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tv   Journal  KCSM  May 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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welcome to the journal coming to you live from dw in berlin. i'm brian thomas. then our top stories at this hour. celebrations in the capital with a coup attempt against the president. >> the european commission loads a plan for migrants from africa but the -- but the proposals are dividing members. >> islamist gunmen attacked dozens of people in pakistan. >> a coup attempt has been launched. this follows weeks of unrest
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over his big to be reelected a third term, a violation of the constitution. >> thousands of people celebrated the announcement but the coup is far from clear. the perpetrators will be brought to justice. >> he is reportedly trying to return to burundi. we will go live to our correspondent in just a bit. first this report. >> crowds poured onto the streets to celebrate the two. protests have rocked burundi for weeks since the president announced it would that announced he would seek a third term -- president announced he would seek a third term in office. >> thanks to the people's revolution we won. we won't give up. >> i'm very happy and very thankful right now.
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them at the army general says he has the support of many high-ranking army and police officials. >> the government has been dissolved. permanent secretaries will have minimal duties in their ministries. we demand that all regional commanders of the military regional commissioners, and all governors work hand-in-hand to reinforce security. reporter: the army is out of force but the president's office denies he has been thrown from power. troops still control key institutions, including the presidential palace. brian: the latest let's go to our correspondent. he's following elements from neighboring in -- neighboring
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rwanda. can you fill us in with what is happening in burundi. guest: police are returning now. now the question that needs to be resolved, where president -- where the president actually is. it is unlikely that he arrived there. the airport was closed there. where he is is unclear. there are rumors for each airport in the region he arrived there. he must have landed somewhere by now. brian: do we know exactly who is in control of the armed forces at this point you go -- point
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you go -- at this point? guest: nobody knows who is in charge. it is the biggest question at the end of the day. who is ruling burundi now and which part are loyal. it remains unclear whether it was successful or not. after that thousands celebrated in the streets. at the same time it is unknown how big the group is. the president reacted and says the situation is under control and the coup attempt failed. since then nothing from their
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side. brian: this is a country of civil war and violence. what can we expect in the weeks ahead? guest: i think we have a lot of violence ahead. the minority is very hard to break up against. the government has a youth militia group that is armed and very powerful. we also saw tens of thousands refugees in the last weeks. whether the coup is successful or failed, i think we will see more violence in the next week. brian: yes go johanson reporting from neighboring rwanda. anchor: a lot of people have been fleeing that violence. i'm betting half of those have fled to neighboring rwanda.
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-- brian: half of those fled to neighboring rwanda. the journey to those refugee camps can be just as dangerous as staying at home for so many people. reporter: this is her . she's -- this is her new life. home is this refugee camp in southern rwanda. >> some young militia games told us they would kill us because we didn't belong to the ruling party. we have heard that people have been killed in the capital. there are even rumors that the militias are on their way here to kill us. reporter: many people don't even make it this far. guards are set up close to burundi's border, their aim to
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catch those trying to leave and send them back to villages. gangs will have marched the homes of opposition sympathizers making them targets of attack. the flow of refugees is likely to continue. the u.n. estimates up to 200,000 more people could still arrive . she is not expecting to be able to return home anytime soon. >> i don't know how long i will be here. i will only be able to go once the president withdraws his candidacy for the next election. and the gangs belonging to the governing party need to vanish or face justice. reporter: celine is grateful her family has managed to make it here as well. for now they are together and safe.
