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lou. i took history gets worse as the day. because breaking news or what. so much. a dorset to play stocks. but what. while gordon you. during a jump
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the gun in it entails this country thousands of russian troops mom pm investment victory in thailand a nice hot tea a gas or more to cabinets anti government protest is holding a mass panic to try and oust the government. on his spectacular fall from grace continues. my tummy and i missed a single bets could be a stop between the seventh of april. i did laugh. many thanks to mr what she calls the bank at the stats have to rush our wet summer of eighty thousand trees have been reading three most days grant's class in ceremonies to mark the sixty ninth anniversary of victory in his second goal for the undead army said it reached last
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nine million soldiers in the context of russia as an investment it has taken out in front of the presence of russian treats but was that if the striking given the current context in ukraine. this is a celebration and all my new victoria school sense of patriotism and met up with an old topic huge feeling of listening to retreat to our modern times. and how it looks like it is defending the interests of the year it is. as a never before did a little while to get them that meant regional nate said the heading into crawling yet to attend the religious ceremonies that that would be a highly symbolic as his first trip there since crime you've made it to become pawns of russia report to duty and the oboe that comes more from me. they are a few things well on the way. thousands of people have taken to the streets of service could pull string thinking to the grandparents
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to fourth in the second world war was these yet. the death of a struggle with unafraid to the directive sixty nine years since the sixteenth street. i'm not suggesting a second cold war. well as the enron was that it was to erase the things i knew was what was launched by the admiral of the black sea made he thinks i need any rate the new dell said the russian national anthem was performed. he proceeded to bite the march of this holidays and also the strength to fourth in the second world war not thousands of people i celebrate and have an effect of maps of the grandparents the fourth noble truth that envelope. i think that while the rest of the continuing to continue to not directed at the bank and russian prison time at the gym is expected to come yet. at some point during anthony was the movie i might display on the abduction and four says lights front and also the day as well. top with a complex concept of wildlife display
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meanwhile saying is joyce katrina a referendum will progress to stop producing east in ukraine's state they will go ahead and home sites on independence that is something that's despite got me a treat in calling for the referendums to be better spent. small town's hospital in the offices of the republicans on the extra electoral commission preparations for sunday's parts are in full swing suzuka rides on the voting cards again fills out despite the cool from the russian president's post but in the independence of its separate as they failed to win all three counts mitchell the referendum is credible we want school to my sister or friend amanda take the oldest open and that it's not white. a nephew and his chances on the other preparations. this picture in accordance with rules. across the east of the pro russian strongholds on pushing ahead with efforts as well. you've installed the honest than you'd expect american towns cities everything is in place
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he was the only thing we are ready for many events we have been preparing for a long time i can even show you that the papers. usage of the announcement comes after a sharp change of ten from the kremlin on thursday prostitutes in the final between kiev and the crew russian fight and defeat these times for sunday's referendum to be to date. yet unlike the west sings it will not recognize the fritz and say speaks his words are meaningless. the referendum in itself is nothing but political fraud. and it's only been used as propaganda by russian. pike's appeal has no value. he's just trying to play the good man. because for a postponement of the referendums but at the same time he supports a septic system these mortgages into the hips as the economy but it's preparing for his teammate the twenty fifth presidential election since so called anti terror and manage the operations against the separatists counties across the east. i mean and
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revenues now meltdown moments of bonn and south downs president on the rebel leader said to me. in essence the face to face talks. this friday for the fast time seems to be a coffee break out some adult residents of the p a house just a ride in i miss about the ethiopian capital formation talks with rebel leader a kid my shop meanwhile the un report has accused the insides of crimes against humanity can be difficult. we came face to face for the first time since violence erupted in december sigh saddam's presidents of the kia and the police your requests are set to meet in ethiopia. forsyth saddam's foreign minister the meat in most of the peace process in motion and it would speed up the pros this is the world who don't frequent addition because what would happen is that fight you must go. this meeting most of the season trial. no but too bad it should be set for
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humanitarian assistance the test attack comes a day after the un released a damning reports accusing both sides of crimes against humanity. he described the execution of civilians including children often targeted for helping reduce gang raped in protest retaliation is based on accounts from oprah's nine hundred witnesses. the report also warned that the risk of severe famine and genocide to end the conflict erupted in december taking after syracuse to start attempting to. the army since divided along ethnic lines with members of tears didn't have tried placing the stars near tried to sound their cousins if not tens of thousands killed. both sides are accused of widespread dampening massacre is an eco two hundred and fifty civilians hiding in a mosque were said to be sponsored by rep olson the time of entry the rebels said they were simply called to the cross fire. some say that to the world's new destination broker way from sudan in two
