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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 23, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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it's tuesday, november 24th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. >> french president hollande is making a new diplomatic push in the fight against islamic state militants. owe met with prime minister david cameron. they agreed on more military action against targets in syria. >> we're going to intensify our air strikes. we're going to choose targets that will do the most possible damage to this terrorist army. >> later this week i'll set out in parliament our comprehensive strategy for tackling isil. i firmly support the action that president hollande has taken to strike isil in syria, and it's my firm conviction that britain
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should do so, too. >> the two lead are made plans for european countries to share more intelligence on terror suspects. hollande is scheduled to meet with u.s. president barack obama on tuesday and with russian president vladimir putin on thursday. after the talks, france announced it had launched air strikes from the "charles de gaulle" aircraft carrier. the french military reported fighter jets bombed targets in iraq. france has already carried out strikes from the united arab emirates and jordan. fresh strikes from the carrier would more than double the number of bombers involved. russian military officials are showing off their readiness to work with the french state group. they broadcast images aboard a russian missile cruisers showing officials communicating with the french about a possible joint operation. in moscow, putin said air
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strikes will continue, noting he wants to punish the culprits behind the attack on a jetliner that killed 224 russians in egypt last month. putin is hoping for cooperation with neighboring nations to use air space for military purposes in russia's fight against terrorism. kazakhstan and other countries raised concerns about the safety of civilian flights over the caspian and nearby areas. anti-terrorism force necessary southern russia killed 11 people affiliated with islamic state militants. media is reporting troops carried out a special operation. personnel focused on a mountainous area where militants were hiding. they say the group was plotting suicide attacks on crowded places in the north caucuses region. while putin is showing a united stand with france, he is far apart over the future of syria.
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the russian president agreed with the supreme leader of iran that no outside body should force a change in syria's government. the two leaders met in tehran monday. putin's first visit to the country in eight years. putin is a supporter of assad while the united states and other countries want a change in the syrian leadership. russia, iran, western and middle eastern countries agreed on a political plan in syria in hopes of ending the civil war there. it would see a u.n.-supervised election within 18 months and calls for talks between the assad government and anti-government forces by january. there is no agreement on what will happen to assad.
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coast guard officials are trying to solve a mystery in the waters off central japan. they recovered what they think are parts of a boat. and they are trying to figure out if there's a connection to three vessels found adrift last friday with the bodies of ten men inside. the officials say they found wooden fragments along the coast of wajima city in ishikawa prefecture. they believe they are from north korean fishing boats. two of the three boats had korean writing on the hull. one of the markings read the korean people's army and another, ministry of state security. the officials also recovered fishing hooks and nets from the boats. south korea's president said her country should maintain an ironclad security posture. her words monday come on the fifth anniversary of the deadly shelling of the island by north korea. the attack willed four people including two civilians and led to an escalation of tensions
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between the two koreas. the north maintains it carried out the attack in the face of south korean military drills. south korea's president park geun-hye spoke in a video message at a memorial ceremony in seoul. she says strong security would safeguard peace as well as building health y inter-korean relations. the country didn't change plans to perform a live fire drill around the disputed ocean border with its neighbor. a spokesperson for the korean's people army responded. >> despite the belligerent words, officials from the two koreas plan to meet in the demilitarized zone thursday. they also aim to hold higher level talks which were agreed to in august. hong kong's pro democracy movement has been given a boost.
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several young candidates inspired by last year's protest have won seats in district council elections. the hong kong election committee announced the results of sunday's vote for 431 seats. a leading pro beijing party lost more than ten seats. local media report that eight young candidates who were involved in the pro democracy protests were winners. counselors from pro government parties still dominate the council. >> translator: i hope the candidates inspired by the protests will stay true to the objectives and contribute to hong kong society. >> the protests caused problems for traffic and business. i don't want the candidates to be elected because i'm afraid it will happen again. >> the turn out rate was 47% up six points from the previous election.
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it marked the highest voter turnout on record. experts say the young candidates inspired by the protests have won more support than expected and now face the challenge of having their voices heard. leaders from the major exporting gas companies met sunday. >> they are members of the gas export companies. they agreed to promote natural gas as a clean fossil fuel. they say it's an abundant and sustainable energy source. at the start of the meeting, iran's president proposed that member nations enhance coordination in production and trade. he said that common strategies will help them achieve their goals. officials at the international energy agency say natural gas consumption will grow at an average rate of 2% a year through 2020. this figure represents a downward revision by the officials who cited the increase
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in use of the renewable energy. the leaders of the gecf member nations agreed in a joint decoration they will redouble their efforts to expand consumption. they say they will hold constructive talks with gas importing countries. there's been a rumor the gecf might begin fixing prices, but iran's oil minister indicated that the organization is not ready to do so. >> a senior official from japan's ruling liberal democratic party explained a plan to strengthen agricultural cooperation with indonesia. the general council chairman is in the southeast asian country. his visit follows a decision by the government to award a fiercely contested contract for a high-speed railway project to china rather than to japan. in his meeting with indonesian president, he said he was disappointed by the outcome but added that the two nations have an unshakeable friendship and
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that japan is ready to cooperate with indonesia in improving its infrastructure, including a high-speed railway system. he said agricultural cooperation is important in strengthening the ties between the two nations. he told the president about japan's plan which includes providing new yen loans for irrigation projects in indonesia. he sand japanese prime minister abe agreed to improve bilateral cooperation. he remarked that as an open country, indonesia plans to further ease restrictions and expand investment. after the meeting, the two attended a networking event between a japanese delegation and indonesian political and business officials. he has japan's delegation of about 1,000 private company executives and senior local government officials. u.s. pharmaceutical giant pfizer and allergan of island created the world's largest drug manufacturer.
