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tv   Journal  PBS  May 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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♪ anchor: this is your "world news" live from berlin. >> great happy with us. our top stories right now -- gunfire and confusion in burundi as rival factions battle for control. the president's whereabouts unknown after an attempted coup. >> the indian prime minister visits china in another sign of the improving ties between the worlds two most populous nations. >> juventus the throne holders. real madrid to reach the final. ♪ ♪ anchor: we begin this program in burundi, where they have been
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intense battles in that country's capital between rival factions for control of the country. anchor: forces loyal to president p air -- pierre naftali bennet say they -- president pierre nkurunziza say they are now in control. >> gunfire rings out in burundi's capital. fighting is continuing between troops loyal to the president and soldiers who have turned against him. the president posted a message on twitter, claiming he was still in control. "i urge all burundians to remain calm in the face of these usurpers. the situation is under control and the constitution is safety or co but nobody knows where the president is. burundi has experienced weeks of violent protest since he
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announced he would run for a third term in office. thousands took to the streets in jubilation on hearing the news he had been removed from power. east african leaders meeting in neighboring tanzania condemned the coup attempt. >> we condemn in the strongest terms possible be true -- the coup in burundi. it does not solve the problems. >> on the ground in baroody, the fighting continues. the united nations emergency meeting to discuss the crisis on thursday. anchor: a very confusing situation in burundi. let's cross over to our correspondent, who joins from neighboring rwanda. first off, do we know who is in control of the capital right now? >> there is no reliable
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information. we do not know if the coup attempt was successful or not. there is no reliable source. both parties claim to be in power, but president nkurunziza just posted a new message on% twitter writing "i am congratulating the army and police, and congratulating the burundians for their patience." if it is true and they are back, it could give could regain power and maybe mobilize more soldiers. but we have to be careful. the airport was reportedly under rebel control and close. he may have left by car. the state broadcaster in the capital was the last station on air in burundi and became a key factor in the attempt. it is the only station that airs nationwide. if nkurunziza is back, he will
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try to get full control of that building. i have the impression that for the moment it looks more like the coup attempt has failed. anchor: another sign it might have. nkurunziza, the president, has received important backing. the united states has come out in support of the president. does that mean the coup is now doomed to fail? >> if he is backing burundi support from the u.s. is a vote of confidence. we have also heard today that the ruling party is campaigning in some providences for the presidential election in june. they do that, despite the coup attempt. nkurunziza might get stronger with support from the u.s. but i do not believe that this u.s. backing has significant impact on the ground, such as soldiers switching sides. anchor: how deep are the
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country's political divisions right now, in the wake of this violence? >> well, i think now the crucial point is how this situation will end. we will likely see fighting redirecting tonight if president nkurunziza is confirmed. he will attack the rebels, i am sure. as soon as that is clarified, if the coup attempt was successful we will see what is next. if it fails, we will have stronger antigovernment protest meaning more violence. if it is successful, i think the militia that is very active in the countryside will hunt for opposition members. anchor: an update on the latest from burundi. thank you very much. anchor: the world's two most populous nations want to do more cross-border business. chinese president xi jinping hosted indian prime minister narendra modi in his ancestral
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hometown. it is a first-time honor for a foreign guest. anchor: modi is on a three-day visit to china as the asian giants work to boost bilateral trade in spite of decades of distressed -- distressed and antagonism. >> china is india's biggest trading partner, and prime minister modi is looking to improve ties with beijing. but relations have been strained for decades over a himalayan border dispute. china' is close ties to pakistan have also weighed on relations with india. china' is economy has raced ahead of india's in recent decades. in the 1990's, their economies work roughly the same size. today, china's is four times larger. investment in infrastructure is key to improving india's economy, and china has money to spend. transporting goods by road is a lengthy process, and the energy grid is also in dire need of
