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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 11, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PST

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"newsline" it's friday. >> negotiator from local governments have been working to bridge their did hes greems on a climate agreement. they have one more day at the u.n. conference in pair toys reach a consensus. they've been given a push by the french foreign minister who presented a new draft. >> translator: it is time to seek a desirable solution and make a compromise instead of pursuing ideals. >> the ministers have started discussions based on the new draft. they're trying to agree on a new framework to replace the kyoto
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protocol beyond 2020. the latest draft includes a compromise on the key issue of financing that's dividing rich and developing countries. it would allow major emerging economies to contribute resources voluntarily and to propose an increase in support from developed nations from the current pledge of $100 billion annually. the draft requires all nations to submit reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions every five years and measures to achieve their goals, but the targets were not made mandatory. while delegates in paris hope to put a brake on global warming, scientists here in japan have been simulating what might happen if temperatures continue to rise. nhk world has more. torrential rain floods the subway station in tokyo. a deluge breaks a levee on the river. floodwaters inundate cities. japanese scientists say
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disasters like these could become common. they simulated an increase in the average global temperature. they said their baseline before the industrial revolution and assumed the rise of 4 degrees celsius. the results show more rain more often. days about 300 millimeters of rain become two and a half times as frequent. the scientists say the world would have 30% fewer typhoons and hurricanes. still, they say typhoons would develop more often. they say storm surges could overwhelm sea walls in tokyo and osaka and flood the cities. >> the most significant feature of these results is that we have contemplative evaluations of present and future risks. for instance, we can see how frequent and how big a disaster
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would be. we heard local governments who used our results in disaster management. >> that expert said the simulations point to more unprecedented weather events. it remains to be seen whether the folks in paris will prevent those events from happening for real. nhk world. in other news we're following this hour, the german airport has joined the u.s.-led coalition fighting the islamic state militant group. the deployed aircraft and troops to a turkish air base. their mission is to monitor islamic militants in iraq and syria. the german military said it sent two reson cancer planes and refueling jets and a transport aircraft with 40 troops on board to the air base on thursday. the plan is to send more reconnaissance aircraft to turkey at a later dated. the military already pledged to send a frigot to support charles de gaulle in the eastern
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mediterranean. they made the decision to send military support by air strikes during the attacks in paris in december. it has joint international missions in the past in places such as the balkans and afghanistan. the alert level has been raised. they say they're hunting for suspects as part of a europe-wide investigation into last month's paris attacks. swiss authorities say they're acting on information that several suspects are thought to be in the city or the area, but they have not revealed if the people they're looking for would directly be involved in the attacks. local yeedz report the suspects are believed to be sympathizers of the islamic state group. they say that u.s. investigators provided a photograph of them and they say a suspicious truck with belgium plates had been spotted in geneva. police are ramping up security at airports, train stations, and sensitive sites, including
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jewish community centers. armed police officers are patrolling u.n. buildings. after weeks of waiting this year's nobel laureates finally have their prizes. among the winners are two japanese scientists. the winners met for a special awards ceremony in stockholm. ♪ >> awards were handed out for medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, and economics. >> ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the nobel foundation, i would like to welcome you to this year's nobel award prize ceremony. >> he received his nobel dip olympica and gold medal from swedish king charles gustav. he won the physics award for proving nutrinos have mass. it opens a window for to further understanding the cosmos.
