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tv   DW News  PBS  December 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> breaking news from california where police say the city of san bernardino, they are responding to a shooting at this hour with reports of 20 victims. officials are looking for up to three heavily armed gunmen. we will have more as this story develops. british prime minister david cameron appeals for airstrikes against the islamic state in syria.
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in germany, a similar debate taking place as well. as climate talks continue, southern india faces its worst floods in a century. i'm sarah kelly, good evening and welcome to the program. in the united states, reports of an active shooter in the southern california city of san bernardino. the local fire department is responding to reports of up to 20 victims. sheriff's department meanwhile says there are one to three suspects still on the loose. richard walker is standing by in our uris bureau, we heard the police saying that multiple shooters are on the loose.
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this is different from the shootings we've heard about in the past. we haven't really heard about multiple shooters before. bring us up to date. >> san bernardino police department has confirmed three possible suspects. it is the area important to because this and how we handle this information. it is not unusual for there to be erroneous and conflicting reports in the early stages of what we have here, which is a breaking news situation. a lot of scrambled information coming from victims and those in the surrounding area that may not be completely sure exactly what they saw. but that sense of there might be multiple shooters is the high number of casualties involved. the fire department talking of there being 20 victims.
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it did not specify if those people might've been killed or injured but there are some reports of 12 fatalities. i think that is certainly feeling this sense that it is possible that there is a single shooter involved and it is cautious in the early days. >> these are live pictures you're looking at . >> san bernardino is a city east of los angeles and is part of a continual stretch, and urban
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sprawl east of los angeles in california. it has a population of just over 200,000. this incident is taking place in the 1300 block of south waterman avenue in san bernardino. the police saying this is a very active situation. telling locals to stay clear of the area. that is on the southern side of the city being close to a golf course. >> people should stay away. we have to mention that this is 60 miles east of los angeles for people that are not familiar with the area. this is not the first shooting we have seen in the united states. walk us through what authorities are doing at this hour. >> we've had the police and fire department involved on the local level. you will also see federal
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capabilities, particularly the fbi and atf in the area. we can see people being let out of buildings with their hands up. people are being checked quite carefully just in case any shooter or shooters try to escape under the guise of being a victim. a lot of resources piling in there. this situation has become all too familiar and there have been very high-profile mass shootings, of course. oregon and charleston. sarah: last week, a targeted planned parenthood. a lone gunman shooting people with some fatalities. i know it is early but can this most recent shooting have anything to do with that? >> i did look at the planned
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parenthood which is not far from the location we are discussing. there have been no indication so far from any authorities that this has anything to do with planned parenthood. sarah: richard walker with the very latest. recapping for the u.s., reports of an active shooter in the southern california city of san bernardino. the local fire department responding to reports. in the meantime, going to turn to some other news right now. lawmakers are due a vote on whether to participate in airstrikes against the so-called islamic state in syria. a parliamentary debate is underway in london at this hour. david cameron has been making the case for britain to join allies in the united states in france. he told lawmakers that they faced a choice between sitting
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back or intervening to degrade and destroy the threat. the issue has proven hugely controversial and the opposition is divided on whether to back the push for strikes. david cameron has apologized after calling his opponents terrorist sympathizers. standing by for that vote and we will bring it for you as soon as it comes in. german lawmakers are also debating whether to approve increased military action. the foreign minister stressed that a political solution to the conflict is of paramount importance and that military action is also necessary. >> 10 representatives of the international assembly have come to witness the debate and are greeted with applause. solidarity with france has only one reason the mission is justified. both military and political measures are crucial.
