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tv   Journal  PBS  February 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> this is your world news. >> welcome. >> the leaders of germany and france arrive in moscow, pushing for peace in the ukraine. >> the u.s. secretary of state is in germany attending the international security conference in munich. >> and a film called taxi shots eagerly and iran captivates our correspondence at the berlin film festival.
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in russia, england merkel and francois hollande have arrived in moscow. >> the two leaders were in kiev with their proposals and john kerry was also in the ukrainian capital for talks. they say focus should be on a diplomatic solution. >> it shows how high the stakes have become in the ukraine can't act. it is far from certain they will succeed. she sought to play down expectations and ruled out negotiating when it came to ukraine's territory but said it would bring german and european values to the table.
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>> it's about peace in europe, maintaining it, and national self-determination which is part of that european order. as german chancellor, i will never concern myself with territorial westerns over the head of another country. in this case, ukraine. that is out of the question. >> they were laying the groundwork in kyiv. he expressed his support for reviving the peace deal. he emphasize it must be in accordance with ukraine's territorial integrity. in eastern ukraine, fighting has intensified. civilians are paying the price. they say things will only get worse if the talks fail.
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before the entire situation gets completely out of control. the kremlin appears to be ready to negotiate that it's unclear is a deal can be struck. there could be a further escalation of the conflict. >> on the story for us in moscow. we are hearing that moscow, the kremlin, it is ready to negotiate. what is your impression? >> the expectations are very low.
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completing -- reporting on this meeting, it may last for hours. there could be no breakthrough. it means vladimir putin, the kremlin chief will call the shots in these talks. >> we know what president aland and merkel want. they wanted into this fight. >> nobody really knows what the end game really is. but we have some indications of what he might try to reach. the most conflicting issue would be which frontlines they are really talking about.
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>> thank you very much. united nations says since the conflict in eastern ukraine began, almost 5.5 thousand people have been killed. >> a temporary cease-fire were fighting has been raging for weeks. they have agreed to applause to allow the evacuation of civilians trapped by the heavy shelling. >> people in the town are desperate to flee. fighting here has been particularly intense. >> it is just as bad.
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>> the two sides agreed to a cease-fire. it would allow civilians to be bust out through humanitarian core doors. >> signs that residents can decide themselves where they want to go to. >> a widespread mobilization as has the ukrainian army. he has repeatedly called for the international community. these were posted online by the separatist. they have made significant games -- gains.
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that is reducing the likelihood of a cease-fire and increasing the risk of further escalation. the chances of peace seem ever more remote. >> it is a unique came -- theme at the conference today. >> the german defense minister there it is right there. our chief political correspondent is at the conference. as people wait for the result, ukraine clearly the main topic of discussion where you are. >> it dominated the proceedings.
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seeing it would be like pouring oil on a fire. i asked after her speech to tell us more about her objections. >> they potentially have an unlimited amount of weapons delivered by russia. it will enter in us by all -- spiral of escalation. it can be a military confrontation between the rest -- between the west and russia. >> that we would be thwarting
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the very principle. they do not solve their conflicts with military means. we answer with economic sanctions that do work. >> they expect a loss of gdp of 3%. >> they prove ineffective.
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>> close friends and partners. >> is confirmed with the united states. >> what happens between the u.s. and germany if there is no positive news from moscow? >> i don't think we have anything quite as fiery as 2003 wendy foreign minister said to donald rumsfeld, the secretary of defense for the u.s., i'm sorry, but instantly not convinced in terms of going to war in iraq.
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there could be a great deal of discussion. although john kerry, the secretary of state still needs a diplomatic solution. he is inclined to supply arms. we will be hearing from u.s. vice president joe biden and secretary of state cary who will also be here. i think there will also be a lot of backstage discussions. providing a place for diplomats to meet a hind the scenes and certainly, we could see a last-ditch effort. what to do on that very thorny issue.
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>> what about the other big crisis in the room that we have not talked about? >> it is on the agenda as well. we have discussions with such drastic titles as, is this the end of the middle east as we know it? and are we losing the war on terror? lively discussions on those very critical issues as well. >> thank you very much. the islamic state claims a coalition air raid has killed an american hostage in syria. >> planes attacked buildings and claimed the female hostage was buried under the rubble.
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state department can't yet confirm reports but officials say the white house is deeply in talks. >> they did not immediately comment on that message from the islamic state but they said the fighter jets bombed training camps and ammunition reserves. >> is the first time the country has publicized airstrikes. they show the captured pilot being burned alive. >> a sense of outrage and sorrow among the demonstrators. the crowds your support the hard line taken by king abdullah. and a tough stance against terrorists.
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>> i came to say this is the war of every jordanian and every arab against the gang that represents neither islam or our culture. these terrorists have no place in our society. i trust our government will do that. >> in retaliation, jordan launched waves of strikes in syria and in iraq for the first time. officials say the city was also targeted and is the unofficial capital of the islamic state. several fighter jets were involved in strikes. a video released by the military shows soldiers saying that our pilots will defeat you. >> the new anti-bailout.
