introduced spot as the country's military police bureau chief. north korea watchers are keeping a close eye on pop who was promoted to the position of vice marshal less than two weeks after becoming a four star general. why should i let the plane remained unclear as to get into the second president of military officers to jeff is taking more advantage has reported health problems. the latest
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charge it comes less than six months since the execution of kenneth uncle tom thumb tack and fancy and edifying the young leaders in power and still shaky. but falcon the education ministry says it's too early to jump to any conclusions. we were certain about the purge of john suntec and the dismissal in the on hold because it was reported after the extended meeting of the political bureau of the party's central committee. so far there have been no such reports on city owned day. meanwhile hopes for a better answer for me and heidi are fading fast and i have a keen on going back to the port new career path and crossed by the side during what could that have be stepping up its aggressive rhetoric since the us president brought about a visit to seoul last week when you have to stand shoulder to shoulder with alchemy act against any provocation by the north. experts say this as part of north korea efforts to find its way back
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to the negotiating table. i'm funny and nice. washington has kept its next ambassador to south korea and his name is mark electorate is currently the chief of staff to defense secretary took a while. it has been a close adviser to president barack obama for years and susan and has more on his part. my lip hard one and us president barack obama oldest and closest aides have been nominated to the united states next ambassador to south korea. multiple diplomatic sources say the us government notified soul of the impending announcement during president obama today to the nation last week. if confirmed by the us senate leopard will replace the current ambassador son ken and the second half of the year. can history or turn is nearing an end is expected to return to the state department in september. as for labor's credentials
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the forty one year old is currently defined second rate of cables chief of staff at the age of thirty two he became the foreign policy advisor to then senator barack obama. four years later he was appointed as national security counsel chief of staff and in two thousand well as assistant secretary of defense for asian and pacific security affairs. experts anticipate that lebron will strengthen relations between seoul and washington. former assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs kurt campbell was quoted as saying that south korea would be lucky to have leopard was close to the president as us ambassador. medford is expected to focus on bolstering trilateral cooperation between the us korea and japan with an emphasis on rebalancing how great their stronger security types. the team would also be to prevent china from taking the lead in north korea related matters such as when it comes to counting fact i
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have come down. according to pentagon officials that the police and security cooperation and historical disputes should be approached differently. this can be a concern to korea due to sensitivity over tokyo's interpretation of history and territory all claims nevertheless south korea's embassy has welcomed leopards nomination as he has a good reputation among diplomats and the country. seasoning. i didn't use. a new report from korea central bank shows that the nation's annual growth is close to matching its potential growth rate. that's a positive sign for the economy but it could mean a possible rate hike later this year when jay explains the bank of korea has used the new lady of calculating the nation's output gap and results showed a smaller margin between the economy's actual growth and potential growth compared to the previous match and
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the new method introduced in the central bank's report on friday and eight that giving a more accurate picture on the economy and helping policymakers drop plans to promote greater economic activities. all three and asset bubbles and reveals the korean economy is growing closer to its maximum possible growth rate at which the economy can grow without triggering inflation in financial market instability and with the new data showing a potential closing of gap between actual growth and potential growth experts point to a possible interest rate hike leader to see your team who don't. output gap is an indicator for inflation there was a white naked about that get in the past several years but this is expected to be traversed by the end of this year which is expected to lead the central bank to pay in its monetary policies. the new central bank governor. i also said it is a view as the top monetary
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policy last month that ended the eighth on an increase in interest rates should be getting up at the alfred that close is an upside risks to inflation. add in onions. to which they sure we put into the signs of rising optimism about the korean economy joining us now is dr came in show professor of international economics at school in pune university welcome. so professor let's start off with some of the data points that we got yesterday for the month of april exports one point nine per cent on the air and some say that people cpi also helped to lead his concerns about the deflationary pressure in the country how did you read the first of all fortunately the court amid a record high performance than exports to the amount of exports in april was that the lord and to pp and on this and the hawaiian is a
