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tv   Newsline  PBS  May 10, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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""newsline."" i'm kathryn kobayashi with the "newsline." published the names of more than 200,000 companies and individuals found in the so-called panama papers. the air national investigative journalist or icij says the database is the largest ever released of its kind. the icij published the database online monday. it contains information on offshore companies that were created in 2 1 locations around the world through a law firm. the documents were originally
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leaked to german newspapers. setting up an offshore company isn't illegal on its own and the law firm says it followed the rules. the panama papers have exposed the secret financial dealings by high profile people and raised many questions. the data released includes names and entities set up by around 230 people living in japan as well as japanese companies. about 20 companies are thought to be involved in setting up entities and tax havens. the companies include leading trading firms and it related businesses. the papers led to political casualties. iceland's prime minister and spain's industry minister resigned in connection with revolutions from the late files. a new poll shows the majority of respondents want u.s. president
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barack obama to visit the atom make bomb city. nhk conducted the survey by phone on people age 20 or older over the weekend. more than 1,000 people responded. 70% of the respondents want the u.s. president to visit hiroshima and 2% said they don't want him to. 23% were undecided. a sitting american president has not visited the city since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb in world war ii. many were killed instantly or later from the bomb's long-term effects and starting offline reactors. 15% are in favor of restarting them. 47% said they are not and 30% were undecided. only two reactors out a plant in southwestern japan are now operating in the country.
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>> today's eye on asia starts in the philippines. the country will soon have a new leader and it appears it will be rodrigo took place monday. the special headquarters of the election commission in manila is tallying the votes. millions took to the ballots to choose from a closely contested field of candidates. early tuesday morning, the commission announced it counted the large majority of votes. the mayor of the southern city is in the lead with over 38% of the vote. he ran on a crime campaign and drew backlash from many controversial colts. the president urged the candidates to unite. his own choice to succeed him is
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currently in second. filipinos were passionate about this election. >> here in the heart of manila, campaign pollsters can be seen up to polling day. locals are interested and excited about this important election. filipinos are clearly enjoying this festival of democracy as they choose the leader at the one in six years presidential election. and that festive mood is in full swing at more than 1600 convenient stores across the nation. customers can choose their favorite from six types of paper cup. five showing the candidates' faces and a sixth for undecided. >> most of the people in my office are for one. >> the poll accurately forecast the 2010 result. this time he heads the pack.
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>> we want people to be aware of the candidates and help them choose which is the right candidate to choose and present to them in a fun way. >> despite the recent economic growth, one in four filipinos still lives below the poverty line. one slum resident showed us just how pad conditions are for many. there is a lack of even basic infrastructure and no trash collection. salary as a day laborer is too low to keep his son in school. he earns $75 a month. >> translator: we need someone who has a good heart who can take care of us. the only thing i want the new president to do is help all the citizens. everyone around the country. >> at the final election rally, a massive crowd gathered to show their support for who latest
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opinion polls say is the front runner for the presidency. >> i want a better life. i'm unemployed so i want him to improve job opportunities for us. >> whoever wins the election, filipinos hope their expectat n expectations are met and a new leader takes the reigns of powe power. >> north korea's leader has a new title announced on the last day of a secret of meeting in the country's ruling party. >> both, the workers party gave jong un the title. on the same day, foreign journalist were allowed inside the event venn you for the first time. the head of parliament announced the names for the top party
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positions. [speaking foreign language]. >> the new members include premiere party secretary. the day before kim declared the country would continue to pursue economic, as well as nuclear development. it comes only months after the u.n. imposed new sanctions on the country for conducting another nuclear test. kim jong un suggested north korea will continue to develop new clear and missile programs but beijing has indicated that it will not recognize north korea as a nuclear power. chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said his government stance on the nuclear issue for the korean peninsula remains unchanged.
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[speaking foreign language]. >> translator: it will serve in the common interest to create a nuclear free korean peninsula and maintain peace and stability. it will also be beneficial for peace and development for northeast asia and the international nuclear frame work. >> he called for countries to fully implement and compile with u.n. security counsel resolutions on north korea. chinese officials have indicated they will work to resume six party talks on the nuclear development. they involve north and south korea, japan, the united states, china and russia. the talks were suspended in december of 2008. a multi national anti terror military exercise is underway in southeast asia. the drill began on may 2nd in singapore and has just been revealed to the public. participants are practicing responses to various scenarios such as terrorists hiding in an
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urban area. special units seized a building and used robots to uncover explosives. 18 nations are taking part. they include members of the association of southeast asian nations, japan, the united states and china. the exercise is the largest to date to involve member countries. >> it's a very clear signal, strong signal of their commitment for marry time security and terrorism. >> southeast asia is targeted by terrorists acts. it highlighted the need to better manage border areas and effectively enforce regulations at sea. and that wraps up eye on asia. we now turn to business news following a fuel efficiency scandal. executives of mitsubishi, what is the management doing exactly? >> a bit of background.
