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tv   DW News  PBS  April 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is "dw news." barack obama home after a talking to from your. today he said he wants to see a united continent. obama is calling on its leaders to spend more money on defense. also, a leading gay rights activist and his friend have been killed in an attack by suspected islamist militants. it is the latest on a string of assaults on minorities. and a year after the country
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suffered an earthquake, people in nepal are still trying to rebuild their lives and their hopes. we will bring you a special report from kathmandu. it is good to have you with us. we begin with the words he left behind. barack obama and did his trip to germany today by urging european leaders to spend more on defense, saying it is needed in the face of threats from groups like the islamic state. during a speech in hanover, obama spoke about the syrian conflict and what he calls russian aggression. we will have more in a moment, but here is a closer look at that speech from the u.s. president. >> with the clock ticking on his
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presidency, he wants to -- [no audio] president obama: the united states and the entire world needs a stronger and prosperous and democratic and united europe. [applause] president obama: and perhaps they need an outsider, somebody who is not european, to remind you of the magnitude of what you have achieved. >> one more signal to britain two months ahead of its referendum on whether to leave the eu. obama had criticism, urging europe to get more involved in syria and iraq and boost defense spending. at a summit later in the day,
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obama and the leaders of germany, france, britain, and italy focused on the islamic state and ulster the authority of a new u.n.-backed government . the talks have shown we are all prepared to coordinate our policy on all the big political issues, including security. in the spirit that together we are falr stronger than you acting unilaterally. obama's trip included stops in britain and saudi arabia. >> a correspondent is that the desk desk is at the desk to talk about me. you followed state. obama talked about his desire for a strong united europe, once closer ties with united states.
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let's go down the issues. what does he mean by that? >> what he means is most of the week -- all over the world may mean the back door of your. there is the arabic world that is in turmoil for nearly a decade, and then russia and ukraine, and for all these crises, the solution lies more or less in europe. obama knows that and knows that europe is not at its best point right now. europe needs to strengthen and it needs some strengthening, and this is what obama did today. >> you said you are acting strongest when you are most unified. in the history of mankind, but he also had some strong scolding, words for europe. >> yes, he offered a new
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partnership saying we needed a new security partnership, but that this does not come for nothing. he reminded that nato allies are not in agreement with enter, saying that every member has to spend at least 2% gdp on its defense budget. germany has said we are going to raise this in the future at some time. this is not what the u.s. wants. the overall message was we are going to do things together, but you have to take part of this and then in the end we need money. >> it was interesting he made the comment about 2% of spending all directed at angela merkel. you could tell he knew he was talking to. what is it so important to the united states? >> two points. it is a trade issue.
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germany is one of the most important allies of the united states and one of the worst important trait partners -- trade partners. the united states is the most important trade partner of germany, because most of our exports go to the united states. the trade between countries is worth $3 billion a day. germany and europe are important politically. in the end, the key of the solution for the crisis lies here in europe, and the central telephone number is the number of angela merkel. merkel has good connections into russia. she is the only one who could control putin. germany has got good ties with the arabic world. right now angela merkel is the only leader in europe who can bring forward. >> everyone says both of those leaders have a great personal
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relationship, so the next u.s. president will have some big shoes to fill. thank you very much. a 68-year-old canadian man has been -- [no audio] another canadian, and a filipino woman were also abducted. the militants have certain to kill one of the male hostages if the large ransom was not paid by today. canada's prime minister justin trudeau has expressed our over the killing of what his country's citizens. >> i am outraged by the news that a canadian citizen, held hostage in the philippines since september 21, 2015, has been
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killed at the hands of his captors. canada condemns without reservation the brutality of the hostage takers in this unnecessary deaths. this was an act of cold-blooded murder, and the responsibility rests with the terrorist group who took an hostage. >> that was the canadian prime minister's being. the u.s. ambassador to bangladesh has condemned the killing of two gay rights activists in dacca. one of the victims, xulhaz mannan, was an editor in and lb gt magazine. the other man was on the magazine's executive committee. police suspect most islamic terrorists are behind the murder. bangladesh has seen a string of attacks on religious minorities over the last you.
