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tv   Journal  PBS  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is "dw news." coming to you live, from berlin. >> welcome, here is what is coming up on the show. more protests in athens as the greek prime minister said the deal on that was not likely at thursday's meeting. >> tensions in hong kong. pro-democracy activist take to the streets against the law that would only allow approved candidates run for office. >> farmers in kenya battling drought and desertification. saving precious rainfall. >> we begin this program in
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athens, where the greek finance minister says he does not think emergency talks to resolve the greek debt crisis will lead to an agreement. >> the comments on the eve of thursday's meeting in luxembourg came right after the greek central-bank said the country is headed for a painful exit from the euro. >> how close, are we, exactly, to the greek exit. first we have this report. >> thousands turned out to her -- told the prime minister to his pre-election promise. they are worried that the looming deadline will force re-negotiators into an unfair compromise. earlier in the day they greeted visited austrian leader llama with a warm welcome in athens. the meeting of the leaders found some much-needed common ground. >> if europe insists on this incomprehensible option they must be of the cost of developments that will not be beneficial for anyone in europe.
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he agreed that a deal would be in europe's interest. >> to me it is unimaginable that the hope of a good peaceful european future will happen without greece. >> the mood may be friendly here, but other european leaders are frustrated by greece's tactics. both greece and its creditors are becoming increasingly entrenched in their positions. ordinary greeks are worried about their money. account holders withdrew someone 1.2 billion euros from their savings in the first week of june alone. >> everyone is worried about their savings. it is not just the exaggerated fears of some people. the way the government is talking, it is clear it's a problem. >> businesses are appealing to the government to reach a deal that will keep the country financially afloat. >> greece is at a critical stage
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in the moment. we are looking for a mutually beneficial agreement with our partners and lenders. however, if there is a rift it could be catastrophic for the greek economy. it would be a modern greek tragedy in the making. >> the meeting with euros on finance ministers on thursday could prove to be a turning point. the greek message is clear. europe must compromise for its own good. >> let's bring our correspondent in now from athens with more. she just returned from this protest. first off what is the mood on the streets ahead of this key meeting in luxembourg? >> ryne sandberg, there is a lot of anger and frustration building up. creditors. also an expectation that the prime minister will not budge
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from the red line that has been set by the government. that being said, there will be terms to convince these creditors to make concessions to avert a negative. -- an exit. many are so disappointed by creditors that they are saying that maybe it is better to just break off these talked and leave the euro altogether. >> that is a real change in sentiment. we are getting some live video of those fed up protesters. what the greek prime minister's statements coming as they do right after the greek central-bank warning. is this the end game? >> anyone who has been following these talks brinksmanship has been playing for several months now. it will come as no surprise that this is the first team meeting
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happening tomorrow and expectations have been pumped up only to be dashed in the final hour. realistically there has been no movement between these two negotiating sides and stalks the understanding from senior officials in the government is that they are trying to find time for a deal that could be hatched next week. in about one week's time. at a european summit. >> there certainly is a lot of brinksmanship going on, but if there is no deal thursday can you walk us through the next steps for greece? this is uncharted territory. >> absolutely. what we do understand is that the first thing that greeks will have to wake up to is capital controls meaning limitations
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that greeks will have to -- what they will be allowed to take out of their banks. that will simply dry up any liquidity that is in the market here. we will see a jacking up prices. we will see imports being on -- unable to reach the shores of greece and the will be shortages on top of already great shows of shortages that we are already seeing the result of in this crisis. >> certainly a lot at stake there in greece. >> a great deal of uncertainty remains about greece's future. we want to check in with our markets correspondent to see how investors in germany are reacting. >> investors cap holding their breath while receiving mixed signals on the negotiations between greece and its creditors
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. the european central banks governing meeting yielded no apparent changes to the emergency lifelines to greek banks, meaning that the country will remain financially stable at least until the eurozone finance minister meeting takes place tomorrow. it's not all bad news in the markets today. we received the latest numbers on the inflation rate and the eurozone, indicating that the economy in the eurozone is recovering despite the greek crisis. the other big topic in the markets was the meeting of the federal reserve in the united states, which might give us hints on the next interest rate hike over there, however investors in europe will have to wait until tomorrow to react since the final press release will be published after the closing bell. >> a big announcement this wednesday, they are leaving the benchmark interest rate in the u.s. unchanged near zero. in their press release they described federal economic growth as moderate since the slowdown of the winter, but
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janet yellen wants to see closer gains in hiring before raising interest rates. analts expect any hikes to come later in the year rather than earlier. defend -- the fed funds rate has been near zero and's 2008 to stimulate the economy. let's take a closer look at wednesday's market numbers. the dax dipped below the 11,000 mark, losing over half of 1%. the euro stoxx 50 index was down on the day. in new york trading continues the tao buoyed by the fed's announcement of the benchmark interest rate remaining unchanged. the euro is up slightly, one u.s. dollar and $.13. >> to yemen where the islamic state has claimed responsibility for a series of bombing attacks in that country's capital. >> at least three blasts rocked the city simultaneously on wednesday. bombers attacked to shiite mosques and officers that
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belonged to the rebels who control the city. >> fr people were killed but they do expect the death toll to rise. 60 people were injured. >> that attack is the latest sign that iis is spreading rapidly. authorities have been looking to stem the flow of young muslim men going to join the terrorist group. >> as the number of german men fighting as jihadists in syria are set at about 700 what few people know is that 100 young german women have joined the fighting as well. >> taking a look now at the story of two young women who left germany to fight in the ranks of the islamist army sweeping the middle east. >> nervous family have only an empty room and a lot of russians. the 17-year-old of turkish extraction left her family in hamburg and made her way to syria.
