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tv   Journal  PBS  October 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> live from dw studios in berlin, this is world news. >> good to have you with us. >> a state of emergency after protesters torch the country's parliament. >> trying to kill a far right rabbi. >> and heavily armed kurdish forces join the fight against islamic states. the president has declared a
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state of emergency. >> after protest over his plan to extend 27 years in office turned violent. demonstrators set the parliament building on fire. and they took state tv off the air. at least three people were shot dead by security forces. the countries opposition leader has called on him to resign. >> thomas has been covering the political unrest these past few months. we are joined in neighboring ivory coast. tell us more about the protest. what going on right now? >> people have been protesting for the last weekend it is essentially the president who has been in power for 27 years, he describes himself as a peacemaker of the region.
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and what he was seeking to do today was to change the constitution to allow himself to run for another term in the election next year. and this is what road testers have been spilling out into the spree in defiance for. it escalated further today because of the vote that has since been dropped because of the opposition to it. >> the opposition is obvious by the pictures. the president has declared a state of emergency and even tweeted appealing for calm and peace on the streets. is that going to be enough to diffuse this situation? >> it's really difficult. he has not seen this sort of road test in his 27 year reign. and what we also saw today was a large chunk of the army putting down their weapons to join the protesters.
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one was arrested at the airport as he was allegedly leaving the country so it shows there are certain security forces that are not with the president anymore. a large swell of opposition, difficult to see how he can remain in power. >> what will happen next? if he is removed from office, do we know who is ready to replace him? >> there is talk of a former general who will form a transitional government. and for the elections to be called as soon as possible if he does stand down. we are expecting him to speak on national television in about an hour. i think people are very keen to see their president and see what he's going to say after today's events. >> thank you for reporting on
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the situation, a volatile situation. thank you very much. >> in other news, israel has reopened access to the temple and compound but tensions are still running high in jerusalem. >> the compound was closed after police shot and killed a palestinian suspected of shooting a far right jewish activist. >> you survive the attack on wednesday. we have more on it in this report. >> of the father and brother were taken in for questioning. the police accused the palestinian man of shooting him. he was killed by israeli forces thursday morning. others accused the police of abuse. >> they beat him and fired at him. they threw water over him. they threw the water tank at him.
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they broke glass on him. >> police say they only shot him after he opened fire, that he was an islamist militant that had already spent years in prison. >> the israeli police carried out operations in different neighborhoods searching for the suspect who carried out the attempted assassination. >> security has been stepped up since the shootings. tensions already high are rising further. a spokesman for the islamist thomas movement praised the attack. the position that they should have more access to the compound. ppolice on thursday, while tryig to break into the closed area. the attempt failed but israel reopened the site to visitors. >> nato says russia has sent more than two dozen fighter jets and bombers toward its airspace.
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>> the maneuvers over the baltic included several long-range bombers and refueling aircraft. >> they dispatched several planes in what it is calling unusual lack unity. >> the norwegian army released pictures of what nato says is the biggest of the russian military exercises. this bomber seen here refueling midair is one of four that also says it intercepted over the norwegian sea. nato allies say they have tracked more than two dozen warplanes since tuesday. nato says the planes were over the baltic and the north sea. the atlantic ocean and over the black sea. during a trip to greece, the secretary-general said the military alliance remains vigilant and ready to respond. >> we are not in a cold war situation but the behavior of
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russia has undermined a lot of trust and has rolled back very much what we have tried to create as a more cooperative and constructive relationship between russia and nato ever since the end of the cold war. >> the german chancellor played down the incidents after meeting with her slovenian counterpart. >> in the last few months, there has been a lot of activity in terms of russian army exercises. but i'm not acutely worried that a bigger violation of airspace is taking place. >> while the warplanes did not violate nato's airspace, moscow's maneuvers are seen as unusual at a time when tensions between russia and the west are high. >> unusual activity from russia's air force, but what can nato do about it?
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here is our brussels correspondent. >> it is legal, frequent, and unsettling. it is international airspace of the russians are authorized to do that. it's frequent and you can tell that by the fact that nato fighter jets had to scramble 100 times to escort russian jets. three times as much as last year. greatly increased, it shows it is politically motivated. it is supposed to keep up the pressure and show that russia can still flex its muscles. what nato is trying to do is beef up their military presence with the eastern allies such as poland and the baltic states. the new nato general secretary said at the beginning of the week on tuesday that already we had increased the presence of nato fighter jets within the boundaries of eastern allies. it might be a reason why the russians themselves feel
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provoked. they also said they want to build a strong nato and keep the dialogue open with the russians and make sure that they have a good relationship. that's not happening at the moment because as everybody knows, it takes two to tango. >> a first group of iraqi kurdish peshmerga fighters has entered the syrian town of kobani to push out the islamic state. >> this battle has been going on for more than 40 days. >> it is a challenging mission. >> the iraqi fighters gathered on a compound on the turkish side of the border.
