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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 4, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PST

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hello and welcome to "newsline." it's friday, december 4. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. u.s. officials are charging 16 more fifa officials including current and former executives with bribery. the charges come after continuing investigations into corruption at football's world governing body. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch detailed the charges related to marketing and broadcast rights for games. >> and the message from this announcement should be clear to every culpable individual who remains in the shadows hoping to evade this ongoing investigation. you will not wait us out and you will not escape our focus. >> two fa vice presidents,
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alfred dehoward of honduras and paraguay are among those charged. hours before the indictment they were arrested in zurich where they were to attend a meeting on organizational reforms. lynch says she's attempting to extradite them. in may nine officials were indicted for corruption. that led to the resignation of the organization's president seth blatter. u.s. investigators say a couple suspected of going on a shooting spree this week at a social services center in california had a large stockpile of weapons but they're still trying to answer the key question of why. police found 12 pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition in a raid on places connected with the couple. the suspects, syed farook and his wife, tar sheen malik, opened fire at the facility in san bernardino wednesday morning. 14 people died, 21 others were injured.
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>> it is possible that this was terrorist related. but we don't know. it's also possible that this was workplace related. >> obama says it's up to the fbi to determine why the two staged the attack. an official with the fbi says the attack appears to have been premeditated given the amount of weapons. but he says it's still too early to speculate the motive. the two were killed by police in a shoot-out after fleeing the scene by car. u.s. media report the suspects may have been influenced by islamic extremism. amid rising tensions, foreign ministers from russia and turkey met for the first time since the downing of a russian warplane by the turkish military last month. russia's sergei love revolver and his turkish counterpart failed to narrow their differences. the ministers met on the sidelines of an inrnational nference i serbia. russia slapped sanctions on turkey after the incident.
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lavrov said there was no apology from the turkish minister and he reiterated russia's position that the plane shouldn't have been shot down. turkey maintains the jet violated its airspace and was warned many times to leave. he stressed the importance of keeping communication lines open. while the foreign ministers aren't finding common ground, russia's president is upping the stakes. vladimir putin used a state of the nation address to suggest a further expansion of economic sanctions against turkey. putin began by honoring the two russian servicemen killed in the downing incident. he ruled out the use of force against ankara but not further sanctions. >> translator: we will remind turkey againnd again of what it has done. turkey will continue to regret its actions.
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russia knows what it has to do. >> putin reiterated his claim that oil is being bought by turkey from the islamic state militants. -- accused turkish president erdogan and his relatives of being involved. president erdogan calls it slander and says he would resign if the allegations are proven. thailand's government is stepping up security to combat possible terrorist attacks by those thought to be connected to islamic state militants. nhk has obtained an internal government document dated november 17. it says russia's security agency informed thai officials that ten syrians with suspected links to islamic state insurgents entered thailand in october. it also says the syrians split into groups and headed to various places including bangkok and the resort towns of phuket and pataya. the document adds that the syrians may be plotting to
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attack tourists from russia and western countries fighting the islamic state group. in august, a bombing in central bangkok killed 20 people. the thai government has ordered security officials to collect information on possible attacks, track down the syrians and heighten the terrorism alert. policymakers from the european central bank have announced additional easing measures. ai uchida joins us from the business desk. what's behind their decision? >> so many concerns, catherine, that they have possible deflation, china-related risks, also the economic impact of the terror attack in paris. the loosened monetary policy includes extending the ecb's quantitative easing program for another six months to boost the economy. ecb president mario draghi and other board members have been meeting in frankfurt. they said the board has decided to extend the central bank's bond purchas from september 2016 to march 2017. they added they will buy a greater variety of bonds than
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before. the board is also lowering the interest rate on deposits from commercial banks from minus 0.2% to minus 0.3%. the cut is meant to prompt commercial banks to increase lending. the ecb maintained its policy rate at the current level. ecb president draghi stressed the board's willingness to use all its available policy levers. >> given continued high structural unemployment and low potential outgrowth in the euro area, the ongoing cyclical recovery should be supported by effective structural policies. >> the ecb's new measures came amid fears of deflation in the eurozone. analysts say a further slow-down in china could hurt germany and other economies. many people in the markets had expected bolder measures from the ecb, such as expanding the amount of asset buying.
