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tv   DW News  PBS  November 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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♪ >> "dw news" this is "dw news" -- this is "dw news" live from berlin. russia fans all flights to egypt. thousands of stranded passengers tried to get flights back home. many don't know when or if they will take off. the right to die, is it acceptable to help the determinedly ill end their own the lives. that is the question german lawmakers are dealing with as they tighten laws.
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walking out, lufthansa cabin crews go on strike, a move that could cause chaos as flights are grounded. ♪ >> pleasure to be with you. pressure is growing on egypt after that deadly plane crash. russia has no halted all flights to and from the country until security is improved. the move is more extensive than britain's flight ban, which only affects the resort town. stranded tourists are waiting in vain. flights to britain were due to resume, but one carry it says that carrier says egyptian authorities have only allowed a few flights to take off. >> what is the problem?
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>> patience is wearing thin as thousands of british tourist plan to fly home from egypt. there is confusion whether the plan fight would be allowed to take off. egyptian police are carrying out security checks. has injuries are only being allowed to carry hand baggage. checked luggage will be transported separately. britain's ambassador to egypt told me that everybody would be brought home. >> the first two british flights will be leaving for the u.k. in the next few minutes with 180 passengers each on board. >> it was too little too late for some. >> why can't he come and speak to us? >> the chaos it seems is likely to continue. president putin has suspended
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all flights from egypt to russia and said the thousands of russians in egypt will be rate ph rated. --e patriated. he announced the suspension after the head of the security service said there should be no flights until the cause of the crash is confirmed. >> let's get you the angle from russia. covering is unfolding story for moscow. good to see you. britain saying there was probably a bomb planted, the u.s. corroborating that. does russia suspending all flights means it has changed its mind? >> russians are smart enough to consider any option, they say, and to weigh the official investigations.
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which is strange after president putin made his decision to suspend all flights. following a suggestion from the russian secret service. putin is planning to bring back all tourists and others currently stranded in egypt. russian authorities have not confirmed the bomb. as the cause. -- the bomb theory as the cause. it took long to consider the crash of the airplane, longer for putin to express his condolences. >> what has president putin's reaction been to these intelligence investigations zero in -- zeroing in on the bomb theory? >> mr. putin does not want to be accused of doing nothing.
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british prime minister cameron called putin, telling him the results of british secret service. every reasonable head in russia would protect his citizens, bring them back from a dangerous place. this is what british authorities have been doing. russian authorities pulled the wool over russian citizens eyes. after the world started to speak on this alleged bomb on board, the political pressure on putin became noticeable. he had no other choice than to show that he is worrying about his citizens. he is doing something. >> thank you so much for your
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continued coverage of this story. as we have been reporting, many holidaymakers remain stranded in sharm el-sheikh. let's get you the latest. ruth michelson is at sharm el-sheikh airport. our flights taking off? >> we understand that some flights it definitely took off today. at least one, perhaps to, of the easyjet flights scheduled to tak british tourists back managed to bring them back home. the british ambassador promised before that at least 20 of the 29 scheduled flights to date would be leaving. it is not clear how many of those flights have managed to leave. as well as the problem of having
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flights potential be delayed until tomorrow, you also have an increasing backlog of luggage. the people leaving are not allowed to take their suitcases on the flights. they can only take handbags. that could be a problem with a huge buildup of luggage at the airport, which will struggle to deal with it itself. >> in general, how are stranded passengers dealing with the situation? >> it has been quite a mix here. some of the people i have spoken to, especially in the departure lounge, where incredibly angry. the mostly angry because they weren't getting enough information from the airlines to be able to plan and know if they would be leaving. the airlines were telling them
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before they left their hotels. they were forcing them to come to the airport and get information there. other people i have spoken to have said they liked the holiday destination and perhaps they would spend a little bit more time there. for the moment, they are not too angry about it. those people weren't in the departure lounge. they have the opportunity to relax at their hotels. it makes all the difference. >> reporting from sharm el-sheikh airport. thank you for that update. we returned back to germany. it is a morally complex and emotional issue that divides societies across the world. assisted suicide. cases in which terminally ill patients are given drugs that allow them to end their lives. german lawmakers have voted on new rules to regulate the practice. four different proposals were on
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the table and all debated in the parliament before the final decision was made. the lawmakers could have picked from a range of proposals which would see a complete ban on assisted suicides. in the end, the lawmakers opted for something in the middle. >> assisted suicide is an emotional issue. as a former head of the protestant church, he is against the practice. with her suffering from cancer, he promised to to support his wife if she chose to jive. the schneiders looked on as german lawmakers debated a bill that would ban doctors from receiving payments for helping patients into their lives. the law passed, a disappoint for -- disappointment for and schneider. she hoped the parliament would reject the proposal. >> i would have wished for a different outcome. it is clear to me that what some
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people call protection is the government dictating to people. for that reason, i would have preferred if they left everything as it was. >> opponents of the new law say they are worried about the effects of criminalizing doctors who help terminally ill patients and -- end their lives. >> penalizing professional suicide means the doctors who treat terminally ill patients and only assist in rare cases will now have to consider the threat of prosecution. >> none of the people who voted for me have given me the right on how they should die. >> the lawmakers behind the bill said organizations offering assisted suicide in germany have forced parliament to act. >> the need to bring new legislation came about because individuals and companies were advertising professional suicide services.
