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tv   Arirang News  PBS  May 5, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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them. we use craig's store made it on its low spirits ah. like a parched over the tragic loss of so many young lives in the soho ferry sinking. the prez and reached out to children on social media this holiday by posting a message on her facebook page which reads to all children on this children's day. i hope you are healthy grow up brilliantly and on this date the last. though the post didn't mention this hellhole ferry disaster. she did reportedly canceled all of her previously scheduled children's day activities to focus on the rescue operation an investigation. and speaking of which today marks the twentieth day of search operations for the sunken syllable fairy fourteen bodies had been recovered so far this monday which brings
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the confirmed death toll to two hundred sixty two off forty remained unaccounted for. divers have completed an initial search of sixty one nett sixty four the basses compartments for most of the missing passengers were expected to be found officials say after completing this initial phase divers will search common areas next including lobbies and shops before further expanding operations to the cargo compartments as well as the first and second floors of the shed. meanwhile as the official mourning period continues over three hundred sixty thousand people have visited memorials nationwide to pay tribute to his hair will victims while more than ninety six thousand text messages of condolence had been sent to the official group altar in on time economists expect a big drop in consumer spending in the second quarter due to shock over the solo ferry disaster and are willing to sit suspensions for domestic more bulk carriers. amid
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reports on how long this lol they last analysts fear that sell through his domestic demand would take a major hit in the second quarter as consumers have reduced their spending a minister a full ferry tragedy. what does this victory on monday the country's composite leading index marked one hundred one point two was marked down zero point three percentage point from the previous month. this is the second consecutive month the index declined after beats a form of high end chain unwary. at one to one point six. the cyclical component of the composite coincident index which measures the current economic situation remained unchanged from february to stand up one hundred point seven in march experts say the ferry tragedy nabbed for consumer sentiment in the short term lol contemporary businesses pitches of mall bought carriers which negatively impacted sparkled sale. and experts say. income growth
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remains tepid as domestic demand remains sluggish however it seems overall consumer sentiment has held steady. the sub report by the bank of korea korea's consumer sentiment was typical pro economic outlook oh that one hundred and eight for april. unchanged from the previous month meanwhile the ministry duty on sunday. finance ministry tunnels all caught on this office to look into how much of an impact areas and has had on the local economy. he also emphasized importance of supporting victims families and countermeasures for related industries including tourism which have suffered some difficulties since the incident. i'm in. aiden does. a leading chinese extra reiterated his stance that it's a given that north korea will soon conduct a fourth nuclear test and then resuming the six party talks remains the only viable alternative. speaking to reporters on a standstill dinner korean relations. she we of the china institute of
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international studies says north korea has decided it would push through any technical or diplomat roadblocks to achieve its fourth fifth and even six nuclear tests. he added that from cummins perspective stopping the program now would mean all of its investments would go to waste and that continuing it would be a means to guarantee survival of the regime in the eyes of its own people so unproductive for over ten years the six party talks nonsense should present the korean government has earmarked more than one billion us dollars for foreign aid next year the ministry of foreign affairs said on monday that korea plans to spend around nine hundred thirty million dollars on direct bilateral aid in twenty fifteen and about two hundred and eighty million dollars in in direct aid to international organizations. i read in the show will be the largest recipient taking up about twenty seven percent of the budget followed by africa with fourteen percent. by sector fifteen percent of money will be spent on
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improving the education system a recipient countries and eleven percent on agriculture and fisheries systems. the ministry said a planned will be submitted to the cabinet after undergoing a two week internal review over a new trade civil unrest is now extended far beyond the russian border to the country's southern port city of odessa. violence continues and ukrainian forces press for quick actions to re gain control over government buildings seas by pro russian militants on sunday tells bo. hundreds of the uni ukrainians cheery as a parent that russian flag late sunday and i studied at the sight of bloody clashes just hated that. they're clean victory over pro russian militants collect east control of ukraine's the southern port city of death at forty people mostly pro moscow active this site there friday trapped in a
