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tv   Newsline  PBS  May 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there. welcome to nhk "newsline." we're bringing you continuing coverage on the last day of the meetings. on the first day, leaders debated risks facing the global economy. the host, prime minister shinzo abe kicked off raising the topic he says is the most pressing. >> translator: reshawe shared t economy that it's facing global
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risks. >> reporter: the leaders agreed to support sustainable growth through flexible spending and other measures. they said they will continue talks on the matter. they'd hold out reach measures and the leaders will wrap up by issuing a joint statement. for more on what the leaders discussed thursday, we go to our reporter who is near the summit venue. can you break down the discussion of the first day for us.
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>> the leaders talked about the south china sea. they agreed to urge north not to take what they call provocative action. on the global economy, the leaders talked about the ways to boost it. abe pointed out the world is at a turning point. he said there's a risk of economic crisis if countries fail to take the necessary measures. they agreed on the importance of public an private investment. they decided to leave the timing an scale up to each country. world leader argued that using the word crisis is going too far. they work on how to describe the current situation in the final summit statement that will be released friday. here in japan we're watching to see if that prompts prime minister abe to put off raising japan's consumption tax planned
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for next april. >> the summit is an opportunity for the host nation to promote itself to the world. japan is taking full advantage. range of events showcasing japanese culture and technology has been put on for visitors and the media. they share a core theme of sustainability. >> the vehicles are particularly interest in the battle against global warming. international media and researchers also get to try out the eco friendly next generation cars.
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these new electric cars are designed to have more mobility. they are very small and easy to control and they can move almost as quickly as regular gasoline speed of 80 kilometers per hour. it can be charged at home and has a range of about 100 kilometers. japan is waiting the development of small electric vehicles as corporation is aging households are shrinking. >> it's very smooth. it's linear. it's a great reassuring technique. >> they visited a popular tourist spot. the region is well known for its farms. they met local female divers who
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have a long tradition of working with nature. >> translator: it was great to have them visit today. we feel encouraged to work even harder. the group of energy bet that agenda in a special media event. the intention is to call on the g7 leaders to focus their attention on people around the world living in harsh conditions. >> ideas is no one should be left behind. we hope japan sends out a
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message that people should not be controlled but live together this spees. attention is focused on the c content and message. >> that is all for now from the g7 media center. we'll be back with more later on. for now we're program over. once the summit wraps up, u.s. president barack obama will make a historic visit to had rosh ma. that's where american forces stained the world's first atomic bombing toward the end of world war ii. obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to travel to the
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city he plans to lay flowers at a cenotaph dedicated to the victims. and may visit the peace memorial mu seemed. the trip could give new momentum to an issue obama has pushed since the beginning of his presidency, abolishing nuclear arms. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: many citizens are having their daily weekday morning here. they are crowded with commuters going to school and work. you can see japanese and u.s. flags aligning along the street in front of the park. thousands of police patrolling all parts of the city especially
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in and around peace memorial park. authorities say police have been guarding the facility around the clock. some police officers went after the roof of the peace memorial museum on thursday to check for drones or other suspicion items. officials say they will seal off some areas in and around the parks starting from friday noon. journalists from around the world are gathering to witness the event. >> that would be very good. >> reporter: expectations are increasing among the city's people. many hope the visit will be fruitful for the president and them as well. >> translator: i want to see the president pay his respects to the victims. offering prayer would be great.
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>> translator: i think there's no need to argue about what happened more than seven decades ago. i think the president is going a brave thing with this visit. >> reporter: friday began as usual with people paying their respects. the chairs and lights set up to welcome the first u.s. leader are giving them the feeling that something historic is about to happen. >> thanks very much. >> nhk world reports.
