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each the program is don't you cry. critical. from norway's mainstream cruise for his lies. her group exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report will call the counters and access to wilkinson. the us. i have
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the key to it again the stars and is the day with a large scale military parade in moscow as russia as marking the sixty ninth anniversary of its victory over germany in world war two and ask how can every year the parade is how the red square in moscow russian president. like napoleon made a speech ahead of the term rates praising the veterans in the world or to you and calling them a nine a d and sorrow into them and hide. he also said rememberance have been held across the nation to commemorate the death in war th and this year's event features sixteen the ninth and helicopters but the one hundred and forty nine military depots and over eleven thousand troops making of her brave the largest show of precious millet spray my friends called. and in the end of what clark. russia has had a military parade at moscow's red square on ninth every year apart from four
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years in the early nineteen nineties. it's a class of soviet union. want to pray would talk earlier to a crisp on top barnum us down take a listen. this is the largest mission parade of its kind of a two day mission parade since the collapse of the city union those grades getting larger every year they being held. again this was a record breaker. with a sixty nine aircraft flying over. molson minute she's vehicles as well some of them brand new designs had to be shown off as they parade through central mosque at venues including ahmed vehicles one of them called the tiger. we sold as armored vehicles. in russia taking it in crimea. in the periods last month when it was being i'm in in march when the crimea was undergoing its takeover by pro russian forces wheels that gold's new
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versions of ahmed personnel carriers in moscow was well on the time to time. ms sol system as well. these parades standing up. the festival parade in nineteen forty one when the troops marched straight from central moscow out to debacle front of the west to fight german forces but also they stem from said the upgrades during the cold war designed to showcase weapons systems and most weapons systems here when everything around in the end will want to be spoken systems molding one's including nuclear missiles designed as a threat to the ends to the kremlin with gobs of potential enemies russia's victory day am and nine marks the surrender of germany to the sydney uni and the end of second world war and now become one of russia's biggest holidays and a spot call for ending more than twenty years ago remains an opportunity for about ten to show off its military minds this silly
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union formally announce victory over germany. omega nine to nineteen forty five following the signing of the surrender document in berlin. the first military parade in moscow's red square to place just six weeks later by order of the then soviet leader joseph spelling. also the troops them participated in world war two attended the puree in a famous show of symbolism more than two hundred veterans through nasty flags into the cemetery kill former soviet leader let me lend and since then there'd been tyres on red square every year all made the night. apart from four years in the early nineteen nineties following the collapse of the soviet union and the resulting economic recession. two thousandfive saw grand celebrations to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the war. that day russian prison last year putting delivered a speech declaring war on terrorism heavy weaponry that had not been seen since the collapse of the soviet union was on
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show again in two thousand eight. just two days after dimitri medvedev to cough is as president. thousands and saw the biggest display of russia's military hardware in twenty years to mark the sixty fifth anniversary some of onion sixty modern military vehicles including the tall pole and ground based missile launcher the band serious air defense system in the s four hundred trial three mo air defense missile system. grilled through the moscow square more than eleven thousand troops took part in the march in the two thousand thirteen the russian air force became one of the highlights of the parade with the flight over by sixty eight planes to mark the sixty eighth anniversary. russia says the thirty fourth fighter jet also made its debut in the race. the crimean city at some awesome wallace also putting a large scale military event to mark the anniversary of russia's victory over germany. her radiance of possible that comprise two parts a military
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aviation show and a traditional military parades and russia media reports have suggested that russia france and black airport and quite likely that following the death cab for a break well authorities have not confirmed the news the department of white neon is now a part of the russian federation probably in march referendum. the boat has not been recognized by ukraine and the number of other countries. and pro russian activists and the cons king east ukraine have decided to cancel their schedules celebration to mark the sixty ninth anniversary of victory day citing potential threats from the government for sis with the ukrainian government is now preparing to send special forces to hunt. i think the forces will not only come from ukraine. also from poland in the us. they also send mercenaries from eastern europe and some western countries. pro russian activism to hans also claimed the ukrainian
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government is planning to deploy at least twenty snipers in the city. and oh so hans has been a major target of ukraine's anti operations. this is a self declared people's governor dollar a bottle of cough has established an armed force has publicly disobeyed ukrainian governments. and to talk more about this renowned joined in the studio by mr chen jin cheng director at the center of arms control that i've instituted a master studies. i look back sir. so let's expand it a little bit let's talk about russia's pro in the asia pacific region what has been russia's policy towards this region you know why we would have been at the in patient into the us the privy to the base percentage i think there has been up there to meet these two were divided the question is facing up became known in the presence of these debates are from that aspect the first is not the parties to the area of russian city
