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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there, welcome to nhk "newsline." we start with breaking news this hour, south korea's military says north korea appears to have fired a ballistic missile. the japanese government also says it has obtained information that north korea has fired a missile. the government says it's special task force on the north korean situation is conducting analysis at the prime minister's office. once again, south korea's military says north of korea has fired what appears to be a ballistic missile. the japanese government also says it has received information that north korea has fired a
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missile. the government says it's special task force on the north korean situation is doing analysis at the prime minister's office. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. on to other stories now. the japanese prime minister will soon reshuffle his cabinets, the lineups will be announced on wednesday afternoon, but nhk has already learned most of the changes from various sources, abe is expected to appoint the woman as the defense chairman. she will be the second woman to assume the post following the n new lly elected government.
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according to sources some of abe's team ministers will be staying put to maintain the basis of his government. those include the foreign minister and the chief cabinet secretary. the prime minister is also changing party executives. abe is expected to appoint the new secretary general. the new general council chairman and the new policy research council chairman. after the new cabinet is announced, members will attend a ceremony at the imperial palace. they will hold their first meeting on wednesday evening. tokyo's new governor is wasting no time getting down to business following her victory in sunday's election. yuriko koike has pledged to make changes happen on a number of urgent issues. she is zeroing in on japan's aging society, information disclosure, and the 2020 tokyo olympics and paralympics. ♪
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koike was given a warm welcome tuesday morning as she arrived at the metropolitan government building for the first time as governor. she is the first woman to administer japan's capital. in her first address to her staff, koike referred to the political fund scandals her predecessors were involved in. she instructed them to work hard to regain the public trust in the government. in a news conference, she pledged to fulfill her campaign promise to drastically reform tokyo. >> translator: we will scrutinize efficiency of work, organization, and budget of the government and affiliated bodies as well. and we will report the results to citizens. we will reorganize the system to citizens first. >> she also touched on the budget for the 2020 games, which is expected to balloon from the initial plan. she said she plans to set up a panel of experts to study whether it's reasonable or not and release the interim report
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next month. protesters rushed to the electoral stage on sunday. they set out to prevent next month's legislative election. electoral affairs commission ruled last month that candidates have to agree hong kong is an inalienable part of china. the decision meant pro independent candidates could be disqualified from running. >> translator: we are completely outraged. we are concerned that the government will continue to destroy the institutions of hong kong. >> the disqualified candidates plan to hold a protest in the runup to the september 4th elections. beijing has pronounced the
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proindependent movement to split the country. more than one month after a deadly terrorist attack, bangladesh is fighting back against radical extremism. while police hit radicals head on, new ad campaigns are trying to prevent young people from becoming terrorists. nhk world's daisuke iijima reports. >> reporter: the streets of bangladesh capital dhaka remains tense as the nation comes to grips in last month's terror attack. it's doing all it can to stamp out extremism. the country was shocked when the young men from wealthy households committed deadly attacks. the men killed more than 20 people after taking over a restaurant. the militants were then killed
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after security forces stormed into the building after a standoff. authorities had initially said islamic state militants were not involved in the assault but now they say otherwise. at this apartment last week, police killed nine gunmen during a raid. the flag of islamic state group and weapons were found there. police suspect one of the gunmen trained the restaurant attackers. >> translator: all the guys came out of the balcony and shouted "god is great." they shouted that if police die, they will go to hell. >> reporter: most of the nine men killed in the gunfight were highly educated. police suspect the group behind the two incidents is a new terrorist organization. they think it broke away from a local islamic radical group after being influenced by the islamic state and other terror groups. they suspect the leader is a bangladesh canadian who is on the run. >> translator: we have detained about 200 members of a new terrorist organization. we believe the group is not directly related to islamic state militants or al qaeda, but it is active as a terrorist group using the names and ideologies of the islamic state. >> reporter: this is a list of
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missing young people who police suspect may have joined radical groups. one of them was seen as someone far apart from radicalism. here is the same man at a younger age making an appearance on tv. the son of a prominent bangladesh, he was college educated and had a good job but something changed. >> reporter: this video is believed to have been shot in a part of syria which is controlled by the islamic state group. it's thought the young man entered turkey three years ago on his way to syria after lying to his family. to stop people from radicalizing, there is also a peer battle being waged. this is a video bangladesh police made after last month's attack. police warn that extremists try to brainwash students by taking advantage of their emotional
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wounds or sense of guilt for having taken alcohol or drugs. >> translator: recruiters of terrorist organizations observe targeted students very well. they take advantage of any sorrow, suffering, or mental weakness. then they immerse their targets in radical ideas. >> reporter: at least four members of the group who were killed in the two incidents were students or graduates of this prestigious private university. after the attack students gathered around the college for a demonstration against extremism. >> shooting, first of all, the first option would be this. not only north south university. there are many other universities who are indulged in this. >> reporter: while radical islamists have been trying to recruit bangladesh youths, the fight to stop it is just beginning. daisuke iijima, nhk world, dhaka.
