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tv   DW News  PBS  December 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. >> this is dw news live from berlin. damascus claimed they been killed in air strikes, but it's not clear who killed him.
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welcome to the program. as people around the world mark christmas day, pope francis delivered his traditional address and blessing in front of a huge crowd st. peter's basilica. he spoke of war, poverty, and terrorism appealing for peace. >> he does not shy away from political issues and this was no different. >> israeli and palestinians
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engage in direct dialogue and for people to live together in harmony. with grave repercussions for the entire region. >> he risked lives to flee war and poverty. >> both individuals and states generously work to provide assistance and welcome u.s. migrants and refugees. helping them build a dignified future for themselves and for their dear ones. >> the moment many had waited for was this. >> the blessing of a mighty god.
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the father, the son, and the holy spirit. phil: germany's president has delivered his christmas address to the nation. in it, he called the refugee crisis a huge challenge for germany that still has to be met. he still has to pay tribute to the volunteers helping the hundreds of thousands of refugees. >> in his address, he said 2015 had been a difficult year marked by misfortune, violence, terror, and war. the migration crisis was at the heart of his speech. >> our greatest concern is to help many refugees seeking safe
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haven. we are at the start of a huge challenge. it was you, dear citizens, that gave these people a warm welcome. >> they called for open discussion and debate. including arson attacks on refugee shelters. >> they are not legitimate means to solve those problems. they deserve nothing but contempt and punishment. >> the president paid tribute to the many volunteers -- he cast an optimistic eye on the future. >> whether you are there is a volunteer, you showed what we have to offer.
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goodwill, professionalism, and the ability to improvise. and a country can rediscover itself and the ability to face and overcome new challenges. >> the christmas season services said -- serves as a reminder of our humanity. >phil: the head of an armed rebl group mostly active in damascus. he was reportedly killed along with five of his top aides. it's not clear whether the syrian or russian forces --
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explain to us his significance. >> he was one of the most powerful leaders in the syrian opposition. and interestingly, he was on the number one hit list for the syrian army. he's a designated terrorist as far as the syrian government goes. i think his killing is a big success. >> how will his death change things he act g? >> he's one of the few leaders that held power on the ground. negotiating in vienna, they're one of the leaders that had very
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strong political backing from turkey, saudi arabia, and culture -- qatar at the same time. he has been declared a terrorist. he's a sectarian leader and is against christians and the shia. his killing sends out a strong signal from damascus. >> and what is known of the way he died? >> it seems like there was an airstrike. they have been hotly contested between the syrian government and the rebels. i think this is a joint operation.
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and the russians do the rest on the air. phil: and lending rate to the accusation that russians are targeting enemies of assad regime. >> i think there is no doubt about that. that is what they're there for. as far as damascus goes, anyone who picks up a gun is a terrorist. even though he had backing from regional countries, he called for the open killing of christians. as far a syria and russia go, they are no better than the islamic state. phil: thank you so much. a strong earthquake has struck northern afghanistan. the epicenter of the magnitude 6.2 quake was close to the
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border. they have been no immediate reports of casualties but a quake of that strength can cause severe damage. india's prime minister hasn't a brief but historic visit. he was greeted personally by his counterpart noah sharif. it was the first trip by an indian government had since 2004. the talks lasted more than an hour and the two countries have experienced decades of trouble relations and fought three wars. japan is sitting as foreign minister to try to resolve a long-standing dispute over japanese wartime brothelan apolr korean women that were forced to work as sex slaves during world war ii.
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>> she was a so-called comfort woman. she joined other women to demand an official apology from japan's prime minister. comfort women was a euphemism give them two women and girls forced in the prosecution -- prostitution. the estimate 200,000 women were held as sex slaves in military run brothels. now tokyo is showing interest in settling the issue. the foreign minister is set to travel to seoul next week on a mission. i have prepared to do my utmost to resolve the comfort women issue. to improve relations between japan and south korea. >> after taking office in early 2013, the south korea president
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initially refused to meet with shantou abbe for bilateral talks. president park called it the biggest obstacle to relations between japan and south korea. she of the size be a quick solution that satisfies both the victims and the south korean people. tokyo is reportedly settling a fun with 750,000 euros. phil: one of the most visible signs of global warming has been the steady melting of the earth's placers. the pace has increased significantly. they have been shrinking by more than half a meter a year. in ecuador's highest mountain, trade is melting as the ice receipts.
