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tv   Journal  PBS  January 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> a warm welcome to the journal on dw. >> i am brian thomas. our top>> for bodies have been recovered from the air asia flight as efforts to locate the light recorder intensify. >> the tax a meter is let out of prison during the day on the work-release program.
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we begin this program in italy which has seen the second dramatic rescue of the disabled ghost ship after the coast guard barry -- boarded the freighter. >> the european union says it will look for ways to fight this new tactic being used to smuggle -- smuggle migrants into the eu. >> a dangerous check it -- rescue operation by night on choppy seas. the italian coast guard sent a team by helicopter to take control. no one was steering the ship and the engines were shut off. it was adrift in the waters between greece and southern italy. it is registered in sierra leone. it is headed to port in italy towed eye and international rescue team. the ship reportedly set sail from turkey earlier in the week. it is the second set -- such craft found abandoned by its
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crew this week. the first was another cargo ship, the blue sky m discovered in roughly the same area thursday. nearly 1000 migrants were on board. it was on autopilot and heading for italy's rocky coast. officials struggled to take control. it was brought to the italian port of gallipoli. hundreds of thousands of people have tried the risky crossing in recent years. thousands of died on the way. these latest incidents seem to indicate a new tactic in which human smugglers abandoned ships packed with migrants waiting -- leaving their fate in the hands of the coast guard. >> this is the beginning of a new trend. for more we are joined by our correspondent. what is the impact?
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>> they are all right. there are 40 or 50 women and children on board. there is no medical emergency as far as we are aware. it is probable that they will be greeted by police when they arrive to determine whether the crew really did abandon them to their fate or whether they are simply hiding among the passengers as happened in the case a couple of days ago. >> this is the second case of abandoning refugee ships. this is just the beginning of this trend we can call it. what are you hearing? >> yes. the new thing here is the very large ships that have been used by the traffickers. it seems that syrian ripen -- migrants can afford to pay more and they insist on safer vessels.
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for example, the boats leaving africa in the winter. i cannot -- these big ships have been coming regardless of heavy seas. that is the emergency calls claiming that the passengers have been abandoned. >> we would like to ask about another story we are tracking. what about the fire ravaged fairy, the norman atlantic? it has arrived in italy. what will police be looking for? >> the first thing they were looking for was the vessel's black box which apparently has been found and the investigating magistrate has taken possession of it. subsequently they will be looking for any further bodies trapped on the vessel. but they may be delayed because there are still fires smoldering
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on the ship. it is -- it may well not be completely safe for a day or two. >> we are following the stories from room. thank you for now. >> we have the director of european affairs at an advocacy group lobbying for the rights of refugees and migrants across europe. what do we know about the people who are putting these migrants on ships and pointing them in the direction of the italian sure? >> these are international operating gangs companies, they are let's say the winner of the fortress europe concert -- concept. they love this policy because they get more profits, they can offer new ways to create the service access to europe. >> this is clearly a desperate situation for the refugees on
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board these vessels. what does europe need to do on the season the face of this challenge? >> there are two challenges. we need a european rescue operation service. at the moment we have nothing. and the -- this is not a rescue operation. we need rescue at sea and the second most important is we need legal and safe ways to europe. we have to resettle refugees from syria and iraq from the neighboring region. through an open order and not this deterrence policy which creates new services for smuggling gangs. >> if there were a fix toward refugees were with that be? >> lester was more than 3400
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people died. we do not want this mask graves any longer. therefore we need an open and new refugee policy. this is what we need at the moment. we do not -- they go on with this deterrence policy talking about the smuggling but they do not offer these desperate people who have no chance in the region anymore a safe and legal way to europe. this is the cruel story of the european refugee policy. >> thanks for joining us. >> the u.n. says 2014 saw the highest civilian death toll in iraq in years. the majority of the deaths were blamed on islamic state jihadists. >> the iraqi army said it is making progress against islamic
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state. they have retaken the key industrial complex. the victory cut off -- cuts off supply routes to the city of falluja. more than 100 islamic state militants were killed in the two-day battle. >> the recovery operation for indonesia -- air is -- air asia 8501 is ongoing. >> mainly indonesians were board that flight. >> worshipers prayed for the relatives of victims at this mosque in server via -- suri baya. >> we hope allah can help their families be strong and get through the pain. >> more bodies have been recovered from the java sea.
