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tv   France 24 News  PBS  May 5, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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history gets worse every day because breaking news or what. lights. a dorset to play. the stock. wa. good news. hundreds of pro
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ukrainian protesters marched in the southern city of the death of pat rafter pro russian story of how least eighteen to forty seven sixty of their members arrested friday. jerry and aunt b is fried with that starts just after four days of questioning of the then tory diary murder of belfast mother of ten. murder trial a mosque in the story is resumed in south africa after a two week break. double amputee sprinter is accused of intentionally shooting dead his girlfriend last year what you think happens between us but the battle for ukraine has now moved south to the port city of augusta on sunday pro russian militants stormed the ukrainian police station
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airframe close to seventy fellow activists who were arrested and dozens of people were killed and nineteen on friday. the storming of the police headquarters hundreds of pro ukrainians to turn out in support of the country to manage suzanne has won a tent set up in august. supporters of the can come from ancient to the streets on sunday night he protested against her he spoke all russians captured in the city. lucy would include snow we have new lethal authorities in the city. they promised the kids ate the ultra quiet strike will be taken down from this building so we can to make sure they were telling the truth to what during the day that the pro russian supporters attacked police headquarters the proof windows and forced it into the building the assault the ukrainian authorities to release a distinct need to survive into the deaths on friday. denise christmas eve the fight is just beginning. the most it's a small victory for us
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to war continues. the war is unfortunately just oxygen in the gillette sunday was the second day of national mourning following friday's technique that has decreed cool kid and pro russian activists. clashes involving petrol bombs led to a trade union building holding in the pro russian separatists to break down. meanwhile prime minister gets a new visit to the test on sunday easy to blame squarely on russia. owens got that little mind. this is the moments when the cream cheese d minds when the country should reconcile. in it. let's give them opportunities to russian support to terrorists. spread the filling my attention residents are for desiree seen questions about the bill to the army and police to control guidance. there's a tyrant or just here to tell us a bit more about the significance of the dance that was a bit more about its role in the conflict in
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the importance of the mountain. maybe this is an attempt to spread instability well beyond that on that stat is this a coal mining region or historic nickel mining region in eastern ukraine where we'd be talking battle of flex points the last few weeks. but in fact snack you look at a map and sf is some six hundred km away from come to expect. it says it's creating a new front end this conflict and its roots as it seemingly an attempt to stir up tensions in the cosmopolitan city where unlike slogans. ethnic russians are a minority in odessa it has a sixty two percent ethnic ukrainian majorities who has a different dynamic from those small towns in the don't ask one of the other fact is i think here is that all children should say is it is an attempt to borrow for russian sentiment else would say that unit is the son of resonance what happens in this event is designed to
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resonate back in the dome back school. in other parts of ukraine already hyper eruption. protests don't think we won't forget odessa in other parts of ukraine surprisingly that's one of the killings of this de stabilization. i think if you look at the next few weeks is well drawn and killed could well be that to try to prevent back in the twenty fifth presidential election from taking place on a much broader swathe of ukrainian terror tree that had perhaps been the previous record. tip the balance is key and losing to the septic system despite well it seems to me that that the separatists keep opening new fronts as i said with the deaths of hundreds of kilometers away from this set of um. add to this. a series of flash points to a concentration of plus points in the far east to that of the country and his new front is being given just twenty of his needle weaving in the don't ask. it makes small gains and immediately there
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were setbacks else with several setbacks for every every small gate so that seems to be the pac ten and of course kids still in the same at the time on either do nothing and encourage get more flex points to come up much wider geographical area. or do something but then risk budget which means i the russian invasion. all ten in opinion against kiev in a whole number of cities where people didn't necessarily like yanukovich very much but basically you kiev today with a certain amount of suspicion i think it is time to return the other one is free now and gerry adams has been freed without charge after four days of questioning over the notorious ira murder of a belfast mother the leader of sinn fein could still face charges over the killing forty years ago. thomas waterhouse explains the released without charge after four days of
