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coming up on the arts he comes he will stick the ground surveillance state law makers and easy one to rein in the nsa and stop them from collecting data that can be done more and i just had over a year since the death of aaron swartz now a new documentary will show the light of my conceit of the program are an active as well but the man behind the documentary coming up and the sky tracking activity was banned from a local supermarket and hospital. the things you with a nearby friend in company
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will tell you all about it later zhao a new. methinks i've been wanting. he has endured a bed and watch the rt america. an important announcement came from the house judiciary committee this week which plans to advance an insane reform legislation known as the us the freedom act the bill was introduced in response to the disclosure of the nsa sample data collection activities by edward snow and it includes provisions that would put an end to the nsa is call records program and the agency's ability to search its own database for american men and data privacy advocates have praised the legislation as a good first step for bringing in the spy agency. kelly a statement issued monday night judiciary chairman james sensenbrenner said his committee will mark up the usa freedom act on
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wednesday and hold a vote to pass it out of committee. but there could be a catch our teeth and sax reports. it was nearly ten months ago when republicans and democrats join together in the house of representatives. then came just a few votes shy of de funding of the city's ball collection of americans call records. since then there's been more disclosures letter calls for reform. email is read by the courts and even the president of the united states that the nsa needs to change. there haven't been any more votes in congress until now. the announcement this week that the house judiciary committee will vote on the usa freedom act on wednesday. the debate over nsa reform on capitol hill heats up again. that's because in both the house and in the senate there are two competing reform bills there's the usa freedom act worked its way through the house and senate judiciary committee. it has one hundred and forty three co sponsors in the house twenty one co sponsors in the senate. it ends then this is a full collection of phone
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records. it restricts how the government insurgents collection databases. it adds a special privacy advocate been more transparency to the pfizer court. gavin edwards noted has thrown his support behind us the freedom act. but in some against the house and senate intelligence committees which have their own versions of as a report last year the senate intelligence committee passed the physic improvement socks which adds a few privacy protections for americans but all to mail a card applies in a sleaze ball collection activities. the house intelligence committee announced they will vote on its own similar reform bill on thursday. italy has thirteen co sponsors. sold to really build of the house and senate leadership to decide which bill gets priority. and it's a full vote on the house and senate floor. and already leadership of the house to show preference for the intelligence committees watered down reform package but supporters of the usa freedom action have another concern. when the bill is considered in the judiciary committee on wednesday
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you'll be immediately replaced by what's known as a manager's amendment. which is essentially a compromise version of the usa freedom act. the electronic frontier foundation issued a statement about the compromise manager's amendment saying they are quote deeply concerned about the number of hops that the bill would permit also concerned that this film omits important transparency provisions found in the usa freedom act and strongly believe this bill should do more to address mass surveillance abuses under section seven two applies the amendments act to be with the usa freedom act advances on wednesday the united house leadership gives it the go ahead the big question is just what will the bill look like by the time it doesn't get a full vote in the house. it will still contain the same strong reforms that garnered support from privacy advocates including edwards noted. washington dc on capitol hill the sensex art
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in. and jesse year and a half after the death of aaron swartz a new documentary on the lake programmer and acted as if that can be released this june viewers will have the chance to watch aaron from the moment he first got on a computer to the moment and tragically brought him to the end of his life here's a clip from the upcoming county internet own boy the story of endurance sports. then learn how to learn will vary introduced into computers and he just took off i use her name was a prodigy. we never have thought of himself i mean really different aspirations. this is a little cold he was going into this or at its heart breaking and dan night he and many millions of copyrighted academic articles on g store and transport was arrested and charged with thirteen felonies many related to the computer fraud and abuse act the face with thirty five years in prison and one million dollars in fines