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brian: refugees like this in africa were on the agenda in brussels today. the eu commission once member countries to take and 20,000 refugees this year. anchor: the proposed program in medially came under fire from a number of programs. it says the plan fails to distinguish between war refugees like those in syria, and economic refugees. brian: germany has greeted the plans, which it says takes the burden off of countries where most refugees make landfall. reporter: these migrants are risking their lives for a better future, but many never make it. each year thousands drowned its trying to reach europe. -- drown at sea trying to reach europe. officials announced plans to the file that eu's mediterranean -- to the flop the eu's -- to beef
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up the eu's mediterranean mission. demo we are taking measures to combat the cruel and opportunistic people smugglers by disrupting their business model. reporter: the new strategy includes a new plan to redistribute migrants more equally among member states. last year over 70% of asylum requests were handled by just five countries. the european commission wants to introduce quotas. a pilot program would see 20,000 asylum-seekers relocated among the various members aids -- member states. the plans are already meeting resistance. britain says it will not cooperate with any scheme. >> it is clearly not adequate in
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a world where we have early 17 alien refugees. reporter: as the wrangling continues, those who will bear the consequences of their decision -- anchor: dw's garrett has been in brussels. brian: he has caught up with someone who has been pushing for a new policy on refugees for many years now. reporter: with me is the president of the european parliament. what you say this is too ltle too late? >> always something. the advantage is it becomes
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available for everybody, who is blocking our migration problems. some of the member states of the european union have a very particular mission of interest. reporter: the idea to introduce a quota system, doesn't stand a chance of getting past member states? martin: four-seam quality majority in the council. i think the parliament will figure the approach. i hope the member states will take their responsibility" in case of necessity with majority or a quota system. reporter bangs that reporter: what you take -- reporter: what you -- martin: i used to bring people to death in how much cases, i
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don't know. we saw that people were on ships and the disaster and catastrophe. if you can provide the european union with a legal asis to prevent -- the legal asis to prevent -- legal basis. i'm in favor. anchor: that was president of the eu parliament, speaking to their gases in brussels. brian: secretary of state john kerry saying now is a critical time for russia to fulfill its obligations towards a cease-fire. nato secretary went further he condemned moscow's actions in the conflict and called for the country to stop supporting
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separatist. the war in ukraine was the main topic in berlin as well. anchor: merkel renewing her calls for a complete cease-fire, saying we are not yet where we want to the. poroshenko criticized the pro-russian separatists for not sticking to a proposed prisoner swap. israeli president has wrapped up his three-day visit to germany with a trip up north to the city of heal. brian: israel's submarines were built and where he will be laid before the court fetes. -- before navy corvettes. reporter: these germans don't
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discovery could carry cruise missiles. -- german built summaries could carry cruise missiles. germany'nortport city. after visiting the shipyard with statefficials israeli president stressed the importance of germany and israel defense partnership. president: we have been assured understanding and that in the family of nations in which we belong, no nation should and cannot stand alone. can see how you are helping us as well. reporter: german weapon sales are not without controversy. they have been a firm part of the country's cooperations since decorates -- since decades. brian: we're going to a short break, don't go away.
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anchor: in pakistan at least 43 people have died. gunmen oh testament boarded a bus and opened fire. brian: this is the second deadliest attack in pakistan this year. reporter: the streets bear the marks of the extremist attack. more the 50 people were on board this bus when gunmen stopped and boarded the vehicle and started shooting at passengers. a group claimed responsibility for the attack. they are linked to the pakistani taliban and islamic state. the passengers were all members of the israeli community, a minority group that follows an offshoot of shiite islam. the survivors were taken to a hospital and an eyewitness there described the scene after the attack.
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>> they were mostly women and young men. we saw bodies lying on over the place when we got on the bus. reporter: pakistan's prime minister condemned the attack. he called it a deplorable attempt to spread chaos in the country. >> the recent bloodshed is a very sad incident. terrorists have chosen a very peaceful and patriotic community to target in order to achieve their nefarious desires. reporter: the government is coming under pressure to do more to protect minority groups. today's attack was the second against minorities in pakistan this year. 62 people were killed in january when the group carried out an assault on a shiite mosque on the south of the country. brian: to nepal, where another major rescue operation is underway. just a couple of weeks after a massive earth quitclaimed thousands of lives, a second one
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struck on tuesday. dozens of people are dead, that number is expected to rise. anchor: there is a search under way for a u.s. helicopter that was delivering aid. the question as to whether people should have been allowed to buildings that may have been on structurally unsafe after the first quake. reporter: this used to be a popular internet cafe. it is just one of many buildings destroyed in kathmandu. here two lives were lost. one man lives next door to the collapsed structure. >> inside this cafe, three or your children were playing games when suddenly the earthquake struck and these children couldn't really run out. one of the children managed to get out. he said there were more children inside. we managed to get one child but couldn't get the others.