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questioning shinn fein leader gerry adams lease the space station in belfast. his release was not going hungry or has protested outside the gates. and to use another exits. police arrested dozens on wednesday the abduction and murder of jean the corn belt. the mother of ten with built in nineteen seventy two by the irish republican army the suspect repeating any purchase party. in nineteen ninety knowing the artillery finally admits to killing her this has always denied any involvement in it that when it's in the under eight. it is very clear that by using the new ball and indonesians bars and vault or killed. i read mrs mcconnell. part of dollars. this injustice redress during the conflict a security guard for the ira social change increases so i start to miss the rest fifteen point six units of a tipped off his maths and
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mcguinness said it was a deliberate attempt by what he called store closest to undermine the peace process sian think it also threatened to withhold support for the police service of northern ireland's a step that could approach the topic maps of the power sharing agreements. just minutes to pizza robinson called the criticism the thuggish attempt to blackmail the place. upon his release but the optimist calm the storm repeated his commitment to the good friday peace deal and saying that he remains wedded to the psni the case is in place just yet. according to police statements. ottens has been released pending a report to the prosecution service the child after two story is resumes today after a two week break. the defense is expected to call another round of expert witnesses after the prosecution to our heart the athletes testimony it's a critical phase for the double amputee sprinter his defense is trying to recover from the faltering start and trying to reinforce the app is claimed he fatally
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shot his girlfriend by mistake because he was overwhelmed by a fear of crime. minus the spring a nineteen flat again from kate and james was the first time the stories had been seeing all my sins that i was a great two weeks ago. happy see what happened today. yet he dictated to and looked at all. it's a pretty interesting from two weeks off from the trolley was a bruising time and the fact that leaks at the trial will in a week of which he spent in the witness box itself and giving his evidence and being cross examined and teens adults who read it. it seemed mobile content that i've seen in the telco. today we had a hand stand to let the fact that on the scene directly on to the source of the fifteen capital into added time a dusty actually get right to seek evidence about how he came to the front door two storey houses will be at the hand me downs instead of
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speeding bullet eek i'm dreading it down instead cases he can excel in his sad cuz they see ken's sch ends at an eon posted today bloody oath rule is that the athletes in britain he was sulking he was reaching its prey. katie in a terrible state and at that time already saying that he is mistaken effort into debt. he added that the defense went to get across to his estimate is it that often so i gave that as a reasonable that they will see teams from the very men and students about the ride to the scene and is not a story concocted some tricky to that date it is something that he is said to ask his daddy and it will phase out taking the interest and an imax and she will add let's use it in there about twenty more witnesses for the defense to a stake in the next two weeks i think the change in time to have reportedly asked the stories trial in south africa thanks to you what to think and stay
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with us. the new new new new new. woohoo name. i was
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special edition of europe not letting some of our best reports and interviews from all of the euro. ughh i told the financial crisis the number of economists predicted that the euro. when carl wilson eurozone countries to return to their national currencies. well these days despite the sluggish state of the european economy the euro is still going strong. john terry frost latvia became the use of his eighteen month while allowing the baltic country of just two million people to take a step further out aldershot in neighboring brush up on seeing the report says was in week out among the countries which from the last to the european single currency while the transition went smoothly. not all athletes were excited about the new banknotes in these grocery store doubling up the price tag has become something of a
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reflex. you're right. didn't get a calculator in this one last week was seventy cents and paid the price relax a bit sulky will have to cut prices on his contacts for the next six months. a helping hand for this he struggled to combat the old currency to the new pricing your eyes. he has some experience in changing coins and bills countries have three different currencies miles twenty point he is only available when we had russian rubles killer independence is and we have a temporary money until nineteen ninety two it's not which was on selected routes. then after that we have the last event on sunday. he died a few times during the gift giver so every youth attending a currency markets the concept thing for us to stop. that he had two weeks of transition using the currency still the garrett became the tree i think the gang on my path others found it more
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difficult to say goodbye that's established in nineteen ninety three the currency was a potent symbol of new found independence. so i baked this country because the rulers of the national crying the exquisite philadelphia the stage. ten years in tibet and the aura of all suffered by the crises. i can see that all of these companies and speaking like spain portugal greece all of the seven european base developed countries is up except some time and completely big problem. for the bank manager to change his technique suggested the scale. having paid to the ui from the feeling he is competing in two thousand and nine when he lost almost a quarter of its national wealth. it shows that heat to e the us going to utah. we are getting closer to your door and vocation. year eight when he's old and eight to