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before taking his own mind in january of twenty thirteen to talk more about the documentary and the legacy of parents work i was warned earlier that the director of that don't cry and napkin burger. i started by asking him that what he did friday and it was an important story to tell well i was making his film called we are legion story of a hat to this post is about the canon on group activist collective anonymous and i was on the panel. i'm talking about this activity. with one of aaron's ex girlfriends quinn norton who appears in the film. this was about a week after aaron got three tickets online. and i immediately started talking to people. everybody there on the panel and audience because in that we're at. i seem to know aaron and havoc on a personal story about him so i immediately started filming and i'm trying to get people's responses trying to understand what happened this kind of extraordinary life
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and those of the beginning of this wave of frustration anger and sympathy for his cost of that was just kind of event that took the internet by storm. so um i realize a couple of months later that this was a full length eichmann and i really wanted to tell the kind of epic story of this remarkable life seems like the story just found deal. our latest words was a frequent guest on rt which i'm sure you now. he talked alot about you know highly complex issues very young age. i understand from just seen the trailer of the documentary has cashed in for internet freedom really started as a young child can talk about what one that really became the catalyst for his journey on that path well it's an interesting question and we explore that in the film you know he was a child prodigy kind of programming prodigy and his fingerprints are all over the early and that he was that contribute to the rss working group. but he was the architect the technical architect of creative commons
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one of the founders of credit but i think it was ice skates can turn a man's life happened when they sold out at the convent as to become a very rich. nineteen year old and instead of continuing along the kind of start up the path he he made a really decisive turn towards political organizing and social justice issues and used his skills. really in the service of interest good. and organizing people around. i around issues that he cared about you mentioned that he was on rt few times explaining complex issues i think that was one of his we'll skills actually is explaining complex issues in ways that allow everybody to understand. it is understandable to understand it they have a stake in a very real stake in these issues as we all live online absolutely one part that really stuck with me from the kick starter prevail when they're talking about why it's not enough to just live in a world that did it today and the spiral of things that the friday tell you to do that i'll tell you the deal
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why it's important for him to relieve reject the status quo it's a good question and it's certainly a part of his nature is part of the fabric of his being and you see that in the film right from the beginning. this idea that it's not just enough to live in the world that it's that you can push beyond that you can question that your surroundings question the status quo question of the things that you're told you from a very young age and not only that use the skills your skills in order to make a difference and if you are able to do that then why why not do that. absolutely. well i do want course we now have the ear in july which was proposed by rep representative though we walk ran in the wake of adapting to talk about what that bill proposes to change out of the computer fraud and abuse act and where it stands right now. it says it is it proposes to change some key elements of that appear from the peace that some people said doesn't go far enough but it certainly takes a shot at some of the worst parts of
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it out which things like terms of his violations on things like that the better incredibly problematic. i'm a kid that can trigger we'll serve serious problem being held in criminal charges the problem with the kit with aaron's law is that it stalled out right now in and out in committee and we hope that the film are re energizes of that effort to change some of the worst parts of the computer fraud in the sec which is really an awful lot of screen the nineteen eighties after the movie war games with matthew broderick. um that was the scare congress so much that they put in. they put into action this lot. um that has had really no significant changes since nineteen eighty six obviously our lives are very different now. in terms of the sky network world that we lived and then there were ninety six. the problem is it stalled out we hope that we'll take a reinvigorated time it's abroad. drink a lot that needs changing times in
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which with four study found that tech companies often use it to go up to the competitors who are using internet in ways that they don't i don't like. so um the opposition's come from various forces at various sites unexpectedly. but we hope to take an almond be bigger and bigger it that day absolutely and brandon wanted to ask you about your path to releasing this documentary. i'm using kick starter you had over fifteen hundred people pledged over nine thousand dollars that's roughly fifty dollars the per cent in the state people are tied on and my niece ally that level i think how instrumental with count on being in this effort it was amazing and as i mentioned earlier i just started filming this documentary in the oven. the analysis by myself picking up a camera and just being so moved by his life and al point but i'm really that that continued into the kick starter camp and come get you nothing is created to raise the entire budget of the film. and do everything you want to do