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it has been permitted to run up to as compared with the european part of russia and the sow the seeds then becoming so for us to try it too. now opted to bat on for the ski area and of course china. the camp may have been caught in a row. in these and the developments of the sf bay area and other enough remote to the areas of the season went on to another fun time being he's not mention china and the russian action in use in two years castillo the same gone common in to see him stay parked in describing the event is for security and for economic cooperation. for dems with the anti and a cop received annually in the soundtrack offers on the scene and also won the scene that did it on to pressure from the nice days in the submissive region for china and the new year a performance. so i think this is a commune cheese or the common ground before the two countries to
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cooperate to have more than a good additions for the future off with the two countries we've also been talking about the military cooperation between china and russia and some winners and of russia and china joint maritime exercise plans for later this month at the south china sea. so what way do you think that the host country can improve their needs and trust also expands the street i saw on issue relating to asia pacific region by the bbc is entered in routine arrangements before the two countries to have committed mitch to the suspension is the two navies missed and there but how scorsese participating in these juicy and nine of the season is just a mile from the japanese the year to see and the east china sea and is optimistic i think this is not a very posh new farm park for the in the sino russian prime minister competition at the same. maintaining peace
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and stability and also in the dear to me than on traditional french for them and if i receive. for the maritime security site to the cinema and parking for the two countries to show their determination to cop a team unity the traditional red and non traditional threats in relevant areas. so i've been a week we'll even have bread to summon up into produces by the western media and by japan but by japanese media now miss the babies that there might be tiny dad to go diamond dispute and that might be time to head the new crises. i don't think he sees that men prefer to support china and the russian to carry out such a nuanced view. nino maritime to us thanks alot for joining us on the show mr town appreciate being here. take a sharp break with a back after this. fan. the is. steve
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china has demanded by the non seen as disruptive actions and immediately remove all its vessels and personnel from the scene at china sterling operations and water south have don't see an island in the south china sea the gym and did deputy director general of the department of downed tree in which it appears that the chinese foreign ministry made the statement during a press briefing on thursday the selling outset that the operations by a chinese company are normal oil drilling and were being conducted in time disputed waters of deceased islands which are inherent territory of china. and according to ap vietnam. this past six vessels to deliberately ran into chinese government ships soon after a chinese will break a ride at the sites on the second time china has repeatedly called on to the enemy side to follow international practices to ensure the safety of navigation and construction at the thirty sixth in a nice vessels including armed ships
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which were deployed from a third reportedly ran chinese vessels for more than one hundred seventh tee times and east l a now added that the non also placed many fishing nets and large obstacles in the water posing threat to navigation he said that china has communicated that the non fourteen times through diplomatic channels. colleen on the amount of respect china's legitimate rights and interests can stop this disruptive action. when our turn to thailand where leaders of anti government protesters to tap taps event has told his followers to state a final offensive on friday to achieve your goal to pull the ousting the caretaker government on thursday opposition protesters took to the streets of bangkok to celebrate a court ruling which ousted the match to watch as interim prime minister. they've been demanding factly this for the past six months the protesters are still many reforms taking place before or not although ministers. the caretaker government resign. you might
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not support this man has the red shirts have concrete huge rally on saturday in the capital bangkok and surrounding areas to protest against the constitution quizzical. what is the kind of thing giving you who dispatched two thousand people sent it to george of the red shirt she'd been cool but will plan to protest against the two males in action. the red shirts need a connection. lee. was not so anti corruption commission has found former prime minister in less than a light guilty of negligence over a government by spying scheme to a now face a senate hearing which could ban her from politics. now the president and national anti corruption commission said the comedian had it not the evidence to make the case then put forward the subsidies the rise of policy of the month and history should aim to raise farmers' incomes by painter way above market prices the fed finds her guilty about that banned from politics for five years the decision comes a day after the constitutional
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court. the muffins. we spoke to respond in a bangkok to see the chancery about the situation in thailand she has tons anti government protesters are taking up positions at various locations in the capital city in what they are calling their final offensive to house the caretaker government's few other pressures have concrete huge trolley and saturday to protest against the constitutional court ruling that forced prime minister not to resign. i like how the mass rallies the anti government protests latest attempt at the funny thing quite silly skit about it the teletubbies particular valley that she's calling the final battle in our announcement on the plant's what he made this morning just before the much sought to tie the targets today at government house and all the free to air tv stations this rally was meant to happen on the fourteenth of may that the emo today that by the constitutional court's ruling that governments can take of kindness that you not seen a lot and nine at
