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tv   Journal  PBS  April 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is your world news. welcome. >> great to have you with us. our headlines at this hour. the day after, baltimore assesses the damage after violence and looting. cracks like we are at were. the sheer scale of death and destruction. despite last-minute pleas for clemency. [captioning performed by the
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] brian: barack obama has condemned the violence and baltimore saying there is no excuse for last night ooting and arson. laila: the city has seen largely peaceful protest today with local and state police out in force. act up by thousands of national guard troops. brian: the baltimore writing is akin to the violence of the 19 70's. laila: 15 policemen were injured. it people hope it will help de-escalate the situation. >> rioters vandalize businesses, pharmacies, and liquor stores.
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>> this is our home. they are destroying the neighborhood. stop the violence, please. >> rioting escalated overnight. protests started out peaceful. people have been complaining of racial discrimination. president barack obama called on police across america to do some soul-searching over how they handle blacks us ex. speaking after a meeting, he also condemned the rioting. obama: that is not a protest. that is not a statement.
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a handful of people taking advantage of a situation to their own purposes and they need to be treated as criminals. >> it seems this woman feels the same way. she has been hailed for the public punishment dished out to a young man presumed to be her son. the video has gone viral online. brian: we are joined now by our correspondent richard walker. president obama says it is time to do some soul-searching. what our community leaders saying right now? what are people saying when so very wrong in baltimore last night? richard: a lot of people are talking about those words from barack obama. it has really been the center of the unrest over the past couple of days. you can see right behind me there is the police line.
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riot police standing there. rather military looking police vehicles trying to keep the peace here. there have been one or two little flashes of violence during the day here. it has been quite a peaceful day. i am joined by devonte a hill -- devonte hill. barack obama saying this is about criminal does that also saying that there needs to be some soul-searching. >> i understand that we need to do some soul-searching. i agree to that. as it relates to these being thugs, i can't say. these are not thugs. these are adults that are angry and fed up by years of oppression. they are acting out inappropriately.
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>> i think is a very widespread view on the streets of baltimore. it's not necessarily a clear-cut picture of good guys and bad guys. brian: very little police response at the drugstore that was burned down last night. there has been criticism that the police did not intervene. what is the police stregy tonit? should tre bmore vlent -- if there is more violence? >> it is really interesting is that you see members of the community coming to clear out. embers of the community coming down and volunteering to take part in that. what you had today is the government coming out and saying i am taking control of this. in his views, it is somewhat
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hesitant. brian: richard walker giving insights. laila: the sheer scale of death and destruction left in the wake of saturday's earthquake. rescue workers fear up to 10,000 people may have died. brian: the official death toll has climb to over 4000 and is expected to rise further. more than one million right now. laila: international aid is starting to trickle in. they remain out of reach for rescue workers. >> all these people have for cover is some umbrellas. these people have been through
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they have been forced to camp out. >> we don't know where to stay. after all the housesollapsed. >> they urgently need basics like food and water. the airport is small and some airplanes had to turn back. locals are trying to escape the capital as well. to see if their houses are still standing. >> that is why everyone's here. >> villagers mountain climbers
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and one dutch national is among them. >> the whole night, you feel the rocks coming down. >> among the chaos was some signs of hope. a woman trapped under rubble. the death toll continues to rise. laila: mary jane did not face a firing squad even though she had been scheduled to die shortly after midnight. brian: other members of the group were executed. >> the prison island where the inmates were killed.
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but her presence could do nothing to save the to save the two australian citizens executed by firing squad. just after midnight local time. the woman in the black sunglasses is the cousin of brazilian convict. >> [indiscernible] >> the execution of the prisoners has caused an outcry. they appear to have been successful for the time being. the mother of two was not among those shot at midnight. speaking shortly before the execution, they explained why his country was so hard on convicts. >> what we are fighting against his serious crime. drugs. we ask that everyone understand this.
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do not postpone or cancel. it proves that indonesia is weak. >> they are standing their ground and hope that it will deter future criminals. brian: it has fired warning shots at a suspected foreign simmering in the gulf of finland. laila: it was spotted again on tuesday morning. officials declined to speculate who it might belong to. over the course of last year, russia has probed air and sea lanes across the baltic and elsewhere. he has had his sentence increased to life in prison. brian: b had been serving 36 years for negligence but prosecutors appeal saying that was too lenient.
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>> prosecutors set appealed -- have appealed. they and the victims families argued for them and should be convicted of murder. >> the appeals court at the captain and crew members were saying that they were not taken. >> it was later found to have a structural defect and have been overloaded. 172 of the 500 people on board were rescued.
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250 were teenagers on a school trip. captain lee being rescued in his underwear. on dry land. they say the captain should be put to death. >> they should've taken into consideration and the evidence obtained. the sentencing did not reflect the clear evidence. >> a number of other crew members have their death sentences reduced today after the judge ruled they were following orders. they will take the case to the supreme court. brian: we will take a short break and we will go to the united states.
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same-sex marriage could be receiving the force of federal law. laila: protesters for and against gathered. a ruling is not expected for months. brian: we will have that and plenty of business news as well. laila: see you in a minute.
