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says. i am . you see on new and more. using the troops of cherry coke military drills along with their polish counterparts in the desert so cool. as part of efforts to reassure nato allies in eastern europe for it to the glasses and extinction of twenty oh two soldiers conducted training in parachuting airport operations and infantry skills in the us led exercise with a view to enhancing alliance interoperability united states and nato have made clear they will not
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intervene militarily in ukraine. but the pentagon has sent six hundred soldiers to poland and the three baltic states for infantry exercises to reassure deal allies after russia illegally annexed by the outgoing or random largely recognized by the international community as a show. when people sixteen nato agreed on a package of further military measures to reinforce it is collective defense and demonstrate the strength of a light solidarity in response to russian aggression and provocation against ukraine nato has begun to implement these measures which are based on the soaps detergents and de escalation the waco says that america mourns together with ukrainians were the deaths of more than forty people in gaza last week was of the show must stop de stabilizing the former soviet nation. most of the dead were caught in the building set on fire the trooper rights activists attacked a peaceful approach to pre rally with guns baseball bats and can
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provide is what the really cheap but chooses to moscow with instigating the chaos which are often concrete imports to the open weekend while the scope since it was a inspired paul to the west with diametrically different claims and counter claims flying in germany is still pushing for a fresh set of diplomatic talks in geneva between ukraine and russia the eu and us to push her return to the court agreed last month and encourage all sides to lead the way. on the way . the is use. great
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news for new england. i need to turn of the most obliging in love. she's trying to digest all this land moscow for cracking down on the muslim minority the consumer. china has also voiced his concern in
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the eighteenth anniversary of the forcible deprecation of cars from claiming a thousand years ago the city union which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of times and it is people might get arrested on tuesday from there it's a tough ride in holding matches. the general prosecutor for the crane beach and natalia oakland skynet has warned the muslim community that the toot our self governing prominent imagine this will be liquidated to support extremist activities the announcement followed with the creamy and prosecutor sites as to the corn off the tv has she been a tense standoff between hundreds of muslim minorities and riot police that each community has endured over mystified gemini is banned from entering kindly on the fourth of may probably five years. jason thinks you that resulted in the open prison for yanukovich versus an extension of creamy and the closely knit community has been vocally opposed to russia's interference in
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ukraine. the un. hundreds marched the streets of the southern ukrainian city of the tacit support for united ukrainian attendees place their support for newly appointed police chief in front of the reach of every chick replaces kids are soo cool if i recall in the clashes since the last trading which left more than forty people dead. is this saturday workouts resist or worse and separatists with taxidermy preaching and triggered plates chaos with liberalism which job with the kids did it. we are here to protect our citizens from the pro russian activists who want to dance to which he joined the russian federation i know this and all. go lower seed. this attack to police the city earlier in the beginning of the recent correction activists were arrested during the day classics security forces freed sixty seven prisoners about forty others were transferred to simply great some police officers walked
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up the job. the new police chief who railed against arresting protesters who chanted with the same direction city may try to storm the police beat the peaceful gatherings are not stopping anyone from speaking their minds. against the school property tax increases. in addition the ukraine. as the police local authorities have accused of complacency. he says that led to street violence. this scenario was a good boy who was the new ukrainian forces the authorities were afraid of losing something here. he fled the country and laughed a lot of assets behind the local businesses behind the lens as well as they want to run this country remotely that is what they're trying to do. you can see through that window and it still
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reminds me of those who are dictated by an ex russian nationals and residents of this industry a breakaway reasonable though but they receive support from moscow the creek is on high alert amid warnings of further provocations during the holiday. you just bought new one. the fudging between the ukraine in a tree and kremlin backed militants is continuing in several eastern towns of ukraine. several people were reportedly killed in clashes around the rebel stronghold of study and score south bank as the army continued to circle the heavily armed separatists the government says it is also a week after the tv tower and security services building from ripples in the nearby town of commercials and onions in a balanced and several smaller towns. the rebels remain in control of key state security and administrative buildings he's been criticized for not caring of a few tees and many police leaders have defected to the rebels was going toward it at the ups and kidnappings in mud is to become commonplace