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>> reporter: he's in the peace park of his hometown. >> this is away from the epicenter. >> it's not far, is it? not far at all. >> reporter: he welcomes president obama's visit. >> it will be a good opportunity for him to see what's happened in hiroshima but also for us to rethink about what we can tell to president obama or to the people who is coming to hiroshima from all over the world. >> reporter: his grandmother is a survivor who lives in a nursing home. 71 years ago she saw the city after it had been completely destroyed. >> translator: i still remember that time. it makes me feel so lonely. >> reporter: the memory haunts her. now she has a message to share
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with future generations. >> as a grandmother, is there anything you would like to pass onto me? what sort of hope do you have for peace? >> translator: no war. no wars should ever happen again. >> reporter: his family history inspired him to study world conflict and peace building. he earned a masters degree in the u.s. he chose middle east as place to do his field research. he's always had a personal attachment to this. it's meant to continue burning until nuclear weapons are abolished. he hopes that obama will express the same hope as people in hiroshima. >> it may be difficult for him to abolish nuclear weapons, but i want him to work for the abolishment of nuclear weapons
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and peaceful world. >> reporter: 28-year-old american has a personal section connections to the bombings. >> it's historying that he's coming here. he's the first sitting president to come to japan, to hiroshima. it's incredible this he comes. >> reporter: his grandfather was the only member who flew on both planes that dropped the atomic bombs he said his grandfather had no remorse but he said people must eradicate the causes of war. it left a strong impression on him. he wanted know what happened in the mushroom clouds so he started visiting japan five years ago. >> i came the meet people. i came to listen to their story. >> reporter: he's been
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interviewing survivorsurvivors. >> i feel very lucky i can hear her story. it's so important that we never forget someone like her story. >> reporter: he compiled testimonies along with his family own story into a book. it brings together the perspectives of both sides. he has been living in another part of japan heavily affected by nuclear fall out, fukushima. he believes that obama's visit will bring global attention to the consequences of the womaningwoma bombings. >> it can create that culture of change. >> reporter: obama's visits is expected to be deeply moving for
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many and resonate with young people who are striving for peace. >> certainly a trip that will be remembered for years to come. photographs will be donated by a think tank. then u.s. army major generall s leslie groves used the photos. some of the photos show how many targets were hit and the extent of the destruction. they are held by the think tank in washington. the center decided to donate the photos to the hiroshima museum in the near future so many people can see them. >> i think this is a very valuable historical document.
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>> he said president truman must have seen the photos when he received a briefing on the power of the atomic bombs. he believes anyone who sees them will come away with the same lesson that such weapons should never be used again. we'll bring you a special edition of nhk "newsline." after the g7 wraps up. it's time to check on the latest of business headlines. a pretty important piece of information. tell us why. >> as you know, prime minister abe, one of his goals is to get japan out of a deflationary spiral. he wants prices to rise. economists turn to the consumer price index to see how that's going. the latest report for april was just released this morning and the index was down for the second straight month.
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officials at the internal affairs ministry say the cpi was down 0.3% from the same month last year. the index includes oil products but not fresh food. when all types of energy and food are excluded, the reading was up 0.7%. that figure has gone up. now let's see what is happening with markets. just to refresh stock prices did end mixed many the u.s. as you can see to dow jones average falling by .1 where as the nasdaq rose by a .1 of a percent. we'll see how tokyo is opening this friday morning. ramin joins us. tell us what you're seeing. >> very good morning to you. al so to speak, for janet yellen speech later today.
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thael be watching out for the revised gdp data. let's have a look at how the nikkei and topix are kicking off. it did close well off the highs. the focus here today will be dominated by president obama's historic visit to hiroshima later today. many are keeping watch on prime minister abe's point about fiscal spending plans which he made some points during the g7
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summit meeting. retreat if the dollar may weigh on sentiment. >> get us up to date on currencies. what's happening with the dollar in. >> the fed is really watching out for a lot of data points, durable goods a little bit weaker. yen 109.67. it's slipping against weaker currencies. fed policy makers have made it clear they'll be looking at data points and judge the timing of a rate hike based on what's appropriate. it includes the second reading of gdp later today. before bond and stock markets wrap up for a long week and janet yellen will give her
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speech later today. some analysts say she may not want to say anything too contentious in such a thin market trading environment. we'll see. kospi is trading up. i'll have more updates later this morning. for now, that's all for me. back to you. >> sounds good. we'll touch base with you in a few hours time. the president and chief operating officer of softbank group took own about $73 million in salary and bonuses during the last fiscal year. officials at the japanese telecom firm say the pay reflected his contributions to the company. indian born arora is 48 years old. he joined softbank in september 2014 after serving as senior
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vice president for google. he's been holding his current position since june last year and is considered a likely candidate to succeed chairman and ceo. the company paid arora a total of about $150 million at current rates including a signing bonus in fiscal 2014 before coming to his post. a credit research firm says the highest renumeration for a japanese corporate executive in fiscal 2014 was about $49 million. all right. that's the latest in business for this hour. i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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senior officials from japan, the united states and south korea plan to immediate in tokyo next wednesday to discuss north korean issues, the meeting will be the first among the three countries since north korea's workers ruling party held the first congress in 36 years in early may. # japan will be represented by the foreign ministry's asian and oceanic affairs chief, the united states special envoy and south korea's special envoy for north korea, and special representative for korean peace and security affairs will also take part. at the congress, north korean leader kim jong-un showed eagerness to continue his country's nuclear and missile development. in late may pyongyang's ministry of forces proposed holding working level talks with seoul.
