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tv   Journal  PBS  June 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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host: live from dw in berlin, this is the world news. host: good to have you with us. coming up. host: the fbi is investigating set bladder -- spepp blatter after his shock resignation. host: new budget proposals in brussels and the hope of unlocking crucial bailout money. host: a controversial visit. protesters condemning a human rights record. host: reports in the u.s. media says the fbi is investigating
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the outgoing president sepp blatter. host: this comes a day after his shock resignation tuesday. he been elected as a fifth term for president four days ago. host: he rejected calls from resignation. speculation is now rising of what motivated him to quit. president joachim gauck could reporter: we are not able to comment further on the nature of other individuals who may or may not be under investigation. this is an ongoing matter. it is an ongoing case. we will be speaking through the courts. reporter: he could have calls for concern. since officials were arrested pressure has been growing on the man who was the most powerful
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figure in football. interpol is investigating another six people on charges including racketeering and corruption. the secretary-general is also under scrutiny. u.s. prosecutors are investigating claims $10 million in bribes were paid by south africa for world cup bidding votes. he says he is innocent. south africa denies allegations of wrongdoing. >> we stand by our statement that the government has not bribed anyone to secure the rights of the fee phil world cup. -- fifa world cup. reporter: his critics say it was long overdue. >> this has to be seen as the beginning of the process of fundamental reform. it is essential and in the interests of the for itself.
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it is what the millions of football fans around the world deserve. reporter: his opponents are calling for a quick election to find a new fifa president and he should not be able to choose his successor. host: let's get more background on this project and chase is with us. that report blatter has resigned. is he going to influence the process that unfolds? the choosing of a successor? reporter: that is the question. blatter is going but he is not gone yet. to quote the man himself, he wants said -- once said i forgive but i don't forget. he has lots of enemies within fifa and he was notorious for
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pushing them to the margins. a lot of people say this isn't good enough. he says he is going. for instance, the head of the german football association said this isn't good enough, he needs to go now and have that much influence. host: what are the next steps? when can we see someone succeeding him? reporter: i would love to be able to answer that and i can't unfortunately. fifa rules say that at least four months have to elapse. most think it will take longer than that for them to reconvene the fifa congress. maybe spring of 2016. that sounds like a long time. things might get accelerated if this information we have, the fbi investigating blatter his
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position could become completely untenable. he is still nominally in charge but he has operated -- handed over operations to a close associate. if the fbi has a smoking gun you will see the pressure being up for him to quit immediately. host: briefly, who could succeed him? reporter: bookmakers are saying -- the problem is he is not very popular in the asian and africa areas. it is early days. it is like first days of the u.s. primaries. host: jefferson chase from dw sports. thanks. host: the different wings within fifa are beginning to jostle for position. host: a look at the possible candidates for the post for you. reporter: sepp blatter leaves an
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executive community with strange connections. laos is on interpol's watchlist. salamani is a soccer boss in the democratic republic of the congo. one colorful character al-saba of kuwait. he pulls many strings in the worldof sports. he has excellent connections. he is said to have ambitions to succeed sepp blatter. david gill could play a central role. he has long opposed blatter but
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now he could lead reform efforts. host: we will stay with the fee for story. for now on the long-term future we had been talking to sylvia the chair of the sports working group at the organization. what does fifa need to do to become a transparent organization? >> fee for needs -- fifa needs new leadership. all those who have investigated they should go and leave fifa. you need a new structure for fifa with relation to the election of the vice president's of the executive community. and the continental congresses. i think that is something that has to be changed. another point -- host: do we also need term
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limits for people who have taken on responsibility at fifa? >> term limits would be important that has been proposed two years ago. unfortunately they didn't approve this. that is one point out of several that should be approved now. host: this process of a new leadership is coming. you are calling for new statutes , reforming the election process, term limits. should that include revisiting the process whereby the 2018 world cup was awarded to russia and the 2022 world cup was awarded to qatar? >> there is an investigation going on in switzerland regarding to that. it is merely about individuals. not about what the bidding
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committees did. only if there is corruption by bidding there be the possibility to change but that would be a very big problem from a leader point of view. i don't expect anybody to touch this. host: you are satisfied the bidding process for the 2018 world cup and 22 world cup or transparent? >> they weren't. not at all. that doesn't mean you can take a new decision on it. the contracts have been signed a long time ago. four years, nearly five years. it is not so easy from a legal point of view to just change it, even if there would have been corruption and there would be proof, a decision by a court. that will take time to have a decision. even then it would be difficult from a legal point of view to
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change the decision afterwards. host: the views of sylvia shank in frankfurt. thank you very much. the greek prime minister tsipras is hoping to get new components to the country's debt plan. host: athens has 1.6 billion euros to repay this month starting with over 300 millions this friday. they need the rest of the belmont -- bell bailout money or it will face defaults. for more we will cross over to babava. all these people are meeting their hoping to clinch a deal. will there be one? reporter: there will not be a deal tonight but there will probably be a deal rather soon.