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thousand and eleven after decades of cornflakes nigeria's president goodluck jonathan said the kidnapping of more than two hundred cals marks a turning point in the fight against local hyrum be a president. speaking of nigeria case the world economic forum africa and the us the uk from sunshine are sending support to the nigerian government the media works for the abducted house. meanwhile both the harem continue to wreak havoc in an older they will play for a raid on a town just behind the border with generating units as many as three hundred people soldiers thinking. in chile stew protests as have hit the streets again for the first time since president of the show must say was re elected as president. thousands of students marched through the streets of the capital santiago on thursday in an election campaign bus and i have promised freedom us get a case in the end of state
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subsidies going to college as an upset none of this tmz been campaigning for better education of the pasta thing when venezuelan soldiers have arrested two hundred and forty three people in protest comes back and detaining the youth and student activists and if we don't race on protest as he hit the streets campaign and as president because of some of your ad you go whatever works a gas bills the streets of cairo. this is pretty striking piece as contestants he's still on the bbc pundits and activists around to get an update. the comedy dinner and to everything that's happening here. fortis it looks like tuna steaks the streets they can. i know they weren't doing anything wrong. they were sleeping when the police came. it's unacceptable that they do this on our constitution states you can protest peacefully. ina surprise me
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will protest camps in the capital. more than two hundred and ten saying we need to brown the activist bombing to be intoxicated concept that ngc ten in east aceh end of the spoils of the pre dawn me. no one on this planet who can think that we're told is equipments and the large quantities of alcohol can scenes of the sites that all this the way saying belongs the peaceful and defends this protest is in between frankie said the protest as they use in the camps as a base to manufacture petrol bombs and carry out what they call attacks insane and i planned to camp and protests and riots and spaghetti maybe if to demonstrate this to students the soaring price he can feed so that is beyond president nikolas beginning to step down. dozens of people have died in nasty comments about three thousand
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i think this is being invested in the last three months. despite its nice if i tear gas and war began and anti government protests as the crowd of hundreds trying to force that way. us government compounds. this comes off like all three of crime is that you got to watch. things i miss the news now from time to talk with our correspondent that the snow will be smelled. it sounds like a chaotic situation adding the anti capital again this friday our events playing out now indeed she is still a very fluid not use a k a situation in the several thousand anti government protests is that on the streets surrounded by them and post it on tv stations it but the money that belonged to an indian government is instead have their own political propaganda from another sign that the situation seems to be a stand up for the moment
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when one of the stations of the week but this is going to be said of the police fired tear gas and was economists that some of it but just wanna get into a security complex run by the government to very fluid was just down the street fifteen thousand security forces are still pushing like a little some protesters outside parliament the government house and the just about forty five minutes ago the leaders of the tests that were loud and said in the parliament building where a senate session is in place and then having a hand evident amongst the senate today it seems the court has already appointed the prime minister to the cafe's so what exactly do they protest is one now over the mummy say the least so they say they want a caretaker administration to beat in what he wants what they say to him appointed illustrations to rule the country they want to get rid of anything connected to taxation what he was the prime minister. the one bowl of cereal election since two thousand and one. i didn't sell all parties in
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line to him but he says that with the promise of it was awesomely mistake. they say his corrupt crony kept listening one another they can do it. however the opposite to say the least just because they called women in the in the elections to make the elections the us we looking at is taking place the pasta a few months and a smidgen of the last days we see these pieces come together with the cool mornings senate appointing someone from old clothes do justice to his bed and is looking more more like some form of judicial and a second tour of the oldest cat to come has been taken out perhaps a democracy spend some time in taiwan. i will be following in the situation i happily as it evolves and then on to the smell will set you can call us. our continuing his fall from grace entities for the prime minister said you know that if tiny house begun his community service sentences punishment for being convicted of tax fraud that is going the hospital with a team of volunteer in an old people's time for alzheimer's
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patients. as for the house has them all. it's through these gates to the company will now pass once a week dennis kennedy will help patients without find this here are the separate the media hostess on the outskirts of men and that not everyone is impressed icm the technical still there. convicted last year for tax fraud and expelled from parliament is ten months community service that has certainly raised a few smiles across the city. but the seventy seven year old former prime minister is putting on a brave face but i must say that deep down this sentence gives me pleasure because throughout her career had made it my mission to help those in need yet well that is true it is after rolling full company married to a forthcoming european elections. but he's back from standing for six years. among his election pledges three veterinary care for animals and by the elderly. another sign perhaps of his new caring
