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tv   DW News  PBS  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. german police have detained five south exit connection with the there is care attack. a major management is underway for a key aspect in the paris attacks. also coming up, friends asking at european allies to help fight islamic state. russia plans to boost its military coordination of paris in syria. also on the show egypt's that has no evidence yet that a bomb brought down a passenger jet in the sinai last month.
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this after russia said it was aware of terrorists. >> review have you with this. we begin the developing news. german police say they have made two more arrests with connection to the attacks. that follows three earlier arrests. in a process backs in the investigation come from a border town, and some are believed to have fled and are hiding in the aftermath. we just got these pictures from the town where there has been this ongoing police operation for much of the day. police raided multiple sites. this was a scene in a residential street. this is spot where they arrested two women and a man this morning: good tipoff from local residents.
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let's go now to melinda crane who is following this story for us. what can you tell us about this operation? >> it is an ongoing police operation using swat teams and special forces. to further people have been arrested, which we bring the total threat the course of the day to seven people. the first three were arrested this morning around 9:30 a.m. this was after a tipoff. apparently came from a saleswoman and a local discount store. she believes she had recognized the man who is the brother of one of the suicide bomber sprung saturday's attacks in paris. he is thought to have driven the getaway car. he is known to have alluded a seven -- assemblies who work looking for suspects in france. the region we are talking about
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in germany is close to the belgian border. it has been a region where there has been heightened police scrutiny. three people arrested this morning outside of an employment center after this tipoff came. police later told german media that he was not alone the three. there was a man amongst them, but we were told by german media that this was not him. the police operation did go on throughout the day. it is apparently still going on. police then raided a residential area where the people have rented an apartment. they are apparently still in that area. we are told that all of them have non-german, foreign passports. we also told that the suspect was in germany two months ago. that he passed through germany on his way to austria. bryan: this vigilance showing
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how people are paying attention to the story as germany remains on very high alert. can we expect the high security members -- measures to continue? >> certainly high security was what into place here in germany immediately on saturday following word of the attacks. germany's interior minister said that he would be sending additional police and special arsons units to all logistical centers, to airports, to train centers, and along the german border with france. he also offered friends all possible help and support from german police forces. indeed, it absolutely heightened security. bryan: following the story for us. thank you. france is continuing to move swiftly against i.s.. both at home and abroad. president francois hollande held talks with a joint military operation in russia and syria. and vladimir putin has
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concerned confirmed they will i was. france will also be getting acting from its eu outlays. ruvell up more live from brussels after this report. >> tensions are running high in brussels where authorities suspect at least one of the paris attackers may have lived in police are taking extra precautions. elsewhere in the belgian capital , defense ministers discussed new security measures. it was an unprecedented meeting freight became the first eu member state to summon black-white assistance in a time of military conflict. >> they have requested assistance in accordance with article 42.7 of the treaties. today the european union, through the forces of all the defense ministers, of all the eu
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states unanimously expressed its strongest. ford and readiness -- strongest. ford and readiness to provide aid. >> this assistance could provide assistance for all eu countries. president francois hollande has made it clear they will continue airstrikes against i.s. and syria. the president's planning legal changes. dual nationals considered dangerous could be blocked from entering france and he stripped of citizenship if suspected of terrorism. extremists could also be deported. backing for france's coming from across the atlantic grady u.s. secretary of state john kerry traveled to the site of the attacks, confirming support. he said the united date is emitted to strategic cooperation with our oldest ally. >> with lebanon's attacks, with
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what has happened in egypt, with ankara, turkey, with the attacks now in paris, we have to step up our efforts to get them at the core where they are planning these things. and also obviously to do more on the borders in terms of the movement of people. but the level of cooperation could not be higher. >> as the french come together now with both solidarity end result, they are gaining support from international partners. bryan: let us go to brussels and our correspondent is standing by for us. first of all, can you fill us in on the news we are getting about joined to go rational and -- joint franco russian naval land? >> they has stepped up their air raids against ies positions in syria, involving cruise missiles and long-range bombers.
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apparently francois hollande and the russian president have talked on the phone and agreed closely -- close military cooperation. the president is planning to travel to russia and about 10 days. bryan: what are you hearing about the eu military cooperation? well there be any ground forces involved? >> they are not a military alliance, so we will not see any form of eu military mission to syria. but what we will see his individual support. eu member states are now individually supporting friends in case of germany that means, talking to the germany has to minister -- defense minister that they will continue to fight . they will intensify their military engagement in mali and west africa.