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>> the mentality is sickening. i think there is no doubt about that. we must fight them and we want to fight them. >> this mandate is one building block but is an important one. that is why we ask for your agreement on this. >> they stressed the mission is necessary and legitimate but it does not mean the effort to find a political solution is any less urgent. anything we do is not simply for military reasons but an integral part of the political process. no one has fought harder to get this process underway than the german government. both opposition parties rejected the mission. the left calls it an adventure and compares it to the mission in afghanistan. >> ladies and derailment, we
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completely failed to reach our objectives there. it should make us think very carefully this time around. we need to learn from that mission. >> parliament is to vote on the mandate on friday. a large majority is expected to back the plans. >> is increased bombardment likely to work? we put that to simon from lancaster university in the u.k.. he lectures on international relations in the middle east. >> the number of them are queuing up to get involved. we have to question what we mean by effective and successful. what is it people are wanting to get out of these strikes? there are arguments that should be made. one is to be seen that we are doing something. in natural response to what happened in paris and beirut.
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and in that regard, it seems to be effective. people are getting on board. public opinion turning slightly against in the u.k.. whether it will be effective in stopping isis or what we need to call them now, i am less convinced by a far trickier proposition to defeat them by airstrikes alone. sarah: in other news, german chancellor angela merkel has told the president that she wants to repatriate more afghans seeking asylum in germany. the president was in berlin. germany would meet its humanitarian obligations for afghans in serious danger. but that migrants simple hoping for a better quality of life do not qualify for asylum status. many afghans say that their
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country's worsening security situation means it is simply too dangerous. >> they have met on multiple occasions to discuss a multitude of topics. it revolved largely around one theme. refugees. 2000 arrive in germany. there is no security in afghanistan right now. there is no guarantee you will return alive. if it is the question of up particular group of refugees, i know that this is a great hope. almost every day and
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afghanistan, there are attacks, kidnappings, and chaos. that is why it is soon to be raised once again. they're also deploying security forces in the fight against illegal migration. dealing with legal migration is a joint responsibility. and dealing with the impact of illegal migration requires proper framework. the country is and will remain unsafe for the for sealable future. they want to stay in germany. >> i have a request for the german government. >> the family is anything but
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certain. sarah: let's bring in melinda crane. when we look at the statistics, more refugees than ever have arrived in germany this year alone. berlin meanwhile not giving them much hope of staying. why is that? >> the massive flow of migrants throughout the course of the year is straining german resources and germany's welcome culture. the government is committed to better ordering and filtering the flow, particularly the tinting to distinguish between those that definitely are fleeing violence, war, persecution such as people coming from syria and those perhaps coming mostly in search of a better life economically speaking. the chancellor made it clear that she is aware that many people are facing violence and
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perhaps in some danger. and simply ruling all people from afghanistan out could result in individual situations of inequity. she did mention that perhaps there would be an option for some to look for protection within what she called safe zones within afghanistan. zones for displaced persons within the country. that is perhaps one option on paper that surely will not be particularly convincing to people like the family. sarah: think you for your insight. we appreciate it. who will return to breaking news now and the developing story, reports of a mass shooting in the u.s. city of san bernardino in southern california. emergency services have been setting up a mass trauma center at the scene.
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officials say there are one to three possible shooters still on the loose. it is a live feed you are looking at at this hour. people dead, shooters on the loose. we're following this story and we are back in a minute.
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sarah: this is dw news live from berlin. reports of a mass shooting in the u.s. city of san bernardino in southern california. emergency services have responded. one to three possible shooters still on the loose. we want to continue to check in with other news at this hour. india has diploid its military to the southern state after the heaviest rainfall for more than half a century caused massive
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flooding. the country's fourth biggest city has been inundated affecting more than one million people. this comes as france's top diplomat urges delegates to speed up negotiations on a deal to limit global warming. >> the residents are helpless. massive flooding has submerged the city underwater. carson been replaced with makeshift rafts and the delucia is not letting up. >> there have been heavy rains here in the last 24 hours. there is much more rain than last week. every house is underwater. >> people are finding it very difficult to find a shop.