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to start correlating with the local kurdish fighters, they have been defending for bonnie for six weeks. -- kobani for six weeks. they've managed to hold onto much of the city. that is thanks in large part to airstrikes by the united states. the american military said it has launched 10 airstrikes against targets since wednesday. also joining the local fighters are several hundred members of the free syrian army, a loose coalition of rebel groups in the syrian civil war. at a press conference istanbul -- what they really needed was more sophisticated weaponry, not ground troops. on thursday morning, state fighters try to take control of the court or between kobani and the turkish-syrian border.
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the route into the city remains clear for now. >> i wanted to die a martyr, the words of 20-year-old -- the first german to be tried for fighting for the islamic state. >> he addressed the court himself. he says he returned from syria because he did not want to fight other muslims. he could face up to 10 years in jail. he is one of 400 german citizens believed to have gone to fight with extremists in syria and iraq. >> the government has outlawed active support for the group including recruiting fighters and social media propaganda, these activities are continuing in secret, often in small towns in germany. >> one man and a plan to join and changed his mind talk to our reporters about how this is
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being done. >> people in the germantown can't believe that young man from here join the islamic state. >> i really have no idea why. >> i think they take drugs. most come from bad families and had problems when they were younger. >> some of them have now returned. are you scared? >> i am scared for my family. >> we meet a man that says he traveled to syria. they were held that a kebab stand and he did not give his real name. >> they always talk about the nice things. they never mention jihad or war but then they have one-on-one meetings which brought off -- brought up wars and assad regime. videos of children that had been killed or pregnant women whose stomachs had been cut open and their babies taken out.
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and at some point, you begin to think they are right. >> they closed in 2005, leading to a rise in unemployment. officials working on integration say it fuels frustration and radicalism among young man. they even set up an office next door to the town's integration camps. >> we didn't take it seriously because we thought they were normal young people that wanted to hang out with each other. no one suspected they wanted to travel to syria. >> they have left but the town will be wrestling with radicalism for some time. >> it's important to teach young people to give them prospects for the future. it's important to do something with them that we do regularly.
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the more openly we speak about islamic radicalism, the more informed the parents will be. i'm sure that means this danger will disappear in the future. >> our contact has stayed in touch with the jihadist in syria. what do they say yeah co >> many people here want to leave and that they don't believe in it anymore. with the islamic state is practicing is not islam. that's why people want to come back. the problem is those are able to leave try to save themselves but i'm sure they're on the islamic states hit list. >> he can't understand how he came so close to suffering a similar fate. >> a german trucker gets jail time for shooting at other drivers. >> and an anniversary. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, everyone. a man known as the autobahn sniper has been jailed for more than 10 years. >> the driver shot a gun from his cab at least 700 times as he drove along the nation's famous network of highways. >> he usually aimed for new cars loaded on truck's but one of his bullets went astray and hit a woman in the throat. >> the court said he knew he was putting lives in danger. in 2009, the shooter nearly killed a woman who was hit in the throat while on an autobahn near -- police hunted the man across the country and it took years for them to find him. prosecutors say they are happy with the outcome.
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>> i am satisfied the shooting has come to an end and also satisfy that we could convince the court that investigators found the correct perpetrator. i see it as a validation of everyone's work that the court wallowed applications in fact and law. >> during the 13 days of hearings, the man repeatedly stressed that he didn't mean to hurt anyone. >> i think he regrets his actions. i think that this is genuine regret, not least with regard to the punishment he's anticipating, but also the danger. i still think he had no serious idea of what he was doing. >> the sniper was convicted of four counts of attempted murder. his defense team is considering an appeal to the federal court. they don't think there's any legal basis for the mass collection of vehicle data which led to his arrest.
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>> a call for caution in west africa, health authorities say that people must still be aware and careful because of the ebola epidemic. >> it follows an announcement from the world health organization that cases in liberia may be on the decline. it octaves without borders say those estimates however may not be reliable. >> more than a week since nigeria was declared free of the deadly disease. >> we sent our correspondent to find out how survivors and their families are doing. >> dennis lives alone now. his fiancee died of ebola two months ago. dennis cared for her as best he could while she was ill. he called the virus from her but somehow, he survived. the couple were planning to get married next month.
