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tv   Journal  PBS  January 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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welcome to the journal. 19 you -- continue live from dw in berlin. peace talks scheduled with berlin on wednesday. we will have analysis. but the leader of rebels in yemen says his militia had no intention of attacking the compound in the capital. >> and it doesn't signal -- china's economic growth rate hits lowest level in nearly 25 years. ♪ >> ukraine has accused russian forces of attacking it soldiers fighting separatist in the
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country's east as a government offensive continues around donetsk and the international airport. those claims are likely to add to the attention surrounding high-stakes talks in berlin on wednesday and the -- on wednesday, aimed at stemming if i can violence. >> we will be going to care for the latest. first, this report. >> destruction on the outskirts of donetsk following the most intense fighting in weeks. just a few kilometers away life the airport, or what is left of it. ukrainian authorities say that pro-russian separatists began firing on the airport from this neighborhood and they had little choice but to return fire. local residents are caught in the middle. >> after the first explosion, we all fell to the floor. after a minute or two, with there was another explosion and
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we heard people screaming. when we went outside, we heard crying and sobbing at one of our neighbors was injured. my neighbors has been was dead. we called an ambulance. -- my neighbors husband was dead. we called an ambulance. >> units are battling for control of the airport. the ukrainian government [no audio] >> our guys have advanced pretty far forward, to three kilometers from the airport toward the city. we are pushing the separatists out. >> the separatists appear to be readjusting their strategy. >> schelling has intensified along the entire line of contact. the enemy is starting to amass a large amount of weapons and troops around the city.
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>> the government in kiev has started to mobilize a further 50,000 soldiers in hospitals all across ukraine -- and in hospitals all across ukraine like here in odessa, people are standing in line to donate blood. >> let's bring in our correspondent frank wolfman in kiev. is kiev offering any evidence for this claim? russia says it is "nonsense." >> the government and the military in kiev does not, however one can as the question why and how the rebels were able to from their site intensify this fight. in the scale that we have seen and observed in last days, especially since yesterday but -- and not only in the airports of doughnuts, but in the -- in donetsk, but in the airport.
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how were they able to do it without help from elsewhere? >> what about the ukraine's call up of reservists? we understand they will be getting just three weeks of training. >> we were able to talk with some of the residents here in kiev. -- reservists here in kiev. i got the impression that the fear is rising and i think many of these young men are more and more aware that this war is not going to stop very soon. >> frank hoffman with the latest from kiev as the government there calls of tens of thousands of new reservists. thanks so much. earlier, the foreign minister here in germany described the resurgence of fighting as a threatening situation. he has invited his french, russian, and ukrainian of
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course counterparts to kick off a peace process. let's talk with our correspondent. simon, we saw a meeting that was similar last week. what is supposed to come out of this one? >> he would think that the immediate objective would be to obtain some kind of cease-fire on the ground in eastern ukraine. but to the foreign ministers statement released saying that this meeting is being held at the specific request of the russian and ukrainian foreign ministers. it goes on to say that the purpose is to prevent further escalation of military conflict, and also the political tension between kiev and moscow, and it says, to achieve that end, any effort is worth making. >> germany has been a very long backer of the government in kiev. poroshenko was here just a few weeks ago. is it seen as an honest broker in this conflict? format of these talks with france and germany and
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russia and ukraine, it's such attic keeps the international players out of this. germany has been seen -- it keeps international players out of this. germany has been seen as more sympathetic to the russians. france is relying on the european union. they're looking for the backing of the eu. >> as those talks get ready to kick off, we will see what happens. u.n. secretary general get -- ban ki-moon is calling for restoring of stability. >> this happens after a top military commander warned that a coup was underway. >> but the rebels said they had
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no intention of attacking the president or his residence. first, this report. >> the presidential palace has been sealed off. shia hootie rebels have stormed the building and storm the president's resident, a separate building. they say it is not a coup. a books and said they just wanted to pressure the sunni dominated government ahead of a revision of the constitution. the un security council met in new york to discuss what was happening. [no audio] >> exercise maximum restraint and take the nexus area that -- steps to restore full authority -- the necessary that to restore full authority in the government. >> the government is said to grant more rights to she is after a national down the -- a