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>> he defies the climate and shuns a modern way of life. it is a three-hour journey. it lies underneath earth and the sediment. in times before refrigerators, large crews would flock here. now he comes alone. the work is tough and dangerous. it's a job for a man. i come alone and worry that rock's or ice will fall and no one will notice. he needs just half an hour to cut out a large block. it will sell the ice at the market. it is 6300 meters high.
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there are glaciers and volcanoes across ecuador. climate change is threatening the glaciers of the andes. the area covered by glaciers has decreased by 44% just between 1956 in 1997. the glacier ice is melting rapidly. more than half of the ice has disappeared. although he is cutting his ice, he has noticed the climate has changed. there used to be more snow. snow would block our way. the donkeys would get stuck. we had to shovel our way to the top and just make blocks out of white snow. he will take six blocks with him today. he will earn just around five dollars for each of them.
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she serves one of her specialties. but she knows the times are changing. it not just the climate. when he's no longer around, the tradition will go with him. >> spending christmas in an are quite jail connected to the ongoing fee for scandal. the former vice president arrived after switzerland authorize his extradition. he was one of 14 indicted by the u.s. on charges of bribery, money laundering, and wire fraud. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you here.
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pope francis has delivered his traditional christmas address. he has praised governments and people that a bit helping refugees. finally. -- find me online, and a merry christmas from all of us here at dw.
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>> from far and wide, the pilgrims came in the thousands and were amazed by the sight that met their eyes. long and hard was the journey through the outline foothills. an hour from the nearest village stood in their solitary splendor. to pogroms, it must have seemed heaven on earth. and even so, it is only inside the church that one sees its full magnificence.
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's in 1730, processions had been held. the sufferings were portrayed in the paintings and sculptures.
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the painted wood carving of christ complete with real hair was too realistic for its time. the faithful were so overcome with grief that the priest founded by double to lock the statue away. at this point, a farm woman now stands and asked if she would have this image of the savior. sharing his sorrows in the prayers and drawing strength and comfort from the act of compassion. then one night, she could hardly believe her eyes. the savior was crying. christ was shedding tears. christ the redeemer was crying. the priests were enlightened men and skeptical but they -- the
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intentions are pious. we would provide them with somewhere to worship or pray. it would be time enough to teach them the proper ways of worship. the abbott had a church built on the meadow. it was commissioned for the work in 1745. the church was to gain them paradise. and so it was built.
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the true purpose might easily be forgotten. it's took eight years to build the church. the brother of the architect was responsible. the paintings and sculptures tell another tale. redemption, reconciliation, victory.
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he sits in triumph, the savior of the world that has vanquished death. they have reconciled the cloth with which his blood and sweat was right -- wiped away.
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the pilgrims will have derived open consolation for what they saw but it remained responsible for saving their own souls. an image which is meant as an incentive so that the lord shall be merciful to you on judgment day. the doorway to eternity is still closed. it is the angel with the book of ages. the time is neither spell the
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end of time. time shall be no more and those that seek redemption will find none. the goal is the glory of god and it is a place to be passed through as well. there is nothing rigid or heavy about the church. instead, is playful and cheerful. as if unaware the limits set to the physical world. the pillars appear to be supporting nothing. in this space, everything serves illusion. and the point to the truth is the task of the preacher.
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beneath the holy spirit, they preach the good news of redemption. just as the water gushes, so to the word of god pours forth into the hearts of the faithful. they follow after me, not worthy of humor. be it find his life shall lose it. and he that loses life for my sake shall find it.
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they must've seen the arriving pogroms like the new jerusalem. many must've felt they reach their final destination. the outward journey had been unburdened of their sins and would travel lighter. it was the promise of eternal bliss that they had afforded, a wonderful parents.
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>> this program is brought to you in part by c-i-e tours international; for over 80 years featuring all inclusive tours and go as you please value vacations throughout ireland and britain, ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome. i'm patricia o'reilly


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