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fire at the building they were occupying. death on sunday. ukrainian prime minister are steady at the new plane to brush up for the bloody riots that left to sell men's backs. new figures on the afl's on the destruction of the country and splitting the country. this is the russian plan. odessa was holding on for two months until the russians sent a few more people to heat up the situation. this is far too valuable for russia. it is even more valuable for us because it's our task our country and our people. oh yes the same date near the seven production of that during friday and the rest were released after hundreds of fellow activists stormed into the odessa police station. the police chief was replaced with ee bonds haven't checked the province to bring those responsible to justice. the more basic ones will be prosecuted. where
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the ukrainians are celebrating their victory least in the ukrainian flag and thinks and acts glad that crap the possibility of another violent revolutions as pro russian separatists are planning their own referendum on secession into that next sunday he can use japanese prime minister shinzo ave has for the first time given to a specific time frame on the country's push to retain its right to collective self defense speaking to reporters in lisbon on saturday army said he expects to receive the report from the pan on the issue next week. based on the report beyond the administration will present its policy toward changing the interpretation of the constitution to the ruling liberal democratic party coalition and discuss lifting japan's ban on collective self defense tokyo was expected to adopt a new legal interpretation
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soon after also in japan on monday tokyo residents woke up to the strongest earthquake felt since the two pushing the quake and tsunami over three years ago at five eighteen am local time the essex boy no magnitude quake struck in the seabed near an island south of tokyo only seventeen people were reported to be injured but no reports of major damage the march two thousand eleven and eighteen nine when no earthquake and tsunami left over eighteen thousand five hundred people dead or missing. they created a disaster zone out that the machine into ict nuclear power plants. meanwhile over in time when a magnitude six or no earthquake also showed that country causing minor damage to buildings and roads no media casualties or injuries were reported. on this children's day many korean parents may have considered surprising their children with twenty blocks as guests dancing the plots enhanced brain development but buyer beware they can also pose health dangers son
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johnny and explains attractive colorful self assembly blocks are flying off the shelves of toys stores. parents like them because they're known to help promote brain development in st and children's models however the loss can also be a choking hazard my mother recently had to take her son to the emergency room after he accidentally swallowed a twin prop keith when he told me that yes one of the block i was overwhelmed and i can see he was overwhelmed too according to the korea consumer agency the number of accidents related to toy blocks has been on a steady rise in recent year from sixteen two thousand eleven to one hundred and twenty two cases last year. nearly sixty percent of the cases were with toddlers in the deeds of three who should not be playing with them. according to twice instructions the talented young children swallow something part of the object and want their airway and told them that we can also damage the esophagus
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since the roads are very narrow. more concerning is that despite the surge in car related injuries are still many toys that did not put me on a stricken nations are warnings on their packages in terms of the warning signs we need to enforce . korean animation characters that evolved over the years to become international hits the characters are children growing up with and that half the businesses on. children of north korean defectors adjusting to life in the self several schools offer help and programs for defectors so they can adjust accordingly a concert for kids that teaches them the importance of the sentence. national theater of korea brings back this popular youth and just
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for kids. and korean food takes time and attention with what i want the studio who wanted to take a shot at the beach or tom and kept it to crowd favorites on korea today monday the fifth two thousand fourteen the lead on new years. it's easter we did today. morning welcome to korea today on a monday morning and give me a lot by watching you and you need to get mani everyone. actually today is children's day during her to get decimated in nineteen twenty three by a writer and activist. i sometimes use the word of the new for the first time in nineteen twenty one and since then the knee that has been celebrated by night millions of children in this case this is a song that people are listening and i remember the sound that the gates that change over time but one thing has to be the same as that same day as the date that most rugged look forward to the mouth of the holy year
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has been sent to all the children out to all the children at heart. happy children's day and to kick start our program today we're going to be looking at the animation characters that children love. but if you grew up in the seventies and eighties during the growth period of korea. i'm sure you remember characters like one be right here honey. and to talk more about korean characters and their evolution over time. we are joined by council took a morning of the name i think i was very exciting morning the animation characters have depth only eve ball over eight times and in your teeth these kids and curry i seem to be more interesting and familiar with the tears and made in korea. i just like you can't use the pool and tired a little eyes and stare and think these guys popularity that ring and cartoon characters seems to be honest i try to fix that so why now why not we take a class a leg at how the error