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there is a strong force in the background pushing for a solution, angela merkel. she wants this off the table. she wanted off the table before the g-7 summit on the weekend. we know some first details that have emerged during the last hours. the creditors have really lightened the austerity burdens for greece. they lowered the primary budget surplus. greece doesn't have to come up with so much money in its budget. they have to save less. that is one point. there seems to be movement on the atv reform. the sticking points are labor market reform and pension reform. we don't know how much prime minister tsipras is ready to move in those issues and how much he can move. we have seen during the last weeks that he himself has massive problems with his own
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left series party. that is up in the air. we have been there before. it seems more serious now. host: meaning a compromise could be reached. but not the way the money will flow towards greece by friday, yet greece has to repay imf debt. what about that? reporter: the experts say that the money can still be scraped together in greece. they do still have 300 million. the rest of the 1.6 billion that has to be paid is definitely not there anymore. they need the money before the end of this month. the technical teams will sit down next week, then after that the eurogroup will agree to the solution and will come to this conclusion. the money could then flow towards the 30th of june shortly before possible default.
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host: the greek debt saga will be continued. thank you. greece has been the major talking point in frankfurt again. i need a schnider has more from the trading floor there. reporter: greece was very important today at the ecb press conference. journalists asked mario draghi so many questions about greece. he was professional and only said what he likes to say. mariota made important statement -- mario draghi made important statements. he increased the pressure on prime minister tsipras to find a solution. he emphasized he will stick to the ecb policy. that is good news for investors.
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there are rumors out there recently that mario draghi will exit earlier from this program but he denied that. that was one reason why the dax climbed higher today. host: here is the market numbers. germany's dax 11,419. eurozone up by more than half a percent of today's session. in new york trading is still going on. the dow is up by half a percentage point. the euro gaining some ground currently, one u.s. dollar. host: taking a short break. they said it would be faster and better than ever and they weren't lying. host: the new and improved large hadron collider, the world most powerful particle smasher. more on that after a short break. host: stay with us.
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host: welcome back. injection president -- the egyptian president is trying to boost talks with the germany. host: away from the diplomacy there were several hundred on the streets of berlin accusing his regime of human rights violations. reporter: cheers from supporters. the addition president el-sisi was welcomed with honors with president joachim gauck. opponents included human rights activist. his reception was especially controversial. this was a diplomatic balancing act for angela merkel.