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record high. primarily because the youth division opponent of the coroner for products repeated and grandpa it's a very popular the only global consumers. and this second reason why it was so high in april. why is it because of the high base effect. because the amount of innate goodness it wasn't in a small in scale. so over the year on the note on my last shoot it from the cia admitted to john. so people are optimistic but do you think it's really really sick for her korea's economy didn't achieve the four percent target set by the p ok what is it the ok of thinking on what are they hoping is going to improve in the global economy you know to achieve that kind of a four percent to three point nine percent export of course we played an important role as the government has been
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saying that you know we need to make this type of balance between export activity and that domestic spending. now they went appealed to the projects that should run in the two thousand pork and growth are in a target of four percent and two point nine percent well as our own the detergent made and the projection before the ferry disaster and so on because you know that there is a tragedy it is having tremendous impact on the economy ostensibly the second quarter. because people just stop spending in the ditches cancel their travel plans and know that in the end of the events and programs. i certainly feel that caution came and your comments and it was also an option come across headlines i even talking about turn it into the gap between
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the actual headline economic recovery feet ears and the degree of recovery back to average two beans are peeling consumers job seekers and businessmen have one is that he's got a korean thing um no not the time and it is not the be happening that there is no different to korea. oh boy does it is has been coming in as the camera and mobile customer friendly then out export. menus to create jobs but not all of the exports than it does not many jobs. his next job this export. and a jobless growth well the new b ok chief will convene in a sec and monetary policy meeting next week there were no changes to the new bass strait last time we expect this time around while. everybody is aware that the economy is going to be. i'm really torn down in
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hand. way below the target growth rate. so something has to be done. policy wise. so i would hope that the bank of korea would do something like that no changing it when lowering interest rates in the event i'll forgo they can be no object about the nature of baptism. this time next week in a perhaps a middle of the dough in a decrease in the base rate. what is expected. i well we'll find out that their stay and thank you for i have for your insights on the joints of a crime and justice. the a's are waiting to hear about their missing loved ones on board the ill fated malaysia airlines plane had been told to go home. we don't have to pony at the new center column
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sure that didn't go over very well. that's right the families were visibly distraught after being informed on thursday by malaysia airlines to support center for relatives in beijing would be close the company explained that the move was meant to encourage relatives to receive updates from the comfort of their homes more than one hundred of the two nd and thirty nine passengers on four point three seven zero were from china. meanwhile the search operation continues in building sailing ships in high tech underwater and women. but so far it's failed to turn up any trace of the boeing triples the event which disappeared on march a investigators say they believe the plane's wreckage lies at the bottom of the southern indian ocean australia's tertiary angus houston said on friday that the probability of finding missing children or has drawn but he remains hopeful that the underwater blue intro they find something by the end of this month. moving on to china with the nation is reeling from yet another mass nine attack. security
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remains high at the main train station at china's western city of one and she conditions young the region two days after attack which killed three people and injured seventy nine. train services resumed on thursday despite the overnight it's lotion and stabbing spree the us state department has condemned wednesday's violence saying that it appeared to be an act of terrorism. the chinese government says a suicide bombing was carried out by a least two suspects with a history of religious extremists of the brutal incident was the third such high profile attack against civilians in seven months and turning to the deepening crisis in ukraine a pro russian activists clashed with riot police in the eastern city of don't ask before taking control of the prosecutor's office the protesters now on the plane number of government buildings in dozens of other flashpoint cities. the move comes as the ukrainian government launches a military operation to retake the town of sloppy ounce from separatist groups
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ukraine's interior ministry says one helicopter has been shut down with missile launchers and at least one pilot was killed. he prays at the present eludes and or church in all an ounce on thursday that the country would reinstate military conscription in response to the growing unrest. russia has warned any assault by ukrainian troops in the region would have caused catastrophic consequences there are several look at international stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here next week. the seal hunt for some speed in check. after spending most of her life in figure skating and haven't been in this spotlight for the past few years korea's ice queen you know will take the ice once again for her retirement pay. open all the weekend on sunday she