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the cabinet minister from office on wednesday. we got up abruptly brought apple with its plan to rally now put the fee at the final battle. we have to take the statement added with a grain of salt at the protest leaders had his fifth company times in the past six months and each seems that every time he and his protests to the current heating up until they can seize power light of the trial the entire cabinet at governments now possible targets in the coming days ahead including parliament house the royal thai police headquarters the interior ministry and the defence ministry we do not know that what we do not in fact i've been planning to occupy the main routes around the city santa hat until at least monday so we have to bring in seeing how the event on fo is specially since that article by the creek is holding parent mass rally on saturday. turning to syria announced a tv has better pictures of that after mouse and a large explosion and will apple that destroyed a hotel on thursday. the posts that claimed responsibility
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for the attack saying the hotel is being used by president bashar al assad courses. what are shouts also rained down on the capital damascus on wednesday but despite the spike in violence the government in syria says is pressing ahead with presidential election scheduled for two thirds the detroit school situation call of the most the three candidates from an originally spoken to three all relate to bow to contest in the country's first presidential elections in more than sixty years well me and that the elections will be developed controversy. i just honestly the opposition inside syria is boycotting the election because they think no one stands a chance against the current president well opposition of broccoli think about toppling the government using force the west refuses elections in this result. it is not an easy goal to be helped the syrians are acutely aware of the significant obstacles that lie ahead. on
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the strategic opinion about the election is mixed photographed by saying he should not hold the elections let us prey on them and they hope has a new bombshell i last saw it on to the war is over. the list by the fighting the actions should take place even if the result is obvious. he presents on wayne's then you have more momentum to solve crisis. she will go to the elections is rich with problems. the pope is inescapable. according to the country's constitution it wasn't on the streets of gullible people with old olive take part in the presidential elections due to be held on the third of june one else will take a lot until the major problems but to be facing elections like alot but enough recognition for the results of the ball of dough about the fact that serious missing the child's insecurities too rich. the ceremony is trying to step up its operations across the country hoping to improve the government's something to convince more people to go down to carpet
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the full series the country at war with itself nevertheless the tsunamis as it is confident it can turn by crippling persians and secure the ground to ensure that the fleet. electro process. this artist lee corporation apple according to schedule and were to ever seen posted before this appeal both the crucible will spare no effort to ensure that the markers postpone member of serene people to make their toys for him. ha site. but on the outskirts of damascus. sharing government headquarters karaoke songs very different. it is thought to require schools to become a promoter of destruction for residents. chances are these goals will not be silent when voters go to cold. in a few weeks ago the ballots in an election can be called many things. toss well normal oliver and to ctv news damascus. the law the leader of the syrian opposition coalition is in washington
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trying to persuade the obama administration to increase the supply of weapons that us president barack obama has been conscious about supplying heavy weaponry to the rebels that the year that it may end up in the arms of militants who oppose western interests. chris bond and daniel ranges explain what's at stake. good job of head of the syrian opposition coalition has made it clear that he wants the us to supplied weaponry capable of shooting down syrian confident at croft the forces loyal to president bashar al assad had been dropping barrel on some rebel strongholds that lady gain the upper hand in the calm lake south of retaking control of the former rebel sixty pounds during jobless first visit to washington secretary of state joe perry made it his continued support we had. difficult moments in this journey. but we are committed to do our part to support moderate opposition in its efforts to provide a
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legitimate voice to the aspirations and hopes of the syrian people. the obama administration which has just upgraded to diplomatic status of the syrian opposition coalition has convicted two hundred ninety seven me and follow the same only food assistance and recently has become providing some anti tank weapons. this is being seen as the way to demonstrate to us that the suspected rebels are capable of maintaining control of the prawns weaponry. the us position on the conflict is not to mention in a minute a solution but to encourage president assad to stand down and agree to a political settlement. sipping an itch i know we do have another gauge of how the chinese economy is doing this friday for their tenants national bureau of statistics released a prose consumer and producer price numbers for the month at a price the consumer price index actually fell below the key two percent level coming at one point eight percent year on year and