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canadian -- affect one-third of the global population. among people living in africa and south asia. a tunisian pro-democracy group received the nobel awards ceremony in oslo. the national dialogue quartet -- ♪ the group called on the international community to make the fight against terrorism an absolute priority. it addressed the need for dialogue touching on the recent terror attacks in paris and others around the world. >> today we are in dire need of dialogue between civilizations and peaceful coexistence within
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the framework of diversity and uniqueness in the fight against terrorism. we need to place the utmost priority on coordination and cooperation among countries to stem terrorism and the cause at the source. representatives of the quartet also voiced their result in tunisia and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share their country's story with the world. the quartet consists of a labor union group and confederation, a human rights league, and human rights organization. it was form in 2013. two japanese survivors of the 1945 atomic bombings on hiroshima and nagasaki. they met with norwegian prime minister and called for increasing efforts to abolish nuclear weapons. >> translator: i'm already old, and i was worried that i wouldn't be able to come here,
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but i am really glad that i did. i felt this opportunity to talk to the prime minister would be a valuable contribution to global peace. >> he said nuclear warheads are an absolute evil. she says people need to understand that in order to prevent another nuclear bombing. officials at the bank of japan are sifting through answers to a questionnaire they asked people at more than 10,000 companies how they're feeling about the economy. we are joined from the business desk. analysts are predicting hfd the survey results before they're released. we are hearing from economists that 15 private research firms that the results will probably show a slight decline in business sentiment. they believe the prolonged slowdown in china and other emerging economies will darken the mood, especially among exporters. the index is calculated by
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percentage of respondents pessimistic from the percentage of those who are optimistic. forecasts from the 15 research institutes range from plus nine to plus 14 points for large manufacturers. the index was plus 12 in the previous survey. three of the institutes predict improvement. one, no change, and 11 a decline. economists at all but two of the institutes expect sentiment to decline for large non-manufacturers. they cite sluggish consumer spending despite a shopping free spre by a record number of tourists from overseas. japanese automaker nissan has drawn up proposals aimed at sending off intervention from the french government in its management. nissan has capital tie-ups with french automaker and the french government is the top shareholder. the french government wants to increase its voting rights in renault to 28% next spring to
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gain more influence in renault's management. nissan is worried the move could strengthen the government's influence in their company. renault holds about 43% of the voting rights in nissan. the japanese company's proposal to call on french officials to promise in writing they will steer clear of nissan's management. they'll also include a review on the tie-up agreement which bans nissan from raising its stake in renault without prior approval. renault is scheduled to hold a board meeting on friday to discuss the matter. nissan officials say they would consider scrapping the tie-up agreement if renault rejects their proposals. now let's check in on the markets. tokyo share prices are trading higher this morning following a rebound on wall street. the nikkei average now trading at 19,228. a gain of more than .9%. analysts say bargain hunters are picking up some shares after the recent decline, but the upward momentum is capped ahead of the u.s. federal reserve policy
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meeting next week. let's move on to currency. the dollar is gaining some ground against the yen. analysts say some traders are regaining their risk appetite following a bounce in stock prices. the u.s. currency is also trading higher against the euro. that's as many investors are expecting the fed will raise its key interest rate. taking a look at some other markets across the asia pacific this morning, and we are seeing a modest but positive move on other markets. sydney shares trading higher by just about a quarter of a percent. over in seoul the kospi is up by .10%. japanese authorities have been imposing strict regulations on the use of drones after a series of accidents, but some businesses see the small unmanned aircraft as a potential boone. that includes a leading japanese security company, which has launched a drone that tracks suspicious activity. it has started using its eye in the sky to keep watch on people
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and vehicles that break into properties. after ground-based sensors detect intruders, the drone takes off. its camera captures images of faces or license plates. it transmits the images triggering an emergency call and the deployment of security guards. pictures can be taken in rain or at night. the drone can swoop in about five meters away from an intruder and can even chase them. >> translator: a single drone can replace numerous surveillance cameras that are required to keep a large property secure. >> the official says the company has been careful to develop a product that won't crash. home delivery services have become an essential part of our daily life. about 3.6 billion packages were delivered in japan last year. many to on-line shoppers. behind the convenience lies a growing cost. one that happens when no one is
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home. nhk world has the story. >> reporter: it's late at night, and kohi is returning from work. back home his first thought is to check a pile of notices. many of them are deliveries. >> translator: this smartphone stand and books. >> reporter: from accessories to daily necessities, he is a heavy user of on-line stores. but he works late every day. he says he often needs to reschedule deliveries. a transport ministry survey shows 20% of packages are not received on first delivery. second and third attempts take time. it's estimated firms spend 180 million extra hours a year
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tracking down customers. >> translator: it's the need for redelivery continues to increase, home delivery services will become difficult to sustain. >> reporter: delivery companies are trying different strategies to cope. the obvious one is more manpower. this company has assigned four part-time workers to support drivers. they are aiming to increase package ramps in the morning where more people stay at home. in this area a driver teams up with three distributors every day between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. the firm has recruited 15,000 part-time workers for the program across the nation. the firm also developed a new smartphone app.
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it sends a notice to customers stating the day and time their package will arrive. the customer can change the time if the request is made at least 20 minutes in advance. company officials say new measures are helping to reduce the need for second and third runs, but not enough. >> translator: our goal is to create a system to allow customers to receive parcels anywhere any time. we are trying to make up for what's lacking now so that we can eventually achieve that goal. >> transport officials say on-line shoppers should also give something for the program. their survey shows customers often take it for granted that delivery people will try again, which may explain why so many doorbells are going unanswered.
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nhk world. more for you in business news next hour. i'll leave you now with a check on markets.
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people are struggling four years after the devastating tsunami. many residents lost their homes, and many families are still living in temporary housing. nhk has the story of one group of women trying to stitch their community back together. for team leader takahashi, the hardest part was not losing her house, but having nothing to do. sewing changed that. jo meeting the others helped me realize i'm not the only one to suffer.