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national dialogue and a full year's worth of struggle. al qaeda have reportedly killed five soldiers in the eastern hatcheries mountains -- the eastern mountains recently. the president is to be safe in his residence is an ally of western powers, keen to keep yemen on his side in the fight against al qaeda. the rebels had to factor control over the capital since september. despite a cease-fire, they kicked off a new offensive against government troops on monday. houses were destroyed, seemingly to just -- to create a base from which to attack the president's residence and compound. >> a military commander was warning of an attempted coup. we are getting a different message from rebel leaders. what is happening? >> this has been a really common strategy for the hootie's since
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they moved into the capital in late september saying one thing and acting in another way. i would definitely say that today was more of a coup than yesterday. and yesterday was pretty close to a coming. i mean, today they took over the presidential palace and they are not showing the president's home , so it is hard to call it something than -- other than a coup. >> a fluid situation there. al qaeda in the caribbean peninsula claimed rick -- in the arabian peninsula claimed responsibility for the attacks in paris. what is necessary to keep that group at bay? >> again, the group moved in, in late september and effectively took control of the capital and
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continued to expand elsewhere around the country. the al qaeda backlash has been unprecedented. this accord within the group -- disaccord within a group is unlike anything i've seen in my three years here and even before 2009. thousands of hootie cap been killed -- have been killed, executed by the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. if they are left alone to deal with al qaeda problem it may sell big problems. you keep returning of the line. >> here in germany some 200 police have carried out sweeping anti-terror raids in berlin and elsewhere. greg no arrests were made come up -- >> no arrests were made, but it was linked to two suspects operations of an
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islamist cell last week. >> they were in the same berlin mosque and the two suspects. >> the rate took place in the early morning. a special task force combed through 13 apartments in berlin and elsewhere in germany. the police arrested two suspected islamist militants on friday. they are looking for potential accomplices. >> our main goal is to secure further evidence. our search was successful. we have confiscated computers and mobile phones. they will have to be evaluated. we will have to wait for the results of those evaluations. >> one of the men arrested on friday is believed to have canvassed supporters for islamic state in this mosque in central berlin. it is also suspected that the department -- the departure of fighters bound for syria is organized from here. investigators do not believe the group had plans to attack targets in germany.
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since the paris murders, german security agents have stepped up attempt to rein in local jihadists. experts believe in berlin alone as many as 300 islamist militants may happen means and willingness to commit of terrorism in germany or abroad. >> staying in germany, a court in munich has heard new testimony in a trial of a series of racially motivated attacks against immigrants. a right-wing group is accused of carrying out the bombings. >> a witness to the stand today. the court, they were protests i relatives and supporters as well. [no audio] in june, 2004 near a hair salon in cologne will stop the explosion -- in cologne. the explosion targeted a large turkish area. our correspondent spoke to one
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of the victims who finally allowed to testify in court. >> with me now is alexander hoffman, one of the lawyers representing victims of the attack. mr. hoffman, why are we seeing these demonstrations today? is this a sign that there is little faith in the trial actually going on? >> in fact, the situation between the bombing in 2004 and the moment when it was clear this bomb was set up by nazis, the seven years has really been set up by the critics and many people living there do not believe everything has been done to find the real killers behind the bombing. quite how hopeful are you that the questions will be answered in these proceedings? -- >> how hopeful are you that
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these questions will be answered in these proceedings? >> many of the questions will not be answered, but we have the chance to come near to it, the chance to find some answers that will in the future lead us further. if we don't get some of the answers in this trial, the thing will be finished. at least we have the first steps. >> thank you for talking to us. >> islamic state militants are threatening to behead two japanese hostages. they want the country to stop supporting military action against is japan's as it has only given. money for militant -- four humanitarian aid. correct islamic state is demanding the japanese government pay ransom of 200 u.s. dollars within 72 hours. the group has already killed three american and two british hostages after their governments refuse to pay a ransom. >> we are going to a short break.
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do stay with us. the president's state of the union address is ahead.
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>> welcome back. u.s. president barack obama is set to deliver his annual state of the union address in washington evening with the focus expected to be on steps to help out the beleaguered american middle class. >> stocks have been searching on wall street, but that has not made much of a difference on main street. as our richard walker explained the president is pushing a message of hope, but it is proving a tough sell for some americans. >> barack obama as a spring in his step. it is a new year and he has and touring the country with a new message about america's economy. >> america is resurgent israel. don't let anybody tell you otherwise. >> america is resurgent israel. >> america's resurgence israel. -- is real.