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the executives at the two firms announced they will merge by swapping shares in what is a de facto takeover of allergn by pfizer. worth about $160 billion it will be the largest m & a deal so far this year. pfizer is known for producing the erectile dysfunction drug viagra. allergan folkses on biologic products like eye drops and cosmetic medication. according to a british re search firm the combined sales of the drug makers were around $56 billion. that's more than that of novartis, the company with the largest sales in the global health care industry. pfizer plans to move the headquarters from the u.s. to ireland in order to reduce the corporate tax bill. companies in the pharmaceutical industry are trying to expand through mergers and acquisitions to make up for losses on patented medicines after patents expire. let's get a check on markets. tokyo boards are back after a
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long weekend. the nikkei dipping in the negative. right now at 19,867. investors are waiting for u.s. gdp data coming out later today. let's move on to currencies. the dollar is rangebound trading at 122.84-88 against the yen. it is off from monday's high above 123 yen. the greenback was boosted by comments saturday from a federal reserve official that there is a strong case for raising interest rates next month. the euro zone central bank is expected to take the opposite path and ease monetary policy further. the euro is now trading at $1.06. taking a look at other markets across the asia pacific, sydney shares trading lower, tumbling commodity prices are putting the asx 200 on track to snap five days of gains. in seoul, the kospi is up. japanese electronics are facing severe competition in a
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wide range of products from tv sets to mobile phones. they've been making major structural changes. one strategy is looking promising, shifting to japanese electronics are making a comeback. but some big names are missing out. sharp and toshiba reported losses for the first half of the business year. but panasonic and sony both turned in strong earnings. panasonic's operating profit increased 13% to $1.6 billion. sony returned to the black for the first time in two years. >> translator: we are expecting an increase in earnings for all five electronics divisions for the full year. >> reporter: and here's what is boosting sony's bottom line.
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not the camera. it's one of the parts inside. the image sensor. image sensors convert the light coming through the lens into an electric signal. basically, a high quality sensor means a high quality photo. sony's seamless sensor is not just top quality, it's small. sony engineers achieved that by stacking two wafers together. right now it's the only company capable of mass producing this technology. that gives sony a lock on the market. most high-end mobile phones and many digital cameras come fitted with the company's seamless chip. image sensors contributed 10% of sony's profits. analysts say switching from products to parts is key to the industry's future. >> relatively, b2b business is a higher margin than a set business.
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focusing on devices and keeping technology different, that is more critical. >> reporter: sony executives obviously agree. they are now wrapping up investment in image sensor production. they are spending millions to buy production lines from other companies. sony forecasts a bright future in the auto industry. image sensors will be essential for automatic driving. >> translator: the market for image sensors will continue to expand for the next 30 years. we will try to keep our top position. >> reporter: panasonic is another company moving up the supply chain. as any regular visitors to the electronics show in las vegas would know. the booths for business customers was double the size of last year. they exhibited new l.e.d. lights and displays.
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companies can use them to market their products. panasonic is also charging up its battery business, supplying lithium batteries to electric carmakers. >> translator: looking at the customer reactions, we feel confident our shift to b2b business is the right strategy. >> reporter: panasonic spun off its television and other money losing divisions two years ago. b2b now contributes the largest share of revenue. the strategy is proving profitable. and analysts say other companies will soon follow their lead. nahoko yamada, nhk world. more for you next hour in business. here's another check on markets.
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police in tokyo are investigating an explosion at a shrine no one was injured in the blast but they believe the shrine, which has been the focus of political tensions was targeted. the small explosion monday morning damaged a public toilet. police found wires, batteries, parts of an iron pipe and what appeared to be a timer. shrine officials were holding an annual harvest festival when the blast occurred. there were more visitors than
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usual. >> translator: i heard something like a bang but didn't think it was an explosion because it wasn't that loud. >> yasakuni shrine is commemora commemorates the war dead. leaders criticized their japanese counterparts for visiting the shrine. official at japan's space agency are taking an important step for the private space industry. they are about to launch a commercial satellite for a foreign company. engineers from mitsubishi heavy industries built the rocket that will carry the rocket for a canadian company. it will travel four hours before releasing the satellite 34,000 kilometering above earth. flight time and altitude are unprecedented.