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along with several pieces of wreckage from the plane but no survivors have been found. and there is still no sign of the jet fuselage which is believed to contain the bodies of dozens more passengers. search teams continue to look for traces of the plane from the air and they are using sonar. >> we are searching for parts of the plane. we will conduct the search with our ships and with the assistance of others using an underwater search system. >> several countries have provided more equipment to help locate the fuselage including metal detectors. they are also listening for signals from the planes black boxes. they found it could help the question of why the plane fell from the sky. >> in australia, firefighters in the state of victoria say they face a horrific night as they battled to contain a fast-moving grass fire. >> the blaze grew 10 times its
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size in the space of just three hours. the county fire authority is telling some residents it is now too late to leave their properties and they should shelter indoors. temperatures have soared past 40 degrees celsius and there are 170 fires raging in victoria. >> tens of thousands of people displaced of the conflict in eastern ukraine are living in temporary shelters in harsh winter conditions. the u.n. and red cross have been providing emergency aid especially in places which are dangerously close to the conflict zone. our correspondent, katie logan is in the region and sent us this report. >> winter has said in an donetsk. temperatures drop to around -10 celsius. many of those caught up in the ongoing conflict cannot provide for themselves in these freezing conditions. they depend on aid. they wait patiently in the snow
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for basic provisions. much of the local population is vulnerable. pensions and wages in rebel held areas are unpaid and banking services suspended. those most in need. >> pensioners age 65 and older single mothers families with children, pregnant women, and orphans. the food packs are products that are needed. >> most people want more than food. >> medical supplies. >> bringing aid into the city can be a problem. convoys are often blocked. this has been at times converse you. they say they are helping people in need on both sides and it
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will be increasing its efforts as the winter conditions worsen. shelter is a problem. numerous comes up been damaged by fighting. there was no time for her as before winter set in. many residents are exposed to the elements. >> our windows and doors were blown in by the shelling. no one helps us. we do what we can with our own needs create closing the gaps and covering them up with cellophane and so on. that is how we live. >> others are living in underground shelters. without proper heating, running water, or cooking facilities. even young children live in these conditions. >> first i was staying at my grandmothers but then our house was destroyed so we have been here for five months now. we tried to leave but we have no money. >> until the conflict is resolved, this will be home for many.
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>> to spain now where police in the spanish capital of madrid have evacuated the main railway station after a bomb scare earlier friday. >> a man had threatened to blow himself on a commuter train. the police said he was not carrying explosives. the station was a scene of a bombing by islamists in 2000 four that killed nearly 200 people. train service resumed in the afternoon. >> here in germany, the nation was shocked when soccer -- the soccer legend was convicted for tax evasion by a munich court last year. he has been behind bars serving his thread after sentence but now the hardest part is over. he is being allowed out during the day on work release. >> he has had to wait seven months for this moment. germany's most favorite -- famous prisoner is permitted to work outside jail. he has to go back behind cars it -- bars at night.
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>> it is wonderful. i am happy he is being allowed out. i thought his sentence was far too long. >> i think it is good. he is an old man and he should be able to enjoy little freedom. >> it is true that he has done a lot for the poor but this is a slap in the face for many people who have to get by on very little money. >> last march he was sentenced to prison for tax evasion amounting to 28.5 million euros. prisoners need steady jobs to be allowed out on work release. buyer and ed -- announced it would hire. >> we are going to a short break. where at scotland. the independence movement there might have lost the vote last year but it thinks it's sill has a chance. >> young folks seem to think
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they might get another chance. do not go away. >> they with us. -- stay with us.
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>> what does the new year have in store for scotland? scotland at cap -- captured the attention of the world and the parliament in london. >> it is -- that was a lot of promises from officials and now scotland is set to getting new powers. >> the group fell short but since then it has been gaining momentum. >> the scottish capital has seen 20 of battles and in 2014, the fight was to stay part of the u.k. or be independent. the night before the referendum, the city center was hitting with people who were dancing in the
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streets. independence seemed hard beat away. the no campaign one. the scotland it divided country as people had fared? we are meeting again with one of the campaigners for independence. his goals are for social equality and a social welfare system. he was sure that the campaign for independence had the upper hand right up until the vote. how are you feeling about having lost the referendum? >> i do not think we lost. there was a percentage of scottish people who voted for years. that was once -- 1.6 million people, 45% of the voting total. i think the word lost certainly is not the case. >> peter stephenson supported the opposite camp in favor of remaining part of the united kingdom. he believed an independent scotland would have been
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economically unstable. something he wanted to prevent. he is not satisfied. >> 45% of the scottish people voted for independence that is a huge percentage. perfectly clear that the settled will of the scottish people is not to basically stay as we are. we need to move forward. >> the government in london has promised to give more authority to lawmakers. more control of taxes and social policy. but will that be enough? we invited the activists for a showdown over the rooftops of the city. surprisingly, he switched positions. now he favors more independence. >> the momentum is for increasing powers moving towards independence. it is in scotland's interest to use the pound. that constrains what scotland can do.
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everything also be handed over to scotland in the next 10 to 15 years. >> or you have one. >> in essence that is right. numerically no. but morally, yes. >> both men agreed that the referendum has not divided scotland in the way many once feared. >> we are energized. i am hugely energized. >> people who are disconnected or disinterested in politics are taking a vested interest. >> they continue to campaign for the scottish nationalists. since the referendum, their numbers have tripled. a share sign that the fight is far from over.