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so analysts say many investors disappointed and selling shares worldwide. tokyo stock prices opened sharply lower. nikkei trading lower by nearly 1.8%, 19,583 at the moment. at one point it tumbled to the lowest level since mid-november. all sectors are lower amid the downbeat sentiment. the euro jumped against other major courage cies after the ecb announcement. the single currency hit a one-month high against the dollar. the dollar fell against the yen after the ecb's decision market players are now focusing on the main u.s. jobs data due out later today. let's see what's happening on other markets across the asia pacific region. sydney share prices sharply lower as well, down 1.7%. over in seoul the kospi's trading lower by a little more than .5%. we'll see where trading takes us throughout the day.
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japanese and u.s. business leaders say the transpacific partnership has the potential to boost their economies and create stronger ties. they're meeting in washington at the two-day japan/u.s. business conference. high on the agenda this year is how to use the tpp free trade deal to forge a stronger economic relationship. a broad tpp agreement was reached in october. >> translator: we must work together to find best ways of using new rules under tpp to improve the business environment and expand investment. >> we trade over $200 billion between our two countries every year. a total that would grow further with a completed tpp agreement. >> the business leaders are also talking about ways of cooperating to deal with data
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security and aging societies. china is known as the factory of the world. a country that makes so many of our products. but a new survey shows a growing number of japanese manufacturers are losing their enthusiasm for investing in the country on the back of its cooling economy and rising labor costs. the government-backed japan bank for international cooperation, jbic, conducted the poll. about 600 japanese manufacturers operating overseas responded. more than 80% indicated they had plans of stepping up their operations outside of japan. but only 48% gave similar responses when asked about their china plants. it's the first time for that figure to dip below 50% since the survey began 15 years ago. in contrast, 62% of the japanese companies were bullish on the middle east. nearly 60% on africa and 54% on north america. a jbic official says it's clear
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that japanese manufacturers have lower expectations for the chinese market than before. japan's aviation industry is taking off. one company has developed the nation's first commercial aircraft in half a century and a car manufacturer also aims to fly high. in the second installment of our series "dreams of flight," we look at ways that government and small businesses are teaming up to take advantage of new opportunities. >> reporter: the city of niigata and the central government spent $5.3 million to build this factory. it was completed last spring. it houses a cluster of five small and medium-sized firms engaged in machining parts for aircraft. >> translator: we hope that components made in niigata will soon find their way into airplanes.
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>> reporter: the aviation industry is expected to grow substantially. a recent air trade show in tokyo attracted hundreds of firms from around the country. the minister of economy, trade and industry estimates sales in the sector will double in five years to $2.5 billion. a typical airplane contains over 3 million parts. over 100 times more than an automobile. the company that makes these parts must have advanced technological skills. but they don't need large, expensive machines capable of mass production. that's one reason this industry is so appealing to smaller firms. there are 28 aviation industry clusters in japan where 600 small and medium-sized businesses have teamed up with government. ny gaut that was among the first to establish a joint manufacturing facility.
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140 employees have been making warts for home plumbing systems. over 70 years the company developed expertise in handling difficult to process metals, something few businesses can claim. with sales plunging, company executives decided to use that experience to try something different. kimura is one of them. >> translator: focusing on this industry will allow us to pursue new opportunities in a number of ways. >> reporter: kimura began making the rounds of aviation companies in search of customers. recently he received a request from a major passenger aircraft manufacturer to produce a prototype for a key component. the aircraft company will give
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kimura the production contract if he can meet the customers' high safety standards. the part must be very strong and be built to exacting standards. kakazaki machinery invested about $1.6 million in production equipment. work on the prototype can now begin. >> translator: we've committed ourselves to succeeding in this industry. so we have to keep moving forward. we've stake the future of our company on this project. that's the challenge we have to keep in mind. >> reporter: many small businesses are hoping that the rising prospects for japan's aviation industry will allow the dreams of success to take flight. kazuak ichli hirami, nhk world.