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twenty have a new fuzzy memories of them i hear it's really get any of the crane however the court means calculating the exchange rate the supermarkets encouraging and on its entry into the urine in these government sponsored campaign. some remain cynical about the common currency. no one read about rising prices on the nineteenth century the price has gone up the prices go up and into two or three months before the introduction of the year and we're still using about this. this is a lot. the ride of the urine testing is an inflation busting cruel and racist hateful the european economy starting to come. or more of the rise in prices could be balanced out by the time the moscow peace treaty by the year of salary schedules to go off to the events of the process the average shopping center in ways that a european operations. in a sense of
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optimism in the family business. they sell fifteen percent of the child that the country to give me your insanity. with this aching filmmaker currency exchange is here. the company's managers looking to increase exports clean them up to thirty five percent of potential output in all of the present and that means we don't need to pray about what potential of the bureau of the art of what the up the role of the aisle again euro. easy for us as we are explored through a lot of the eurozone for the euro currency of me i'm really bad junior year is celebrated its entry into the eurozone and with much insanity. any chance that that will stay seated countries away from them since they have influence. people are disjointed and has also achieved its goal question you get the kids and get to justify his country was not independent as it is at the bottom of the is
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the second podium of the space of your desired the next one to india. but it's a pleasant in to the news comes his way to get a sense of your daughter's molds for three of our kitty kitty. in two thousand and eight with the economy weakened by a recession the estate had been told of the year right now the country but it's one of the leaves birth rates in the evening and find the scent of the most he is exactly fourteen years ago to a team's name is norman pockets on crops in response to a military coup backed by athens. up to the state the mainstream audience remains divided into. they see a greek and turkish cypriot leaders and grace to enter a new round of talks suggesting a peace deal may be within reach. the trouble to the port city of common stock in the turkish health part of the audience. what's known as the gem of cyprus
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lots of fun outdoor stuff had been turned into a ghost town. as you'll find out citizens from both sides have joined forces hoping to restore the sissy was full of mold. we're here in the middle of the bars behind the bombs while ice the house which all it was warm and forbid them from the bidding because the ticket show me control the area. the greek cypriots george house the set but then since the day in august nineteen seventy four when his mother pack their bags and russia three children far away from the brush and neighborhood. hubby has described the event of which i put into it. progress the bushes. i learned many former inhabitants of the ones cry seaside resort than a chore to send him off today going in our lives north of russia made the bid on a cruise that was completely closed off when the turkish army invaded nature has reclaimed
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the town and the minute ritual that no one crosses the kids need boundaries. but the trouble with the cost to watch for hubert incident of a tickle to he said. for a few months now he's participated in the pic to read on the town the initiative including both greek and tickets to agree it's because the defection of the fact that we were happy and peaceful easy feeling to last the full something. it was sold to lead us. you can leave to go to the temple just the two get that part of the best indifferent to such a mess. i don't think it's for sure but a fool. who could get to where we want to catch up from behind. without having to kiev and find them the political agreements already exists at the local level gets in the bowl rolling the tickets cypriot mayor of comic use that as his greek cypriot counterparts in in nicosia two months ago that today
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issued a joint press statement with the united nations backing. their objective to retain some accused innocent artsy to the town's inhabitants or something. do the it resumes three degrees and incompetence isn't easy to speed up residents return to russia. in gaza causing some issues from tomorrow to read the comments will still take at least five years with most of the augusta chronicle takes to renovate buildings and infrastructure in this it has been killed. getting to deal with. i think it is recalled. but the use of computer chips and i have to go to. to keep trying though did you begin shows proof of the us or european country amcor group. that doesn't show any interest expected to be one despise you the chili the re unification project is a scary prospect for tickets to chris' family was the last of the project
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the kids to the complex the trip in a way to get childhood memories of the communities living side by side. this one has painful memories are. he wanted to show they would be a problem for me. i didn't want to such. accustomed to sharing his id on his way back into the london south. george dreams of seeing cyprus free of checkpoints. still he's grateful he can even cross the ball but completely cries only ten years to get in on one hand i don't like it and is wine country. i have to show identification and husband went to the oven. but there don't get it and it's a small price to pay for these have been itching to go watch any stage. just need to find full details in use to sketch them. his father then rebuilt as complex a few