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>> while voter said no to independence scots are looking forward to taking control of their affairs. we spoke to a parliamentarian who represents the constituency in england. >> a time of change in the u.k. with consequences not only for scotland that the whole of the country. i am here in front of the palace of westminster. together, with a born scotsman that representing an english constituency. >> i am british. i'm a passionate supporter of the united kingdom and the maintenance of the union. i know that scottish independence has been decisively rejected. the job now is to make sure that the evolution strengthens the union. >> still a lot of momentum towards independence.
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is the u.k., the historical union in the past? >> they have to admit they lost the referendum and lost it decisively. what is now is how we extend the powers of the scottish parliament within the u.k. i support that. it is right that the scottish parliament should have more tax powers so it is accountable for raising the money spent on public services. that is good for democracy. there is an english element to address and to make sure that english mps determined domestic matters. >> speaking to a member of the british parliament there. the head of the european central bank, mario draghi has issued an interesting statement. he has criticized eu leaders for doing not enough to host growth. >> he said bureaucracy, high taxes, and a lack of reform are
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holding europe back. inflation remains below the target. he said the bank would intervene to prevent the eurozone from slipping into deflation, hinting that the ecb might start got -- eyeing government bonds. provocative comments from the ecb head do not fall on deaf ears in the markets. more from the front for its stock exchange. >> mario draghi talked and the euro reacted. it dropped down to a foreign half year low. when the president of the european central bank thomas's low interest rates for some time and he makes clear that the ecb intends to start buying sovereign debt then it is clear that the market will be swamped by a lot of money at record low interest rates, and that makes the currency less attractive in comparison to investments in the u.s. dollar. normally, such a move, such a promise by mario draghi would
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help equities. not this first day of trading the dax dropped. that need not be the trend for 2015. at the moment, most people are expecting the dax to be higher at the end of this year than right now. >> here come the market numbers starting in bradford with the dax. i .4 of 1%. stocks fell but by half as much closing at 3139. the dow jones in new york where they are trading is down. .25 of 1%. and 12010. after a difficult 2014, i suppose the best we can hope for is cautious optimism. >> time for closer look at the german economic look for the year ahead. >> this is where the money is.
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they facilitate many players of the german bank industry. they're supposed to lend to companies to generate economic growth. in 2014, it could have been better. that's take a look around the city and check out the driving economic factors of the new year. >> the european central bank will set the tone in 2015. it's huge amount of stimulus have yet to spark substantial growth but the ecb will be injecting even more cash, hoping that banks will pass it on his loans for businesses. yet, the question remains, does more money equal fewer problems? quite doubtful that this equation will work seven years after the the start of the euro crisis. politicians need to component necessary reforms while the european central bank in 2015 will more than ever feel the
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limits of its anti-crisis policies. much of the money that was intended for lending by the ecb ended up here at the stock exchange. we saw new record highs in 2014 until the mood changed. now there are concerns about deflation in europe, a sluggish global economy, and several political crises around the world, including renewed turmoil in greece. >> the last weeks of toy 14 is a taste of what is to come. swings at the stock market will be more frequent and more drastic area the most valuable asset for invest -- investors strong nerves. what does all this mean for german companies? their most important customers are in -- located in neighboring european countries where the overall economic situation remains difficult. synthetic material is running through these pipes.
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the chemicals industry a sensitive regarding eonomic swings which are looming in 2015 as well. still, many german companies will have a much better year than people expect right now. the reason? germany's strong exports. with the euro weakened, they're more affordable. germany's biggest overseas trading partner, the u.s., seems to be back on growth track. exports to russia are bound to decline further. that will take a toll on some companies but altogether deliveries to rush only make 3% of german exports. and the germans themselves, so far have not felt much of a euro crisis, and economic crisis, or a russia crisis. 43 million germans are employed. >> rising salaries and declining costs for energy also mean more cash on people's pockets. germans will have an average of
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570 euros more and spending money this year. >> and very low interest rates mean that it does not make much sense to put money in the bank so many germans will do their part to bolster the economy and continue to shop. that is my look into the crystal ball until 2015. analysts and bankers will be watching and if things turn out different, somebody in the high rises behind me will still make some money. >> and that is plenty of good news. >> that is all we have on the journal. keep watching.
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>> this week on moyers & company -- >> a black child that comes into this world is, you know, because of policy, because of policies of his country over many years, is going to arrive with injuries that a white child just isn't. and until we start deciding, you know, first of all, until we accept that we just aren't having a conversation. >> announcer: funding is provided by -- anne gumowitz, encouraging the renewal of democracy. carnegie corporation of new york, supporting innovations in education, democratic engagement, and the advancement of international peace and security at
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