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she was a nurse and contracted ebola at work. her patient denied having had contact with confirmed cases so at first she treated him without wearing protective gear. he later turned out to have the disease. when she died, she was three months pregnant. >> she lost the baby in the process. i was the one that cared for her and made sure she was fine in this house. i try to clean her up when she was vomiting. i tried to clean her blood. and after making one or two calls, i was hired to come to the hospital. >> she was in intensive care but didn't make it.
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dennis lost his job because he was ill. he now wants to set up an organization to offer support for ebola patients. >> there's nothing is good as somebody that tells them if i can survive, you can survive. let them not think that ebola is a death sentence. >> he has to serve it -- persuade people in his neighborhood that he has recovered and they don't have to be scared of catching the virus from him. >> volkswagen has posted forecast beating results for the third quarter, earnings week by 16% think to record european and chinese sales of the porsche and audi brands. >> good news for the carmaker but the bad news is that it is again recalling hundreds of thousands of cars in china.
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because of the suspension defect. we have all the market reaction from frankfurt. >> the problems in china have been ignored so far and the stock market, investors have been happy about the surprisingly good numbers coming from volkswagen. volkswagen shares have been the leading shares on the dax. the dax went down in early trading sharply but then recovered later on. good numbers coming from the u.s. have been responsible for that. the economy rose by 3.5% in the last quarter. this has been far better than expected. >> a closer look at the market numbers now. it is the euro stoxx 50 also got a little bit of a bomb but not as much as in new york or the
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dow jones industrial average settled the day more than 1% higher. the euro dollar however is trending lower. one euro gets you $1.26. >> tim cook, the ceo of apple has come out as gay. he made the announcement in an essay published in the bloomberg businessweek magazine. he has long been a supporter of gay rights but has never publicly acknowledged his own sexuality. >> he wrote that he hopes his public position may make things easier for other gays and lesbians, the most prominent is nick -- business executive to come out of the closet. to an archaeologists dream, they have been uncovered at the ancient city right outside of mexico city. >> it is the result of a year-long exploration of this site and more important fines
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might be on the way. workers have discovered three more chambers that can hold treasures and keys to the past. >> it has been sealed for nearly 2000 years. the entrance to the underworld. researchers have been looking for more than a decade for this tunnel that takes the 103 meters into the darkness. experts say the 50,000 artifacts they found so far indicate this was the tomb of kings and queens. their civilization is thought to have been more powerful than the aztecs that came afterwards. the ancient designers even created an artificial sky buried deep under the earth. littering stones into the tunnel roof or intended to look like the stars.
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this whole construction was an exceptional accomplishment and an effort of large-scale proportions was done to re-create the conditions of how they imagined the underworld. the find shines on the history of the culture. the lighting researchers and that it is an f, this is one of the biggest cities in the world. >> to sports, more midweek soccer action wednesday night in the german cup. >> the league leaders face off against hamburg. >> it put on a good show in search of an upset but it wasn't nearly enough. they needed just six minutes to prove its dominance. they scored easily.
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>> and long-range bullet that he could not handle. 10 minutes into the second half, the match was as good as over. the hamburg defender deflected the shot and again he didn't have a chance. still, hamburg cap that it scoring a late consolation goal. 3-1 the final score as they continue their winning ways. >> october 30 marks for decades since a remarkable moment in sports to waste. the legendary heavyweight title bout between george foreman and muhammad ali in zaire. >> a boxing match that combined the outlandish personality of ali and the heat of equatorial africa and the presence of an infamous dictator hosting.
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>> george foreman and muhammad ali put on a spectacular show until ali knocked out his opponent in the eighth round. the weeks leading up to the bout were almost as exciting. the two american giants competed for the publics's favor outside the ring. on the day, the rivalry was palpable. >> george foreman was the first one to arrive. he was a bit timid because there weren't many people there yet but he tried to get the public going and came in and greeted them. >> the more boisterous ali drove the spectators wild. >> soon after, muhammad ali arrived. as soon as he appeared, the public started chanting, ali, kill him. >> the fight was accompanied by huge fanfare including a concert featuring african-american music
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stars. the dictator exploited the global attention on his country. for propaganda purposes to boost his regime. the scene of the dual is no longer in use but 40 years on, those who were there will never forget the rumble in the jungle. >> that will wrap up this edition of the journal. >> take you for watching. we will see you next time.
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