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tv   DW News  PBS  November 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> this is dw news from berlin. russia and turkey trade blows really foreign minister says moscow will suspend visa free travel following the downing of a russian military jet. plus, france mourns instead. and pope francis lands in
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uganda. ♪ sarah: i am sarah kelly. good evening. welcome to the program. tonight there is more signs that the relationship between russia and turkey continues to deteriorate. russia says it is suspending these of three travelto turkish citizens after a military jet was down earlier this week. turkish president has reached out to set up a call. those calls have gone unanswered. all of this during the major wrench into the attempt to fight islamic state. our coverage begins with this report. >> russian airstrikes continue
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against the rebels not far from the location where the russian bomber was shot down on tuesday moscow's also said system to the area. both sides seem to be coping the team. -- having the antie. >> we have more and more questions about turkey's true intention and his student interest in fighting terrorism and bringing stability to syria. >> he went on to announce the data visa free travel for turkish citizens. this comes after a rash of punitive measures against turkish business interests. he has accused russia are we up
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his ally rather than fighting islamic state. >> russian is playing with fire by attacking the syrian opposition which has international legitimacy. the whole world admit that turkey is right in this incident. >> despite finding words he also said he hoped to meet russia's leader next week climate change conference. the chances of the meeting are still far from clear. the top kremlin advisor today announced that he will not talk until he apologizes for the downing of the russian playing. simon: we're joined by our middle east expert from the cover foundation. thank you funding with us tonight. these are leaders that have had little relations. why have we seen them sour so quickly in the past week? >> to look at russia's larger strategy in the middle east.
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this is based on the will to retain the foothold in the region. and also to have a certain degree of leverage when it comes to being an international actor and being at the international to fall fairs therefore i believe it is very fortunate to keep that background in mind when it comes to the deterioration of the relationship. sarah: turkey is a nato member. is that an asset, or is this a disadvantage? >> i believe it makes the effort to forge an international coalition against myself a broad coalition a broad coalition, including actors such as russia much more difficult. i think the situation, when it comes to syria has become much more difficult. sarah: what do you think the goal is for both russia and turkey?
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what do they want out of the situation? they are not come to an agreement easily. both sides refusing to give in. >> when it comes to putin, he of course has to show to his home a forceful and very strong reaction. that explains the issue of the sanctions as well as the demand for the apology. we have to keep in mind that he has been advocating the fall of a solid for quite some time. and he is still in place. he has to make a strong point and has to be seen by his home audience as a very strong leader. sarah: posturing to the domestic on and politicking in all of this view test on the fact that he is a no go for abuse. they have fundamental
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differences on whether or not he should stay in power. when we look at these men as leaders there quite solar because the differently crackdown and critics. they have been accused of doing that. i have often seen them revert to anti-western rhetoric. have we seen a personality difference between the two of them? >> t.r. knight egos in that arena. i believe in spite of the current tensions that we see at the moment in the final analysis it is not in their interest to perpetuate or to exacerbate the tensions. therefore i do hope that we will see an easy of the tensions in the time to come. sarah: a meeting coming up in paris on monday. we will see if they get the chance to speak and called some of these tensions. thank you for putting in perspective for us. there was a mood of defiance in the face of terrorism in paris today as the french president
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led a solemn ceremony to remember those who died in the paris attacks just two weeks ago. friends and relatives of those who lost their lives were joined by politicians. it was greece, but also a celebration of life and freedom. >> the names and ages of the terror victims were read out one by one. the french president led to my remembrance of the 130 dead. then came a somber minute of silence. france honored its intent like war heroes. -- it's a dad like the warrior -- dead like war heroes.
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♪ >> the dead represented all that was great about friends. >> these women, these men, personified the joy of living. it is because they were life itself that they were killed. it is because they were friends that they were gunned down. it is because they were freedom that they were massacred. >> in the buildup to the ceremony he called on the french to fly the flag. >> all of my friends and family have been talking about it, and it feels like something has changed. it proves that they are far more united than people think. >> that will be music to the presidency years.
