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discover one thing for japanese cuisine restaurant it really is more my house ay ay ay. a stoush walk into the jungle girl and i see me so much. it is when things to joining us. top stories this hour. still the stanford is referendum in the eastern ukraine. that's the message for russia's president. but as in south africa outlet daniel parliament with the ruling anc expected to win easily. thailand's prime minister is forced to step down from violating the constitution. i know
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after weeks of escalating tensions in ukraine today of a break for the russian leader vladimir putin says he's pulling his troops back from the ukrainian border and is urging pro kremlin separatists in the east to put off sunday's referendum on sovereignty. so is that a change of heart. ukraine's leaders are convinced. nato says it's the no signs of russian troops were trying to get over to our correspondents in moscow and ukraine in a moment but first this report. self proclaimed authorities in donetsk have begun printing ballots on sunday the separatists in eastern ukraine plan to hold a referendum on breaking away from kiev. but the vote could be postponed on the recommendation of the dhimmi putin the russian president that was the head of the osce. the main cooperation forum between east and west europe afterwards he made his surprising remarks. assume that they did it. we request
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that representatives of ukraine se. and supporters of the generalization of the country. postpone the referendum that has been planned for may eleven with a pin. for the first time it seems russia's president is raining in the separatist movement in ukraine. putin also called ukraine's presidential election planned for may twenty fifth. i moved in the right direction the kremlin previously condemned it as illegitimate ukraine or reactions have been mixed. prime minister as idiots and york dismissed the statement as hot air. but on a visit to berlin the country's leading presidential candidate said putin's words were telling the whole message to referendum on the set from citizens' homes or who constantly gets the job. each was the clear light of this most would be will be accepted. that means people can be accepted and nobody knew. he he he love his songs
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so with the things that we don't have it in the us. this is going to use. but on the ground in ukraine's east the fighting still rages ukrainian government troops battled pro russian revels in its lobby on skin mario paul after meeting with putin the head of the oic stressed that the priority now should be a truce. it has ample bowl it's very important that all political leaders. and especially the four signatories of the geneva agreements. it will be at three and now send a signal to put a stop to the findings and all provocations up with active you don't. the fact that the vessel to take the full council the separatist leader in donetsk said his people would consider potions recommendation. he added that his group holds the russian president in the utmost respect. our correspondent marcus graham joins us now from moscow. marcus is seems to be a change of heart from
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present to you what's behind it. but i would be very careful how we interpret the cia the recent statements by a pregnancy for the tv fourteen. maybe it is just another smart move to buy some time and that to get those sites in this country to the chance to see their faces. um we hiked in a pre teen as saying that tonight he expected the authorities in key effort to stop the anti terror operation in the sun caught in southern part of ukraine. so the preconditions of for a postponement postponement of this referendum. so marcus you're saying you don't think today's announcement can be seen as an honest attempt to defuse the crisis. when it is of course on the sign of hope and it is the first to the moon taken by the russian side. we did that we have to wait in seo which influence the kremlin really has. on the separatist movement in eastern ukraine and which in
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theory can see he would have on the grounds of because of intentions of very high altitude. the data caches in the death of the hatred and to tensions increased done between the pro russian and ukrainian of people on the ground and its idea of indomitable of whether the kremlin can buy in to get control of the streets in ukraine. that is the question how much influence do you think that the kremlin really has on the separatists in the east. i suppose they have from an influence on the as separate as pro russian movement of awesome scary. oh we are ago one of the separatist leaders of the so call it done it's deep it's republicans pushing him as saying. the russian news agency that they would discuss the president to proteins their own proposal on thursday. they respected this proposal and to maybe they are ready to postpone by marcus ran joining us from moscow thanks very much
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note to eastern ukraine to donate square of course one of the stinkin is standing by if russians responded bits you could please call to postpone the book. well shortly after news came out about putin's announcement. i called one of the up as self proclaimed separate its leaders and at first i couldn't even understand what you're saying but he was simply a state of shock on it turns out that the separate is a plan to meet tomorrow and make a final decision. um later i went to the square where i'm in front of the oct five regional administration building the headquarters of the separatist movement. um the people there were also very glum oh one woman told me that which is worse had been taken out of khan's a context that they would hold the referendum anyway and any and that the preaching was not their president. ah but the president of the different countries. so you think they will push ahead with the bar um