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improvement. chinese investment could transform the indian economy. >> prime and modi needs finances. and china is sitting on $4.2 trillion of foreign exchange. of course, china has traded less in the indian market. >> modi has ambitious plans. he wants india to become a manufacturing base, like china and he plans to create a number of industrial centers with good infrastructure. china has already committed to investing $20 billion in india. modi hopes to secure another $10 billion during his visit. anchor: our beijing correspondent told us more about how these two huge economies can benefit from each other. >> well, india has a big interest to prove with infrastructure, especially when we are talking about rose and high-speed trains, and also electricity. that is not where india is
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strong. modi hopes they can sign a contract with $10 billion in the next three days. china, especially regrding its slowing economy, this year and the coming years, has thought they could have a bigger share in the indian market. india would like to reduce its trade deficit with china. getting at the chinese market, especially in i.t. technology the pharmaceutical industry where china's market is pretty close to foreign investments that is what modi and xi jinping will be talking about in the next three days. anchor: our beijing correspondent, talking to us earlier. anchor: washington has been urging southeast asian countries to work together to save the lives of migrants. this is after malaysia turned away about 800 people left stranded at sea. they are from bangladesh and myanmar. anchor: many are reportedly members of the rohingya minority. they face persecution at home. their boats were intercepted up
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of northern malaysia and told they could not land. kuala lumpur has warned it will push more migrant boats back into international waters if they try to enter malaysia illegally. anchor: europe is also struggling with a refugee crisis in the mediterranean. now it looks like the eu's plan to strike and destroy the boats of people smugglers could get international support. german foreign minister frank-walter steinmeier says he think the plan will get approval from the un security council. anchor: it happens as another 600 migrants disembarked from a british navy ship in sicily. they were picked up as part of the enlarged european search and rescue operation at sea. benjamin netanyahu is preparing his proposed government for the approval of parliament after two months of coalition horsetrading. anchor: his coalition contains five parties. it only commands a razor-thin majority. it also marks a shift to the right by giving increased
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prominence to naphtali bennet's far right jewish home party. netanyahu requested a delay of several hours in projecting -- present in his cabinet after disputes about the dissolution of ministerial posts. what was behind this long delay all the horsetrading? let's bring in time you kramer. she joins us from jerusalem. why did it take so very long to get to this point, to get this new coalition together? >> it was quite a turbulent evening again. delayed by two hours. mr. netanyahu was in talks up to the last minute to distribute those ministerial posts. his own likud party after difficult talks, put this together. this was surprising, because e mr. netanyahu had a comfortable position winning the
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election. during his speech, he presented a very narrow right-wing coalition government of just 61 seats out of 120 seats. anchor: with this razor-thin majority, what are people expecting this new coalition to come up with? >> he has a lot of challenges to deal with. on the one hand, all the domestic issues. on the international level, the right-wing government will be scrutinized by the international community for its policies on the palestinian issue, on the stalled peace process. he might see more pressure, or even new initiatives from the international community. of course, also the relationship with the u.s. administration, the upcoming talks on the nuclear issue. that will be quite a test of the new government. anchor: the new israeli government, set for intense international scrutiny. time you kramer, thanks -- tonya kramer, thanks so much.
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eu represented's have joint discussions, looking for nato support to take out ships used by people smugglers in libya. the secretary-general, yen stoltenberg -- jens stoltenberg has stressed the concern of the three nato members that share a common border with russia. anchor: they wants nato department on their soil to counter a newly assertive russia, but that level of the plumbing violates a number of treaties with moscow and is strongly opposed by germany. anchor: nato has already sent troops to ukraine to begin a trailing -- training program for their army, which suffered serious setbacks aainst russian-backed separatists. >> don't turn. >> sergeant ryan slater is one of 300 u.n. soldiers training members of the u.n. national -- ukrainian national guard. they are stationed at the largest military training base
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in the west of the country. >> michael as an instructor is that -- my goal as an instructor is that they come away with a better sense of how to conduct themselves as a professional, tactically and as a whole, as a unit. >> the u.s. is spending $20 million on the ukrainian armed forces. the matter has angered russia. the money is for training and better equipment, not for weaponry. both government forces and pro-russian separatists in the east use kalashnikovs. many of these men have already been deployed in the east and know the problems they face all too well. they say the last government did not invest enough in the military. >> our forces are underfinanced. we see what kind of weapons our american colleagues have.
