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tv   European Journal  PBS  May 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the deadline. and no one will the eye. well welcome to the pinochet will continue forever teed up the studio is in full speed trap you. this is a look at what's coming up in this edition ron's wife allright part cs that it emits an eco town. silly how african refugees the benefit of the elite. hungary where the government's woman or ill has been promising. now any two weeks until the european elections and some three hundred and seventy five million citizens across the eu can cost about
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ironically it looks this than many of them will get a two part is that one flex your local right wing conti some more extreme than others have been fencing and the lakers pulled in many countries britain austria belgium the netherlands and salsa and profits the politicians from the front not two not that they can again make his tory gains like they did in the french connections at the end of last. swaziland is on the campaign trail. would you actually think. with a mentor nineteen ninety. enjoy reading it yet. she plays the lead. some booksellers don't know how to use it with you but it sucked but it has he belongs to france's far right national front party and is running as a candidate in the northeastern city of
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metz. to its account for some items that can also see their son and his mother i connect it to them although this seems to have this. as to the building to the authorities responsible for precisely the claims. it was a perfect fit on this she believes these immigrants need to be deported. and claims the vast majority of them early in the country to sponge off the welfare system. she moaned as he creates these people are applying for political asylum when he helped at least eighty five percent of them are in fact economic migrants to come to from the katrina delicate social welfare it. and they all have a chance of getting listed in the comments here the kids. she blames europe for france's problems and says her party offers the solution. she wants
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france to leave issuing an agreement and reintroduce border controls. when not to me dearly and i that idea is absurd. she's the socialist candidate for mets and the city's deputy mayor. that would mean closing the border to luxembourg to wear some one hundred thousand locals can you daily. her parents are from portugal. they came to france with the hope of a better future. on the sand on his mind. their slogans and dangerous. this is not progress. it sets us back the socialist candidate points out that many of the projects in the area have been funded by the european union effect often ignored by the far right. i don't know what one assist in the notices the impact of the european union. here we have a brand new optical electronic research center the most advanced technology
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it consists of five hundred fifty square meters of laboratories and the same amount of office space it was funded with three point six million euros from the european union i don't know how. despite that there is growing support for the far right in eastern france. in part to protest against socialist president francois lunch. one of the biggest issues for people here is the demise of the steel industry. they had pinned their hopes on him to protect the remaining manufacturing plants. instead they're being bombarded with headlines about his love life as a result the national front did well in local elections. every naughty on the far right party is already in power. the former trade unionist turned far right politician sunday on a numb on the team the town's mayor in april. funny on his car key towns in luxembourg and belgium immediately distanced themselves. but that's done little to dent the new mayor's confidence
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ms donald models may i just wanted to make a statement that he can still come across as kind of revolutionary who wants nothing to do with the fullness of time. i think that there was no real connection to speak in between the two part details anyway. that is. the mayor believes france would be better off without the eu. a lot of work centers on people constantly clean the europe has brought peace. that seems to be the magic word. but instead forcing the middle class reduced to nothing unemployment is random everything is become more expensive and people can no longer pay their bills with me still exposing the head of the queen but even here not everyone is buying the idea that things used to be better i guess at the stitching or two here we see morris in eighteen seventy to nineteen fourteen and nineteen forty my grandfather and father fun
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now on relationship with our european neighbors is much better. i think it's important to continue that's important to me. i have the saunders by what's happened in my own thinking that the nazis in fact and this time is here among us and as president of nationhood. this was a delay and party leader marie le pen rejecting the comparisons they say they're fighting ends the so called islamization of society is justified by the constitutionally enshrined separation of church and state. and that anti semitism is not an issue within the party they want to reintroduce the french franc the old currency. and if you see import duty on foreign goods to commence these policies will benefit the economy. does it come again it still sells kitchen appliances. make sure that most products he sells half french. we welcome this kind of economic patriotism us as