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the people on the square today were very defiant however aunt and i do think the separatist leaders oh one to just take it a kiss a short breather. um and as as as the leader told me one of the leaders i spoke to this evening there suffered a go he told me of that the first one to waive all factors. um so i don't think they've made a final decision either just briefly do you tell us more about ukrainian ministry operations in the region well the standoff outside of slow danced it continues on today we have some more numbers since the beginning of the operation of fourteen ukrainian servicemen are reported to be killed the number of separatists is uncertain but it from above it's assumed that at least twice as many have been killed. palm. furthermore there are also reports from around the demonstration in the neighboring logan's creation of of regional administration buildings of being captured the thing that people are really worried about right now but
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throughout the region. isn't the ninth holiday this is victory day a very important day for russians and their fears that this could lead to a new outbreak of violence cases has given us the feeling isn't police now confirm the gunman rampage through a town in northern nigeria on monday killing at least one hundred and twenty five people have that attack took place in the town of dumbledore mandela on nigeria's border with cameroon. a local government officials as militants from the islam affect both got an open fire and a market and other locations. the violence comes amid growing international concern over the fate of the two hundred school girls kidnapped by opel on france's of the nigeria special forces to help hunt down the abductors a people across nigeria are taking to the streets to protest against the girl's abduction protesters accuse the government of not doing enough to secure the release
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it is not possible. i've got another two hundred yards i'm committed to the mall it's in everyone of us needs to do something creative the company has been developments in the back up into the country. the girls were kidnapped from their school in the village of cheap volcano within each year is three weeks ago another eight girls were abducted from the same region at the weekend. the us is now joining the search. i can all imagine what the parents are going to so what we've done this we have offered. and it's been accepted help from our military and law enforcement officials for to do everything we can to provide assistance to all. in the short term our goal obviously is to help the international community in the nigerian government as a team to do everything we can do to recover these young ladies. these lists a couple
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calderon whose name means western education is simple ths in june ap the elites leader of mobile car chicago said the girl should get married rather than go to school. he also said he planned to sell girls as young as nine into slavery. the crisis is threatening to overshadow the world economic forum which opens today in the capital of malaysia security there has been stepped up the hills when the country there are few guarantees. well earlier i spoke to our correspondent bob on my demo in on the summit university of my duty in north eastern nigeria i asked him how people there felt about oklahoma was that he chose feeding days the tumor that it stands on the two losing confidence in the government's fleet in the gt two hundred is. and that silly as it is no they didn't put is that anybody even meaning to me is that a
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candidate i e the excessive eating them because but in the mornings to do with how this feeding the ducks. able to harness it is quick to add any more hints at a time coming to the a c t and whatever they want and get back the forties is just a few days to cool the date of this tv. students have to run and a dip of the night because the owrimo stats the incision style and a weakening today that to the nba's he and his cousin in its duty to obey thee i'll be sixteen so i need you all. you released on youtube. but the devotion he is the university of the lies they will come and see them and people in the debris and interesting these states that this hideous thing. because sunday times said these trips have been at times double one
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run was awesome it is made with pizza trips. and in most instances. when these things how can you go to this cute she discloses the dt of file would not be there to rescue the people. so to allow you to skip right now. ella's bob on a yellow thing on the poles had just closed in south africa both as they have turned out in big numbers to cast their ballots in you and my collections president to consume as governing anc party is expected to win by a landslide. but opposition parties have put up a strong fight and they're expected to gain ground especially among young voters who are frustrated with the current government. until now to our correspondent there will draw the report in the mail and guardian that the way it is in pretoria to tell us. um what the signs is saying to you i'm reading that the turnout numbers are extremely high. so for that
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to know what i am at that that would make a call to accommodate more people to talk to but today. the next hour was good to have soul that has gone beyond the arc of all the protestations of school because everyone is in the queue at the bottom it will look to help achieve that but i think during the course of the night we'll have more to the peak of the results will start to come in and recreation will hold a complaint had been launched at the periods of play. i want you to the myth that will really determine how quickly we can have one result. the major policy down for the selection what education to be the number one issue for which the free parking in the field the court that has been job creation and he caught a peek