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international community has condemned russia for sticking to separatism and accuses moscow of planning to repeat it's an extension of crimea in eastern and southern parts of ukraine. on the lawn. the operation worst government in kiev has been gaining traction as the korean military has recaptured a television tower entrance building from russian separatists in common tourist western observers but our study on separatists have been released on the third resolving a major diplomatic issue for the west. some of the counterterrorism operation have been slow down and in the progression towns were civilians have been acting as human shields ate korean food. the separatists have started using this to their advantage and even turned it into the military tactic. yellow couldn't do it the tactics not easy. there
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is an on and of civilians women and children. then and always people who appear behind their backs. there are several provoke it says among the civilians that well off to private patients. shouts to the way you want nothing it's on and it has in effect psychologically. then on to people at ps and start doing that job. we don't want to pollute this is a boy or throw them into productive commendable. the actions of the profession separatists hiding behind human shields closely near the comments made over secret and got in their picnic in a march for an interview while answering questions can tell is taking the military to shoot women and children would stand in front of the russian army and be used as human shields coupled with copics and one from the military to shoot their own people. we will be behind and not in front of the high notes that the trench and women and
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children. let me see who in the ukraine. so all the stuff with the gospel. many eastern ukrainian cities have braced for more and rest as government forces continue their military operation against a russian surgeons barricaded occupied government buildings. creams gdp will fall by about five percent in two thousand fourteen according to the international monetary fund. even the weak economic prospects in inflation expected to reach sixteen percent by the end of the year the imf predicts that gdp will actually be down twenty percent in two thousand fifteen. he and expects the unemployment rate to fall from eight point five percent to nearly seventy five percent of a kick out the sixteenth inflation is estimated to fall nearly six percent in two years' time the fund recently approved a seventeen billion us dollar bailout package to help the struggling economy to be released over two years the washington based
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organization approved emergency package to the government's new concrete district reforms to help the clean beach economic stability. ukraine on three c to three point two billion years dollars from the imf mid may to help the country's debts. a russian separatists continued to spread an arrest in the country's eastern regions. in two thousand and six president putin launched a crusade against gambling in russia going as far as calling gambling a dangerous addiction and a magnet for tonight. the closure of most recent casino slot machine vendors. now however president putin has announced it is his plan to create a gambling zone in crimea the most biggest our hotel casinos as a way to promote tourism in two thousand and nine person was bored and don't drop the country and now see an opportunity may have to add a fifth. after spending fifty billion us
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dollars to create so she's support to the news for the winter olympics. many believe that turning the area into a gaming zone might object to reduce this to be viable. putin however shut down the idea claiming that damon would drive away so she's too distraught to its base middle class christian families with children there is however no such concern for the newly annexed ukraine reason of crimea as moscow has moved to a gaming zone to make him a less dependent on moscow for financial subsidies would not require any additional money from the federal budget that link the bill would also be given the ability to input over the location and size of the zone . while the popular eurovision contest twenty year old pop singer maria during which it will take center stage as the koreans contender for the highly competitive song contest it's nations against each other. the annual eurovision song contest is known to launch global treaties the gay current swedish group ahmad and teen superstar
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celine dion harper year into the competition is much more than that it's also a chance to present her home country the scene and led to protests and a screen violence after the coaster as do the dna code that the decrease depression and thuggery after protests against his rule. every ukrainian was very shocked. a bit. and there. to me when i was preparing the training and couldn't focus on what do you kiss me away in france but that's ends. it's really him. as i was trying my best to prove that ukrainians had a strong nation. any day conflicts. music groups. and the green route. it will
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start a new life. to no end i tried to give credence and do my best for them lake effect next year because they were doing. i didn't the festival. during two cats has composed music can read the lyrics first entry to talk which is that symbolizes strength of the english and to the audience. glover says qantas pretty sick and sisters dynasties and maria to match and they refused to comment over russia's role in the current turmoil eurovision win the world's longest running television programs was during the nineteen fifties to help foster a spirit of unity afterward to this year's dates for the two semi finals of the contest on the sixth of may and he made the final planned for the evening of the tenth of may. tensions are running high incidence in custody in the armor wielding
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battle axes and swords to start competing in the fourteen medieval combat world championships in the mock castle in spain don't want it to small town hundred forty km east of madrid and has been buzzing with excitement as containers from sixteen countries including united states japan and couldn't travel to participate in the sport it's nice to just survive but to an exciting it is used as a leafy tree in a second chance. for the world the adrenalin got that right whether it's the most violent thing to do with each other without really hurting. they see it go. this is what we did. cheering friends in the sidelines as the medieval come back and forth before their eyes. the adrenaline fueled the increase is the county's current exports as hakim and bring it to thirty two accounts of armor plates pick axes and swords to the field he objected to the top listing on the opposing team to
