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sacred the single hold up a little sick but it's new and moving moving . the news on new england. ukraine has dismissed as they are russian president for the record was made seventh appeal for moscow to pro russian separatist in eastern regions to postpone a referendum on independence. i called the midst of protest to postpone the plebiscite called from eleven in logan's given a region more than a dozen cities there had been invaded by kremlin backed insurgents given through sunday poll to the illegal
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following putin's remarks ukraine's prime minister art studio tool expressed surprise that ukraine's internal affairs had been discussed with the ukrainian participation he said he hoped the organization for security and cooperation in europe and its proposed roadmap to ease tensions between russia and ukraine which reeks like ukrainian idea not just torture law yes you reiterated that the kremlin has so far refused to fulfill the promises made in geneva on april seventeen to de escalate tensions by withdrawing russian special services unit fomenting unrest in the mouth nato secretary general anders for the region has again called on russia to stop supporting the protest in ukraine and scaled back troops from ukraine porter writes recent aggression in escalating the crisis from the start and should start living up to its international commitment russian president what you're putting on a seven announced
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it yet pull back troops from the ukrainian border. however nato and us pentagon hours later to attend the thousands of russian troops remain on euclid corridor us city leaders have also had the kremlin to stop supporting armed insurgents in eastern and southern ukraine a charge kremlin leaders did not despite evidence to the contrary provided by different state security service a kremlin backed rebellion in eastern ukraine has raised the prospect that ukraine could be carved up for even descended into civil war pitting russian speaking east and are against pro european ukrainian speakers in the west the un. i did. and
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one. since things. which is to put it. so when i was due to the bone connected to the truth. you know
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according to champion them into ukraine propaganda is back in the spotlight after claims of atrocities and anti semitism fall into deadly violence the council last week looked as though they were fabricated. peaceful group of ukrainians march to the dentist in support of ukraine in unity. they were attacked by a group of pro russian demonstrators and the ensuing violence and massive player in this that these trades union building led to the deaths of over forty people. it's a local doctor claimed she was trying to save a dying man's life during the lunch box he was stopped by ukrainian nationalists who told him to leave the dying man alone and that in the city would be the next people to die the doctor purporting to be thirty nine year old gore results can be treated the facebook page the next day i made the post. very
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quickly. the post was shared by over five thousand users and was translated into english german and in bulgarian and posted on russia's main social networking site at that point some bloggers started to get suspicious about the authenticity of the claims for a facebook page of the doctor was created just the day after the violence. second the picture appears to be ego results key would rather sly and seminole a dentist from was to go to a small town in russia's north caucasus region and third the claims by the doctor closely me or the kremlin's rhetoric that ukrainian supporters are fascists and anti semite impact of new evidence from the fire and a second shows dozens of ukraine and the supporters rushed into the burning trades union building in helping firefighters rescue crew russia protesters that were trapped inside. ukraine in the west has repeatedly
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accused russia of orchestrating a campaign of this information is scared and frightened ukrainians perhaps making them think that they would be better all with russia. great news when unwell. creamy and to turn the most obliging in love with and she's trying to divide his people. this plan moscow for cracking down on the muslim minority in the backseat and so on. jenna that has also voiced his concern in the eighteenth anniversary of the forcible deputation of cars from creamy and seventy years ago is still the union which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of thais and these people might be interested in the state from there it's a tough lad in the margins. the general prosecutor for the crane beach and natalia took on sky and has warned the muslim community that protect our self governing parliament imagine this will be liquidated if it supports extremist activities the announcement followed with the korean prosecutors
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cited as the school mascot is the key has recently been tense standoff between hundreds of muslim minorities and riot police to teach our community has endured over mystified human eye is banned from entering kind me on the fourth of may probably five years. demonstrations and to give that resulted in the overthrow of president viktor yanukovich versus an extension of creamy and the closely knit community has been vocally opposed to russia's interference in ukraine. great news for you anymore. ukrainian interior minister nelson up a call was made to government troops fighting for printing forces unit didn't they get the east of the country and two he says are hampered by the fact that the militants using human shields to that of final salt of the rebel stronghold of study amaths of the deposit if there's a war going on against its own territory our hands an easier time because of the civilian population around us. some