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involving a victory and coming up on a bike in the lights see like a scene where the population is relatively young. last week i mentioned to a time of year again and held at a department store in the area that leads from the children inside we wanted to use the female character for various family month advance to make it keeping cozy. and we thought the character's job do would be the perfect fit. one sock on the character and developed into a successful tv cartoon for a tiger has also been busy preaching the benefits of the soviet ambassador to the destination is fifty this past october. so it's not like i like the war because
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its rulebook. here's a character shot i could handle your characters beloved by children. o'donnell also known as the president of the korean children. the law by which is becoming as popular as a little. and the top twenty he also had a meeting yet character according to the korean ministry of culture sports and toys and domestic actor in history. i tried for high value history. the new sales worth seven point three billion us dollars in two thousand while. the senior domestic after industry needs more than four hundred million dollars in exports average annual sixteen percent growth. the boy to the character industry began to bloom. there were a state that kirby in children seemed
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to love your comments and any means. what's most fevered by police in the nineteen seventies. he's listed as a gift to you. it's a dinosaur or was the first change in character is starting his own commercials. effective next year that he was given his own national id number. and further cemented his status as surely as iconic character lead to ten feet of the problems in history was on. we stayed in the character business st peter's characters and typical african lions. last month the global fleet opens to the park opened its doors and has been receiving plenty of luck since. objectors that children are familiar with this condition teaches children about traffic
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regulations and safety is the storytelling that we've seen more in fact it is easier to understand children these days are exposed to a lot of different programs they think it's great that the kids respond very positively to robocop police main character cabinet when he comes out to teach traffic information because they're already good friends through the tv program. i know the tv anime character i totally know that widespread rain after the end it was grabbed from the has until recently. since last saturday to see due to time has been operating another person of the tiger but his character. i worked out great. with the help of the characters the stains the oil company as a whale has a great korean
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articulation of good liar the bill is considered the first character to his successful marketer of the tiger company we can't forget going to marry fire insurance company. i play wif me back to nine hundred children. and go for the transforming hero car robot that defeats the evil was modeled after landowners in. whether we're talking about children or adults we live in a time where information is given and taken in at a faster pace in bigger quantities so marketers weather at the national provincial or company level you need to consider these points when coming up with a strategy not only tax but also images with consideration to their identity. unique in its philosophy. the seats on the neck and tied these elements together in more and
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more were seen them pursue and develop characters to reach this end. up to the main character industry continues to mature with more adults also seeking out he's an island. furthermore and this is where the character industry has also expanded from the conventional yet to tiger stadium it's also the sling. it's a popular among boys is dotted with his representative character. as if they're calling on visitors to the scene of pregnancy. on comments by adults looking for his characters just don't sound like a feature of this character industry. laos
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yesterday named eagle where we're having here was treated specially dedicate to animation. the fifty meter stretch out on at the bottom of the mountain and you can find an awful thing on the station my number four on your way to sell animation and to hear the house bricks from all different acts ranging from wet to the very popular especially among the young generation the space to cartoon characters from fifty years ago. the diocese mentioned earlier you know before that of whites and he then said if we take it outside because this is a place for you and your children as my eyes just keep on going to those hired by vivendi are operating in relief by the seoul city government and that its many things seem tighter than the bus a lot on the streets here in style these days is so popular that they can tour buses will be extended to outside of seoul to cities
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like some non endorsement on and change as well. according to the april sales figures of options which is korea's top online store and the police came in at number thirty surpassed only by an adult man from denise frozen at number one and this is the cake there that became the most popular most famous ahead of children's day last year as well as the year before on this theme on my dollar has not had that exact same model at home for my son and i know is that it seemed to tie the knot and i'll show you my transformations by with the time but one that has over one hundred times what is it because it's quite different car. i know about these guys. an individual cars. i've been trying to get these for my son as he ask for it for like the longest time before christmas after christmas it was a war out there. online and offline you and just as popular as