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>> hearts of the city are without power. people are stranded and forced to make do with what little they have. weeks of unprecedented rainfall has displaced housings. the prime minister has ordered the deployment of paramilitary forces and rescue teams to the city. but it is an uphill battle. resources are scarce. officials admit the situation is grim. so is the outlook. the downpours forecasted to continue, at least for the next 24 hours. sarah: we will head the business news. on a day like today, it is great to hear about some people out there trying to make the world a better place. >> this is news about mark zuckerberg who has given the world a major status update. he has pledged to give away 99%
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of the shares he and his wife have in the company. he is not giving it all out at once. it will be a more complicated process stretched out over many years. they did it because they are the proud parents of a newborn baby daughter and this of the world has to become a better place. >> mark zuckerberg published an open letter to his recently born daughter. it was one sentence in particular which made headline news. 99% of his facebook shares would go towards charitable causes. that's a fortune totaling $45 billion. accompanying the letter was a video recorded shortly before his daughter was born. >> you will not be perfect at it the first time. science, health, community building.
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we will learn lessons over and hopefully get better. >> he will donate gradually over his lifetime. he will save on taxes and not the putting it in a nonprofit foundation, but a limited company in which he will retain control. warned buffett and bill gates have donated large parts of their wealth and many criticize that as a privatization of welfare. because donations deprive the state of taxes that would usually be spent for the public good. the state does not decide which projects should be funded but powerful donors like mark zuckerberg. >> there is one that could soon be history. it is meeting this week about whether to sell off the company's core web business. what is left would be a shadow of what it once was but it could lead to a profitable future.
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>> she has failed to turn yahoo! around. the google veteran with the latest attempt to redefine the company. the spiting the third most visited website in the u.s. with iconic and popular mail and use -- news services, the advertising business has been in decline for years. the board is considering alternatives. so off the core business possibly to a private equity firm or a technology company. or spin off valuable assets including a 15% stake in the e-commerce powerhouse alibaba. it is a huge tax risk. if they invested the assets, it was still be left with emerging social networking units.
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they are still facing competition from google and microsoft. >> the chinese president has concluded his visit to zimbabwe by signing trade deals worth billions of dollars. the agreement covers industries such as power and transport in the prevention of double taxation for investors. >> a chance for he and his wife to show off the cuddly or side. the visit is part of the diplomatic offensive. china is zimbabwe's biggest investor and is helped to get the battered economy afloat. late tuesday, the chinese president met the zimbabwe counterpart through assigning of deals. the biggest one covers financing for an expansion of the countries largest power plant. china will also finance a new building in the logistics
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facility for pharmaceuticals. the president's toasted their economic relationship at a state dinner. they imposed sanctions for the human rights record and what it says is election rigging. >> we greatly appreciate the understanding and flexibility by china. >> it remains unclear how much money she has committed on this visit. china's investments in zimbabwe are modest. despite the involvement, they have remind -- remained wary of a company struggling to take off. >> whets return to our top story back to sarah. sarah: thank you very much. the latest on the breaking news
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with reports of up to three active shooters in the southern californian city of san bernardino. the local fire department is responding to reports of up to 20 victims. richard walker is following this from our bureau. the last time i checked in with you, this was still very much an active situation there. >> we are getting a bit more detail about the shooting that has taken place. people with developmental disabilities. that detail coming in. we are getting more local media reports with a number of 12
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people dead. 20 people have lost their lives. there are multimedia reports suggesting 12 people have been killed. sarah: in the meantime, we're watching this situation. what have we been seeing on the ground? what is it say about how authorities are handling the situation? >> authorities in the united states are used to having to deal with situations like this and there are clear protocols.
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the fire department of course getting in there and fbi, atf, and other federal bodies. a prime focus they will have is getting people to safety, getting people out of this area. we stressed earlier in the show, it's extremely important to be very wary of that sort of thing. they believe they have seen multiple people involved in a shooting. the first news of this came in just about an hour ago. a very fluid situation on the ground.
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sarah: richard, briefly before we go. >> it is what we're hearing so far. we are waiting for a proper official statement from police as well. we hope that will come at some point fairly soon. sarah: following the shoot out in san bernardino. still very much developing situation. thank you. keep it here for the very latest. i'm sarah kelly in berlin.
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