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the government continues a european roadshow.
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>> the finance ministers will hold the next ordinary meeting in brussels this week. to discuss greece's wish to negotiate bailout conditions. >> they were in every european capital trying to convince creditors to ease up a bit. credit worthiness almost a junk status over concerns of the cache buffers. >> he came home with little to show. what the prime minister will do next is an open queststn. the greek government is sticking to its demand's. >> i believe the current government is handling things
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very well. greece like 180 other countries can survive on its own and handle issues it elf. that is where we are heading. >> things are hard. creditors are not going to give us anything for free. since we borrowed the money, we have to pay it back. how are we going to do that? >> the offer was made yesterday by the german counterpart. and he has put aside his group for forgiveness. >> it can table its proposals regarding the great crisis to them.
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the one thing we are asking for is the opportunity to discuss it. >> time is running out. the european central bank will no longer accept government wants. the euro zone finance ministers will gather for a special meeting and the government will have an opportunity to present its plans. >> the german engineering giant says it is planning to cut 7800 jobs almost half of them right here in germany. >> they are part of the restructuring with automation and digitalization. they reported a fall and profit. they are intended to save one billion euros. ask -- >> we have more from the frankfurt stock exchange.
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>> they are going to cut 7800 jobs. news like this has the potential to boost demand for shares. the restructuring would cost a lot of money. and the job cuts would lead to fierce opposition. the mood was rather low again on the exchange of this trading day . >> it closed down more than 25%. ending the day also down. across the atlantic, the dow is in negative territory. and the euro losing ground again
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and against the dollar. >> the european commission says it expects prices in the eurozone to fall 0.1% this year. >> it is a decrease in overall prices and could lead to a decrease in spending and investment. consumers and companies might hold back. the commission expects economic growth to pick up next year and prices to start rising again. if you want to see a film, you don't have to dig to deeply because the average ticket rice is 10 to 15 euros. not too bad for an international film festival. i guess you have been watching some films already?
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>> is for so far. it is getting started. averaging three to four day. it's not good for the body. we had our first real day of film watching. today we've had a number of them. one in particular i think could be considered a contender it's an iranian film by a director who is officially not allowed to make films. he has been banned from leaving the country so he won't be here to show off his film. he has been getting a lot of support. berlin is coming out in support of this. >> a few devoted fans gather
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outside. >> it is really something extraordinary. every time he makes a new film, we need to thank him for his enthusiasm and his courage. he is an absolute role model for every persecuted artist around the world. >> in his bar the country. but it has not prevented them from making the movie. and what comes as something as a surprise they talk quite openly about their problems and their lives. the camera follows every move from the dashboard. the head wants to continue inviting him until he is able to come to berlin.
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>> i sense that things are changing culturally in iran and we will do all we can do help. >> the film ends on a serious note. one of the clients of been jailed for a petty crime. he will continue his work. >> it is really an amazing piece of work he has done here, managing to make a film out of almost nothing. politically, it's a very important movie and it will help. it is a phenomenal piece of cinema and shows how to artists can manage to get their message across even if governments try to stop them.
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not only should people go out and try to see this movie, but if you are laying a bet, it has a good chance to take the top tries. >> the first contender. and warner herzog sending the queen of the desert in the competition. >> i am a big fan of him and i think i was alone and liking this movie. i don't think it has great chances of winning but it's an interesting film. the story of a real woman who is an explorer at the beginning of the last century. and was responsible for setting the current boundaries in syria and iraq. he is known in telling stories of men fighting against nature.
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this is the first time he's had a woman is essential to gear and the story is unlike most of his films. softer, quite romantic. it has sex scenes in it which he never has. it was a quite touching movie and i was utterly surprised by. usually he leaves you shattered and he leaves you with a warm feeling. i recommend it but i don't think the jury will go for it. >> i can sense you were deeply moved. and you can find out more on our website. you can also follow our correspondence on twitter. the champions league finalists. >> many wonder how it has gone so wrong for a coach and his men.
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they've gotten till the end of the month to turn things around but morale is low. >> the jeers were loud and clear after the latest defeated home. very rarely are players given that kind of reception from their own fans. the coach looked helpless. >> of course i was disappointed but i didn't have the feeling that we had nothing more to give. we have to get the team to deliver the goods. >> management to still backing him and has laid the blame securely on this odd. >> i blame the players, not the coach. i don't know whether they are not trying are only care about money. is sitter shooting they pass it is said of passing, they shoot.
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>> i still believe in him. he's a great trainer but i feel like there's no plan how to improve things. >> he has to retort -- restore his teams shattered self-confidence. >> the second half of the season won't be a walk in the park. >> and what better way than to grab all three points against the fellow stragglers on saturday. >> bye-bye.
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e area stricken by the great earthquake received many relief supplies. food stuffs were particularly welcome by the hungry victims. however, there were some recipients who very uneasy about the supplies of food. >> immediately after the age quake, these are the relief supplies that were delivered with no gas, electricity or water, those that came to the evacuation
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