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europe and russia lead the market for commercial satellite launches, and competition is heating up with the entry of a u.s. venture company. japan is now trying for a 23rd straight successful h2a launch. the rocket is scheduled to blast off before 3:30 p.m. in japan. for generations, people in shanghai lived in traditional lane houses whose architecture is unique to the city. shikumen dwellings feature a distinctive blend of western and chinese developments. it is rapidly changing shanghai's landscape and with it the lifestyles and families who once shared the history under the same shikumen roofs. >> reporter: at the foot of the
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high rises stand rows of historic shikumen houses. stone doorways decorated with western style details are a trademark of the architectural style. red bricks cover the outer walls. neighbors live side by side in the same building. the design provides maximum units in limited space. matching the needs of densely populated zhang high. shikumen architecture had its beginnings in the mid 19th century. that's when the city became prosperous as a foreign trading port and people flooded here from across china. shikumen housing was built to accommodate the influx. today, the buildings provide tourists from in and out of the country a glimpse into the city's past.
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this woman lived in this house since she was a baby. almost 80 years. the building is covered by bricks outside, but the inner pods are made of wood. several families live in different units along the narrow stairway. in her flat, a toilet stands ba bare. >> translator: i hated that at first, but now i find it convenient. >> reporter: she cherishes the bond with her neighbors. they shared their kitchens and helped each other raise their children and take care of the
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elderly. >> translator: what's good about living here is that everyone is friendly. i ask my neighbors for favors and they do the same to me all the time. >> reporter: at one point, sikumen accommodated about 60% of all shanghai's residents. with the city's rapid development, these buildings are being torn down. only 1/6 remain standing. this man lived here more than half a century. city officials are asking her to move out.wman lived here more t half a century. city officials are asking her to move out.oman lived here more t half a century. city officials are asking her to move out. most of her acquaintances already left. >> translator: all my neighbors shared the joys of our life.
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we used to share what we cooked. our days were full of fun. >> reporter: chatting with neighbors and meeting them at nearby markets used to add color to the daily lives of elderly residents. for the atmosphere and the city's home quarters is changing. an element of classic shanghai lifestyle is being lost with the disappearance of the shikumen. people across the u.s. are preparing for one of the busiest travel weeks of the year ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. meteorologist robert speta joins us with the forecast. >> let's talk about this travel week. it's going to be a rough one from the rockies across the central plains. pay attention to this forecast
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here. this past weekend much of the eastern u.s., thanks to this area of low pressure, see that cloud cover is now moving off to the east. it brought in this absolutely chilly cold air and some snowfall accompanying with this. an early season snow in cleveland, ohio. also towards chicago. really just slowing down people out on the roadways here. numerous delays and cancellations at the airport. this high pressure is making things dry right now. back towards the west, this is the storm system to watch. specifically across the northern rockies for the time being, you are going to look at additional snowfall, some areas as much as 20 to 30 centimeters expected out there. high winds. some areas as much as 70 to 80 kilometers per hour. take a look at the three-day outlook. you are going to look at a high of only 6 tuesday. it's going to get colder to minus 6 and minus 8 by wednesday and thursday. similar conditions across parts
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of utah to northwest and las vegas. not going to see the snow in las vegas. a high of 21, almost summerlike. mild with you bill be dropping off to just 12 there by your thursday. let's take a look over towards the other side of the world. nothing to do with cold air but really here in india, it has been the rainfall. we are sounding like a broken record out here because really for several weeks now, we've been talking about these areas of low pressure. they are just pumping moisture onshore here in southern india. that's been the problem. it's not a named cyclone but that persistent moisture, specifically here around chennai. 300 to 400 millimeters have fallen in that one area this is causing problems here. over 70 people died. this is the way people are
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commuting in some areas, having to get around by make-shift rafts. that gives you an idea how waterlogged this region is. the rain stopped for now, but there could be more in the forecast. this is something we are going to continue to keep an eye on in the forecast across much of this region. back to the snowfall. i want you to look at the satellite picture before i get into the forecast. you see these areas along the coastline of russia, streaming off the coast? that is what we call the sea-effect snow. that's the big snow maker here. in parts of hokkaido it's being felt. about ten centimeters on the ground there. in sapporo, trying to keep their puppies warm there. as far as commuters, it is a slow go. that cold air bringing that snowfall. it will filter to the south later this week. back towards the north, across
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parts of north korea, 50 centimeters of the white stuff. for now, a little bit of warm air in western japan. going to stay mild in tokyo. 21 for the high on tuesday. cooling off to only 12 by wednesday. i'll leave you with your extended outlook.
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>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.
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