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a number of states are getting stronger. things are little more complicated. indulge in there is a complicated debate about troops. bryan: why isn't france turning to nato on this? >> i think that is quite a clever move on the french part. they already know that when it comes to u.s. the u.s. is already a very close ally. they do not need data for that. leaving nato out of the question has two advantages. they can avoid potentially endangering a multilateral peace talk which is ongoing to find a political solution to the syrian conflict in vienna with a country such as iran and russia on the negotiating table. adam course if you look at military cooperation with russia, they could also create a problem and it could potentially
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endanger the near french russian alliance. bryan: let's move to the police investigation where you are for potential suspects in the paris bombings. what are you hearing about that? >> the investigation for the manhunt in belgium is still going. full swing. what the investigators have told us now is that the persons who were detained on the weekend have admitted they have collected this person with a car from paris after the attacks and brought him to build and without knowing that he was involved in the attacks. so they claim at least. otherwise, i can inform you that about 300 extra soldiers will be provided to control -- patrolled the streets in belgium. the country is still very much on it. seeing farther rates and attacks
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are possible. bryan: tensions in belgium as well as the police operation continued. thank you. the international hacker collective anonymous has released a new video declaring it is a war with islamic state. let's go to our social media desk. to have you with us. can you tell us more? carl: anonymous has called this their biggest operation to date. they say they are going to be stepping up cyber attacks against the islamic state. they released this video on youtube, and announcing their intentions after the attacks in paris. >> this is a message to isis. you have reached a limit, you are not muslims, you are terrorists, you're a disgrace to your society. killing people is not allowed in the ground. carl: the video is condemning
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the paris attacks pretty interesting to you that say you're not true muslims. it says they will did -- retaliate by disrupting their online activity, and the cyber operation is already underway. here is a tweet from an anonymous twitter countless tank at a miss is at war, and we will not stop opposing islamic state. we are also better hackers. i like that line. anonymous has targeted i.s. before. they had a similar mission after the charlie hebdo attacks. and in this, they have taken down more than 5000 suspected i.s. twitter accounts. bryan: how exactly are they staging these attacks? carl: good question. they do not do a lot of these bob melvin. they have a very large network of hackers out there. here's one example. there are some twitter account pointing out that this might be
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a suspected islamic state account. you can see the codename on twitter is rises recruit. they are flagging this and say let's take this one down. another thing you can see in the open, a list of suspected twitter accounts operated by islamic state. look at this scroll. there is more than 1000 twitter accounts that they have already uncovered. this keeps going and going. we tested one of these links. we essentially copy and pasted to see if it was still active. it has already been suspended. we know in the past they have worked directly with twitter to take these down. bryan: nice to see it suspended. government agencies across europe are dealing with cyber intelligence, cyber defense. what do social media users think about anonymous getting involved in a domain that is typically a government domain? carl: this operation is are you trending on twitter.
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there is quite amount of support for anonymous online. this is just one twitter user here. one would think that our government would do something about isis, get a group of activists have gotten done more than our own government. there is some some skepticism online as well. one user saying cyberattacks are not going to stop isis from carrying out terrorist attacks. claiming it is a big publicity stunt. we have more information online. bryan: good to hear from you. thank you. this is dw news. still to come, the sinai plane crash. russian officials now confirm it was an act of terrorism. egypt says there is no evidence yet of how play. and cutting the cash for terrorists. we will be looking at international efforts to starve i guess of the money and needs to operate.
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we will have that and a lot more coming up in one minute. stay with us.
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bryan: welcome again. our top story, german police say they have made seven arrest in connection with terror attacks. the suspects detained in the western town in the belgian border. no word yet on the identities of those in custody. egypt is saying there is no evidence of a link to terrorism in last month downing of a passenger plane over sinai. the comments come after the federal security service of russia's say a terrorist attack called the crash that caused the
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crash. islamic state affiliates said they were responsible for the crash. >> russian intelligence officials; traces of explosive in the wreckage of the metrojet. it is conversation than a homemade bomb containing one kilo gram of tnt caused the plane to break up in midair. all 224 people on board were killed last month in the plane crash in a semi-peninsula. most of them were russian nationals in the russian president has promised vengeance. >> we should not apply any time limits. we should know them all by name. we will search for them everywhere, wherever they are hiding. we will find them in any spot on the planet and punish them. >> vladimir putin has instructed his comments to reach out to western counterparts to track
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down the culprits. he gives states the right to self-defense. bryan: our correspondent in the kremlin, why is moscow right now so sure that this was a bombing? >> moscow is very reluctant for a long time to admit this was a bombing. now it appears that there has been a confluence of the jurisprudence going to admit the bombing. firstly to their own investigation came to the conclusion that it was the wrong. they found traces of explosive on the degree in package that was scattered around after the plane broke up there. it is a great time to do because after the terrorist attacks, i think they are thinking it will not necessarily be a big blow to their syria operation. there was a lot of concern for that is laying was to have been brought down by terrorists would
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be linked to russia's intervention in the middle east and that could possibly undercut the support for the intervention. that does not seem to be happening. it seems like they are feeling now confident that this is a terrorist attack. bryan: prisoner from content" cooperation with the west. what do we expect? >> putin ordered his generals to work on a plan to coordinate efforts with the fringe military and the french special services to strike a terrorist in syria. kuhn earlier today said his air force was going to be ramping up shirts against isis. we're going to see a lot more bombing of isis. does not look like we're going to see any ground force intervention and white. as spokesperson did say that russia was not considering deploying large-scale on the ground. bryan: thank you.