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>> the 14 members get together once a week to check on the progress of their work. >> i really enjoy our time here. like just now i was laughing so hard it hurt. >> she's the youngest of the team. >> i'm happy when i'm able to sew how i want. >> her family is one of those who still live in temporary housing. she says she works in order to create a better future for her
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children sgroosh i work about five hours a day, but during our busiest time, i try to sew more even after i put my kids in bed. >> but even as families like hers continue to feel the affects of disaster, the japanese public is starting to forget about them. sales of sewing house products have been shrinking too. >> their products -- visited sewing house last year. the team's energy impressed him. >> he also funded the construction of a new studio. >> i want the fashion industry to offer people an environment in which to work more comfortably. i hope this will be something
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like a first model case. >> the studio is ready six months after construction began. takahashi calls it a generous gift and says it will continue with more victims. >> this new studio inspires our attitude towards our work and the quality of our products. please continue supporting us. the members plan to expand, including those looking for work
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and companionship just like they had. the project is one way for the town to stitch together a future. nhk world. ♪ it's time for a check of the weather. people across the u.k. have been cleaning up after heavy rain and major flooding last weekend, but it seems weather conditions aren't working in their favor. meteorologist robert gives us the latest. >> a start off of what is going on out here. these storm systems have been back and back, and that's essential one of the big issues. earlier this week we were talking about winter storm desmond. that blew through back on sunday and monday. now we've had this latest round of foul weather. not only the high winds, but the heavy rain once again causing a severe flooding.
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let's go to some video we have. just to show you what it looks like on the ground here in northwestern areas of england. you have to remember, earlier this weekend i mentioned hundreds of homes were flooded. thousands of people lost power, and still thousands of people are without power. this is just leaving many residents describing it as almost heart breaking just to the fact that they're just starting to get conditions better. water was starting to recede, starting to clean up this mess, and that's another storm system causing the severe flooding yet again. the good news is here as we go into thursday night and into friday, the waters are receding across this area, but, unfortunately, the damage has already been done. now the storm is pulling farther towards the east across the low country. you'll be looking at more precipitation, even gusty winds up to about 70 to 80 kilometers per hour there across northern areas of germany. eventually extending there into poland and also towards the baltic states as well. snowfall once it starts to cool off more so and pushes there into western areas of russia. for now moscow, you had a-2.
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sunny skies. the snow is going to be making its way into the forecast by the time saturday and sunday rolls around. i do want to make note back there towards the iberia peninsula, it is fairly decent weather out here, but one of the big things is that we are looking at low cloud cover and even some fog working its way there into around madrid over towards lisbon, and that has been making, of course, delays out there at the airports. about a one to two hour delay, actually, there in madrid. if you have travel plans, something to keep in mind. let's also talk about the tropics, and i make note of this. it is only a trough of low pressure, but expect it to be become a tropical depression south of the fill feenz. 54 kilometers per hours winds. it will be the first time in history we've had a named storm every month from january to december out here in the western pacific in just one year.
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really a lot of that is to blame on el nino and the warm sea temperatures down here. definitely a very historical event if this does become a named storm system. it will eventually move off to the northwest. something to track into early next week because it could be a big rainmaker out here in the philippines. let's look back to the north and get back to the winter weather out here across japan. more so, actually. not so much in the form of snowfall. actually, some record or near recordbreaking temperatures into the tokyo area. mainly because we've had these strong southerly winds coming in with it, and it really has been warming up. thursday morning into tokyo, you had a reported low of 4.7. look at the high forecast for today. all the way up to 22. not to mention the rain that has been coming with it as well. some areas about 80 millimeters in the one hour of span. reports out here about 300 millimeters back to the west. now you have seen a report upwards of 293 millimeters in the past 24 hours. still more rain expected in the
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north, but the good news is that this is moving very fast. conditions will be clearing up into the afternoon hours in tokyo, and by the evening hours across much of northern japan. now your extended outlook.
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the force is in japan. the director and cast of star wars came to tokyo to promote the latest episode in the blockbuster science fiction series. fans have waited ten years for the seventh installment of the epic saga that began in 1977. director jj abrams and cast
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members were greeted on thursday by over 1,000 fans in tokyo's district. new actors include daisy ridly, who plays the movie's female protaganist. ♪ >> event also featured a new robot character in the series, bb8. >> it's a brand new story in a universe that we love. it's full of action, adventure, comedy, and enormous heart, and it's something that i hope speaks to the audience of japan. and also with you. that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thanks for staying with us.
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>> on this edition of "native report," we view the alternative portraiture and landscape photography of joseph allen... >> it's helped to revive some of the film, you know, keep it alive. >> we learn about the client outreach efforts by the office of special trustee, and we attend the graduation of the first master of tribal administration and governance cohort. we also learn something new about indian country and hear from our elders on this "native report." >> production of "native report" is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community and the blandin foundation. [indistinct chatter]


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