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reporter: people with children still at their sides are the lucky ones. the injured are being treated in makeshift clinics. many of them are children who have been traumatized. most don't have a home to go to anymore. tense instead of hospitals. the internet cafe may have been left unstable after the first quake two weeks ago. now it is too late now. the owner is shohohoed. >> yesterday's earthquake destroyed my house. it is very painful. food, shelter, clothing. it is also painful. reporter: there is little chance that the children trapped in the building can be rescued. the destruction is just too widespread. anchor: sporadic fighting is going on in yemen despite a
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humanitarian cease-fire that went into effect late last night. ryan bang rebels and regional power saudi arabia are blaming each other or the breaches. there have been reports of showing in saudi led airstrikes. iran has complained to the the un security council that the saudi led coalition is hindering its attempts to send humanitarian supplies. united states military has denied any involvement. anchor: the iraq ministry has released this video, showing a coalition airstrike. that is where he was set to be meeting with militants. washington said it did not strike the mosque. the islamic state leader is -- leader was allegedly injured in
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the airstrike in march. brian: this is even lower than the average of 0.4 percent. anchor: it may indicate weakness in the europe's economy. export -- export growth was disappointing. that same data showed gdp figures from friends and in delay -- and italy are giving a boost to the market. reporter: the day started off quite well despite disappointing figures on the german economic growth. the reason was france where the economy seems to be recovering quite well with a growth of 0.6% higher than expected. that came in the afternoon after retail safety test until figures were published. the economy was recovering slower than expected since the retail sales figures remain unchanged during the month of april. the u.s. dollar was made weaker
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and the dollar stronger. the german exporting companies lose in their shares since the products of german and european products are more expensive and therefore less competitive abroad. at the end of the day the downward trend continued and the dax had to give in very clearly. anchor: let's take a look at the market's numbers today, starting here in germany. the dax losing territory in the negatives. losing more than 5/10 of a percent. the dow is currently trading mostly flat. they are up slightly with one dollar 1350. brian: at the seven people are dead after a passenger train derailed. or than 200 people have been hospitalized. rescuers have not been able to account for all those on board and one that the death toll is likely to rise.
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anchor: train service is likely to remain paralyzed until the end of the week. south korean intelligence officials say north korea's defense minister has been executed. they say he was put to death for disrespecting kim jong-un. brian: he allegedly complained about the young ruler, talked back to them, and fell asleep. south korea's spy agency has a very spotty record when it comes to tracking developments in the north. art lovers, this one is for you. tomorrow there is a big exhibit of contemporary chinese art in eight cities across germany.
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anchor: there has been speculation of censorship from china. reporter: from half a world away in central china she savors the reactions of her collective -- the reactions her art provoke in the collective in germany. >> it is really funny. >> this work is a collage of photos, videos, and emoticons. and a turn on the images that flood our mind through social media. like many chinese artists, the group has faced restrictions. >> we are trying to play with limitation. we are trying to test where this boundary is. that is our way of doing art. >> with nine exhibition showcasing 20 artists, this the biggest survey of contemporary
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chinese art in all its nuances to see in europe. all the works pass china's borders to germany without being censored. the show's organizers insist that doesn't mean that these artists hold the line of china's communist party. the chinese authorities simply have some questions they wanted answered. >> we were asked to provide explanations. it was also invited. we received a prize a short. reporter: as it turned out she canceled. just why is unclear. the show includes other artists that criticized the chinese government. they include photographer from hong kong. his photos show the protests in this city in the fall of 2014.
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also from hong kong is his installations made of newspapers. >> there is a diversity and we shouldn't try to simplify it. also trying to show the german audience there is not only just one china. reporter: some works may flirt -- may 1 with restrictions. brian: let's go to seven france where they time has kicked off. anchor: this year is made up of some megastars including jake jill and hall. -- jake jill and hall -- jake
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gyllenahaal. they are looking forward to watching movies instead of having a film in the competition. brian: we are looking forward to a lot of reports. we will be going live over the next couple of days. make sure you stay with us. anchor: thanks for watching. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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