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we want people to my friend to attend a summit of quality products which do not acted on some clean up the air we have the means to offer french consumers what they want. many people blame globalization for the economic crisis for some ice cream national solution is attractive prospect. by simply turning back the clock the far right seeks to harvest more victories at the upcoming european elections. the tug of what the eastern ukraine continues new opposition groups seem to be cropping up almost everyday in the east of the country. and in the west the interim government in kiev to start mobilizing civilians. thousands of volunteers have put their names down for the new national guard and some even taking private lessons on how to use weapons. the goal is to help defend the country against russian troops and progress simple states. they feel the ukrainian economy
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com to download and it is facing a massive problem with divided loyalties and use of downsizing the ministry has also taken a toll and troops i miss you and your duty and preparing for war they're committed to training camp in the far east on sunday pm the next three days. they will let me also commendable the purpose of wisdom has it come in handy given recent events in our country. mr stephens might think i should learn how to use a gun and shoot and remember that the yuan to receive military training. i discuss this with my mother. she had military training school. everyone should be trained in military training is indispensable for generations in view of what's happening in our country christopher says these thoughts in pain yet from those who like to know which but i'm learning how to defend the fall. the motive
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seizures and has no ear protection. good friend brent heehee sharing through one of his acts. if you keep the house every weekend the campus financed through generations and it isn't the equivalent of twenty five years. it was yet in britain but not all of this so young and everyone is rambo in. but if we train a million people on the night even the chinese army will be able to beat us with little in which its troops. i didn't know the students are learning urban warfare. their mom this weekend just past the camp on monday. the university of kentucky for kiev. here are a people prepared by paul little. in kiev. presidential hopeful you need to shed google's own ukrainians to prepare for war against russia. the most interesting advice by war veterans. she
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imagines they will be resistance against the russians well we have the kids to the ears and agrees to go to occupy all of ukraine much. it's too and when we see this orange on the defence ministry and security services are doing then it's clear we have to give every ukrainian the chance to defend their country. he took over the position of sleep due to enter the amount of drag him away quickly to other point of time on you. i am racing to save the life of between to combine. many have seen in this situation before. read on my chio hundred women shoes and stockings. they were hopeless. now they've learned to defend themselves yes yes it or ticket to a slight hope that my skills will never be needed but maybe that's just a fantasy especially given how russia is behaving in ukraine wants peace but it has to prepare
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for war. it all day in which it clearly does not perfectly these people on the corner of my condition and from coffee sector. the students teaching snow is no more ukrainians the blog today that any law into their weapons legally come from a hunting club next door. if any of my hope is the father of three years for child is on the way. he's admitted to the stern. malcolm skills are coming through the screening time in a medical degree but every day have no fear most of them are religious you they don't get tested again this nifty neighborhoods it's the final trading session involves firing live rounds. each participant receives its exponents the exercise aims to test the home audience. it's the first time that it is essential to bullets. more than three hundred people have already taken this course. twenty list is long
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the people to him convinced ukrainian tough on the european leaders. because the people in berlin and brussels will understand that as ukraine's polish neighbors are ready to. but this cannot stand that the glitch friend wrote me this is where you are the only european country that remembers with dignity and liberty are still unprepared to suffer and die for those values. meanwhile brussels to discuss the shape of tomatoes for a man and a daughter. these people are ready and willing to fund the ukraine. soon they will head home. but they're on standby for war. many countries along the southern borders of the eu feel overwhelmed by refugees every week thousands lined up on their souls after a risky journey across the seas from africa. the italian government says this year though more than twenty thousand refugees have
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arrived to pop. but there's one coastal town in the south a bit too early in the country and region called me at stake when beckett's on multiple considered a button on the contrary we act it has benefited tremendously from their presents. that though other than it did when i sold it in the distance i want what i could make life for myself if i would have a future that was included in the auction. osman arrived in italy as a somalian refugee along with his wife and their five children he would end up in demand producer in two thousand eleven. he had no idea what awaited him in the auction. he was scared but also hopeful. riyadh j is a small village on the eastern coast of colombia in the late nineteen nineties it was on the brink of extinction. residents were moving away in droves leaving the village to fall to ruin