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supporters and others don't support the russian language others don't and that matters ukrainian soldiers and civilians. this is a limitation which our enemy is making full use of our enemy is hiding behind. it's the real problem for example we can just cut his forwards with fierce helicopter and secures their civilian houses behind it and from these losers someone was shooting the whole city is taken hostage by the heavily armed russia backed militants the ukrainian army faces the conundrum russian president that emit putin described in a march forcing to be used in the field equations organization the wings but anyone from the military leadership has their own people which we will be behind that in front behind and trying to shoot women and children. let me see cohen ukraine will give such an order the new locomotive told us the biggest opening. sorry i'm a mom a russian forces
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ambushed to ukrainian owned unit in which five permanent re peace with k old septic system for the forces also been killed in korea's defense ministry said rebels to chop down a ukrainian minutes be helpful to the coast since friday last week gm says russia has already invaded ukraine and the war has already begun boston to know is that us troops on the ground despite a substantial body of evidence which the international community says koreas russia is not telling the truth . graham bought new one. hundreds marched through the streets of the southern ukrainian city of odessa and support for united ukrainian attendees place their support for newly appointed police chief steve aitken during check and recheck replaces kilter with steele who was fired following the clashes since the last raid which took more than forty people dead. it is said to be or how
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it treats its pro russian separatists with active demonstration and trigger phrase chaos with liberalism which job with the kids did it. we are here to protect our citizens from the pro russian activists to one against which to join the russian federation. i know that simple. gold received. separatists that at least the city earlier in a demanding the release of her rights activists were arrested during the day of the classics your forces treaty sixty seven prisoners about forty others were transferred to send weekly someplace officers walked up the job. the new priest he railed against arresting protesters who chanted with the same direction city from the tigers stormed a police state. preventing him from holding peaceful gatherings we're not stopping anyone from speaking their mind the kids to school or
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propagating accept it as a division of ukraine i say the least look with gordy seven accused of complacency he sees that led to the street violence this scenario was thinking it might boost the new ukrainian forces. authorities were afraid of losing something here. they fled the country and laughed a lot of assets behind. they let businesses online. the last we'll see if they want to run this country remotely. that is what they're trying to do. you can see through that would inevitably rise. many of those who are detained in a pilot for russian nationals and residents of tennis history of the breakaway region of moldova to receive support from moscow the creek is on high alert amid warnings of further provocations during the holiday. great news for you. this year on victory day
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in ukraine organizers for world war two commemorations are urging ukrainians to wear a red poppy instead of the more traditional st georges river which in recent months has suffered from associations with pro russian separatism in ukraine the move is designed to distance ukrainian commemorations from the increasingly bombastic nationalism of the kremlin while still acknowledging the debt owed to those who died defeating ism. each spring on the ninth ukrainians marks the end of world war two in the defeat of ism with parades and celebrations in recent years russia has promoted the use of orange and black st george's ribbons as a symbol of pride in the soviet victory. however in recent months the symbolism has become increasingly associated with russian separatist forces in ukraine walk in sport is in george's ribbons as an expression of their support of the kremlin as victory day two thousand fourteen approaches the ukrainian institute of national memory is as
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ukrainians to leave the scene gorgeous ribbons on adopt a red poppy and internationally recognized symbol of respect for the people who laid down their lives in war. the puppy is traditionally worn to commemorate warranted by citizens in the uk canada australia new zealand and south africa he was adopted soon after world war one to signify life after death as the puppy was the only plants to grow in the devastated battlefields of france ukraine you that read the organizers to see this year the puppy will be a symbol of respect for those who gave their lives pointing to the nazis in world war two the victory day and the non ukrainian authorities have put security services on high alert as concerns arise over the threat of russia publications across the country on the deal prime minister our sin yet so you can scold me holiday periods. the most dangerous time for ukraine since independence in nineteen ninety one and accused moscow of claiming victory in five
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months. renters in moscow was struggling to come to terms with the new us financial penalties which may have far reaching consequences the gazpacho aggression for me. u s is using the new anti tax evasion or to punish moscow court actions in ukraine measure that could become more effective than barry sanctions announced in recent weeks which did little to do two of the kremlin's defects or invasion of ukraine. the twenty ten federal law on tax evasion was u s banks to stop withholding a thirty percent tax on certain payments to financial institutions in other countries unless this foreign banks have agreements in place to share information about us account holders tech's offense. russia and schools in other states have been negotiating with the rest in efforts to protect that grants from the financial penalties but