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but rather the kind of return for the puppy patient you have been about corruption in government the jewelry at top of the country is looking out for it. issues that we've seen there. the quixote on the untouchable as a social cost of the social. it's quite clear that the typical off peak the back of a second one. more important topic what should have the patience and charity of which should go. just use one of the stones. that was a boon for the opposition it would be yes. when its inventory of things going on to the analysis. in his life weekend election is looming going to a close vote is going to the polls in the penultimate phase of the ballot the province and look at that age was one of the recent voting. it's a traditional stronghold of prime minister of canada squirrel gandhi and his governing congress party. it needs a good turn out to conquer the increasingly
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confident opposition which believes it's on course to win the final day of voting is on monday eighth. we have to take a break but still ahead here on the journal the constitutional court in bangkok orders of prime minister to stand down to genes. i'm in. for it. and
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he showed in chief of the political aisle people the country's constitutional court has ordered the prime minister to step down in the milk in a wad and nine of her ministers have been dismissed from office for abuse of power. she denies those charges. the ruling comes after months of violent protests against the government's. a judge's ruling was broadcast live on tv in time landon lasted almost ninety minutes the highest court of the country borders and optional want and none of her cabinet ministers to step down. the decision may not have come as a surprise to
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unblock the constitutional court had already an old her victory in the general election in february in law insists she has done nothing wrong. they did not make that a high risk activity. we held true to the principles of honesty in running the country. that meant that i stick to rapidly as we would tease. former commerce minister new wacom wrong ones on python is taking over as the country's caretaker prime minister. in walks opponent celebrated the ruling as a victory in their long battle to host a polarizing prime minister. he has never shown any responsibility as the prime minister. actually she should have been a long time ago. i'm so happy that the court through the justice you want opponents are mostly urban elites and from the snow. they've fought for years against eating walk and her brother cox and the exiled former prime minister who the opposition believes is pulling the strings and
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the government. you love support is mainly in the floor north and east of thailand. mass rally is planned in bangkok on saturday. the fear is that unlocks removal may increase violence between rival factions. to syria now where hundreds of rebels have started withdrawing from the central city of homes after agreeing to a ceasefire deal with forces loyal to president bashar al asad the first group of over a thousand rebels boarded buses headed for a position held areas in outlying homes province. civilians and fighters had been holed up in the sea for over a year under constant siege. it was truly is the symbolic victory for us out. holmes was one of the first places to rise up against his rule. uganda now these two mixed and could land in jail for life to simply being gay. the couple has appeared before a magistrates court to apply for bail police the rest of them earlier this year as they fled in an angry mob extremist him he's an
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evangelical leaders have been whipping up a lynch mob. they say they backed by the country's draconian new mowers i call session in the ugandan capital kampala it could have far reaching consequences the dependence of the fest to go on trial says rules banning gay was tough and three months ago tim and timo pc and jackson a cousin of queues at engaging in acts against the old anthony chan. they denied the charges. but if found guilty the judge could audit and to spend the rest of the knights behind us daniel amos seventy starring the new anti gay for the fed during despite international criticism. he said and done so after the medical evidence that homosexuality was not seen empty. they also wanted to prevent it spreading to the busiest month. he didn't know i will do what i
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understood. digital board is beautiful indeed. she and pull out and it is clear. i don't get a buddy of mine okay not to add a title match rights protests were held around the head of the signing to try to crash the position to retain she stands. a number of countries including norway and denmark friends again. as a result what the new cairns and the anti gay measure is popular. despite the fact that many homosexual people that are too scared to show their face on the streets and auditing in the air for the knights. by switching to business news now and a chinese online retailer is poised to launch the mother of all typos i leave out that has filed for the initial offering in the united states the biggest since twitter the chinese giant has revealed how much dough will be sold with a price range but lots of indices are
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expected to scramble to get a piece of the country's booming internet shopping center china has over six hundred million internet users and the fast growing middle class. no wonder all you mamas profits seem to be growing like a genie in a review fairytale. sales of the bombers had grown by one hundred twenty percent each year for the past decade. ali baba was china's largest online marketplace is responsible for the lion share of the massive country's electronic retailing business. its creators to the guru of china has created the group are chopped and screwed the amazon dot com with china the native china in the paper off. so if you can imagine one the company. all in ones are all ones and the fastest growing economy in the world that's what ali baba as that's why this matters so much. some analysts say ali baba could be worth up to two hundred forty billion dollars after an ipo. that would