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mayor to become o'connell watched his village became he also saw the endless streams of refugees reaching into the shores he had the ninety s. where do i survived i did with my study initiative towards more for political reasons. with a whimper than a burden to check on the twenty kurdish refugees arrived at the boat the oreos chain. i saw that a billion people have a refugee policy that worked properly the review would look so i decided right then to take these refugees in the past it was the best he gave the kurdish refugees to replace command any started the initiative cheap to put on a port city of the future his idea was to use loans and a pre deal of thirty euros from the government for every refugee to fix up the dunlap a tv show the refugees could help him find the auction. and then return the rta would help them integrate into village
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life. this one in four that where i realize that these people declared war and hopelessness in. instead of the bedouin though he arrived in italy after a long journey that was about to decide who they were treated like animals by the police and government agencies. the bus and then suddenly the dreams of a better future vanished i want to help give them a new future. mm it's the these latest arrivals to the village landed on the map korean coast a few days ago they came from egypt. since their parents had paid two thousand euro to smugglers they wanted their children have a better future. even if it meant sending them away. i doubt many of you not to mess this was the monogamous. we have a lawful protests in egypt if he called to do the kids quiet. we don't have
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to be afraid. the image of india. it's the aquarium the initiative could get shoes for them yet. what cheek of pretoria has been able to provide him with launching in one of the renovated houses. some pocket money. and for the first time in a long time it's up there. osmond now works for the initiative as a coke and interpreter. that was the only opportunity for him to earn money before he was officially recognized as a refugee. today he also looks after the under eight refugees to welled up in his new found home. doughnuts out of them and i could hear every day for the under eight refugees still have a place to eat together upstairs seattle wa. and that she too has come up with a lot of ideas including using
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colorful fake currency. but it is a victim and they can use this money to buy whatever they need it the next time. comps hooked on cigarettes household items whatever the decision to give money to pay tolls on our initiative. it is that it's on. volunteers from tee to put two now also help the refugees to their shopping. and they teach classes. today the us and his friends are on their way to attend school in italy for the first time. there have been as many as three hundred refugees living temporarily in the village of one thousand seven hundred people although italian espresso is different from how coffee is prepared in somalia. osman has gotten used to it. andrea j has become his home. he and his family now live in a house of the room. in all the movies to know there's no racism in riyadh to it. i've
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never experienced anything like this will be people here are so friendly. this was the old lady who lives next door to us is always there for that. everyone looks up to my family and me. and this was the one that i do it sometimes when osman looks out to sea. he's reminded of his journey here and a difficult situation in his home country. and he's especially grateful to have found the village of preemption. and it's mean. it will be exactly seventy is a credit to some of the last trains carrying thousands of at times and hungry and make their way to concentration camps. the dedications. we stopped in july nineteen forty four by hungary spain head of state because hockey he finally gave in to international pressure. corsi was a staunch supporter of the german occupying forces
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had enacted several anti semitic goals himself before one. this is a long time ago but now the current un getting government is planning to set up a controversial memorial. and that brings back many weeks just eighteen people turn up to protest the monument today in the low cost among all the police here the government has dispatched two hundred officers to the scene. it's a show of strength in downtown budapest but these demonstrators are determined to stop this government projects. they're here to protest the monument commemorating hungary's occupation by germany during the second world war. two weeks non human rights activist in budapest jewish community have been mobilizing against the memorial. they've even occupied the site. but to no avail. even today she's one of those protesters. he's eighty years old. the jewish man was very lucky to have survived the occupation
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nothing in it. my ears bleed there are several regimes during which the police could do with the lights. no tourists just don't consult and cattle co thousand and one cannot have that everyday critics needed his car company press freedom square they reject the government's current plans for the monument moreno is seven meters high it depicts the german eagle attacking innocent hungary in the form of the archangel gabriel. critics say the monument down placed under rezoned on the holocaust. they want the country to take responsibility for its past that . we get in the semi remember five james jones