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>> all that we can do is hope. you cannot tell anyone anything. your child is gone. where? he don't know. >> i don't know if she is alive if she is all right. i know nothing at all. this uncertainty is the worst thing. before she left -- >> before she left she removed all her photos from her frames. her mother has only a few left that show how she changed over two years. the cheerful teenager turning into a religious zealot keeping in touch with other fanatics using her phone. >> she covered herself up more and more. i eventually blew my top when i saw her standing at the bus stop completely covered up. i only recognized her by her handbag. i threw all of her close into a sack.
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>> the tough love did not work. friends are using these photos to search for them on the internet. only this much is certain. on the morning of june 2, the two of them flew from hamburg to istanbul where they disappeared. it was her second attempt to reach syria and even so the local police say that they were taken by surprise. >> right now we are looking very carefully at what her change in out brought about. that is our main focus, along with finding the two girls, of course. a search is currently in progress. the families found these handwritten documents in their rooms. it shows how meticulously they prepare their escape. this one says -- islamic state will live forever. this torn escape plan was in the
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trash. monday, suitcase in basement. tuesday, call a taxi, leave home at 4:10. >> we hope that she will realize that she made a mistake and will come to her senses and return home. no matter how. the same goes for all children who do this. they should know that it's not just their own lives that they are ruining but also those of their families. >> 10 days after she left home, his father took -- her father took her own -- his own life. the mosque here is too small for all the mourners. he gave up hope that his daughter would return from the clutches of the islamic state. >> many of the worlds over one billion muslims will be marking the start of ramadan on thursday. it is a month of prayer and nightly feast.
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>> the fast is intended to bring muslims closer to god and encourage charity for those in need. we have a look at how people around the world are preparing. >> this grand mosque of drew hundreds of worshipers on wednesday evening ahead of the start of the fasting month of ramadan. there were similarly -- similar scenes at the kuala lumpur mosque. the fasting ritual is said to cleanse the spirit and the body. >> it is like a once per year boot camp, a process to get back on track or deepen your knowledge celebrating and finding inner peace within. >> fasting is also intended to align the faithful with the suffering of the less fortunate which might include the inhabitants of damascus this
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year. the markets may be well-stocked, but the syrian conflict has raised prices, leaving many families struggling to afford basic necessities. >> we are fasting even without ramadan. we have only one meal per day. we see apricots that cost 300 to 400 syria lire. we take pictures of the fruit and look at them on our mobiles. >> despite the difficulties, most people will tried the best -- will try their best. muslims breaking fast with water and dates at sunset before gathering for a family meal and offering prayers in the mosque. >> we are going to take a short break right now, but when we come back a big change for television viewers in africa. we will tell you everything that you need to know after the break . >> what are people in kenya having to do for certification?
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join us for that as well. ♪
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>> thanks so much for being with us. if you are watching this edition in africa, chances are there are some very big chances -- changes coming and how you watch television. years ago a dirt -- deadline was set for the country to switch to digital television area that deadline is today. >> many countries are ill-prepared for this change. even more prosperous countries are having problems. we bring you this report from kinshasa, one of two congolese cities bracing for the new broadcast. >> rickety antennas, fuzzy pictures, crackly sound television and the democratic republic of the congo is not always great, but now it is a new era. in the capital the analog television signal has been switched off and digital is coming. still, for most congolese that
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is not something to get excited about. posh, flatscreen tv sets are only for the wealth. >> the average salary of a congolese is somewhere between $70 and $90 per month. how many years are we supposed to save up for a new television? >> even for those who do buy a box or a new television, there will let me much to watch. a handful of state funded channels will be free, but viewers will have to pay for anything else. >> when we made this changeover, we negotiated a clause with the distributor that our channel would be free. that means that even if someone loses all of their pay channels they will not lose us. >> the switchover was supposed to democratize television there. more channels mean more choice. but in many african countries
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neither broadcasters nor viewers can afford that digital tv kinshasa is an experiment, one whose success remains uncertain. >> it is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time, fertile land turning into desert. it's called desert if occasion. every year the united nations holds a day to combat it. it affects 1.5 billion people globally. due to drought and desert if occasion each year 12 million hectares of land are lost. experts say that some 50 million people could be displaced over the next 10 years as a result. our next report takes us to kenya, where the biggest challenges to store rainwater. but a solution might be around the corner. >> mark -- this is a semi desert region. rainwater often seeps away in just a few hours. drought and hunger have driven many out of their homes.