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with the kick starter but it certainly got us going and it showed us that there's a real community of people that wanted to hear that story and i were outraged and angry and about about what happened and come out so i think inspired by him. it definitely is a testament to how hungry people are too really. i'm here in t this story told brian now converter director of the internet's own boy the story there and for thinking so much for coming on the program. thank you brandon. and now jeanne crain with essential government has sent an army national guard unit to its southern port of odessa a desperate to halt the spread of the fighting between government troops and intake yet militia that skill come back and on both side of the complex than that which is located in eastern ukraine had been largely peaceful until friday when class is killed forty six people many of them in a government building that was set on fire our tea time reading the loo still has more from that horrific scene listener
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distributing happen soon. who knew me inside that turned out to you you can see it was distantly contingent on the second. people here would have imagined the trees and grass. so most of the grandpa that was the solo featuring the second photo and he can to be taking it to the season now neo fascists killed my son is unlikely to have a baby gal who believe that this would have thought that the answer when many that the father was a keen eye and she died a hero. frustration and feelings can even consider these days. there's a lesson. those who support the realization once my good friend and savior being watched. the neighbors. by the police and the radicals from mike's texture. many don't want to get the systems the real names. for me or that you warm up the difference be some criminal charges of organizing mass unrest. when police and threatening him in the right sectors after
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activists you're saying they want revenge over those members were killed in strange circumstances on that day. if the defiant tone so he could. this sounds interesting. right now the theme continues in his second cousin. i don't know how can they. he screams when they were just trying to hide from or which private practice in critical condition now. my son told me that the corpses to get out and then he jumped into the pool which is basically like a toy story building this was tempted to jump out however were in line the soups were trying to make sure no one escaped with their lives teaching them what would be detectable of the shop but it was the mormon choose walking along the ledge by the window and fell in the mount cody old glory the ukraine. they were happy. i just stood
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there paralyzed likely do anything to help these people are also members of the crab are keeping the audience on the ground but as this ignores the dickens many are angry not only have one. when you come true. i went in the news channels that the fight broke out to the building like somebody threw a cigarette that was a short circuit. nobody said those not from old school deals with those. turning to come from the inside of carnage to symbolize the point of no return people come here to see the response and wait the whole cities and answered warrington can be more violent radicals said to be nasty chemicals. this is completed. the film and anger and fear the worst. in india say ukraine in ghosts co eighteen our team had the chance of toppling of raymond got her now former c i a analyst and political activist who won for his recommendation for how leaders can work together to
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resolve the political deadlock and infighting that taking over ukraine is as president obama should make an address to the nation. and here's what he thinks obama should say. from now on to see if we can repair the damage. irish statesman you know. i don't have to do it the john kerry says this of this country who say that i'm not crazy. i realize that due to russia has special interests who are willing to get together and compare our national interests with the russian national interest surely surely we can work out a solution. there are models that can be use finland for example. can you make ukraine neutral. you make it so it will never become part of the potato or some other military bloc just like finland finland that just about to set its price spring hits rate in russia shadow there. and the same thing could happen to the ukraine. that would have to be some regional autonomy built into this is
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true that the stage to be worked out by statesman not like bugs. dallas former cia analyst ray mcgovern. now i'm all three activists in facing up if that ten years in prison after being convicted by a jury in manhattan of assaulting a police officer as he let her out of the protest. our cheese on the stock in turkey nineties in new york at the very latest. the nypd vs occupy wall street the battleships from the streets to the courts to the sensory mcmillan alleges to have been sexually assaulted by an nypd officer on the sixth month anniversary of occupying twenty twelve the route and the traffic it along. only then do the last four to twenty fourteen after two years of reading the trial a manhattan jury finds mcmillan guilty of second degree assault in a police officer for what she and supporters say was a real response doesn't want to know the jury watched him we need version of the incident
