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tv   Journal  PBS  June 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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sarah: this is dw news coming to you live from berlin. eurozone finance ministers meet to discuss a last-minute proposal from athens aimed at averting bankruptcy. there is no breakthrough. demonstrators are showing their support for keeping greece in the eurozone. with just hours to go before the athens bailout expires. will get the latest from the capital. dozens are dead in indonesia after a military plane crashes into a residential area. and clash of the titans at the world cup in canada. tonight's semifinal sees germany in the usa go head-to-head for a place in sunday's final.
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i'm sarah harmon, thanks for joining me. it's too late to extend the bailout program before it runs out in a few hours according to ahead of the eurogroup. he was speaking after an emergency telephone conference of eurozone finance ministers to discuss a last-minute proposal by athens. little crossover to brussels in just a moment to find out what all this means. but first, let's turn to athens. >> thousands of pro-euro supporters gathered outside of parliament as evening fell. sentiment is strongly divided over whether to strike a deal with greases international creditors or not. >> we must say yes to europe. citrus -- alexis tsipras will
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turn us into north korea. >> alexis tsipras is the man who will take us forward. he is doing the right thing for people. >> the government has been sending conflicting signals. they encourage people to vote no. but with hours to go before default, the government made another offer and is now involved in yet another round of last second negotiations. the finance minister's upbeat as he headed to work tuesday afternoon. reporters asked if a deal could still happen. thanks of been closed since the beginning of the week. the government will relax capital controls to allow pensioners to make one-time withdrawals of 120 euros. much uncertainty remains. with the new proposal on the
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table, the ball is back in europe's court. alexis matthew joins us on the line. these are very difficult and confusing times. what is the mood like their? matthew: thousands demonstrated tonight. yesterday night, thousands again were demonstrated with the no vote. it was opposed by creditors and they think that enough is enough. a greece must secure its position. on the other hand, the people will vote no. the stadium has made a enough harm to society.
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it is still going on as we speak, even in the last second. sarah: the government has made a request for help. matthew: it was rejected by the greek governor. the greeks came back and in effect is accepting that proposal. and an extension of the building mechanism for two years. sarah: is that expected to happen before the bailout tonight?
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matthew: the current bailout and the agreement that follows that bailout is over. we don't know how much this will take. that will be an opportunity for his months of negotiations. sarah: how much backing is there in greece for prime minister alexis tsipras and his course of action? matthew: there are conflicting indications on that front. the yes vote it will be published in the press. it is not clear yet if we will have a yes or no vote.
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the understanding we came to a few hours ago was that the greek government has asked the imf to postpone the payments today. the answer came from the imf that if they demanded they could do it, maybe there is more time than we initially felt there was. sarah: thank you very much for your reporting from athens. investors held a brief teleconference to discuss the latest proposals from the greek government. the eurogroup president says they have detected very little new from athens. >> i think we are beyond that point of extension. it is always possible. it race is a member of the
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eurozone and it cannot for financial support. they will have to do a lot of work on that. they have deteriorated even more. sarah: max hoffman has been following this story. he told us more about the eurogroup's reaction to the latest request from athens. >> months of extending the bailout program have led to exactly my thing -- nothing. now they will receive 18 billion euros that are much needed to finance whatever needs the greek government has at the moment. and the country now truly enters uncharted waters for the first time in five years.
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only thing that's keeping the banking system alive. sarah: and here in germany chancellor angela merkel has told her colleagues that she will not discuss the new proposals. there will be no last-minute solution. the chancellor also said it's not over yet and repeated that the door remains open for more talks. >> the eu faces crisis. it was business as usual. merkel said there was nothing new to report. the program will end.
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but even after midnight, we will -- otherwise, we would not be the european union. that is all i can see right now. >> the finance minister placed the brain -- blame squarely with athens. >> they have destroyed the last vestige of trust. they will have to think about how to win back our trust. politicians in berlin have no illusions. a last-minute deal would be
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nothing short of a political miracle. >> 79 people are dead after a military plane crashed into a residential area. they had a number of buildings on the island. the death toll is likely to rise. >> there would be no survivors. it exploded into a fireball. >> i lost five members of my family. >> the indonesian military says the plane went down two minutes after takeoff.
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>> they asked to return to base. the request means something bad must've happened. >> the crash brings painful memories. 10 years ago another plane crashed into a residential area. sarah: a man has set himself on fire killing both himself and one other passenger. this incident took place on a high-speed bullet train that just left tokyo. . >> rescue teams rushed passengers to the hospital. passengers on the train had to be evacuated after a man set fire.
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they were shaken by what they had seen. at the front of this carriage, this person had a container and they sprayed liquid across the seats and all over themselves and set himself on fire. it spread all over the place. >> flames came out of the carriage so i was around the second row. >> the man tried to give money before setting fire to himself. this high-speed bullet train line which goes between tokyo and osaka is a busy one. the line had to be suspended. sarah: other stories making news around the world.
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new jersey governor chris christie has thrown his hat into the ring for next year's presidential election. he joins 13 other republican candidates competing for the republican nomination. christie is popular among fiscal conservatives for cutting public spending but opponents question whether he would be able to work with democrats. the islamic state appears to have taken part of the north of the country. the syrian observatory rights that i asked -- i.s. controls parts of the town. they cut off a key supply route. the deadline on iran's nuclear program has been extended. council members now have until july 7 to reach a deal with tehran. it sanctions eased in november will not be tightened for at
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least another week. and we will try to pull up some pictures for you of nasa upon solar dynamics observatory which caught. a son growing into a huge corona mass ejection before cme, a giant cloud of solar material traveling through space. extreme and ultraviolet light. it is a showdown between two title favorites as germany faced the u.s. in the semifinal of the women's world cup. we will have that story in just one minutes time. don't go away.