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side. that's over now sticking to one's going to the honey on business. it's a decent guy attacks and the keyboardist and on business unit the corporate espionage and what it means that companies in an era where information can be stolen within the blink of an eye. if this all sounds like a bustling capital of welcome to visit since eu i'm off to school. this time attending our attention to iceland. in two thousand eight it was a small country with a big problem the icelandic banking system to implode it's threatening to bring down the one trick on me sixty s and an imf funded bailout makes up the icelandic economy is
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rising. growth is expected to be well above the european average this year for instance box christ and is also facing a conundrum the council controls that were put in place at the height of the cross is still bad. more about their future i spoke to tyson's finance minister p r d benedict's and he was in paris for a meeting of the organization for cooperation and development has stopped asking him about the outlook for the icelandic economy. garnett benedict center to present id his son how strong would you say that the icelandic economy is now where is the icelandic economy is in the recovery seoul the first of all we turned in the budget for this year's quiz on the overall mood of sharpness. which is the first time in six years so we're back on track with the finances. the growth locks last year was driven by a pretty robust exports are both on fisheries some photos
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and text of the growing of the tourism sector has been growing in double digit numbers yet only a mile. so we're back to school for girls. we bought was the budgets. read the municipalities of paint on death and so was the states. so of the alcove is pretty good but the moments you want of a capsule controls one of a can of the tropes that something has been off to talk about loss of speculation when they will be choked. yes i think beck of the controls have so far served the purpose of being the pylons to the exchange rates and inflation has come down to above two percent. we of the new area high employment rates on to us is said to troll says that but it is true about to pick up the controls of a kind of strong the shadow of the economy of the moments this is the nest is perhaps on the runway because the tv address the three be more careful when they see the couple controls that even though you wanted some acceptance to the couple
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controls new investments of not subject to the couple posts to this awareness that that's what it was and on but fully understand the trumpeter city some of the cup and controls austin that was still in the process of winding up the old form and fax. we also had soon. a lot of investment into our local currency from foreigners before the trust that it was being referred to as the old silk road the problem. i'm sarah and when we see that the altos of mommy's one is the estates of the full inbox. i welcome i ended up. we took some time to order too much pressure on the exchange rates we have to be careful about the two boys saying is that if you join the council controls the day that though the pronoun could take a real hit an additional heads off to process. yes because of the southeast of the full inbox that the states of the fallen twenty one has to remember that said the facts about the backs of the accumulated
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before the crisis with over ten times of gdp. so skinny the assets the practice of asking to get our exes tool auto loader. the adjustable on the halftime of gdp. i did this to crawl up costs within those estates more or less created the problems all share the issue is to create this emotion where the that this kind of access to the foreign assets within their states. we can teach find this a motion for that i escaped the cost to fix bugs the moment it is kind of um they're still come up with the idea because it's not the state that's a post of money it's that a it's not the icelandic states. it's the states of the phone box will come a time when she thinks that when looking out when it comes to the council controls are we talking about another few months are we talking about another few years how long will they be in place. i don't think there is of legal and economic
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dollar in the tactical reason for the proper controls who has to be there for a few more years. some are tough just the expectations of the extra cases of from the cut the sides can be adjusted to two of the forecast we have in our hands with you got school balance of payments going for months. the full press that the south debacle by some has put together. then we come rest assured bouts. lifting of controls and allowing access to all those assets come take place with the child then you tend to notice what he called me on this could be resolved in a matter of months but sir unfortunately the most expectations of most aligned yes i'm possibly the us and the government needs to be legitimate bit more information on on the backgrounds we be when you watch the background information we will yours most importantly it is the full price for balance of
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payments. they're going to their fullest this time next year with the control still be intense. i hope most of these last years ago the master that we receive into today with what i believe that the proper controls will be listed to dance steps. but i would like to take serious steps before the stomachs of others can talk to the top of my son's adopting another current scene or that sit together on this prob offences the euro even with the zoom and focus all of the canadian dollar how hard you know about speculation that discussion story there's this person in me did after the fall of the currency and to make them mine the box and discuss who mostly live reenactment didn't spend much less discussion. apart from the discussion on the possibility of joining the appeal new and it's my practice against the current top garment this most awesome forced him off the joining. i think we have our hands full