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laila: seen as a potentially landmark day for gay rights in america. arguments on whether same-sex marriages should be the law of the land. brian: he told lawyers that for one gay couple involved that you are not seeking to join that institution, you are seeking to change what the institution is. laila: gay marriage is legal in 37 u.s. states plus the capitol
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in washington. our correspondent met up with a marriage official there who could soon be out of a job. >> she has presided over 1500 weddings over the years. same-sex couples from all over america come to her and washington's liberal laws to read their vows. even today, she finds some people disapprove. >> there is concern for what i've been doing to society and/or myself. i've told them, thank you for the concern. i appreciate it. >> at the home of the happy couple. same-sex marriage was only lifted last october.
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>> you have chosen a special time and place. >> at the couple's mines are also on the supreme court. >> that is the most important thing. >> we know they're going to be together for a long time. >> it's hard enough to find someone who's going to accept
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you in the entirety. it is just going to be there. >> their families say the supreme court should let couples likely do the same all across america. >> let it happen. why not? everyone needs to feel love. you can choose who you fall in love with. -- you can't choose who you fall in love with. >> people would disagree with that. but it is a bittersweet thought for her. if same-sex marriage does go nationwide fewer and fewer couples will need to come to washington for her services. this year, she says, it's going to be time to find a new one. brian: a mass migration from africa to europe.
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laila: one of the many prepared to risk their lives. he was fortunate. brian: the risks are life-threatening. >> he has lived in germany for two years now. he's learning the language and has applied for political asylum. >> i had not planned to come to europe. i want to stay in libya as a refugee. >> he was jailed and tortured in chad but managed to escape to libya.
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>> it was terrible on board. a child died. we had to leave it in the water. another person from chad had problems urinating. his bladder burst and he died later in italy. >> it has been a long and arduous journey across italy. unless your life is under threat back home, don't bother coming to europe. >> it's simply not worth it to cross the sea on a refugee boat. it would be better to rebuild your country. the future for africans is there. and not as refugee hostels. >> he is making the best of things and has a job but hopes
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that he can one day go home to chad. brian: and we have special online coverage of this humanitarian crisis unfolding in the mediterranean. go to we will have continuing coverage all this week. laila: he promised greek voters in and to austerity. the prime minister is dampening expectations and may even go back on his word. brian: athens is showing signs that it may be prepared to shift the hard-line position to break the debt stalemate with creditors. especially with germany. he has removed his outspoken finance minister. >> he was elected with a mandate to end austerity. he has announced the possibility
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of exactly what he campaigned against. if not greeks could have another choice to make. >> this mandate limits me. of course, not with elections. i want to be clear about that. >> it would be the choice of accepting austerity and giving up the euro as currency. parliament has been trying to hammer out a comprehensive reform package. it will mean larger contributions from healthy greeks in the form of attacks on net worth. and attacks on luxury goods -- a
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tax on luxury goods. some would be privatized like the port and 14 regional airports. it has ruled out a default on loans. they stress the priority would be to pay government wages and pensions. they plan to raise the price of museum tickets. laila: you can be put on trial for lying to the courts. brian: five former current deutsche bank executives have gone on trial accused of misleading the court in a case of germany's biggest media moguls. >> the co-chief executive has been charged with fraud for
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colluding to deceive judges. it is the culmination of an epic legal battle that began 13 years ago when, in a tv interview they raised doubts about the credit worthiness of media mogul leo kish. he accused him of ruining him. prosecutors allege that they made false statements in court hoping to fend off kish's damage claims. he has denied any wrongdoing, but prosecutors say he was in on it. former chief executives are accused of making false statements and misrepresenting facts in court. the defense team, however, is confident of success. i have a feeling this will be a sort trial. and in the end, we will see acquittals.
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if the bank bosses are found guilty, they can face up to 10 years in jail. 16 hearings are planned and the verdict is not expected until september. no one knows how long this case will take. what is clear is that they have been spending a lot of time in munich for court appearances. bush bonk -- deutsche bank has two look for cuts because it is fighting so many legal battles. laila: a terrible start of the week for deutsche. >> so many top people at the deutsche bank in munich, they say it's a real pr disaster. it gives a really bad picture of germany's leading bank. he would have to resign immediately as co-chief of the deutsche bank.
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it would not have much of an effect on the bank but people say that he is old enough that he will retire anyways. one of the biggest losers in today's market, not least because of the strategy. that is the way to go forward for the deutsche bank. laila: that doesn't it for us for this moment. brian: don't forget to join us at the top of the hour for the next bulletin. we will be following what happening in baltimore as that city confronts a potentially tense night. thanks for joining us.
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host: hello and thanks for joining us on euromaxx today. let's get the show on the road with a look at 3 of our stories coming up how milan gears up for expo 2015. meet finland's contestants for eurovision.
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angola poster show -- a -- and, poster show. a frankfurt museum spotlights a 1950's art movement. milan has always been seen as a mini concrete jungle. that was until now - under the motto, 'feed the planet' a major transformation has been taking place as the italian city prepares to host expo 2015.
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