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in doing so, they were encouraging suicide. that new legislation will prevent doctors from helping seriously ill patients. doing so could carry a sentence of three years in jail. >> let's dive deeper into this. thank you so much for coming on the show. end of life care is your expertise. what are the implications of the lawmakers decision today? >> there are profound implications. from the point of view of care, it is a very bad law. it carries the risk of criminalizing those physicians who help patients at the end of their lives and willing where
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everything else fails to assist them in the last act of ending their life. this is a rare instance. if you give doctors fear of prosecution, then you will hamper patient-physician communication. patients will be wary of talking about this issue with their doctors because they will be a afraid of putting them in a difficult position. this will happen all the more in the future. thus we are robbing patients in very extreme existential situations of their primary point of contact and health, their physicians. unfortunately, this is a law against the people. >> euthanasia means critically ill patients looking for aid to into their lives -- to end
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their lives. do you think it is time for germany to have this difficult and emotional discussion right now? >> euthanasia is when a doctor directly and deliver it leak kills a patient upon his request. -- and deliberately kills the patient upon his request. the patient is also able to carry it through by himself with technical means like an infusion controlled by a computer and the eye movements of a completely paralyzed patient. direct killing by physicians is never medically necessary. it varies higher risks. in the netherlands, over 4% there, and also with active euthanasia there are some rare cases where people have been
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euthanized without ever having asked for it. this cannot happen with assisted suicide. >> i think some people in the netherlands would take issue with that characterization. thank you for sharing your perspective is with us. let's get you an update of some other stories making news around the world. a collision between a passenger train and a heavy goods truck in southern germany has killed two people and left 16 injured. the truck carrying a military -- military supplies was hit at a railroad crossing. investigators are focusing efforts on understanding why the truck was blocking the tracks. a resident of sydney, australia has captured dramatic time lapse video of a storm dissenting on the coastal city. he made the film from his window office. there were no reports of damage after the weather event itself.
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you are watching "dw news". we have a lot more to come. lufthansa c c crews have started a strike that could last for a week. we will have all the details for you when we come back. see you in exactly one minute. ♪
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>> great to have you back with us. you are watching "dw news". these are the top stories. confusion at sharm el-sheikh airport as thousands of stranded british tourist tried to get home. russia suspends all flights to egypt. german lawmakers have voted to ban commercial involvement in carrying out assisted suicide. the proposal passed by a wide majority after an emotionally charged debate. time to get you up to speed with
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the latest business headlines. lufthansa passengers better check the departure boards. >> hundreds of cancellations today affecting thousands of passengers. cabin crews are, and this could take more than a week to it affects all flights from frankfurt and is and connections to the united states. the union says it will ask for 17 hours -- last 417 hours. the airline is offering to book tickets free of charge. the carrier has reserved thousands of hotel rooms. >> passengers unfortunate enough to depart after 2:00 p.m. phase confusion at brantford airport. many of them have little or no time to make alternative arrangements. >> we only just found out or flight has been canceled, although it was still being displayed on the board and scheduled for departure. it is very annoying. now we have 10 minutes to catch
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a train and hope we will make it to hamburg on time. >> it will be -- it was very stressful during the week. >> at present, the strike is limited to main transport hubs of frankfurt and dusseldorf public could spread to other airports in other cities. the flight attendants union said it will hold off on a strike in munich to avoid chaos for school holidays, but that does not mean munich airport will not be affected by future strike action. at the heart of the dispute is lufthansa's plan to change an early retirement scheme which could lower pension pay for cabin crew. the company maintains a cannot afford to continue the current policy because of stiff competition from budget carriers. the latest strike shows staff are not ready to accept that. >> who needs travel stress on a friday afternoon? most people are off work for the
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week. forget it if you are an equities trader. markets are rallying here. we are following the story from frankfurt. tell us how good those numbers are? >> there is only one word to describe this job market report, boom. expectations were for 175,000 jobs. it is telling us the u.s. economy created 271,000 jobs, which is a lot more than any analysts had expected. that is ensuring us that the u.s. economy is going strong. >> is that going to be a boom in december when the interest rate hike could happen? >> yes, it will be a boon for many emerging economies, especially in germany. things do not look that bad once that happens. if the u.s. dollar goes up, the euro goes down.