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the crown. used by competitors is handmade isaac was in medieval times even though it looks menacing export regulations demand the edges are rounded person two purposes. my impression into needed ingredients and topped it off the field the stairs and into the next escapade has jumped a shared interest in medieval history rare band called white tiger has given birth to four cubs and is due in the cranium city of jobs on the black sea still officials say it is unusual for tiger to produce four cups since they normally only give birth to you the address you gave birth to the cubs needed to hear you me and was given to the zoo has a gift by former ukrainian prime minister yulia tymoshenko in two thousand i acted as he was shocked by the murder of several animals in one month the animals are poison the trick is forever stamps several hundred white tigers
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are in captivity worldwide and about one hundred and eighteen yet the unusual white coloration has made him popular in zits. ciara is yours. john has died at the age of thirty tertiary battle with liver cancer. he knows men came from the lawn tennis says he should maybe be too good to go cop that he was born here. to britain after her father who was a professional soccer player signed a deal that the scottish club. they feel is that devastated in the known. every message you can just go and visit the menu and choose the times that talent. we know that i'm sick but the bad news about it the diagnosis of what kinds of up to two losers in suc time as this incident is going she's been such an inspirational forget and that is us outside was posted to me know. and family and friends sister. to continue into two thousand
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twelve london olympics. i retired at the end of the following year because of persistent knee injuries for putting the toronto catcher set up an academy for young players in ipswich. she's been spent on podium typically kills considered it can see that some of it in the top fifty. so i did it was the most of the lake to see that she's working with young kids including a talent scout with just a season shaping up to spell until recently was spent with the known and did a lot of good luck with young kids and so so disadvantaged kids the real losses than everyone and good. not to marry to continue serving him in december two thousand thirteen before being diagnosed with cancer in january this year. who knew him. nasty abusive and sometimes incredibly aggressive. that's the kind of comments the guardian newspaper says are being posted in the league by pro russia supporters on its
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climate threats and stories that deal with ukraine thousands of regular comments are posted daily on the guardian's online site the guardian moderators cbo dealing with some forty thousand offensive comments per day and it's a result of an orchestrated pro russian campaign. according to the newspaper. many of the commons attempts to great use of terms anyone criticizing russia or present one although there is no hard evidence to prove who was behind the posts. luke harding in the guardian's former moscow correspondent says. paying people to post hundreds of abusive comments per day is a well attested phenomenon in russia. on the same topic the atlantic newspaper reprinted this story from the st petersburg times told the story of a woman who is employed in what could be called a common tool in office that employs people to attack opponents of russia
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in chatrooms and social networks don't comment forms freedom house recently released a report called freedom on the net the annual report showed that bahrain china and russia are among the global leaders in pain commentaries to promote the government's agenda. on the way. saudi arabia's acting health minister. this won't be enough to get placed in contact with camels especially cyclones in the wake of an outbreak of the potentially deadly virus it means to restrict received write posts and nine this can cause fever you money and kidney failure aids kills around that its offer is about three hundred and forty five people have died from it since it was identified to use to carry the virus which has been found in baths as well is believed to be spread via animal reservoir is full from person to person transmission
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in hospitals. but among the pungent animal pens in riyadh scalpel market stretching several miles along the highway out of the sixty ft radius and as a camel what is said to be given the advice information and warnings almost like of which officials. camouflage is displayed in the meat section of myself the supermarkets alongside cuts of new zealand lamb and irish beef while the milk is usually drunk fresh and some pasta rice and prizes and useful remedy for most illnesses which of the bailout says that despite the confidence of cattle trade as customers are beginning to feel weary of trying to meet the internet we sell cattle each week adults customers. suddenly we lost fifty percent of our customers when they asked us to know why they were not falling camel meat they said there is some fire is found in the camel meets john morse code to my special place in saudi society providing a
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link to an important but the machine nomadic traditions and buy your ticket prices the confined to hundreds of thousands of dollars. this is of particular concern given the country's role as host of islam's i knew how much pilgrimage which cost millions to the kingdom every year. international news on one. mainstream media in russia has long been criticized for its oil to the kremlin the kitchen it has been seen as a bastion of free speech or actions that appears to be changing as moscow expanded censorship guys online. russia's parliament recently passed legislation targeting lockers person owes a large audience is treat your theory can be integrated steer the state has also been to so called extremists information and forced doctors to take responsibility for comments made to a readers. the new measures come about and what they can add to the editor of the population internet websites went to the ru was fighter. police allege