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let's get some business with them. the dw and having a lot of problems as we have been following. but it was a deep discounting could run some does work some wonders. >> to german carmaker has been trying to back out of this commission schedule but it is hard to show the actual problems. gw is still the european leader as far as market share knows. >> what crisis? false like insulting rally 220 cars last month than it did a year ago. a drop of zero and 2% sales will just have a present. but other manufacturers managed
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to increase their sales, leading to a smaller market share for volkswagen. in october they meant it just over 25% of the target for passenger cars. dw was followed by psa who also lost market share along with ford. your chrysler and daimler on the other measures to significantly increase their share of the european car market. demand for new cars continued to rise for the 26th month straight. in 30% increase compared to the previous year. bryan: let's crunch those numbers with our financial correspondent in frankfurt. from what i have been reading analyst say november figures, next month, they will be very
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telling. >> ventas} they will be more telling than the october figures for sure. because first you have to consider the scandal. october was the first month, there was a time difference. all in all november will give us a clearer picture of the actual impact of the scandal. right now it is a little bit too early to tell. bryan: what do you reckon? >> i do not think we will see that much of a huge draw for two reasons. first, vw is still considered to be in love brand in europe. many people are attached to it and it has local scandal. but we do not know the whole picture, the whole scope and the
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customers have a hard time assessing the risk that is involved. many will probably still go for it. we will see a slot in the shares and in the sales numbers. but perhaps not as that as many as has the video. bryan: you and i know the germans are very attached to their cars, no matter what current is. moving on to our other top stories, i.s. militants claimed responsibility for the friday the 13th attacks in paris. world leaders want to fight with military force and on a financial level. it is a tricky situation. it is what he did not say, funding from i.s. comes from about 40 country including members of the gene 20. the militants generator
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uncashed, but then they have to buy older with from someone. >> kurdish troops captured these weapons and vehicles belonging to the islamic state. i.s. acquired to american and japanese pickup trucks the old-fashioned way, by paying for the cash. an estimated 40% of the money comes from oil and gas fields captured by i.s.. this propaganda video shows the takeover of a natural gas plant in syria. they are expected to earn $1 million. it passes through middlemen and other countries and is hard to track. even a g20 rubber might not be buyer. it has created its own currency and even collects taxes. >> the islamic state in poses
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20% tax on all economic activity. that includes everything from agriculture to internet -- it has a significant impact on the local population. >> to help sell those artifacts and are not destroyed. another source of revenue. but monday -- money arrives in the form of donations from radical supporters. until recently funding has been coming from countries such as qatar and even saudi arabia which is also a g20 memoir. now that g20 wants to end all outside financing. find and freeze i.s. accounts around the world. bryan: european football is
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letting the terrorists know that i cannot be intimidated. david cameron will be on hand as they face off. the leslie was on friday, and blast them done the national stadium as they faced with germany. >> london stadium is ready to welcome the french with open arms ensure that will not recount by terrorists. france were adamant that they would play despite it coming days after suicide bombings outside demand germany. flowers from their english yes reaganite test -- or a nice touch for the travelers were -- and with their rivalries on hold. >> says been very hard moment we will be playing the match for our country, and for the ones. -- victims. >> the england team held a
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minute of silence ahead of training. they really coach has earned in singing the national anthem. >> they have to do good. it is something that affects all of our lives. >> the powerless for 200 together will be on show again at tuesday. bryan: a reminder of our top stories have as. german police have made seven arrest in connection with the paris terror attacks. we suspect detained in the western town near the border, no word yet on the identities of those hold up there. we will have more than top of the hour. we hope to see you then. -- at the top of the hour. we hope to see you then. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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