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that is why we are seeing positive reactions in the stock markets. when the euro is weaker, it is good for german exports. the products of german companies are cheaper to buy for foreign buyers. >> that is the third boom, the euro against the dollar falling dramatically? >> yes, that has fond discussions on whether we will see parity between the u.s. dollar and the euro. the u.s. federal reserve is increasing interest rates. here they are weakening the euro . >> bringing us up to date, keeping us up-to-date. enjoy your weekend. >> relations between taiwan and china have been sour for decades. on saturday, the heads of both countries will meet for the
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first time in singapore. the announcement sparked fierce protests in taiwan. china has claimed sovereignty over taiwan since 1949. there have been no formal diplomatic bonds since then, economic ties have been strengthening. there will be no agreement or joint statement issued this weekend. i asked our correspondent in singapore about the challenges of this meeting. >> the main challenges of this meeting will be the different sentiments and china and taiwan. china has always felt taiwan is part of the mainland, the one china policy or one chinese coast that president xi jinping will embrace. not everyone in taiwan is embracing that policy. the pro-china stands is very much something that the taiwanese premier has brought into four -- into the forefront.
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he has worked hard to improve relations with china. he has done a good job in doing so, but has lost support domestically in taiwan. the taiwanese people are not embracing a lot of the trade agreements that have been signed between the two countries, 23 agreements have been signed, economic cooperation has grown 15% in the past five years between the two countries. last year, there was a tremendous amount of protest and domestic strife against anti-trade issues. taiwanese are worried about their jobs, and the economy in general. >> our asia correspondent there. >> the foreign ministers of ukraine, france, russia, and germany have been meeting in berlin in the latest round of talks on the situation in eastern ukraine.
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earlier this year, they worked out the minsk sees fire agreement that ended much fighting. ukrainian president petro poroshenko has been speaking about how the cease-fire has been holding up. he told tim sebastian that ukraine is sticking to its side of the deal, but that russia backed rebels are not. >> we are responsible and fully cooperating. if you take the number of the reports on ukrainian side on the russian side, this is 15 more times when the russians violated with shelling and the russians do not allow inspectors. we have happened single case, but it was immediately removed and in 40 minutes when an inspector come.
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it was 500 meters from the 23 kilometers when they find out the place and they immediately release it. >> we cover the talks here in berlin. good to see you. the meeting has just ended. do we know what came out of it? >> we've just heard a very upbeat german foreign minister frank-walter steinmeier saying the talks were constructive, collegial, and concentrated. he was quite satisfied with the outcome. he said that earlier in the day he said the cease-fire in his opinion is holding more or less, and he told us now that the various foreign ministers discussed how to consolidate those gains and move forward with the removal of heavy weaponry. he said the removal of light weapons has been proceeding and they would use that as a model
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for removing heavy weapons as well. he said another thing the talks concentrated on was removal of mines, and there the parties want to press forward with rules and procedures on how removal can be accomplished so they can begin with that before the winter. moving quickly also on that score. the on that, he said that all of the participants are well aware of the obstacles and hurdles they faced, but there was a lot of goodwill to push against those. he said that one main topic today was the political process, how to get progress towards holding elections next year. he sent a working group that has been established under this minsk agreement will now be looking at five different areas related to holding elections, including how displaced persons can vote, how mediate will be treated, which parties can campaign, and what an election commission might look like.
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he said that we know that this is going to be a difficult challenge and has to be agreed with ukraine and the interest in eastern ukraine and then submitted to parliament in kyiv. he said on the basis of the constructive talks we have had, he believes that should prove possible. >> thank you so much for your continued coverage on these talks today. now, they called him the jet man. now he has outdone himself. in a video that has gone viral on socia media, he is taking on the world's take is commercial aircraft, the airbus a3 80 in the skies above dubai. along with his collaborator, the two chased the giant jetliner at speeds of up to 300 kilometers an hour. take a look. ♪
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>> he is the inventor of an individual jet pack that uses carbon fiber wings. he is a former fighter flight and blue -- flew 747s. he said he wanted a more free-form way to skydive. that was pretty cool. a reminder of top stories. confusion at sharm el-sheikh airport as thousands of stranded british tourists try to get home. russia suspends all flights to egypt. german lawmakers have voted to ban commercial involvement in caring out the assisted suicide. the proposal passed by a wide majority after three hours of debate. ♪
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>> this program is brought to you in part by c-i-e tours international; for over 80 years featuring all inclusive tours and go as you please value vacations throughout ireland and britain, ♪ ♪ >> patricia: hello and welcome. i'm patricia o'reilly and i'm delighted you could join us for another editif.


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