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missing consensus forecast cpi the march was at two point four percent. the last time grad in consumer prices was as low as eighteen months ago in october twenty twelve increases in food prices clothing and france for the major drivers of cpi growth for the pro bailout the downward price pressures for producers continue to persist. ppi falling for a staggering twenty six months in a row as overcapacity still plaguing the country's factories. ppi for a pro down two percent year on year fall in march dropped two point three percent. there is a concrete plan now for ten as anticipated ipo group wants a new write a letter e document has been signed by the chairman of china's top security regulator can see as rc he tells of the plan may be revealed as early as this week. the market is still awaiting deep south reform plans drafted by the security association of china including new roles on share sales placements and
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information disclosures. when people into them saying that centennial and underwriters including scandal burton's ever pride to security have received write a letter e instructions to buy the ipo related documents to the csr see. the other his maritime experts in the us have been trying to find out why hundreds of sick and starving sea lions are once again washing up along the california coast. there were similar scenes at the end of twenty twelve when she was member of sea lions title on the same coastline many fisherman in the area say a sardine populations are poly dramatically and some experts are now claiming a link with a sea lion dance you can email me. reports from san pedro california there's not much different from the uniform and the warriors forward to this he pretty much just like the farmer gets his from the ground rose we get the real one with the sea off the east east ocean waters off the pacific west coast at
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the united states from southern california to alaska art offering much in the way of one particular species sardines. the price of everything. one of the press and here's one of the perth hills gone up in the nl the fish really have. so the fourth generation farmer by marriage. corbin hansen its commercial fishing operation has gone from vessels. well exciting catch on in your nightly basis in the mid two thousand to nearly no sardines at all today forcing many fisherman out of business for us to go look around for nine of this particular boat. maybe cus two thousand dollars the deal though. you know you do that for his knife and it becomes kai counterproductive. from everything that we're experiencing the sardine population is in. the pretty dramatic decline and soul of collapse of a small fishery can lead to catastrophic effects of a larger fish would add a can be just as devastating for the fishermen
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that they stand as a team sport the fish that eat them parties that may be to believe when you crack open a can of me is that the little guys play such a big part in a much larger ecosystem to start there the good work of forage fish the fish are fed upon by friday of predators such as whales and on california sea lions and seals and dolphins corpus is the receivers very importantly as well. scripps institute of oceanography professor david tackling says it's possible that the recent rash of sea lion dance off the coast of california are connected to the disappearance of this important food source starting thrives on the water's warm in the ocean here our waters becoming cooler and i think that's what the cause has bought his fisherman is less concerned about costs and that many it's about falling seven cents. so perhaps it. it makes more business to focus on catching the bits that
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aren't there. well our bread and butter with its been a pin the bills lately and it's weird how they are the ones that are. add to the accc tv set it to a point. you've ever picked up an apple at your local store and wonder why it looks so perfect chances are it's because of a chemical times i don't mean the use to prevent blemishes and decay. but of any near the uni and has raised alarm bells around the world about this chemical that you're now says he can lead to cancer cctv step barton has this report from brussels. shea european apples being treated the fold i had to knock it. one chemical known in this mix is the fennel of mine also known as dp i would use to be widely used here and still is in many countries like the united states produces its own sweet tooth. the new school in cost of reach and unprecedented comes walking up to go for the last weeks poll. happens
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to belong to mock. tva has beamed and the eu since two thousand and twelve. and as of this year the restriction also applies to him. it's not really the product itself but that the can break down and to recall that smith couple nights and one of them a couple nights but tonight was our minds and that sums up my son down off of having concealed in a proper taste he made his own tpa have launched legal counsel challenging year. but the band has also cost a spotlight on us apples effectively now for the different in europe the us environmental protection agency the last analyze the chemical back in nineteen ninety eight. what it was classified as not likely to be costly janet but under the epa is and guidelines that judgment is no provision for reviews it's not just american knows that
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i'm being forced to change into this market access. you all people of all its own profiles and comes off the top of it every year the balkan peoples and tongues come from the us and the buckeyes coming from tianjin keen on. the kind you see an exciting just a way that gpa is harmful or not it is time for other countries to your tributes. it has been there for it it's a long time ago and it was seen as a safe product. but you must know that nowadays we have new insights and scientific the scientific domain so this means that the book the new ten years ago. it's not the same to you today. while the pesticide debate rages the only good when it is the european apple industry which now has the local market increasingly to itself jackpot and cctv process this broadcast. thanks from
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us think about the eye. is
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steve. huhu wing will woo says. takes out a share snakes or so. the sound stops brought out a name that did not say. rather it's about her son's intelligence agency isi is


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