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tv   DW News  PBS  December 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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host: this is dw news live from berlin. shut down. all public schools in los angeles are closed after a terror threat received by e-mail. school authorities say the e-mail went through frankfurt, mentioning backpacks and packages. more than 600,000 students are now home for the day. also coming up, searching for common ground. the u.s. secretary of state meets with president putin of russia to discuss syria. can they bridge the deep differences between them over the conflict?
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and pakistan remembers the 130 four children and 17 adults massacred one year ago. tonight, a special report on how survivors are trying to cope. i'm brent goff. it is good to have you with us. it is mid day in los angeles and all 900 public schools in the city are being searched. a terror threat delivered via e-mail earlier in the day lead to an unprecedented decision, a shutdown of the entire school system. 640,000 students told to go home for their own safety. new york's public schools, the largest school system in the u.s., received the same threat, quickly concluded that it was a hoax. police say they are following
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the trail of that e-mail, which reportedly came through an ip address in frankfurt, germany. >> hundreds of school buses parked in their lots. authorities told the drivers to stay home after police received words of a terrorist threat. the city of los angeles believed to the warning credible enough to give six under thousand students the day off. so far, police have not received many details of the e-mail threat they received tuesday morning, but authorities have defended the decision to close the schools. >> i think the circumstance is that in neighboring san bernardino, i think what has happened in the nation, i think what happened internationally, i as superintendent am not going to take the chance with the life of a student. reporter: earlier this month, a radicalized couple that had
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pledged allegiance to isis shot dead 13 people in san bernardino. searching the city's schools for bombs and weapons. investigators say the message was routed through a computer in frankfurt, but they don't believe germany was the source of the threat. >> it was routed through a european country, germany, but the origin has yet to be determined, and we believe it to be much closer than germany. reporter: authorities in new york received a similar e-mail around the same time, but after closer inspection, dismissed the warning is not credible. brett: let's go to our correspondence -- correspondent, richard walker. what is going on? what has the fbi said? richard: it's very interesting,
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isn't it, brent, just how different the reactions have been from the los angeles authorities compared to the new york ones. taking los angeles first, they said this e-mail contained a threat involving assault rifles, reminiscent of what happened in san bernardino recently, what happened in paris recently. it also contained what they are describing as an implied threat of the use of explosives. whereas, comparing what we heard from new york, they were very swift to say that they saw the threat as generic. they quickly decided it was not a genuine threat. interestingly, the chief of police in new york on his twitter feed set these threats are made to promote fear and we cannot allow ourselves to raise
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those levels of fear. very interesting. different reactions. the context in los angeles is very important. just to stress as we heard in the report that san bernardino is so recent and so close, just 100 kilometers away. that is very much in the back of people's minds. brent: that is important to note. has there been any reaction from the white house? richard: yes, the white house has had that barack obama has been informed of the decision that was taken in los angeles. his spokesperson was really trying to downplay the difference and approaches between l.a. and new york, simply saying that it underscored the fact that these kinds of decisions need to be made on a local level by officials who know their communities well. but it certainly does, again, highlights the fact that fighting terrorism is not just about how you deal with real attacks. it is about how you try to
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insulate society from threats that might be bogus. brent: we noted authorities say that the e-mail that caused the shutdown today supposedly went through a server in frankfurt, germany. duly know anymore about that? have authorities said anymore? richard: we don't know a lot more than that so far. we just heard in the report that the authorities are stressing that you should not read too much into the fact that the e-mail came from an address in germany. it is not hard if you want to disguise where your communications are coming from to reroute them via pretty much anywhere you want in the world. the authorities are simply saying that the investigation is underway. the fbi are involved. we will wait to see what we learn in the coming hours and
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days about whether this is a serious threat. brent: talking about the shutdown of the los angeles school system this tuesday. richard, thank you very much. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in moscow for talks seeking to narrow the differences concerning the conflict in syria. russia and the u.s. agreed on the need to stamp out the so-called islamic state, but they are working with opposing sides in the syrian conflict. kerry held talks with vladimir putin in the kremlin on tuesday. the u.s. secretary of state called the meeting a strong beginning. earlier, kerry met with his russian counterparts. russia backs bashar al-assad, while the u.s. and european states support antigovernment rebels in syria. so, what we heard today was a strong beginning, but major
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differences remain over russia and syria. here is our correspondent to flush things out for us. reporter: vladimir putin met with john kerry and said together we re working on a way out of this most urgent crisis. the two countries are trying to bridge differences over the syrian conflict and broker a cease-fire agreement for the country. for his part, john kerry said the piece process started last month with key players and was a strong beginning. he went on to say that russia and the u.s. have the ability to make a significant difference in syria. despite those words, there is a wide divide, and that is the role bashar al-assad will play
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in the syrian future. in order to effect a cease-fire in syria and potentially any political transition, john kerry needs russia to bring bashar al-assad to the negotiating table. to that end, work is being done on two lists, one on who could be part of a cease-fire process and potentially run a future government. the other is a list of groups both sides agree they will not work with. brent: reporting from moscow. other nations are seeking to step up efforts against terrorism. saudi arabia and other gulf states are considering sending special forces to syria as part of the us-led effort against islamic state. we hot has also sought to build wider alliances -- re-had has
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also sought to build wider alliances dedicated to fighting muslim is extremism. >> working with allies to combat terrorist organizations. >> the objective is to mobilize the resources of the islamic world to help other countries in the muslim world fight not only terrorism and extremism, but the ideology that leads to violence. x since the beginning of the year, saudi arabia has been part of a small coalition pushing for the end to the conflict in yemen. other countries are now joining the coalition to track of the greater danger, which is a risk from islamic state. the terrorist organization has managed to take hold of orders for the first time in history and it wants to expand its territory beyond iraq and syria.