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pressure from the kremlin journalists at a state to regulate regency accent that would take a warning letter after conducted an interview with a member of our eight ukrainian crew probably sector. fresh authorities had already restricted access to the block that i like seeing them on the leading opposition figures who was under house arrest in what observers say are politically motivated charges for his involvement in twenty twelve and take it and protect says the kremlin also appears to be targeting social media and author of the founder and ceo of russia's most popular social network. the cat was forced resigned in april and fled the country after cramming the lights took control of the company became which bears striking similarities to bespoke is known as a powerful communication and a source of free wheeling but a call center for eastern europeans but critics warn that under its new handlers. it can become a tool for kremlin spy spiro consulted must get right to force him to hand over information about ukrainian protesters early this year. worship is and what it has been open to his hostility to the web recently
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condemning it as a c i a project in calling for russian version of the internet's one russian lawmaker suggested meaning direction only person to grasp the popular soviet era cartoon character. watchdogs like reporters without borders worry that rice's recent steps could make him look more like the country's traditional media landscape dissenting voices had been all but drowned out as much as a mainstream television and print media to run directly by the kremlin are going to companies to support the government. some countries including ukraine and the politics have done so far is that they enrich the tv on the war propaganda as the kremlin to get a western and can take your rhetoric becomes more pronounced. international news on one. no more. we put it in one hundred and seventy nine cities us authorities have arrested six hundred and thirty suspected gang members ain't that associates of the fast growing some random
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street gang immigration and customs enforcement officials put the more than four hundred of those arrested by an increment of histories when a gang members are the worse of course there are bad people with bad motives of that organization's transnational criminal street gang members can contribute nothing good to society. left unchecked. then the numbers will only increase in their violence crimes intimidation one continued to snowball projects southbound is part of an initiative to target st day global ties this possible for murder and extortion drug trafficking. the justice department has said this the rhinos game in which members pay tribute to the mexican mafia is expanding faster than any of the game in the country as three quarters of those arrested this week belonged to the gang. international news on human law. it's not
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about the deleterious parliament calling on security forces to do more in this for two hundred school coast lived up to twenty students militants in the wall brackets will face more than two weeks ago when schools all around. gunmen stormed an ngo second place team in the lead up to both iran and its nights before disappearing into the area along the cutlery and cold around nine roughly translates as western education is the bit and i didn't entirely strict islamic laws and knowledge here is my new muslim north despite efforts by president goodluck jonathan to come out of the greek vessel coffee a consensus pick a side note stalin's of slowing down the government of ice hockey sanctions but it is the next one on the bed instead since it puts a smile and scrape off the most deadly attacks in remote locations on civilians the industry and government an estimated twenty thousand people have
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been spliced on the flight news on one. egyptian court has postponed until the fifteenth of may the terrorism related trial of the college's you're a journalist peter christ at an award winning former bbc reporter who comment on the axiom where the red deer chief for a two zero english and producer on muhammad. all three of their porters were detained in iran the twenty ninth of december and charges relating to terrorism which i'll pretend i didn't come to steer his side are absurd egyptian officials and journalists read suspicions operating without a proper accreditation the journalists with a guitar based television network had been accused of turning the egyptian government's reputation the victory put it in aiding terrorists because the tears at a concert in korea during previous sessions did not seem to show any footage of aiding or abetting terrorists video evidence to back she did of course these farms in interviews that different politicians. many egyptians
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feel heat read and authorities had started a campaign against the sierra de souza a drink at my husband tried to take to mean gawker posted a two hundred more soon. the military even more stupid enough to stop a mass protest against the us tonight. in. the zion. i mean
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you'd put the heat. england were seen only human you don't know. i put it in a slump likes it. he answered as to the downfall is that an airline he couldn't sustain you. the twenty c eyes open and open ended our day. he also fit into uh the uh
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the rule of law. the race. i want all. national security bureau director genal o the child has resigned due to health reasonshis resignation the house to put a price for my new job and he will be replaced by deputy national defense minister be some chill investigation bureau director general on clothing and national integration agency's director


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