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>> if you missed our first report on "dreams of flight" catch it on the nhk world website at the url displayed here. that's the latest in business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets. efforts to dispose of radioactive waste from the nuclear disaster at fukushima
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daiichi have taken a step forward. they will approve the plan to use a private facility in the area. >> translator: this is a painful decision. on behalf of the local government, i humbly ask the relevant mayors to agree to the central government's plan. they gave me their consent. >> this is the first time a prefecture accepted a radioactive disposal plan amid residents' environmental and health concerns. the environment ministry plans to nationalize a private sector facility as a final site for contaminated waste. the town has been under an evacuation order since the nuclear accident. the facility will handle radioactive sludge and straw and incinerated ash which contain radioactive materials of 8,000 becquerels per kilogram. there's more than 166,000 tons of such waste across the nation. fukushima prefecture has 83% of it. the government plans to build
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similar disposal facilities in five other prefectures. but the plans have stalled due to local opposition. the rerouting of japan's space exploration probe appears to be on the right track so far. this image was taken by the spacecraft as it approached earth on thursday. the probe was observed from various parts of japan. in its closest approach to earth it was 3,100 kilometers above hawaii. jap japan's aerospace agency observed its new course. the small dots moving up the screen is it passing by stars. it will monitor the probe eat data to determine whether the operation was successful. they say it will take about a week. >> translator: what we know so far is the probe is flying as expected. we need to keep watching it closely. >> it was rerouted to complete
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its mission to a small asteroid that scientists hope could provide clues to the origin of life. if all goes well, it's expected to reach the asteroid in 2018 and return to earth in 2020. police in tokyo are investigating the cause of an explosion last month at a major shrine in tokyo. they've identified a man of interest caught on surveillance cameras. police say he is a south korean national who has since returned home. a small fire broke out after the blast late last month in a restroom. no one was injured. police say the man was seen carrying a knapsack and a paper bag. they found several items left behind, including charred batteries with korean labels. they say the man returned to south korea the same way after dropping into a nearby hotel.
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the shrine is dedicated to japan's war dead. those remembered include military and political leaders convicted of war crimes after world war ii. china and south korea have been critical of japanese leaders visiting the shrine. in a country where every bookstore is piled high with manga comics, one series stands out. its author is swedish who is pursuing her dream of making a name for herself in the land where manga was born. the report on her strong commitment to her art. >> reporter: the fourth annual tokyo international comic festival was held last month. the event drew enthusiastic crowds eager to see the latest examples of an art form that's
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become a global phenomenon. a 21-year-old swedish artist was one of the stars. people waited in line for the chance to meet her. >> translator: her drawings are very feminine and cute. >> translator: her humor is very sophisticated and she's good at expressing human emotion. >> reporter: she works in the japanese style of four-panel manga form. she also highlights unique features of local culture. her work has also been recreated as motion comics and translated into four languages. >> translator: high-tech toilets are a bit scary. there are too many buttons. which one is the flush button? maybe this one. maybe this one? yaah! i have no idea how to stop the water.
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please, stop. >> reporter: it began to take off when her cartoon blog was ranked number one on a popular website. her work has been published in book form and more than 90,000 copies have been sold. >> i think it's amazing. i was so surprised. super happy, of course. it has been quite the journey for me. >> reporter: her interest in manga was sparked when she was 13 and saw the japanese series "sailor moon." >> my life has changed. >> it was the first time that i saw japanese manga so it clicked to for me that i should be
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drawing manga. yeah, hu >> reporter: she keeps a collection of japanese art at and anime at her home in sweden. she refined her skills at a local art school for cartoonists. after graduation, she worked for seven years as an illustrator. four years ago, she moved to japan and realized her dream of building a career in place where monga originated. there is material for her humorous strips. one episode describes an innovative approach to repairing a japanese style paper door. instead of replacing the paper, she decides to stitch it up. they've all become material for her humorous full-frame strips. one episode describes an innovative approach to repairing a japanese-style paper door. instead of replacing the paper she decides to stitch it up.