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the treasury department suspended negotiations with russia and not in the wake of russia's annexation of crimea ukraine effects of this movement in eastern ukraine the mule would like to see the archduke and thanks janine countries with the code share information with us authorities rusher is already in recession and financial analysts to form but nash was policies dimitri forays of making russia to risky investments the cream to gdp will fall by about five percent in two thousand fourteen according to the international monetary fund. even the weak economic prospects in inflation expected to reach sixteen percent by the end of the year the imf predicts that gdp will actually be boundary two percent in two thousand thirteen. he and expects the unemployment rate to fall from eight point five percent to nearly seventy five percent to two thousand sixteen in inflation is estimated to fall nearly six percent in two years' time
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the fund recently approved a seventeen billion years dollar bailout package to help the struggling economy to be released over two years the washington based organization approved emergency package after the government's new concrete easter performs her to help ukraine beat economic stability. the korean law three c three point two billion years dollars from the imf mid may to help the country's aids deaths ever since the protests continued to spread an arrest in the country's eastern regions. or what. in two thousand and six president putin launched a crusade against gambling in restaurants going as far as calling gambling a dangerous addiction and a magnet for mini's. this led to the closure of most trusted casinos and slot machine vendors. now however president putin has announced it is his plan to create again the zone in crimea the most biggest our hotel casinos as a way to promote tourism in two thousand and lod
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his own proper country and now see an opportunity in crime may have to add a fifth after spending fifty billion us dollars today so she's sports they use for the winter olympics. many believe that turning the area into a gaming zone might object to be fiscally viable put up or shut down the idea claiming that gaming would drive away so she's too distraught to its base of middle class christian families with children there is however no such concern for the newly annexed ukrainian reason of crimea as moscow is that the move to a gaming zone may climb a less dependent on moscow for financial subsidies do not require any additional money from the federal budget that remained the bill would also be given the ability to add input over the location and size of the zone. former christians are amenable to a child has died at the age of thirty tertiary battle with liver cancer the announcement came from the lawn tennis association. many a tribute to go cop that he was born in
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kenya to britain after her father who was a professional soccer player signed a deal with the scottish crime the deal is that the state to use the known alien shakin his goal and isn't a nine year old times his entire stake talent. we know that i'm sick of the bad news about it the diagnosis of what kinds of books the two losers in such a short time as a dentist in today's dollars has been such an inspirational to get around the ss outside was posted to me know. and family and friends sister. she competed at the two thousand twelve london olympics. i retired at the end of the following year because of persistent knee injuries before quitting the torah bull catcher set up an academy for young players in ipswich. she is in spatial podium typically kills commensurate did concede that some women in the top fifty so i can a loss and also the lake to see that she's working with young kids including a talent scout was just a season shaping up to
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stop until recently with it but the known and doing a lot of good luck with young kids and so so disadvantaged and so bill lawson and everyone in bed. watch and married her coach new severe now in december two thousand thirteen before being diagnosed with cancer in january this year international news on human love. russian opposition activists and most don't have marked the second anniversary of the mass protests against president but an increase in water which was eventually crushed by riot police the freedom to prisoners was just one pennant hills by one of the several hundred protesters who blocked by a score and the sight of the mass ninety pitch and demonstration held on the eve of his inauguration for the third term as president several protesters under the watchful eye of the police gave their reasons
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for attending. i want to show that we are not surrender that we are against the current authority is actually did dictatorship of recent times. that's why i caved. the truth. haha some dead at the moment the main goal is to show the whole country or at least my scalp that there are still the centers out there with its like five years ago during the dissenters march the same goal to show that there is no unanimous opinion that all those may be valid or not to. they're also sober minded people around here these were the scenes in may two thousand and twelve. riot police attacked and tried to weigh hundreds of protest is invoking the pig is rising since the collapse of the soviet union streams of time is too daunting pretence resignation and challenging new tools to post it to bradley's begins his authoritarian rule to limit just now was up to the placings. she winks and pick ceremony designed to improve russia's international image. most records jailed seven people
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in a show trial for their role in the protests outside the court at least two hundred people well rested including human rights activists opposition leaders and two of the members of the feminist rushing record with the riots the idea this week the browns team members korea. i feel kinda and the distant or unique about it with several members that the us senate and house of representatives of the russia's human rights abusers can go make a school with both of the punitive damages against the tin united states. shade and business as usual with russia our sanctions can make a difference if they aren't meaningful and strong and significant. and my hope is that the presence of these young women. whose courage and strength should inspire we'll make a difference to the way that our government deals with russia. at least one hundred thousand people were going to treat an audit