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they all have the same uniforms. it really highlights the fact that we are not well-equipped. >> the new recruits are being taught modern strategy, which differs from the old soviet military thinking once -- that once prevail here. and they are being put through their paces. they learn how to search houses, to find information, detain suspects, and treat them in line with international human rights law. not like this. decency is also important in the media war that accompanies the physical one. the war for international recognition and support. >> just be careful. you don't want to have a picture with a gun to the back of a guy's head. >> we know, we know. >> these recruits have two months to go before the next batch start their training. the u.s. aims to train a total of 900 ukrainian soldiers by the
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end of october. anchor: we have to take a break. we will be right back.
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anchor: welcome back to the show. here in europe, tense talks continue between greece and its international creditors. anchor: trying to find a compromise before the greek bailout expires at the end of june. if they don't, athens will default on its that. the country is already in dire straits. the latest data shows the economy contracting again. anchor: the left-wing government is sending competing messages, saying that it once to make a deal but -- wants to make a deal, but also promising to do away with harsh austerity measures. >> young as 4:00 us is known for -- yanis varoufakis is known for strong words. he said he would reject any deal that does not help his country out of its economic crisis. he said that greece would have to borrow more money just to pay back installments due in july
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and august. there is no end in situ greece's debt crisis. varoufakis said he wants to push back the repayment schedule on 27 billion euros of bonds. he said that greece and the eu now have to pay for the bad mistakes made in the past. minister varoufakis: i wish we had the drachma. make no mistake, this is not a statement that we want the drachma. i wish we had never entered into this. deep down, i think all member states of the eurozone would agree with that. because it was very badly constructed. but once you are in, you don't get out without a catastrophe. >> a catastrophe is what all sides are trying to avoid. greece's future in the eurozone hangs in the balance. anchor: some relief in the cards for lufthansa.
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more from frankfurt -- >> these are supposed to be good times for many airlines thanks to oil prices. however, lufthansa had to deal with several striks in the last couple of months that severely hit the company. a solution now seems to be in sight, since pilots agreed to enter arbitration, meaning there will be no more strikes until the end of july. the stock reacted with an increase of 1.4%. this is good for lufthansa, not only because there will be no more costly strikes, but because the management cannot focus on the most crucial tasks including the restructuring of the company. a good day for the dax supported by a lower euro, which is always good for european and german exporting companies. anchor: let's take a look at market numbers. the dax added newly 2%. the stoxx 50 is in the green. and the euro is trading up at
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$1.14. the president of the eu parliament, martin schultz has been awarded the international charlemagne prize. anchor: the award recognizes contributions towards european unification. he wrecked -- he accepted the prize, and said he hopes to make europe more accessible to all europeans. >> martin schultz has been described as "mr. europe," a committed european and the face of the european parliament. he has been in brussels fighting for a stronger eu for 21 years. he passionately defended europe in his acceptance speech. mr. schultz: stop blaming brussels for all the things that go wrong, all the unresolved problem, while pinning every success to your nation. >> schultz is a passionate politician not afraid of speaking his mind. he recently called on eu member states to take on more responsibility in dealing with the refugee crisis in the mediterranean.
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mr. schultz: the decision on whether to make progress will be made in brussels, but only geographically speaking. it will not be made in brussels institutions, but in berlin, rome, london, and madrid. >> german president yorkie and out and french president -- joachim gauck and french president francois hollande were present. the german president used the occasion to call for a swift solution to the refugee crisis. >> if europe cannot find a common resolution on how to handle the influx of refugees national governments must take a leading role. this is about saving lives. >> the refugee crisis is just one of the issues facing europe and the new charlemagne prize laureate, martin schultz. anchor: to sports news now.