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>> on the one hand we address our different opinions. we make compromises. on the other hand we have the interest of security and stability in the region in mind. this is very important for security in germany and europe. reporter: he said the criticism of human rights violations in egypt is unfounded. he had this to say about capital punishment. >> you have your prospective. you should respect ours. as i have said, regarding punishment, we have to remind you egypt is a constitutional state. our constitution is 100 years old. we respect the judiciary and don't question it. reporter: then a disturbance
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print a reporter yelled murderer at el-sisi. the president left for his next meeting. contracts were signed. siemens is building wind farms in egypt. host: peter craven has been monitoring the events. why has the visit attracted so much controversy? reporter: it is interesting to note that president joachim gauck and angela merkel have met with the egyptian leader. one person canceled, bonorbert lammert. he said there was a lack of democratic participation in egypt, and the persecution of the opposition and he pointed to the large number of death
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penalties handed down in egypt. 1400 and the last year alone. he said there is neither a parliament nor a plan to elect one, so no meeting. let me tell you another story about somebody called mohammed lockley. our viewers can follow up. he's a human rights activist in egypt and he was allowed to travel to germany. he was going to come to a roundtable taking place to discuss human rights in egypt but he was allowed to travel. that is typical for egypt these days. he left the greens who were dismissed by this visit. host: experts are gathering for the 25th world economic forum on africa in cape town amid concerns for the continent. host: two decades of strong economic growth continue to face
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big risks. host: the country most at threat of facing a combination of poverty and instability and war is south sudan. reporter: church services are well attended and full of life. many come here to escape the conflict in the majority christian country for a little while. rita is one of them. she has six children. putting food on the table is difficult. >> i pray for south sudan. i pray that god liberates us from the devil. it is the devil's fault everything is so bad here and dangerous. if we have faith, god will help us. reporter: the civil war has sent the economy into freefall.
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the national currency has lost half its value in the last year. rita's husband is jobless because so many companies have shut down. she tries to make ends meet by selling clothes and grows her own food. that is far from enough. reporter: a year ago a cup of sugar cost for pounds. today you pay 15 pounds. reporter: rita is better off than many others. 30,000 people have crammed into this camp in juba. most are members of a tribe. a number fled from the north. they have disturbing news. >> rebels and government troops have been battling each other. we fled in the dark of night. reporter: in the camp the lines
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for freshwater are long. back home it is more challenging. many are barely surviving, especially if they aren't members of the dinka tribe. men have been raping women reportedly. our men could not flee, adding she had to hide her identity. there is no international role in the conflict. this man says the world should get out of south sudan so that people can just fight it out. if you can't talk anymore, then you have to fight. the refugees keep coming, as the crisis worsens. read it is shopping for food. -- rita is shopping for food. the prices are high again.
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two onions for five pounds, $.60. that is too much for her. she looks elsewhere as the conflict grinds on. host: after calm in the ukraine fighting has broken out again in the east of the country as clashes erupted between troops and pro-russian separatists. host: firefighters in donetsk fought fires after a shell struck the market. 300 miners remain trapped underground. they accuse each other of starting the latest round of fighting which has hit another breach of the cease-fire brokered this year. host: on the line frank. thank you for joining us. why this increase in fighting? what is going on? reporter: the ukrainian
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authorities have said today that pro-russian rebels have attacked the little town, the contact line along the main supply route into donetsk, which is blocked. no one can get into the city anymore. there are different people saying different things. the prime minister showed up. the progression rebels may have got a hint that this would be a good moment. they have no proof of that but that is the mood. we are all waiting for an offensive. president were schenkel has said
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that he wants to control the whole administrative area of donetsk. they control less than half of it now. host: ok. many thanks for that. host: now to a completely different topic. better faster, stronger. scientists could be on the break of unlocking mysteries of the universe with the hadron collider. host: the largest particle smasher is back online after a link the upgrade. it is so powerful it could herald a new era in physics research. quick success pretty scientists celebrate the commendation of their hard work. it has taken two years and 130 million euros for the machine within these pipes to be capable of developing unprecedented data
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about our universe. scientists say they expect the collisions to take research to new levels. >> we can probe to higher energies, higher mass particles and shorter distances than before. we are taking a step forward in the sensitivity to new physics. >> the large hadron collider since protons hurdling towards each other from opposite directions close to the speed of light. the collisions allow scientists to study fundamental particles. that could show us how the universe came into existence. the collider has been instrumental in a major breakthrough. the discovery of the higgs boson. also known as the god particle. it was only confirmed in 2013.
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the machine will last three years and scientists are dreaming big. they hope the collider may even give us a first-ever glimpse of dark matter, a substance thought to make up 96% of the numbers. host: no dark matter here at the moment. that is the latest world news here in berlin. host: thank you for joining us.
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