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of moscow's red square for the thieves may take a right for claiming his invasion of casa ukraine's territory in russia a preteen now enjoys the record approval ratings after he claimed to nationalists me and nazis were surprised and anti semites that toppled former ukrainian president viktor yanukovich the kremlin on to pretend to send troops to protect a russian speakers to crimea which question the next demolished some western pundits speculated he did say in order to protect his corruption written rain from nice one to oust him international news on new and more. demonstrators protested outside the beverly hills hotel in california again the decision of the hotel zone. so time for night to begin the implementation of sharia law in this country. sharia law which includes imprisonment or fines for not attending friday prayers and out of wedlock pregnancies was adopted in brunei last week. among the protesters has been former tonight show host jay leno who compared
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the possibility of human rights violations in goodnight to the holocaust what i'd like to think that ballgame amazingly good when they realize this is going on they will do something about i mean this is not that of the family history is happening here hopefully the diamond as i go to the end. the other women and get the ball back to navigate of the victims. i'm thanking thirty three. lol i mean just the thing that part of what happened during the holocaust choked on it or not conscious noble chi e sixty seven who runs this country that national elections announced the introduction of sharia as the creek achievement. from april thirtieth president of the predominantly muslim country face conviction by some the courts for crimes they had an alcohol consumption by muslims in britain punishable by whipping and amputations most of the laws will also apply to non muslims and punishment including
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the death penalty by stoning sharia law will be introduced to china faced a year later for offences including adultery sodomy and insulting the crime or the prophet muhammad the fan international news for you and one. a small plane has crashed into a house in allston and samoan team km north of denver colorado. new injuries were reports it. no one was home at the time that the question and the pundits will to wait and get nbc news reports its firefox is that the plane crashed around four pm local time and into two groups of the two storey house causing significant damage. witnesses said the plane was struggling to stay in the. according to local media at the pod was able to walk away from the branch that was taken to a hospital for an examination
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firefighters rushed to the crash site and quickly put out a fine start to the french local media reports it's called the crash is under investigation international news on new and more. as the abusive and sometimes incredibly aggressive. that's the kind of comments the guardian newspaper says are being posted in the league by pro russia supporters on its common threads on stories that deal with ukraine thousands of regular comments are posted daily on the guardian's online site the guardian moderators see the dealing with some forty thousand offensive comments per day and that it's a result of an orchestrated pro russian campaign. according to news. many of the commons attempts to expand use of terms anyone criticizing russia or present one although there is no hard evidence to prove who was on
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the posts. luke harding in the guardian's for moscow correspondent says paying people to post hundreds of abusive comments per day is a well attested phenomenon in russia. on the same topic the atlantic newspaper reprinted this story from the st petersburg times told the story of a woman who was employed in what could be called a comment email an office that employs people to attack opponents of russia in chat rooms and social networks on common forms freedom house recently released a report called freedom on the net the annual report showed that bahrain china and russia are among the global leaders in pain commentaries to promote the government's agenda. and when. egyptian court has postponed until the fifteenth of may the terrorism related trial of the aisle to steer a
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journalist peter christ at an award winning former bbc reporter who comment on the axiom in the corner of the current era chief for a two zero english and produced by muhammad. all three of their forgeries were detained in iran the twenty ninth of december and charges relating to terrorism which i'll be denied in town to steer his side are absurd. well egyptian officials and journalists read suspicion of operating without a proper accreditation the journalists for the guitar based television network had been accused of turning the egyptian government's reputation manipulating footage in aiding terrorists prosecutors at a concert in korea during previous sessions did not seem to show any footage of aiding or abetting terrorists. video evidence to back to that of course is farms in interviews that different politicians many egyptians feel he could and authorities had started a campaign against ounces here are the keys to the brink of a live map and tried to take me back or bad depending hundred more soon the military even more
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supermarkets after mass protests against him last july. zion. they had enough i
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know. chat chat got one and
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ten said on first and politics for the legislators that she got resigned from her position as senior specialists and the taipei city government secretariat after she made a controversial visit to china to take part in a television program during the pro and they gt to criticize the reason student movements tennyson in their holdings that he was highly inappropriate for civil snt


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