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i enjoyed by imran sarker. good evening to you. you have le protestsd in your country with secular activists, and we understand you received a death threat just yesterday, right? >> yes. >> tell us about that. do you know who it came from? >> actually, yesterday, the phone calls i get at some point was from the united kingdom, actually, and i was told i would be killed. so i asked him, who are you, and where will you kill me? they shortly disconnected the fun. this is not the first time i
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have been threatened. i am threatened almost every day. this time when i was busy for establishing social justice on different issues, justice for the blogger sphere activities, corruption, and rape victims, this time i got this threat. >> is understandable you would be frightened. how do you live with this type of fear, knowing that the means to murder someone are there and there are extremists who will follow through on that? >> actually, this murderous group, they are killing oe by one, not only the bloggers, but their countrymen, even the foreigners they had killed. they're killing minorities from
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different regions, christian, buddhist minorities, and they started killing intellectuals, including new university teachers. this time they are directly activities toward gay rights groups. they are killing, but one thing, this country is for all of its citizens. when we got liberation, this country was a secular country., where everybody would be treated equally. especially the islamist groups are trying to convert this country to an islamic country, like to pakistan before 1971. there is no way we are not fighting this. we are not fearless. we're security deeds -- we are concerned for the security of
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our state. they are doing this with impunity. [indiscernible] [indiscernible] >> we have run out of time, but we appreciate you sharing your story. we wish you all the best, and please do all you can to stay safe. thank you very much for talking with us. >> thank you. [no audio] >> a first aid came quickly. rebuilding has not. this report from kathmandu. >> the ancient royal city has long been an attraction for tourists. after last year 's earthquake, portions of the city were destroyed. every building still carries the scars of the disaster. is this owners throughout the
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region saying many tourists are staying with him including in kathmandu. in the capital, hundreds of people are living in this camp. it is one of several throughout the city. there is no running water or sanitary facilities. each day brings a fresh set of challenges. at least the children can attend school in one of the tents. a year on, there's little sign tradition will change. one year after the earthquake, people in the cap are desperate. they expect for help from the government which they did not receive. some of the people here have arranged with the situation. new residents are arriving every day. new drawings are being built. the camp has become more than a temporary solution.
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>> even a year after the earthquake, people do not want to leave due to the increase of the rent. this is the reason why people want to stay. >> the epicenter of the quake was located here. signs of distraction still cover the countryside. >> the government decided to give 1800 euros to the victims, so people expect this is paid for, but the government has not provided a model how to build a house with 1800 euros. the government said you cannot construct a house with that amount of money. it is a symbol of support, says the government. >> that should revive the
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economy. nepal's economic growth is projected to be .5% this year. the government of the paul is trying to beat those cautious projections. >> we will be back after a 62nd break. -- a 60-second break.
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>> welcome back. our top story, barack obama has left germany with a call for a strong united europe. he asked its leaders to boost defense spending in the face of threats such as the islamic state. a gay activist was killed in bangladesh. business news. profound changes for saudi arabia. >> it is the fiction to oil, as
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the deputy crown prince puts it, and this addiction has saudi leaders worry. that is why plans were announced on monday which will stop the saudi dependency on crude oil by selling parts of the state oil giant aramco. this would be a major policy shift in the country that has seen little change in the past 30 years. on monday came salman announced the cabinet had approved the reform plans -- [no audio] >> environment in our country in order to be proud of our nation and to be part of the development on economic, environmental, cultural, and intellectual levels. >> plans include selling shares
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in aramco, plus creating a wealth fund your reforms include a relaxation of visa requirements. international monetary fund welcomed the move, but middle east director ahmed remains cautious. >> the issue will be to make sure that these objectives can be translated into real changes. >> it is in an effort to move away from the black gold, which has lost its shine. oil income aches of more than 90% of saudi state revenues. it accounts for 55% of gross domestic product. the private sector makes less than half of the gdp. now a global oil glut has sent