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kilometers south in the creek parts of the elements that george reopening the town also means opening up the pace that business opportunities. if we have a unified said crews would be sympathetic to be in the two communities. he would open the doors open to the conflict is an impediment to rule the school is domestic or not makes the trade and we're as busy as good but we went to see these conflicts be put away the press want to put words into the pitcher with that with optimism. the symbol of division. each issue in negotiations. russia could also become the symbol of reunification. the state u n troops to patrol a buffer zone that runs through the i didn't like it stopped and the bites the cap to the casino into. last friday next week's super nanny the antibody up and go poorly
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it is all very nice bc in conducting its own. this is a very symbolic he's been outstanding in the so called buffer zone the green line that's the feisty line and into the grid copies behind me the sucky spots is behind you there. dave bailey the past attendant who was bent a month. if i make it to him to try and pretend tea party nicely as it has been a u s might be remanded him in tears because he does look a bit envious that they did hire them beyond the mouth and eat with him. and then he gave up and down in the united nations. only emerson meant to be. yes because until two thousand farm. ms was in almonds and not like to quote has
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combined incomes of one thanks in everything. and dan plan and trenches during the guilt that awesome in auckland. we thought friends and i was able to approach him again. foreign enemies will go in the rain to being an upland. and this is not the case on tuesday. these canines can convert kind of bike and part of and content infectious and can be my thing. greek and stuart dew said that he does on trying to not get a deal of peace settlements are you optimistic. i've got some cool with that in its negotiations with godly men on that day and the pentagon thank you if this meant that he and an opportunity fund the content to be the year nine ten. and of cos we found beneath texas fantasy and ended the month the tenth time you could even be i'm sol. i am optimistic because i'll be an ally and annie and
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in our exclusive economic zone which have led to an end to his men matching pink tips to share these so this isn't missing a beat they want company. maybe it would be astounding fan can protect you because we know that at ten pm eastern time and to come in and i'm looking for bloggers contemplate and marty park and fed it to condone this type of nsg is constant. so maybe if we change the data of the ben and i even changed and if anything the side of manhattan and opportunities for consumption. eighteen thousand couples to have me teach dance yet. riga is the european council of culture. it's an eagle to see the latvian city to showcase its first loss art nouveau
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architecture. will my lappy and prime minister the muslim bodies opened the doors of me his brand new national library of calls like that those coupons. most of it asserts that the system. it's a very ambitious projects for ego and cannot be said that this is ambitious and has been debate about two reasons for it. really wanted to show how significant is called to meet interesting. which is two and drinks own identity but the second is to bring people also cannot yet. no possibility you force them to me it's going to get camille what's going on beyond that he's the board of appeal. for example. i will become to do both got a present if you knew would in all the teams in two thousand fifteen yes and read liz's will take place over the phone will take place cannot lead
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sponsors of terror he told all the religions but a very pretty big guy. this is a great view but three guests of the bodies of january eighteen. local residents created the human chain possible books and my hands that sweet deal driver in the city center and this new building was a highly symbolic. this is some hull quebec it was the beginnings of color method of people but an item number of bbb human chain but it was a whole chicken soup into this torments and the communities to hold the whole world was on tv tonight. yes it's that time and if it was the decisive action is not justified due to political parties and movements that none of which was absolutely the hole. nation has become part of it. it pays to take
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it. now though. duke's overboard is by far looks but most folks would say the ads with a seventy five thousand papers are printed here. and well to most like many things in your country it's multi lingual. besiktas reading and sometimes the five different languages in one edition since this is probably what caused the growth. you don't get lost in translation. no because the ah. i use to switch from one language to another and the ideas that the young people in boxes the speech from indigenous claims handlers from portuguese to french linux but still sometimes according to luxembourg betrayal. i can and you to watch in this edition of europe now join me
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again thanks to trouble. its opponents. the air. first
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remote sensing satellite was launched into outer space as the us at one movie that started at seven fifty kilometers above their twenty four engineers and twenty one operators have undertaken an internship in toll house with all its work in process information. asked about kenzie own satellite what is the first remote sensing satellite which has been instructive because experiment here bucs defense and space company the project has been in the works for five years. in addition spacecraft will be manufactured in kazakhstan within the framework


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