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>> it would be fun to one day return to longer, more epic stories. i don't know. some viking fantasy or something maybe. we'll see. >> reporter: this young artist hopes to use the power of her imagination to help others draw inspiration from her new home. people in areas around the great lakes region in north america are dealing with heavy snow that's slowing drive others the road. our meteorologist robert speta joins us with the latest. >> many travelers across much of this area throughout the day thursday. the snow did really come down on you. not only on the roadways, also at many of the airports out
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here. this whole storm system started to drift off toward the northeast. we're looking at widespread snowfall across the new england states, 20 to 25 centimeters expected there. it really was a rough day there. let's take a look at some video. we first have coming out of cleveland, ohio, where it was coming down. snowplows out in full force out here. actually you got upwards about 8 to 10 centimeters on the ground. the good news, this city is definitely built for this type of snowfall. it's an early season one with some of drivers out there trying to get used to those slick roads. as far as conditions as we look ahead, as i mentioned, that purchase coming in from the north, that is bringing some colder air. but clearer conditions at the least. down towards the south and the florida peninsula, you are looking at some widespread rainfall, 100 millimeters expected there for you. then all the way to the other side of the country over towards the western u.s. and western canada, we have our next storm system coming through. this is going to bring some
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blustery conditions with it. but also some heavy snowfall, upwards of 60 to 80 centimeters in higher elevations. take a look at your temperatures now. cold in the north. down toward the south, houston with a high of 17. los angeles, sunny skies for you. and a high of 21. now moving over towards india. still a very serious situation out here ongoing in the southern areas of india where you have been seeing well above average rainfall. yes, towards the north we have dry season in place. it's down towards the south where we typically see the wettest month in november out here. often from cyclones or from passing waves. but this year it just has been nonstop. on average you typically have upwards of 300 to 400 millimeters. in the higher months of area, 1,300 to 1,400 millimeters. already in december well over 300 to 400, about twice as much as you see in the entire month. so that is really the big issue
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out here. we have flooding, everything's water logged, and there really hasn't been a break to get some of that drained out. take a look at the forecast. still got those rain showers and thunderstorms extending out through the entire weekend. now let's move over towards japan and talk about the snowfall out here. because what we have been seeing is this area of low pressure pushed towards the northeast. you have all this cold air spilling behind it. it has been bringing the gusty winds and instability, rumbles of thunder heard across much of niigata over towards nagano this morning. that's thunder snow for you. also looking at these gusty winds, upwards of 126 kilometers per hour, typhoon equivalent. all of that is along the western seaboard combined with the precipitation. i do want to note if you are out and about in tokyo in the morning you may be thinking, wow, it's fairly chilly but the sun's out. the robe is because of those northwesterly winds. but it's those mountains as well
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which are stopping the snow and piling it up up and down the coastal areas here, especially in the higher elevations. hokkaido you could see as much as 50 centimeters out there for you. should be tapering off though by your saturday and sunday. also want to mention things back toward the west on the cold side. beijing a high of 5. here's the extended outdoor.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.xnóx
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>> i try to throw in some native american... >> on this edition of "native report," we meet artist rocky makes room for them. we visit the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community's organic garden and chicken farm. >> ncai's had a position for well over 40 years. >> and we look at the "change the mascot" movement that urges the elimination of racially offensive sports names. we also learn something new about indian country and hear from our elders on this "native report." >> production of "native report" is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community and the blandin foundation. [traditional music playing]


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