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>> does that mean that everything is rosy in the economy at the net exactly because the -- in the economy? not exactly, because the gap between rich and poor is growing wider. obama says he will do something about that with a host of plans in his state of the union address. chief among them is a big push in education in places like this. >> obama want to make two years tuition at community college free for everyone. community colleges like this one in washington offer everything from science to i.t., and they serve as a stepping stone to university. by the way, they are already much more affordable than other degree courses. we asked is why they study here. >> because it's a lot cheaper. i save a lot of money here. >> [no audio] plan to make tuition free? >> not many kids have money to
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go to a four-year institution. >> college managers are also enthusiastic. they feel their time has come. >> at that it was very exciting news. i think it is time that -- it's just ready. i sincerely hope it comes to fruition. >> definitely keen on obama's plan here, but the bigger question is what they will make of it out there on capitol hill. there are big doubts that the republican-controlled congress will stop the necessary cash. we have come to capitol hill's most prominent conservative think tank to see what they make of the idf. >> if anybody is going to have his day million dollar price tag on it, the low estimate of what this will cost is facing in a field battle. you need to allow markets to work in education by limiting federal subsidies. you allow universities to increase tuition and that ultimately leads to higher
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tuition for students. >> down here, of course, they see things differently. as barack obama prepares to tell america is resurgence israel -- is real, a reminder of some things they can agree on, it is hard to get things done, no matter what you want twitching. >> -- no matter what you want to achieve. >> signs of growing pains. the chinese government said gdp came in at the slowest days at nearly 25 years last year. >> some analysts say this marks the end of china's oprah -- high-growth boom. chinese leaders are downplaying any concerns, saying it is -- it's economics performance is the new normal. >> the chinese government normally makes modest forecasts about the economy. that is why the economic growth rate always exceeds the
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predicted rate. the last year, the chinese economy actually did grow more slowly than expected. it is a shock to some, but to others, not at all unsettling. >> first of all, the 7.4% was achieved by overcoming all of the difficulties. secondly this 7.4% represents normal growth. thirdly, it is not low compared to the growth rate of other countries. >> last year, china's economy grew at its lowest pace since 1990. during that year, economic sanctions were imposed on the country after a brutally oppressed pro-democracy protests. then the world's second-largest economy has seen growth rate up to 14%. analysts believe china's slowdown could affect the german and european economies. dampening growth expectations and profit margin. >> plunging oil prices, the conflict in ukraine we've been
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talking about with the threat of deflation. >> those are just some of the things that the top of the agenda in the world economic forum in. gross -- in davos this week. >> security is always tight when world leaders meet in davos. that it has been steped up. in the run-up to the world economic forum growing political tensions have been identified as the greatest risk to the economy. some participants are fairly optimistic about global growth. partly because of the recovery in the u.s.. >> but also, we expect the eurozone to grow a little faster this year compared to last year. more monetary stimulus from the european central bank, and very importantly, the euro is a lot weaker now, so expert -- exports will be stronger. >> but the bright spots are few
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and far between, considering the conflict taking place globally. there is a sense the world order is shifting and many feel the meeting in davos has become crucial. >> although participants complain about the long travel to doorposts -- davos for the high-priced price of tell, they always come back. this year, participation at the world economic forum is even breaking a record. quite a court in the rain has ascended the human rights activists -- activist to six months in jail for a tweet. >> it is the latest in a series of free beach -- free speech crackdowns by bahrain ruling family. [no audio] his arrest sparked protest earlier this month.
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>> for more on the story, we are happy to be joined in video by the vice president of the baja rain center for human rights. -- the bahrain center for human rights. we were talking about human rights in bahrain. you mentioned it was worse than saudi arabia. and what about this activist? could he still be acquitted for this sweet? -- this sweet? -- tweet? >> we have more than 3000 prisoners of countries just because of their expressions of freedom and the joining in democracy. and now special reports of torture are not allowed because there are crimes committed against the people who are fighting for justice in my country. >> what about nabil?
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greg he was just given six months for a treat -- >> he was just given six months for a twe et against the government. it shows how the government is targeting all of those who are expressing their views most peacefully. but there have been car -- calls to drop the charges -- >> there have been calls to drop the charges. but his bahrain under any pressure really? >> no. the defense of human rights in some countries is great. but when it comes to bahrain and saudi arabia, there is no pressure. in one case, there are great human rights abuses by the monarchies. there is hypocrisy. like vice president -- >> vice
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president of the bahrain center for human rights, thank you very much. europe needs to look abroad for fresh ideas on how to solve its problems. just look back on innovation in -- chancellor merkel has been hosting a form on innovation. >> how can countries be more innovative? how can make use of technology -- how can they use technology to improve people's lives? more than 130 countries came to the door slammed for home in berlin -- the deutschland forum in berlin to hash out answers. expectation is to have really good -- >> my expectation is to have really good at dialogue and good questions from the chancellor and to be able to share my experience from kenya and from africa.
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let's -- >> roger is one of the delegates presenting to -- presenting his ideas. >> we europeans have to realize we are not the only center of the world. we are still driven by this very 19th, 20th entry mindset that dates back to when you're a dominant role due to industry. -- played a more dominant role due to industry. >> companies like this are the future. this project from kenya organizes eyewitness information on google maps to help rescue relief workers and to coordinate their efforts. >> they are working on a dialogue to bring their efforts.
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collect the most impressive thing about debate was the chancellor's openness and her commitment to strengthening some of the work germany has been doing. >> participants agree that social and technological innovation can only be achieved if countries accept the digital age as opportunity. >> that is all for now. you can find out more about these and other stories at our website >> thanks for watching. stay with us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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