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a lot of football fans, including me thought this year the champions league final would be another all-spanish affair. italy's juventus made it through. anchor: 1-0 was all they needed -- a 1-1 draw was all they needed. >> cristiano ronaldo walked past journalists without saying a word following his team's ouster from the champions league. he opened the scoring for his 307th overall goal for real madrid in competitive matches, but had no cause to celebrate. the defeat was a huge disappointing for real. >> i have anchorage and message for real madrid fans. next year, we will come back stronger. i would like to thank them for their support, from the time we arrived to the end of the match. we fought hard, but did not succeed. >> the battle between two of europe's elite clubs was balanced but the referee
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awarded a penalty after a foul on how misery guess -- hamiz rodriguez. christiana rinaldo converted for the lead, but they were unable to take the advantage. juventus stepped up their offensive, and they equalized for the visitors in his neighbor city. they managed to keep the score level until the final whistle. >> we deserved this final, because these kids gave their all. in the first half, they stayed focus and balanced despite falling behind. >> by advancing to the final juventus can still dream of completing the troubleeble. >> frankfurt just won the women's champion league final. frankfurt's fourth champions
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league victory. anchor: the german city of goerlitz is one of the top tips among hollywood location scouts. people will recognize it from films like "grand budapest hotel." anchor: it has lots of preserved historic buildings that have undergone major renovations. that's why it is a popular location for filmmakers. anchor: let's look at an addition that highlights the city' is past and transformation. >> the old town of goerlitz has an amazing stock of old buildings, from gothic to renaissance, baroque, and art nouveau. many have been beautifully restored. this unique mixture of architecture survived the second world war. whole stretches of the old town fell into neglect during the communist era. an exhibition of photographs shows goerlitz in decline and
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goerlitz reborn. he started to document the town's common architecture in the early 1980's. at the time, no one was really interested in dilapidated old houses. >> my aim was not just to accuse. i was also making an appeal. imagine what the town could look like. >> more than half of the buildings in the old town have been abandoned -- had been abandoned by the late 1980's, but they were not for the most part demolished. a plan was devised for conservation and restoration. >> we started by renovating one or two houses in the old town. we focused on saving corner houses. the idea was that if the corners are maintained, then the whole block will survive. the renovation work has been funded by private investors, the town and through subsidies. now, the city is in a great condition. >> every year, and anonymous benefactor hands over half a million euros just to restore the old town.
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the picture-perfect architecture is a major tourist attraction. the award-winning movie "the grand budapest hotel" was mainly filmed in an art nouveau department store in goerlitz. ♪ most of the old town has been restored. hardly any houses are in this condition. he played a part in the town's success. >> i think it is a blessing for society when such a town doesn't crumble away, but remains there for us. i hope all the restored buildings will survive for many decades to come. >> goerlitz may be one of the most picturesque towns in germany, but it's economy is not thriving. the aim now is to attract more foreign tourists. anchor: he has played the smuggling pirate, but now films star johnny depp is being called out for some real-life
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skulduggery engulfing his terriers. >> australian authorities say boo and pistol entered the country illegally and will be put down on short notice if their owner, johnny depp, does not take them back to their home country immediately. >> australia has stringent rules on foreign animals, and no exception will be made even for the rich and famous. >> johnny depp arrived in australia last month on a private jet with his wife. the film star is filming the fifth installment of "pirates of the caribbean." unbeknownst to customs officials, depp's yorkshire terriers pistol and boo were also on the plane. australia -- consequences for breaking australia's strict quarantine regulations could be dire. >> mr. depp has to either take
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these dogs back to california or we will have to euthanize them. quite the agriculture minister also said that he does not expect to be invited to the movie's premiere. anchor: i don't think so. those poor two dogs. >> not a dog's life for them in australia at all. think for joining us. there is more news at the top of the hour. you can always find out more at our website. >> thanks for watching dw.
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