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double it the one that is the homeland and also the red hat yet. we just talked about trying a little biased. i just now but now there's news that there will be seeing we'll be seeing my mom writes always in seoul and ninety act and that these guys are still popular and he meant that there may not fit all in collaboration with some idol groups and it doesn't appear there also weren't you might share a song for the brazil will come out it is coming up in just a couple of months that it really super stars from that night me yet again banning the busiest one of his youth he is defeated and interesting. i was out like a lot of korean characters are becoming well known around the world and that sounds like a great start to a few feature for cartoons and animations think is in town to pay the irs. and so come on korea today told of the permian refugees in risking their minds. light
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can be found. bombardier the story. what a private owner to this very special children's their version of viral fever. the nation celebrates what is that a steady stream of posts this popped up on life. according to this comedy. so today we decided to take you through everything that has to do with children's day especially the things that people are talking about online this will range from four children dream of becoming wanted to walk to the guests that they would like to receive a directory of the shortest day was celebrated approximately ninety years ago. it was officially designated as national holidays and forty
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years ago. golden state is celebrated on different days and in different ways off from the world so but started taking a look at some of the different customs which people across the globe celebrate their children enjoy the children's day is celebrated on june first and although it is not a national holiday it is here in korea children are called the little things. received royal treatment wherever they go. also organize their own little talent shows and performed songs and dancesw ofs japanese friends to celebrate opus dei specifically for girls of march third for the corresponding different voices on me. these days that we decorate their homes with traditional figure being said pray for because all of the top the two. this is renowned as the train to
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stomach. one train to tell you this one tourist destination welcomes and ninety million visitors each year. there are a room likes to concentrate. two weeks it's a new cap stomach they are. seq three sons. he signed faces the sea. i don't hence he is against any outside attack. the ctu is going to posses. is he kidding. these testing times
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it is. the most. he's a symbol of summer i coach during the festival. mounted on tuesday. simon thompson costumes demonstrate traditional skills with the owner. the city sons to the joker achievement. this was a strange political and ceremonial activities as well as the religious center of the samurai government. i was coming for a summary of this is the bomb will repay latitude festival. relax and slow in the approach to the men trained in britain with its own pictures and messages from global call to gps. ceremonies held it to ward off some of disease. he too did she know what purification rites to mimic
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achieved on the phone was in the coach roy made. eye the steelers held each august. to commemorate the minimal to no stomach chemically show. i got missiles. it's gotten to enjoy the paper lanterns with it and nineteen pitches and on. it was japan's political center for about one hundred and sixty next the legacy left by the human culture develops here includes many magnificent runs and ten. is that the light looks great too. she went to meet a tall bronze statue was of
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the kitchen. it comes to technology stocks. it did to protect the stomach. so we can see expressed both the strength to move into the samurai culture the court's oldest wooden structure. sheetrock. here the samurai pandering to the government. georgia was japan's first sem tests major teaching and spending this and security. simplicity regress meditation
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the makes me second on the thirteenth century. was welcome you to take. she protests. training for detecting shrinking the spirit of december expresses the distinctive xinhua the world. spent around an actual reform woohoo. she meets unique and education. prisoners to this day. much of the legacy of the samurai culture and tradition i was so fragile
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so in cranberry that. apples golden delicious at the port i found that adding some dried cranberries some crumpled up until the cheese and someday you'll trip to them to think they knew he was brave of you but if you prefer. in the fall. and. he was. it might serve a bow the apple cranberry. so
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frantic. we learned new wingman i did. this program is brought you by. we are doorways mainstream cruise for his lies. the group explore one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report local characters and access to wilkinson. as a justice to victims of friday's mass of the race for the new evidence


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