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the prosecution said the elmo it was intentional to prevent the officer from doing his job as he tried to walk the protester out of the altercation seen mcmillan right now with beads and seven years in prison with something that i sold my eventual perth lawyer she cannot do but the accused him of a sudden it's all my endeavors and to make any sense that it basically is that it was again sentenced to seven years old and is insane. mcclellan says she also suffered a seizure that night and claims to have received multiple cuts and bruises. witnesses also say she did not receive do medical assistance. she had gone to hospital with a ham bread and wine in new york city. if you get roughed up by the cops. you're resisting and they have to come up with something that you are doing wrong thing happens all the time. this popular opinion among occupiers she were found not guilty she could probably soon when millions of dollars for many the city of new york rather than do that then they would rather put in jail on trumped up charges. it's very very frightening. and i it's it's it's very disgusting the activists is now being held without parole awaiting
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sentencing. well occupiers return to the birthplace of the movement. so cruddy park to protest a guilty verdict and will be called an unfair trial is what every objection the prosecution made with sustained every objection that the defense made was overruled. i've seen many acts including the past record of the office of necessity claims grabbed her word not even considered imports the top officer global has a record of police brutality the city is actually paid out a lawsuit is lost lawsuits for his police brutality that was never allowed to be entered the whole thing it was this is not a fair trial in any conceivable sense of the words of the book is called persists in these movies and the prosecution of the nypd the activist is now awaiting sentencing faces up to seven years behind bars and electric destiny on the nineteenth. one of the dissenters occupier see the plan to keep fighting to them this case is one of many examples of the injustices of the system in ninety nine percent if not all of us across the country in the world know that we have to stand in solidarity with one another. it's not about
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debt sesame it sought justice for all of us was this teacher cannot rt. lemieux california as the state with the most earthquakes. however according to the united states in oklahoma geological survey if the reader perfectly in oklahoma has increased by fifty percent since october of twenty thirteen. this video shows the growth and the frequency of earthquakes and state since two thousand nine the usgs study found hundred and eighty three nineteen to three point zero four three earthquakes have occurred in central ca home on from october twenty thirteen through april twenty fourteen they compared their studies to the average number of earthquakes between nineteen seventy eight and two thousand eight and on the current trend was out in the ordinary. it said the likelihood of future damaging earthquakes for central and north central oklahoma has increased in fact they had a mild one just yesterday geological survey indicated that the wastewater disposal process torn frank being in a likely factor in
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the increase of earthquakes in the region. and of course oklahoma joined ohio another state in which scientists have found links between cracking and earthquakes well the times real change in good and senior community can turn against you. that's exactly what happened to him tight cracking activist dearest brahmins who was stopped from getting to her local supermarket and even the hospital after being banned from getting close to land owned by tracking company. archie marina parade nine has an inside look into your story and the recent rear victory in her long legal battle. you can see the equipment in this high flying the connection in the cause of a pink doesn't mean you're as an engineer a screw ins has spent more than five years leading a battle against one of the kids and most controversial industries botox and see where the rankings going out and show them right from the road whatever the different
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phases excavation drilling nineteen flaring. and then of course the compressor stations then the pipeline construction that's all over the place like a wet like a spider web show them that i might take them to people who have been times this year kept the oil and gas corporation one of the peak is trailers in the states attempting to silence the euro according junction brought in by the company restricted her from entering upon more than three hundred square miles. he's like cap there's an access road then there's the pipeline. it's one of the most speaks to reno measures ever taken against him in tight tracking activist. i couldn't go with it all the stories they normally go to. i couldn't go to the new hospital nearby. i couldn't go to save my bed where the free one for my dogs i can go to some of the restaurants that i was used to going to put the euro and the internet tracking opposition refused to back down and last month
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the finally prevail. a judge significantly east the injunction be honest and authentic to keep that kind of up. she is now required to remain one of the league away from a dozen properties owned by cabinet as well as active drilling sites gas bus and access roads. it's very important that we got the injunction scaled back last month and we hope that protesters will understand and in the capital understand too that there is the first amendment in this country protecting the rights advocates. even the ones who have messages that a big companies like having me no warning or the right behind me is a tracking site in action quarter chemical sense and being pumped into the ground in order for the euro to observe the action without violating her injunction. she stands on the private property of a pennsylvania resident who happens to live right across the street from the tracking site. put it on to frank and frank just up the road about a mile up the road when