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as you know, they recently admitted what they had done is that the firm intentionally enhanced mileage figures or two types of vehicles and two models supplied to nissan. so what they plan to do is to compensate customers for possible losses arising from the manipulation of fuel economy data. the japanese auto maker is notifying them in writing about how it plans to do so. nhk has learned that mitsubishi is sending a letter on tuesday to the owners of the two models sold under the mitsubishi brand. the letters will state the company will pay the difference if owners benefit less from the government's echo car subsidy. they will reimburse the customers for additional gasoline they have to purchase. company executives will fix the compensation amounts once accurate mileage figures have been termed.
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meanwhile, nissan officials plan to let customers know regarding the two models. let's look at another scandal. auto parts maker takata is protected to fall into the red for the second year due to the mounting defected air bags that caused several deaths. takata downgraded the earnings forecast which ended in march. the firm forecasts a net loss of $120 million instead of the previous projection of a net profit of $46 million. it also lowered its sales projections to $6.6 billion. the revision came after the u.s. department of transportation added up to 40 million air bags to its recall list last week. the air bags could rupture and scatter metal parts. takata has not yet booked costs for recalls associated with
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defects whose causes remain unknown. once they identify, the company may look at greater costs to address the problems. well, tokyo stock on monday logged their first gain in seven trading days. a weaker yen eased concerns but overnight on wall street, u.s. stocks added a mix. the dow jones industrial adding down two-tenths where as the tech heavy nasdaq ending higher by three tenths of a percent. let's see how tokyo stocks are opening this morning. it's tuesday morning here. we'll go to ramine. tell us what you're sighing over there. >> thank you very much. definitely a mixed or hesitant reaction from the u.s. markets as you mentioned there ending a little mixed there. we had a rise in the dollar but the fall in crude oil prices. let's see the reaction to that. so we'll see. there is also touch of caution
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we had the release of the trade figures in china that came in weaker than expected but all and all positive start for the nikkei and topix. you touched on it but the nikkei on monday broke six straight days of losses, which had actually seen it fall around 8.5% in that period. however, with the rise in dollar it helped sentiment among key exporters but an analyst pointed out the dollar remains stubbornly at low levels against the dollar and yen and that may eat into a lot of the profits or earnings reports from japanese companies coming up with earnings reports this week, especially and that may even offset some of the strong sales that we've seen so that's going to be a big focus. >> so taking that into consideration, tell us where the dollar yen and key currency pairs are at right now. >> the dollar yen is interesting.
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in fact, it's retraced around almost 3% from the 18-month lows set last week. if you remember it was trading around the mid 105 yen levels. look now 108 spot 42. i want to touch on oil prices, as well. crude had risen on disruptions in canada's oil sands region but we saw it reverse and slip around 3.5%. now wti is also suffering so will definitely keep track of energy and oil related shares today. now linked to that, also continuing concerns over growth prospects in china, which has hurt commodity prices, especially metals. we did see copper prices for instance falling as well as iron and that's really china's trade figures over the weekend raising system concerns over that copper prices fell 21% for march and also china stocks dropped on monday again on continuing
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concerns over that shanghai composite down 2.8% and we'll see how that opens. let's look at seoul in the positive and sydney's index trading in the negative. that's all for me for now, back to you. >> thanks a lot. we'll touch base with you in a few hours time. now more japanese managers are encouraging their staff to embrace healthy habits but small business owners rarely have the cafeterias they need to serve teams nutritious meals. they are coming up with other ways to ensure workers get the fuel they need to stay focused. >> in tokyo, an i.t. firm and stomachs are starting to growl. it's time to stock up the food corner with boiled eggs and cheese. >> it's always here. no charge. >> once a month, something else is free of charge. organic vegetables and fruit
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fresh from the farm. to ensure no one misses out, the produce is handed out to all 70 workers. >> tomatoes and cucumbers, whole veggies are best. >> the health food bing is the brain child head of personnel. he saw what colleagues were eating for lunch and he wasn't impressed. >> translator: they were eating bread. >> it ensures staff get all the nutrition they need, at least for today. more important, though, the change in mind set. more workers are bringing home made lunches. they say all you can eat eggs and vegetable rations remind them to practice balanced eating. the firm has to fork out some
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money but the benefits make the worthwhile. >> translator: new graduates and mid career workers, we've become known as the firm that provides vegetables. this program helps to raise our profile. we're very happy about that. >> another small firm is working to keep employees healthy, a small designer printed circuit board. once a week, boxed lunches are delivered to the office. staff are free to take one from the refrigerator. all meals are cooked with workers in mind, meaning low salt, low calories. the lunches come in japanese, western and chinese. the price is $6 each with a company covering a quarter of the cost. >> all companies are responsible for employees' health so small firms need to come up with creative ways to protect their health. >> and a healthy worker is a protective worker.