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prices tumbling from over $100 a barrel to around $40 and barrel within two years. that has ripped and $87 billion hole in the budget. the debt has been downgraded, and as the population grows, so do the strains of public financing. the military spending is also soaring. riyadh has responded with reforms that place an enormous strain on the country's economy and society. >> let's bring in our man on wall street. what do investors make of this vision 2030? >> investors think this could become a transformation for saudi arabia, that includes launching an ideal of nothing less than 5% of aramco, valued
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at more than $2 trillion. plus the privatization initiatives. to put this in perspective, this plan will be able to buy the four largest publicly traded companies in the world. >> those are massive figures in light of the possible outcome in ipo of saudi arabia state oil giant. how did energy shares performed today? >> i am sorry to disappoint, but energy stocks led declines on wall street where u.s. oil prices raised around 2.5% of its value. the inventory has spiked, and as this two-month recovery in
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prices have somehow defied fundamentals, according to several analysts. >> thank you very much. trying on virtual reality glasses, discussing whether a -- could take you back to the future. barack obama and angela merkel enjoyed their stroll around the biggest industrial show in hanover. the buzz word is industry 4.0, meaning more aspects of production will be digitally interconnected. this has others peering for their jobs. this coffee maker is nothing special, really. but here at the hanover mesa it provides a glimpse into network production. to make sure the coffee is made profession, all the machines have to communicate with one another. the robot with the coffee maker, the coffeemaker with the smartphone.
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controlled by the user. with industrial production instead of cups of coffee, this is what the factory of the future will look like. these are intelligent components that carry information. the system is network by way of cloud computing and determines the next step in the production process. industrial networking is becoming a reality. fulfilling the dreams of an entire sector. a business consultant has found companies around the world plan to invest $900 billion u.s. in digital networking until 2020. german companies have been equipping the world with industrial machine euro, but while germany is known for its mechanical, engineering -- [no audio] the race is on at that hanover
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trade shows, where more than 450 u.s. companies are showing the way forward, along with u.s. president barack obama. >> in march of last year, we were able to convince the right people in washington that the u.s. would become her partner this year. then with the help of the german chancellor and u.s. commerce secretary, we were able to convince obama to come to hanover. there are very happy about that, of course. >> exhibitors in hanover are finding ways for companies to digitize reduction without major investment. this smart sensor is connected to a simple industrial motor, making it fit for industry 4.0. the sensor allows the motor to
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communicate with a smartphone when maintenance is required, which reduce his downtime and saves costs. >> and that is your business news for the moment. he promised not to -- but br has somethingent juicy free. >> beyonce released her sixth album entitled "lemonade." it is her second surprise release in 2016. she is changing the rules of how superstars deliver music. >> ♪ walked you over lately i would rather be crazy they do not like you like i love you
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they do not love you like i did ♪ >> there was a huge stir over the media, which addressed violence among black people in america. one fan tweeted that "lemonade" changed my life. hearing young woman wrote, thank you, for reminding us of our strengths. here jill scott writes, fantastic, brazen, gorgeous, powerful, genus, so proud, yes, woman. and despite the rumors come beyonce's marriage appears to be intact. the album is made available on her husband's platform. sports, frankford, a vital win against mainz.
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there are now only 1.5 a playoff spot, but -- the pressure on frankford was clear to see. the team had lost their last three games without scoring a goal. they looked nervous early on against mainz. the visitors crushed through with an opening goal. in the 18th minutes, a kick was thrown in. later taking advantage with terrible defending. the goal was frankfurt's first in over a month, but they were not satisfied with the drop in in the second half, they cranked up the pressure. then in the 84th minute, the ball came to -- whose cross was
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put into the net. the 2-1 victory allows frankfurt to breathe a sigh of relief. they are now just one point out of a playoffs place. >> after a break, i will take you through the day. stay with us for that, everybody.
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♪ damien: hello and welcome to "focus on europe" -- with some of the very best human stories behind the headlines from all over europe. i'm damien mcguinness. thanks very much for joining us. on the programme today, saving the programme today, saving -- on the programme today, saving norway's fjords. turkish delight for syrian refugees. and why the amber of poland is more than just a trinket. but first the northern english town of rotherham. a place, which for many of us from the u.k., has become synonymo w


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