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sarah: welcome back. you're watching the w news and these are our top stories. with greece just hours away from defaulting on its debt, thousands are rallying in athens to voice their support for staying in the eurozone. this is the group says it is too late to extend greece's bailout program. but the group will hold more talks on wednesday. desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say. it is a very innovative measure that one supporter of greece -- >> the latest efforts to rescue greece, one guy may have found his own solution. it involves a 29-year-old londoner.
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probably older than 29, aren't you, karl? karl: we are not talking about me. we are talking about tom feeney. he has his own plan. he started his own greece bailout fund on the international crowdfunding website indiegogo. here is the update. nearly 300,000 euros raised towards greece's bailout fund. it would be quite a way to go. he says it is not impossible. he needs for everyone in the eu, every member to buy a feta and olive salad. that is what you get for a six euro donation for the crowdfunding campaign.
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you will get a personalized postcard from prime minister alexis tsipras himself. it would you rather have the greek salad or the postcard? >> think i will take the healthy option. the greek salad. no one since postcards anymore. but see with the big-time investors -- let's see what the big-time investors are thinking about what going on in greece. we are joined with an old hand from the trading floor. am i allowed to say that? >> i guess you are. let's go straight into it. >> i have been here for the most part of 32 years. >> since the early 80's. you have seen quite a bit. how nervous are you regarding greece?
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>> in the u.s., it is an issue to be sure but it is not more than other things we face. we had a big selloff yesterday but it is not a panic for us. >> would you say greece is the number one topic on the floor right now? >> greece is important but illinois is important, puerto rico is important and what is going on in the shanghai market is very important to us. it is something traders are noticing because it is so volatile. >> it may not necessarily be the number one topic but still, what is the word on the floor? >> there were rumors rampant on the floor. we thought they were going to kick the can down the road today and come to some sort of last-minute resolution which they have not done yet. a little bit of a selloff on the close.
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we know that they will default around 6:00 p.m.. we think we will find out tonight that greece is in default. >> if greece does not make you that nervous, when will it? >> the u.s. is just a sliver of that. it would have to be a larger country with a greater impact to see some panic. >> back to you guys. >> it puts it all into perspective on a global scale with greece being such a hughes concern -- a huge concern.
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stay in the united states. tech giant apple wants to create the world's biggest music streaming service. apple music is now live. tim cook announced the subscription service and you can try it out for free. a crowd of other streaming services apple has 800 million users registered with its regular music service itunes. if apple manages to convince 10% of those users to stream music with apple, it will automatically take the lead in this fast-growing market. kristof is following this from the business desk. another streaming service?
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a whole lot of old names we have all heard of before. how is apple going to try to set itself apart from the competition? >> apple tries to be cheaper. if you are offering a cheaper model and service many people your family, for example. it has artists exclusively. taylor swift is only on apple music digitally. and there is another way these companies try to set themselves apart. the personal needs. if you are jogging spotify has the idea that the music you are listening to actually adapts to this situation. >> pretty spooky stuff. it i is a rapidly growing sector.
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>> there are others than apple. people are reluctant to pay for things they find on the internet . music is only one example. that is why many of apple's competitors are offering a free service that is funded by advertisement. a apple does not do. -- something apple does not do. >> thank you very much. sarah, back over to you. sarah: i think i photobombed your chat. i got so excited. i speak for 13-year-old girls everywhere. tennis news now. some of the sports biggest names have been on court for the first-round matches at wimbledon today. roger federer underlined his fine form with a straight sets win over bosnia's player. rafa nadal defeated brazilian
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baluchi in three sets. andy murray is further after a straight sets win after his opponent from causing stan -- kazakhstan. germany's angelique kerber whitewashed her compatriot. in soccer, germany is up against another challenging opponent in the quest to win a women's world cup. they now face the world's number two, the usa. germany currently boasts the best offense and the strongest defense. people are dancing on the streets of montreal before the kickoff. take a listen. >> just like this jazz band playing showtime at the women's world cup. the international jazz festival
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is just a way for soccer fans to kill time before the big match. team usa was on the pitch for a pregame training session in front of the media. the best actor buttes. it team -- speed, team spirits. ask the best thing about us -- >> the best thing about us is we are different. something we have in our back pocket that we are able to be so different in each game. >> the u.s. have played a variable game but they have yet to hit top gear. the 35-year-old will be starting against the germans in the hope of giving america a much-needed boost up front. >> of court -- of course we know she is an exceptional player. we need to be able to combat her.
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>> high score in germany also need a boost following a shaky performance against france in the quarterfinals. the coaches demanded better pressing and more attacking. sylvia knows that a similar performance could and germany's title hopes. -- end germany's title hopes. >> that is why we have the show our playing and fighting ability. and maybe we have more in store for us, too. we will see. >> perhaps the right music in the locker room will give germany the right swing on the pitch. ♪ sarah: here is a recap of our top stories this hour. with greece just hours away from default will they stay in the
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eurozone? a eurogroup says it is too late to ascend the bailout program. but the group will hold more talks on wednesday. and at least 74 people are dead in indonesia after a military transport lane crashed into a residential area on the island of sumatra. a rescue operation is underway and the death toll could rise. you are watching dw news. i am sarah harmon in berlin. i will see you again at the top of the hour.
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>> euromaxx highlights. and here is your host. >> hi there. welcome to our "euromaxx highlights," which size up with these topics today -- >> dynamic designs. >> traveling man traveling around the world. >> and living sculptures. performance art.
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>> think big is his motto. it is no surprise he has won numerous awards for his work. he is a contemporary artist with a plan to make sustainability practical.
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