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small companies have plenty of incentives to ensure they are eating well. >> i'll have more for you next hour in business. here is a check on markets. >> international scientists em marked to find unknown particles in the universe. the project has started at the european organization for nuclear research in the suburbs
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of geneva. some 6,000 scientists from over 40 countries are contributing efforts. about 100 of them are from ja n japan. they are using a particle accelerator with a track 27 kilometers long. it can bring protons to nearly the speed of light and make them collide. the goal is to create particles that existed just after the birth of the universe including some that have yet to be discovered. the scientists plan to set off a huge number of collisions by october around 2,500 trillion. it is learned that particles already discovered only make up 4% of matter in the universe. the remaining 96% are still a mystery. last year, scientists at the research center obtained data that indicate the possible existence of unknown particles. new york city is known for setting trends but that often means taking something old and making it new again and as michael reports, that's exactly
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what this next group of performers is doing. >> dancers at this new york city club strut and pose on the cat walk. a new twist on an old platform. voguing stretches back decades. the dance evolved out of harlem ballrooms with participants that were mostly gay men. in the 1990s madonna pushed it into the spotlight and now it's getting a revival. ♪ ♪ >> every time i saw it, i love it more and more and when i came here, i love it more and more. >> one catalyst for the interest was the 2015 h and m ad campaign featuring kendall jenner. but she isn't necessarily the
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one to watch, front and center is javier madrid. she teaches voguing and it's tapped into the dark past saying there was a time when dancers had to gather in secret. >> a lot of kids back in the day, parents accept them to be gay. a lot got kicked out. it was an outlet to go and be who they wanted to be and, you know, and for one night they would be the stars of the night. >> but all those stars shine w now. his team has grown to 200 people including many who are not gay.
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>> it's freedom and fun. it's just like playing. it's playful. yeah. >> every week, this manhattan club holds voguing night where dancers can show off their skil skills. >> it brings everybody together. you have competition and get friends and family and teammates. that's how it was and we became and left it there and little by little brought it up and up and now it's all the way out. >> madrid says if the dance is growing popularity, you may see more of it soon. michael mcateer, nhk world new york. a lot of talent there. it's time for a check of the weather. people in western japan are
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getting rain this morning, not good news for those in areas hit by powerful earthquakes a few weeks ago. robert speta joins us with more. >> yes, in fact, we are still looking at wide spread precipitation in some areas across parts. it is going to get quite heavy on tuesday and really that chance of flooding but also landslides, as well. we do have two separate storm systems here running a i long the stationary front. one back here towards the east bringing light rainfall across parts of northern japan and tokyo area if you are out and about you might have an umbrella but the heavy stuff is back here towards the west. really have more instability there and parts, we have some of these very strong thunder cells flaring up this morning with frequent lightning and damaging winds potentially and maybe a waterspout or possibly coastal tornado is possible with this as it pushes by but i think the biggest threat coming out of this is going to be the rainfall and that's flooding and landslides.
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120 to 150 millimeters still possible out there back and towards the key peninsula and stronger cells 40 millimeters an hour and loose soil will be problematic for a lot of people. definitely people still recovering following the earthquake. this front does stretch back towards the east and you're looking at heavy precipitation in china, as well. 100 to 150 millimeters possible. you can see where this front is by looking at the temperatures, too. shanghai with a high of 19 while taipei 32 very large contrast there. let's look over towards the americas now. talk about central canada at fort mcmurray still on going wildfire out there but one thing i want to take away from the satellite is you have an area of low pressure here and cloud cover down towards the south and this is bringing is precipitation but also pulling in cooler air from the north and i want to show you video coming out of this area. firefighters definitely still having a hard time at it but you can see in this image here we
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had some rainfall and that helped out and as far as conditions, actually ideal weather for firefighters. that's definitely some great news. officials have given no timetable to when residents can return home because this fire still is burning but they are making progress and it looks like the tables have turned against it at least for the time being. they need more rain fall but the weather definitely improving across much of this area. let's look further down towards the south. severe weather on going across parts of the central u.s. we have been seeing damaging winds. large hail baseball size in kansas and nebraska but also damaging tornados have been seen out here down towards the south into oklahoma. even eastern texas extending over towards missouri we'll still be seeing severe weather threat throughout your monday evening and even as we go ahead into tuesday we'll shift back there towards the east and
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another thing with this is that severe weather threat may linger towards wednesday but behind it some cooler air working in at least by the end of the week, vastly improving conditions and all this. co-s to track off there towards the east. heavy rainfall, some thunderstorms as well could cause delays in chicago. you got storms in the forecast. high of 16 here on tuesday. here is the extended outlook.
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and that wraps up this edition of nhk ""newsline."" i'm kathryn kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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