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but the people have come up with a solution.. sand dams are a traditional and effective way of storing water. the concept is simple, a concrete wall is built to stop small rivers from flowing. over to wet seasons the sand collects to sponge, slowing the evaporation. >> before we had the dam it took forever for us to collect water. but now we have a water supply that's close by. it takes about two minutes to fill a large canister. >> vegetables to sell are planted around the dam and profits are saved for the benefit of the community and up deep of the dam. >> i am proud to be part of this project and proud that i am no longer just at home but have a job.
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>> there is even enough water for everyone to have their own vegetable patch. a small initiative with a big impact that has ensured that people do not go hungry. >> north korea says that it has been hit by the worst drought in a century resulting in extensive damage to agriculture. >> lack of rain has hit about one third of the country's rice paddies. a repeat of the famine that hit the country in the 1990's could be seen. hundreds died from hunger during those shortages. hong kong is on high alert right now, while melchert -- lawmakers discussing a controversial will about who gets to decide the leaders of hong kong. >> activist say that democracy itself is it take. tempers flared up about six months ago in street road test shut down entire areas of the city.
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>> there are concerns right now that this could happen all over again. >> the yellow umbrellas are back area assigned that the hong kong test movement is not going away. outside parliament demonstrators made it clear that they do not accept what is being offered in a way of electoral reform. for the first time citizens will have the right to vote for their chief executive in 2017, but the candidates will be vetted by beijing. >> i know that this government proposal is a lie. there is no chance that we will be able to vote for who we really want. that is why we are against this proposal. >> the controversial law was front and center stage in parliament. the chief secretary warned that blocking the package would stymie political development in
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the semi-autonomous region. the opposition vowed to vote against the reforms, demanding instead the right to choose candidates without any restriction. they also defended the demonstrators out five, saying that they like many others saw through the tactics of the government. not everyone is opposed, supporters turned out to demonstrate as well. there is no such thing as a real or fake way to vote we support the decision of the national people's congress committee. the showdown continues. lawmakers will vote on friday on the electoral reforms. it's not yet certain if the compulsory two thirds majority will be reached. if it is be towed, tensions between hong kong and beijing are only likely to grow. >> to the dominican now, where migrants can expect speedy
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deportations under new rules without residency permits. >> some 90% of the arguments are from the neighboring haiti, one of the poorest countries in the hat -- western hemisphere. >> the dominican government says that it will not be wasting any time, they plan to start -- rounding up immigrants without deadline expires. >> it might sound like these demonstrators are in a festive mood, but there situation is anything but. their continued livelihood now depends on whether they can of paint a residency permit. >> i've spent my entire life in this country. i don't have anyone here anymore . where are they going to send me? all of my relatives live in the
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dominican republic. >> i am not just worried about me, but also for my two daughters. they have grown up here and if the authorities send me back, my girls will be orphans. they should let us stay so that children are not growing up without mothers. >> undocumented immigrants have until wednesday evening to register with the authorities. the dominican government said that they would resume deporting immigrants without proper id. >> they still have the opportunity to obtain legal status through the official immigration agency, but if they fail to register their status is illegal and we will act in accordance with the law. >> the government plans to act fast. immigrants without papers could face swift deportation. authorities say that they will begin conducting sweeps through neighborhoods with large immigrant populations on
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thursday. but obtaining status is not simple. since last june only half of the estimated undocumented immigrants have applied for a residency permit and of those only about 10,000 have been able to show proof that they have been in the country since 2010 or earlier, a requirement for permanent resident status. many applicants are put off by the long wait to even just get inside the office. >> i came to get my documents. i have been waiting for six days and still cannot get them. >> the clock is ticking. if the countdown accompanied by fears of what happens next, if te government almost through on it the threat. >> a man in georgia has been killed by a white tiger that escaped from a zoo during
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devastating flood. >> wild animals have been roaming the capital after the zoo was destroyed by flooding. the white tiger was hiding in the construction area where it attacked him the man. police shot the animal dead. a jaguar is still unaccounted for. on to the fee for -- fifa story we have been covering for you. this is activity was reported at the world governing body headquarters. >> 50 possible cases of money laundering were being analyzed and set latter could be called in for questioning. -- seth latter -- blatter could be called in for questioning. >> mobile phones do not belong
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in german courtrooms. that goes for judges as well. >> is the verdict of thomas fisher. turns out he had been texting the babysitter during testimony. fisher said that in the case of an emergency they should call a recess of vacant with focus on the case. >> we will find out more about the stories in our podcast on our website. >> thanks for watching. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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this school for the visually and hearing impaired is?
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central cambodia. children of all ages come here to
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