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he says france's at war. it will take more than a military national anthem to win the fight a while keeping the public safe from further attacks. sarah: a summer day in paris. let's get a quick check of other stories making headlines at this hour. at least 21 people have been killed in the midst of a procession in northwest nigeria. witnesses say dozens were injured and taken to health centers for treatment. there has been no claim of responsibility and authority suspect that it is the work of the group boko around. our blackout has continued for a fifth day. but as a law after its power lines were not by 097 over the weekend and two years after annexation by russia crimea still dependent upon ukraine for
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its powers of life. one of germany's most traditional famous markets has opened with tighter security measures in place. they will be conducting back and id checks. the measures comes after the national security agency spoke of an elevated terror track of princes has arrived in uganda on the second leg of his african tour. he received a warm welcome. before he left he visited a slum in the capital of nairobi where he criticized the rich elite and condemned social injustice. >> jubilation on the tarmac, around 30 colon letters from the guns in capital. francis the third pope to visit. they are home to some 10 million catholics. on this leg of his african to her he is due to celebrate an open air mass and address of two
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1000 people at a youth meeting. his first stop, he gave a speech praising the willingness to take a refugees. >> how we deal with the is a test of our humanity, our respect for human dignity, and our solidarity with our first ancestors. >> earlier the day, before departing for ugandan, he visited the slum. many had waited through the night for a chance to see the pope. >> you cannot disregard the dreadful injustice of urban
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exclusion that surrounds you every day. these are wounds inflicted by minorities who cling to power and wealth. who selfishly squander while the growing majority is forced to flee to abandon, filthy, and poor peripheries. the pope had come to the right place to illustrate his point on an equality. the shantytown has about 100,000 residents. most of the live without basic sanitation. proves again that this pope is not scared of visually sensitive isses. sarah: let's bring in our correspondent who is standing by for us in nairobi. what are we likely to hear from the pope as he gets going there in uganda? >> the main issues will remain
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inequality and i poverty. about 60% live in poverty. sarah: we have to apologize for their some static on your line. what we are hearing is that there is some addressing of the inequality in uganda. we will try to sort of technical difficulties. the president has just signed a number of anti-gay measures. the pope and has softened the church's stance on homosexuality. is this likely to be something that he addresses? >> [indiscernible]
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sarah: thank you very much for that update. we apologize to our viewers for the problems on the line. you're watching did a video news. we have to take a short break. still to come we have a report on child marriage in africa. a widespread this which the u.n. says could double by 2050 if urgent action is not taken. as america goes shopping crazy between black friday and cyber monday. $80 billion in acted to change hands. join us just above some bargains and hear about all the drama.
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sarah: welcome back. a quick reminder of our top stories at this hour. russians foreign minister announces the suspension of visa free travel with turkey following the downing of a russian military jet. the president of turkey replies that russia is playing with fire. france has held a memorial ceremony in paris for the ends of the islamist terror attacks two weeks ago. the president described the attack as cowardly acts of war. the names of all 130 people killed were read out.
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the united nations is warning that child marriage in africa could double by 2050 if urgent action is not taken sandy is hosting the first african girls summit to end the practice. they described early marriage as a violation of human rights. >> this 16-year-old from mauritania will not let us use her name. threes ago she was forced into a marriage with an older man. her family told her it would all be for the best. >> after a year i really hated him. we slept in separate rooms for the first year and his mother forced me to be with him. >> the african union has put the focus on their campaign to stop holland -- childhood marriage. it is one of 10 countries taking part in a program to accelerate
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the end of child marriage and africa. >> once the girl is very she's out of school, she's out of employment. she is more likely to be sick. it really has an a negative affect on the health system, on the gdp. >> another u.n. survey shows that 35% of african women married before the age of 18. they have condemned forced marriage as a violation of human rights. a harmful rectus that must come to an end. sarah: moving over to some business news now. we are here. the end of a working week. but it was not your typical friday. >> black friday brady know how it works. here in america, the turkey the night before go wild.