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auntie met up with the er she was touring a group of activists around the county exposing the dangers many experts have linked to from day one scare people into keeping quiet. but it's not going to work. because we care enough about our state and our planet. they were not going to keep quiet no matter what they do according to reports cabbage insists that beer is activism distracted and police from their work and interfered with natura however the sixty three year old grandmother and your list added the kid says she refuses to be intimidated. i will continue today as i live here. i don't want to live with this and i don't want it for future generations i wanted my children or anyone i know i'll continue to do this as long as they can reno when i am rte one tends to be. and now the florida where a school teacher allegedly humiliated a twelve year old boy band of an entire class after she caught him reading the bible. what
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were designated as free reading time. immediately after a teacher told us today giovanni dreamy else to go to her dad's pick up the phone and call his parents. no one answered but the teacher didn't leave the place and take a lesson the sky i know. are we now apparently this was the first time the child trying to read the book during school hours the last few months rubio had been frequently asked to stop reading the material at first the child. complying with his teachers' demands but he then explained situation to his father who encouraged him to continue reading the book or be a family now has legal representation through the liberty institute. and they're arguing that it is confit his constitutional right to read the bible during free reading time. in response to that to me and
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the principal issue the statement of the family saying your child is permitted to read the bible before school after school and during lunch and according to the lot. us apart and education that and allows for students or read their bibles during non instructional time but at the debate is whether free reading time is considered a non instructional part of the day. the broward county school district called it a misunderstanding and said the confrontation happened when a student should have been reading an assigned book not during free reading time now does it for now for more on the stories we covered the youtube dot com site rt america. check out our website our team back on slice usa in an irritated. do you. i knew. the report
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called recruiting the older you. that breakdown block from the link back to school in the us military in my head the report title suggests. i think a day older than they used to be a teenage kid i have that now that i need people in the twentieth and with him or not. the report finds many breathing. i wanna go to college first down before entering the thirtieth and thirty eight percent of all the recruits that they just wanted to take time off after high school which is right in with the media to leave the millennial america the older recruits that they just want to get a regular job but there are none of the joint military jet the report monthly focus is on record the whole affair buried at page twenty five of the report is interesting
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the pack. the military. we get the candy and the facts and things get really interesting. they describe how a whopping eighty three percent of those surveyed said they had at least one close family member in the military. and people signing up for the u s military have closed now and it's already thursday. he was present at thirty eight percent of regret that i was in the military. the rest were all very close relatives went to mom's cousins uncles and siblings. the reporter actually that great at being late it is statistically significant and picking at a family of it. found about half those surveyed said they had an even older family member with retired. meaning their family had a long history of serving the military. the report found the long history of encouragement and parents and relatives which prevent huge role in the crease to fit into their fifth actually
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the youngest for cricket that explains why a lot of people joined the us military even now your house for four about how the academic to do with items there. or how the country treated that played last year when they return home. people buy into the military anyway because that the greatest generation the family there. the lunch hour with another in the family business the mob they both used force to intimidate. there is unable to kill people. when we are a different outfit that the military. a lot more powerful than the toy the ninth but talk about that fact that when the end but as the rest. check. the it
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appeared years and the longest ongoing series of seventeen ninety two election and eight. knew. i don't i oda and welcomes a nice line and it's a wednesday may seven friend catherine comanche and co camp. this being another knife attack at a railway station in china six people have the mood in the southern city of one killer in guangdong province local police to see a man wielding a knife and ten people and a square in front of blunders train station on tuesday police officer shot and it did email southbank. a local newspaper reported it was more than one


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