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at the moment it's the balance even in the balancing of the economy i think that our own currency has helped saving a lot of jobs and i slumped at the house also says it to him a lot of the export this i'm the girl so much about the moment is exquisite and indices extended post about the trade creating a cozy to me don't form obligations. so all of the best things about having your own currency have come through. during this crisis with the increased from less than honest extremely fast. why does the albany or pm me your masons of the starving so the euro and the canadian dollar discussion we can put that to one side the moment us would say i don't think it's realistic for time being let's talk a bit a bit more about the european gp you made reference to the potential bid to join the european union i say potential because of the body of suspended to accession talks to suspend of those talks in twenty thirteen. all you can cool off those books altogether or are still
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keeping the door opened it to two at the european membership voted on the line well it's been good mates care by their current garment that we will not serve the octave into talks with european union on excess amount that has been a proposal before parliament's two hundred at the talks it's a distilled into his undies don't even know there's some majestic images in parliament for ending the talks. it's not a priority the policy thing for the components to achieve that to the ongoing drought and we'd like to work on more important issues. such as dealing with household that's bound to be all and creating more jobs on to more viewings of the standard economy. i mean this is this is basically where we stand with with regards to the uvu onion and we would like so are built on the simple to enter the markets pounds i believe that the other possibilities for us and going forwards
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the based on bob agreement on its having its own. i'm off to chile to use the word falls within that stomped and bilateral agreements with all the areas of the worlds. so no eu membership bid in the next two years the benefits of the script it in my mind's eye when it opened a debate about the dust on the crown and the strength of the icelandic on a humid reference to the fourth of the bed the icelandic on that and and and fed the week a sunny corner has helped fuel exports its boosted exports making you'll goods cheaper of the patrol would you call build an entire economy though one on the weak current sea looking ahead i will use strengthen the us on the corner. i mean it's always win when prices to him you know not that simple it's always a laugh that off either. taking the crisis through the employment market sold through jobs or school the currency under the bus and we have children by having our own privacy. so we
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have to see devaluation. take today's yes export its industries the dead girl strong but they needed to grow stronger because we need it so we need to to create market currency to keep updating stomp as a muslim but they don't that's not all of us have had that congress is fixed so that just meant to happen so with employment market dumbass where you see high and unemployment rates in so many european countries on both the moment it's difficult to seize saw how some of them come. stopped rolling. today we are going to say. looking back teaching the arts and dealt with a crisis in india in the rolex monitoring the rocks fashion is this something that you would've changed. looking back to your experience over the past six seasons so for instance aunts and chose to tibet as banks go buy some didn't open up its banks on the carton for instance refers to what i think there's no easy way around to
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the deep crisis. yeah i mean it's always gonna be difficult to deal with. i think the few most important big decisions were taken early on. i'm too tired to eat weeds made the right choices. i'm possibly because we didn't have a true choice undo the box was simply cost too big to be saved. it's too big to say yes absolutely nuts. so the boys ready important to realize that from the outset. i'm the boss like a fundamental decision that's because this had to take a big hits. some said about matt's eyes and could not add to the financial markets again in the next ten years but that i indulge in all the markets thus the opening band above tony is bound to a video of it the markets have never been more favorable tool. i stomped us the us today says the crisis. in part because we of the large open finances. we balance the budget. it's gonna be plus the gong for the swell
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time. the forecast for growth is to be optimistic. i think that we made the last of the two systems. but possibly be. it was also difficult does it sometimes is for politics to take some of the right decisions. timely enough. but to the donuts but solo walk down to the bazaar i think without the goodness of the moments part of any bennett is somewhat in a drugged up but thank you very much and it was higgins has hit full swing to. that was the icelandic finance minister p r ne benedict's and not thanks to him for speaking to is that its bank debt with i would interrupt this edition of the business and to you don't forget you can see at this interview and many others on our website boston a four door compact watching once again and to stay with us. or. i knew
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when will we. it is. i think
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each. the chad and. though
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we went . grits are treating the situation in afghanistan which the topics of discussion between the sultan is a bias in the us deputy secretary general state william burns the meeting was held today in aqua dots during the talks also the main directions of bilateral relations including trade economic and investment spears were discussed in addition they discussed the key issues of cars expense forthcoming session to the wto. to boot. so who knows the tune. yes we support the strengthening of the greek american


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