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hosted a press event which included a look at the rehearsals their the twenty three year old was attacked he said that she wanted to make the ice show her best today and hope that it helps to heal the nation still grieving over the skeletal ferry accident the show continues on through tuesday. and they can agree is the first round is in the books for both the pga and lpga nice ornaments first if the wells fargo championship. i'm helping her around churches but the early lead at six under while phil mickelson and martin flores trailed by a stroke meanwhile over in texas for the north texas lpga shootout suzanne pedersen deterred from entering the top the leaderboard at five under michelle wie and five others share the second spot. not going to the nba hardcourt the first round of the playoffs has been robust to say the least but the point of series going
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the distance. most recently the pacers hawks clippers more years and under chris lee series. all going to deciding game seven with three others heading to game six is only the wizards and to keep from the east has been banned. now fatigue emerges as an issue with three rounds still to play and closing up the video takes a break to make way for games on monday which is children's day a national holiday here in korea so if you're here and a nation one that had the ball park and let that have a great weekend this has to be the tenth house you back later for more in the world of sports during the day we enjoyed perfect spring weather here in seoul for and why we connect my tea like you were down four at the weather center for gas. that is necessary to keep an umbrella handy as it is now drizzling after the race. shifting our focus for a day in this
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enzyme seem to have worse than compared to yesterday visibility remains low at three point seven km with strong winds blowing at eleven point eight meters per second. well today marks the last of spring tides from tomorrow through tuesday is when will it get me tight and jeering and tidal currents will slow down two to a tenth of a meter and pre date. our four day long weekend it looks like we'll get a mix of rain and thunder. now sunday shaping up to the brainy one and find me kicked in between sunday and monday. as for our current conditions. the fed's role of reasons will briefly be under the influence of a low pressure trough from the north that this is exactly why break the showers in the central region. that's not likely be our wonderful and sunny day though makes it seem it might be the most out of nothing but their body and thinking like that tomorrow's greetings of peace at nineteen degrees bought came
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with tons of treats twenty four taking the lead that other place that said you've hit ninety degrees to do and not to the top added sixteen and twelve. alfred now but i'll be back with mark after midnight. rest of this edition of prime time news and sean with and i am going to be thinking very much for watching. i is you. tokyo speech. this is to come and gone to spread use money you will eat fresh food stuffs from every part of it
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the expression wide distribution network to establish the seventeenth century. then possible to bring all kinds of fruit to tokyo from drugs the development of a sophisticated culture the extensive range of tastes took what seemed to me the japanese approach subtlety and artistic expression of seasonal thing ricky one of the world's great cuisine. some leftist gavin to reduce pollution season. here for the fishing pole to pole to the charcoal grill of st. the targets you enjoy. it departs from every region. the tony doherty us to do as he specialized in
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two respects. execution style restaurant with simple syrup so the delicacies like such a good story beach. i know the country. he is the total to eighteen points with unique nor conditions like this. the big replace the bridge. symonds who is typical of heart warming trend becomes colder reach it tasted like charlie who don't know. the bridge for women to college. last point is the card. japanese style bar restaurants under the tracks. when japanese restaurants please read to make stock. the stone age
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these yucky top skewers of charcoal real cheap. it also tried various kinds of tools and seasoned with soy sauce for me some flavored meat and vegetable stew. perhaps the easiest point to some japanese home style cooking the way to retrieve the gift token it is also the third reich. the specialty here is the restaurants that offer a range of world cuisine is on assignment. asia south america great introduced me to ensure that race just to tick you off. to come here because i can trust be one of the world. also hosts many things to touch the fruit of
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this. he wanted to scream or won't he. japanese cuisine tokyo truly is a mormon. this program is brought you by from doorways means to increase workers' minds the group. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. he's sorry people i killed as she ever read one chooses crimes and on ukraine's east where people are defined interim government andan


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