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the islamic state has its sights set on saudi arabia according to the group's ideology, a caliphate of the holy cities without mecca would be unimaginable. that is why saudi arabia does not want to leave the fight against isis up to the western coalition. when and where the new coalition of islamic countries will begin the fight against terror is still unclear. whether they will contribute militarily is also unknown. brent: other stories making headlines around the world, a muslim leader has declared an autonomous state in the northeast part of central africa. one in five central africans have been displaced since a military coup in march of 2013. colombia's government has moved
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one step closer to ending its conflict with the country's largest rebel group. negotiators from both sides have agreed to reparations and the establishment of a tribunal to try former combatants. a russian spacecraft has docked at the international space station carrying astronauts from britain, russia, and the u.s. the rocket arrived six hours after lifting off from a launch pad in kazakhstan on tuesday. they will have to dock manually at the space station, where they are set to stay for six months. at least one person has been killed typhoon in the philippines. more than 700,000 people have been a vacuum waited to safer ground. it is the european union's
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version of shutting the barn door after the horse has fled with more than one million refugees already here and billions more on the way. the european commission is now considering a new agency to forcibly control external borders, especially for countries like greece that are struggling to cope with the massive migration. reporter: hundreds of thousands of refugees have entered the eu through greece. now the eu commission has a proposal for member states that are unable or unwilling to secure the eu's external border. a new border agency. >> the guards will be supported, monitored, and when necessary reinforced by the european coast guard agency. reporter: the agency will have a rapid response team. until now, countries in the eu have had sovereignty over their
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own borders. the new agency would call that sovereignty into question. >> in the last weeks and months we have seen that individual member states are not always able to secure borders. citizens expect europe to take measures, send troops, and maintain order. reporter: not everyone is happy with the suggestion. >> don't you think a better answer to a regular entries would be giving a possibility for refugees to enter regularly, legally, and a fleet? -- safely? then you could also have your security checks at the borders. reporter: the border agency has only just been proposed, but already, i heated discussion between member states. brent: you are watching dw mo news. still to come, how the makers of star wars are planning to separate you from your money. stay with us.
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we will be right back.
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brent: you are watching dw news. here are the top stories. 600 40,000 los angeles students are staying home today after officials shut down all public schools. they were acting in an abundance of caution after receiving a threatening e-mail sent through% frankfurt, germany. new york officials received a similar e-mail but concluded it was a hoax. wednesday is the anniversary of
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one of the worst terror attacks ever seen in pakistan. militants stormed an army school and killed 147 people, including 134 children. a year on, people in pakistan are remembering the dead. candlelit vigils are being held, and the army has taken the unusual step of producing a music video to mark the occasion. ♪ brent: the song calls for+ revenge, but by educating the children of an enemy it describes as ignorant. nine taliban militants went from classroom to classroom, firing as they went. the gunmen were either killed by security forces or blew themselves up. our correspondent travel to pakistan to see how the survivors are coping today with that tragedy.
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>> i was shot in my arms. the bullets came out here and here. these are the scars from my operations. reporter: he and his cousin were running late and missed the school bus on the 16th of december last year. but the teenagers managed to get a lift to the army school and were there when the shooting began. despite being shot in both arms, the 16-year-old who sat right behind him was killed. >> i was bleeding so much i thought it was going to die. the bone and one arm was broken and hurting me a lot. two of my friends were near and helped me get up. many others were frightened and hiding under tables. reporter: that was the start of what would become the worst act of terrorism in pakistan's history, claiming 147 lives,
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most of them schoolchildren. the taliban claimed they were seeking revenge for a military exercise in tribal areas. the gunmen were firing indiscriminately. about 100 children died right here, many of them shot in the back as they try to escape. the scale of the massacre chrome did -- prompted a considered campaign against extremism. earlier this year, four men were executed in relation to the attack. the school principal died after refusing several chances to escape. a number of students were the children of military personnel, and the school had faced security threats for a number of years.