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issued at five or six arrow cross members storming in the sch and we had to get in line. as i recount this up and every fifth person was shot. is it that they used machine guns. then me. a bunch of ash was eighteen years old. he was one of those who should have been shot. but his gift for music saved his life i had to play the killers song. someone else was shot to his place commence survived the war and today over half a century later his cello is still his greatest passion. in nineteen fifty six he fled the soviet occupation of hungary for west germany. there he became a well known cellist and photographer. this return to his native hungary after the fall of communism twenty years ago. today he's outraged by the government's plans for the war memorial
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he believes a whitewash his son gary in history. with the kisses. the german ss stormtroopers weren't there when we were locked on to it the enemy in the snow here in june and august it. keenan them home she the government's planned a minute into the occupation falsify is history. plain and simple. me and didn't admit i'm still hoping they'll change the plans on making a sauce pan. here inside this building in budapest was where even today sch was repeatedly in prisons. first by hungary's fascists and anti communist secret police the building is now a historical museum on the dangers of totalitarianism. but the museum is largely devoted to the victims of communism those persecuted by hungarian fascists receive only a brief mention
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the smith says the museum's director and a confidante of hungarian prime minister victor horta. she canceled a planned interview with tw and she will comment on the proposed second world war monument. the interim prime minister or a bunch of them carrying academy of fine arts reveals more about the government's view of those who criticize the monument. we can take responsibility for something we didn't do he says. and then on the ends. israel is just a cheap political bar brawl. this jewish community is shocked by government plans for the memorial. it says the monument conceals the fate of four hundred thirty thousand hungarian those deported and then murdered during the holocaust hungary had already introduced its own anti jewish laws by t in. before nineteen forty four the country's already faced deportation and death. and
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i'm carrying police were notorious for their brutal raids against the jewish community. i was saddened and i was somewhat sound behind him and government wasn't just a victim of the john occupation mean that it was also an active participant in what went on it. when we think that now because it's seventieth up to the holocaust is a good time to take responsibility. yes it's not enough to just be apologetic. but you have to get some sleeping under the carpet that's the wrong policy has been acts of goodness and the body. a hundred meters away from the planned memorial is a bust of hungarian get hit in the flesh lucky. hitler's wartime ally agreed to deport on hearing to auschwitz the statue of heart he was erected by the far right opposition party building and take your buns government let them put up a
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statue what's also had a lethal put through the spirit of that time is returning to the stove. this court the statue has revived police suffered during the occupation is keen to study during the second world war. the survivor is unconditional longer feels that only two days hungary but he's too old to start a new life elsewhere. so he's left hoping that at least the government will scrap its plans for the war memorial except this edition of european travel from all of us here from sloan thanks for watching until next time of need as the in and i can. it
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is you. he got. the can he
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my knee when he was the baby and then commerce chief. i can from here on my head i'm thinking more than ten years i'm asking me abt my pocket each book. my life. i couldn't imagine be done. i can think of it. they plan to keep the music. jane kidney
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from june nineteen twenty the communications fund to discuss the two pink. and then finish. i don't know then i can use the area i just get out of my stash them in pink. i forced written on them and say hang in demand two on and on. dang and female as well. here are the navigation or teaching constable on the other language. you know if it snowed up there on the case no this is a completely different and a few large that they have a liking for i killed that caused a variety of costumes. on again there was two women who would be today. some of them has their fortune some of them have the opportunity to pursue getting one from altona toward the street than i can be fatal. my goal to bow to the young women are feasting on is that they'll be just
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the continual the hard work and be brave and sent me this is what he forgets that it just to show up on the war they are other foods to have it. the deep other food the story behind instead. i honor. teaching next week it's saddening and needs. i promise next year. lately he's been out of court. paul krugman. yours are. but what with all seven games. what a witch. ch. will . a year
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watching the daily news cast within the next is a special buy the funds to cry. my name is x thomas gibbons. i was just at the frequencies available at our website first you wake up call the security status of ukraine confront a up exchanging three offices of the special unit to call for the so called governor of the donetsk region about it the security agents who i


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