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the money that they spend is amazing. african-american is expected to spend about $800 this year. even more amazing is what they save. that is what gets sharper so excited. they expect to send between $400 and $500 this year. it is something that's actually catching on in germany as well. i had a flood of e-mails from distributors, also text messages from furniture company saying, on down, is black friday. sarah: the retailers have figured out that in the united states it is called black friday because this is the first day of the year that the retailers would go from being in the red into the black. that is pretty universal internationally. everyone wants to sell. >> the germans wanted peace of it as well. in this catching on here but they have a lot to catch up because they have to offer more than just flashing sales tax is what furniture company did. if they want people scratching,
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fighting, pulling hair, black friday is not for the faint of heart. everybody loves a good deal. this is the day to find one. expect long waits in america. about 136 million are hitting the stores this weekend. security is going to be tight for the unofficial start of the holiday stockings is -- shopping season. >> a 49 television set for $149. it is oe of the best deals in oklahoma city. electronics are all the rage on black writer. it is the best time to pick up gadgets like tablets, computers, smart phones and watches. everything is on sale. clothing, cosmetics, and toys can be found in many shopping cars as well. even discounted home appliances like blenders and slow cookers make many shoppers happy. ? some of them we got for three dollars. >> many waited for stores to
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open and deals to be revealed. some were even willing to sacrifice your thanksgiving turkey with family and friends just to be at the head of the line. >> i-8 thanksgiving dinner here. >> americans are expected to spend more than a hundred dollars this holiday season on average and that is 30% more than last year. that is what black friday is all about. a shopping spree where you can spend less on so much more. >> let's get to wall street was the latest on this. you are looking very smart tonight. have you already been shopping? >> of course i took advantage of those early online sales. about a laptop. i am still waiting for those other sales that are going to
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happen. i'm an online person versus going to the mall. >> you sound like a cro's -- a serial shopper. as the weather going to play a part this year? >> we are living through the warmest welker -- winter in decades. this is going to take a especially on inventories of those who are going talk to reduce prices to reduce inventories. this will hurt their bottom line and their sales. at the end it is also going to take a toll on the economy. if you look at the gdp from the fed of atlanta, we see the fourth-quarter projections for the u.s. economy is only 1.8% of
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expansion. we have to be very careful with the warm weather that is going right now in the u.s.. >> americans will spend on average $800. it is a lot of money. there are americans spending more this year. thank you for joining us. the concept of black friday is spreading beyond the borders of the u.s.. amazon is enticing customers with big discounts. others are cutting back. the institute expects consumer sentiment to weaken in december. they are increasingly skeptical as the jobless rate increases. we tell us and exporters get excited when black friday comes
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around. look at the state of the world economy. it is in need of a boost. you cannot blame the southern states for all of that. >> they have taken a toll on national growth. it is no wonder. last summer they work posted stay closed for weeks and that hurt investor confidence and put greece in a difficult situation. many have already hoarded their cash. many left to survive on what was in their wallets. grokster mustard product contracted by almost a full percent in the fourth quarter. in comparison, the british economy continues to grow in the same timeframe as amended by half a percent. speed of growth is slowing. spain on the other hand is leading the pack in europe. it is devastating troubles in
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unemployment that is helping to fuel the recovery. >> that brings us to a little bit of scoring of what we could expect this weekend. sarah: in the league, resurgent berlin face to their toughest test so far. they faced a champion who have dropped two points all season. they went into the game full of confidence. a transformation has taken them from relegation candidates to my contenders. >> the coach has turned him into a force to be reckoned with in the league. a strong sense of team spirit. now they want to prove their strength against the very best.
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>> we have come up with some ideas and practice them. we want to play rb in the means playing well with others people. we will see if it pays off. >> can they weather the storm? >> you cannot wall off the gold from even with even love employers. we will do what we can. yes scored seven times. he will not be the only one hunting a goal in munich. >> they are one of the best teams in the world. we will see if hard work can close the gap. >> they will have to end a long
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winless streak to come away with three points. sarah: a quick reminder of our top story before we go. russia'sforeign minister announces the suspension of visa free travel with tricky following the downing of a russian military jet and the president of turkey replies that russia is fit playing with fire. you are watching dw news in berlin. more coming up at the top of the hour.
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