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propel it into the same league as american giants apple google and microsoft european stocks put on a brave face with sales to two days of falls. the dax for example nice to squeeze some gains of the markets despite the ongoing uncertainty in the ukraine yourselves fifty wasn't the mind in the us the dow is up with this now by knopf said you wrote down that is slightly one thirty nine fourteen a new twist on it it's that time of year again for the past decade the building has been awarding prizes to the big bloke is on the net. this year's award goes to a photographer and eat it too often puts his life at risk for the sake of his work. i will go smoothly. no one in the show people in extreme situations often in mortal danger. as long as the most charming tell stories exclusively through photographs. the twenty three year olds were convinced the jury he merits this
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year's baltimore. we're having for fourteen beginning with this motorway and is not speaking any of those languages. he's just hitting his mother was in still photos. this is something that everybody comes amid all this hope was to which he speaks. since the start and you can swing of peoples in twenty ten all chummy has been documenting developments using only his camera. he shows any signs of conflict not just one. his work has been published in international media it's the egyptian he wants to reach. it's been something i enjoy very much but also there is the responsibility to keep people informed especially egypt when the more and more than a lot this trip has been lost and that the media is the people rise and it's open all the vege and it's so this is where dogs and data and is an undiscovered journalism becomes essential. all of them for years and launched jury recognizes outstanding online work for human rights
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and basic freedoms in several categories. this year's winners include camara not over yet. pacific journalism project by indian women and advocates better education and the ukrainian page chemicals which leaks was operators of secret documents from the ex president's palace even then many countries where windows of baltimore's in some places with press freedom is on the fly when some people fit for the line. so it's good to show solidarity and also own protection. it ensures protection from publicity agents most of the ocean he needed to because he's vowed to continue and keep telling stories about all egyptians eye eye. earlier we spoke to an at bat in a sunday again a call that speaks website. it won the reporters without borders award at this year's box. she told us what it was like when they retrieved the secret documents from the lake at the den of college presidents in february this year. last
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saturday and sunday in san martin. do you listen to an innocent human rights east gate and easy yet on west operates idea. i was walking around to his bb canadians might run into knitting. i'm steve called me and i've seen some of music's allow its a wonderful green thousand documents be a surveyor make an epa on count on us and to reveal day and he will start working on documents and insect and the thousands neil and i made overnight and into the little things dr random the winner wants him. on three and eighteen. i just don't exist. when he gets a lot of documents and to me three since those days the kids to be in the senior
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yes i was there for a long week and to the state and the van and one thousand documents. i'm the most and what does it not me can i recall all the names of syrians only of companies and phone numbers of money. a week she moved into areas used by new products in its name was and the crispy you want. we want to sew sixty two mozambique seas and convenient. now all the names and surnames and in our own names of companies and unique and so people think that people want to forget about exit conference for human rights in eu rule as it says ian. i need to go. this is a need to not cry. my last guitar that most people in ukraine sent us now we know has insisted his sister and aunts main products into its brand identity. that is an abundance and the yen and
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call the st website where one final item for you a museum in switzerland says it's been named the sole heir of german art collector cornelius a girl in support of works and will believe lost in the era of global recently discovered in an apartment in munich liz passed away just as the day. his collection contains more than a thousand major works including masterpieces on a piece of donna and picasso. cole is enamored of the banks from his father who was in up to you but for the nazis. he made a deal with gentle far east or fraternity was proven to be stolen by the nazis to their rightful owners. this was the only advances it's like to be the heir to his collection but will also be topped by a bad deal. just a taste here on the dock and juicing. i have. he is. i
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know. what's more it's a good story each day. excludes any team that works. to top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington thick enlightenment you are lacking here in philly this weekend is here. right from the event with me. the advantage that i can take that steely checked in you and makes the networks to work and he makes the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. coming up
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today from friends twenty four. allied to the top of the day. monday to thursday at seven pm on nbc the church. chelsea boss and all that don't. to find a way which end up suffering a squeeze play. is it the apostles. watch the world you were ever you go. it makes the apps for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video hello my name is pete over by a bomb. enjoy the us versions available. this is your marketplace
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