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the number of international visitors to tokyo exceeded 10 million for the first time, and they spent over 1 trillion yen. the tokyo metropolitan government conducted a survey of hotels and other accommodation facilities. it shows about 11,890,000 people came to tokyo from abroad for business or sightseeing. government official says the number of overseas visitors in 2015 was up 34% from the previous year. the amount of money they spent reached 1.1 trillion yen, or about $10.2 billion. this is the first time the amount has exceeded one trillion yen. officials suggest the weaker yen and more cruise ships visiting tokyo contributed to the increase. the metropolitan government wants to increase the annual number of foreign visitors to 15 million by 2020. when tokyo hosts the summer olympics and paralympics.
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it's a wet and rainy friday morning here in tokyo. even a bit muggy out there. robert speta joins us with the latest. >> actually, in fact, we are going to be looking at temperatures rising through the week. definitely muggy. the humidity is up across most of japan. we have our area of low pressure that has been pushing overhead, bringing that precipitation with it as well throughout the morning hours to the tokyo area. you have been seeing some showers, and actually into iwate there have been record-breaking rains. the past 48 hours, 151 millimeters of precipitation has come down out here. the good news is that this front is not going to be lingering here all that long. through the rest of the morning we're looking at widespread showers, but that should be tapering over, ospecially towards the back toward the east.
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include should the shime region. and similarly over there towards hiroshima, a big event taking place during the afternoon hours. it does look like sunny skies are expected to be in place. cloudy in the morning, but once that front gets a move on, the sun will start to peek there with temperatures on the rise. it would be a hot one out there, a high of 29. you may want to bring water, stay hydrated if you are out and about during that event. let's pull back down toward the south. i want to talk about the tropics. we're starting to get into tropical season. we do have our first tropical depression, a minor one at that, nothing named, but still extending up into the south china sea, bringing showers into the western philippines, eventually making its way into hong kong. you can see well over 100 millimeters, definitely bringing
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the threat of flooding, back towards the philippines is concerned, though, this is great news, actually the state of calamity was issued, and back towards vietnam you've been under a severe drought. this will enhance some precipitation. so this, in fact, is some great news for a lot of people out here, especially farmers across much of this region. all right. let's look at the americas. travel plans across this area, especially central u.s. you might be see some delays in cancellations. here on your wednesday, or thursday evening. yeah, the entire terminal at the kansas city airport actually evacuated because of that tornado warning. i'll show you some video here on your wednesday, with a very large tornado that ripped through central kansas. this damaged at ast 20 homes, two people were injured, but despite the intensity and how
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large this storm was, no casualties were reported. that's the good news. the national weather service did state 14 tornadoes were reported on wednesday, as well on thursday. we've already seen 11 records of tornadoes, including that one into the kansas city area i mentioned. this is still ongoing through your evening hours, and it's like the threat of large hail darnelling winds. the threat is starting to decrease, and it's still there, a chance of flash flooding. i know this coming weekend, it is a long weekend. so i'm sure a lot of -- what's the weather going to be like? stormy conditions, you are looking at some showers, but by monday memorial day, 25 for your high. here's the extended outlook.
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that's all for this edition of nhk "newsline."
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we'll be back at the top of the hour. see you then.
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ernie stevens: on this edition of native report, we travel to madeline island to learn about the bilingual signage project. rita aspinwall: while on madeline island, we visit the madeline island museum. bryan bainbridge: we're people of this land and of this earth and of this water. ernie stevens: and we meet bryan bainbridge, chairman of the red cliff band of lake superior chippewa in northern wisconsin. rita aspinwall: we also learn about what we can do to lead healthier lives and hear from our elders on this edition of native report. speaker 1: production of native report is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community, the blandin foundation, and the duluth superior area community foundation.


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