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>> it was something that my mother identified. you can't just cordon off the school. reporter: there has been special counseling to help staff and student cope with the event. grace you cannot say how long it will take to come out of it. it is a memory they cannot forget. they must learn to live with it. reporter: he is in pain and cannot use his wrists properly. but he is defiant and determined to keep attending classes. he believes that is the best way to remember his cousin. >> the terrorists wanted us to stop studying and to leave our school but we will not let them
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achieve that goal. we will defeat them by studying instead. brent: two financial markets. i hear there is a really going on. >> it is the eve of the fed decision and it looks like we will have the first rate hike in almost a decade. oil prices are turning around. financials are up. banks are expecting more income from higher interest rates. janet yellen's meeting with her team. they are expected to announce an end to easy money. the fed has been near -- the interest rate has been near zero for nearly a decade. what about europe? it has not fully recovered from the great recession of 2008-2009. >> the federal reserve may be
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true thinking about a rate hike -- maybe thinking about a rate hike, but not to the european central bank. the economic recovery is still fragile. >> we need to ensure that the recovery become self sustained, particularly given weaker external elements. it is essential that policy remain focused on structural reforms and sustainable growth. reporter: the crisis lingers on with recurring symptoms. banks in europe barely have financial cushions to keep afloat during the crisis. debt is high and greece is keeping the rest of the eu worried. >> even if we are helped by the action of the european central bank, we have only a short
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window of opportunity to press ahead with our agenda of reforms. reporters: critics say it is the current low interest policy that spurs governments of some member states to block any reforms. it might be easier to rely on the ecb for a bailout if necessary. brent: sanctions against iran have not been lifted yet, but just that prospect has china making bold plans for a high-speed railway track thousands of kilometers long. china is hoping for closer economic ties and much oil. reporter: china is experienced with high-speed trains by now. it has built a number of tracks in the past years. the latest railroad project is massive, even by chinese standards. passengers getting on board in the northwest city can ride 300
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kilometers before getting off in tehran. hithis serves two of china's geopolitical strategies. it will revive the traditional trade routes along the silk road and create a direct connection by land to the resource rich region. china is already an investor in iran and its main trading partner. one sanctions are lifted, the country will likely make a comeback as a world oil power. with a direct rail connection, china could soon import even more. there are connections already, but track with -- widths differ which is costly and takes time.
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brent: the force may be just awakening, but the merchandise battle is long underway. the star wars product line is one of lego's most successful. luke skywalker and company are coming to you to in a wave of games and gadgets. reporter: the star wars marketing giant is certainly awake, and irresistible force for fans. >> the force is strong in my family. reporter: more money can be made with merchandising than at the box office. the walt disney company has the right articles for every target group, from costumes and close to weapons. trinkets and -- from costumes and clothing, to weapons, trinkets, and war machines.
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and then there is one of the films new stars, bb eight, remote-controlled and fun for the whole family. and don't forget the games, star wars battlefront lets fans be part of the action, playing good guys and bad. the manufacturer is counting on sales of 13 million games around the world. disney has also zeroed in on younger fans, a star destroyer, posters, t-shirts, games. we've got it all. a light saber. a real one? no. even among fans, the star wars marketing empire does have its critics. i never wanted any of the merchandise. it has taken over everything, especially for kids. it's nothing but star wars. george lucas recognize the potential back in 1977.
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instead of proceeds for the first film, he asked for the rights to sequels and merchandising. the new film is expected to earn $5 million from merchandising alone -- $5 billion from merchandising alone. i have loved these movies since i was a kid. it has everything a movie needs, romance and action. han solo is back and that's great. of film serving as an ad for merchandising, a force to be reckoned with. to on solo: we are home -- han solo: we are home. brent: keep watching dw.
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>> "euromaxx highlights." and here's your host, megan leigh. >> welcome to our highlight show with the best picks of the week. here's a look at what's coming up. filmmaker andi jansen and his amazing surfer videos. british chef jamie oliver promotes "super foods." german singer-songwriter alex diehl creates a hit peace anthem. german videographer andi jansen has chosen to pursue a career that makes quite a splash -- literally. he films surfers. his job is quite demng


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