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as we near the 71st anniversary of atomic bombings in hiroshima and nagasaki, we have a new book with a collection of children's accounts of hiroshima's bombings. it's since been translated into 16 languages and continues to send an important message to the world. >> reporter: the swahili edition of children of hiroshima children was published this year, written by children who survived the hiroshima bombings. this is the author. he said he chosed to translate the book because he wanted to tell african children about the tragedy. >> the cry for peace and the
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call for the stoppage of the making of weapons of mass these should be carried and put in the hearts and minds of every african kids. >> reporter: "children of hiroshima" was published in 1951, it has sold more than 2 million copies in japan. this woman, at age 9 was exposed to radiation from the bomb and live d through the horrible aftr math of the bomb. >> translator: bodies were everywhere. i couldn't believe my eyes. summer reminds me of that time. it gives me goose bumps. >> reporter: the book contains accounts of more than 100 children, ranging from
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elementary school to university. it describes how their lives were forever changed. >> translator: i wrote like this, the horrible atom bomb day, it will remain as one of the saddest memories of my life. >> reporter: a big bowl of fire has fallen over us. i saw a man with burned skin hanging from his hands and feet. he was crying, water, water. >> translator: i felt very thirsty and went to the river to drink some water, many black and dead bodies were floating down the stream. i had to keep pushing them away while i drank. >> translator: war is terrible, i will always hate it. >> reporter: her family survived the bombings, but they didn't escape the long-term effects of
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radiation. all of them were eventually diagnosed with different forms of cancer. her mother died from thyroid cancer 30 years ago. >> translator: i have never felt such pain as when i lost my mother, hundreds of thousands of people died instantly and even survivors have experienced miserable days suffering from disease for many years. i don't want anyone to experience such a feeling again. >> reporter: so it's through the book that she and the other children have spread a message of peace all over the world, including here in indonesia. this professor translated "children of heiroshimero sheeh" setch severeen years ago.
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>> where is my mother? my grandma put the rocks down and picked some bones out of it. >> translator: peace is universal and fragile. i want to tell my students that we should try to keep it. i hope children will make peace real instead of just thinking about it. >> reporter: and it's that message about trying to make and keep peace that "children of hiroshima" continues to pass on to future generations around the world. misato kosuge, nhk world. we now move on to business
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news. >> u.s. crude prices are down, as you know, they regard the yen as a safer asset. the japanese currency surged against the dollar overnight to the 100 yen level, that's for the first time in just about three weeks. and looking at u.s. stock markets, the dow jones industrial average closed down half a percent. the nasdaq was down .09% on the day. let's see what happened in tokyo. good morning, rumi, tell us what you're seeing over there. >> reporter: three major factors are going to be -- second of course is that fund that we saw on the dollar against the yen and thirdly is going to be the market reaction to prime
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minister shinzo abe's spending package. the nikkei is down 1.3%, down 1.4% for the broadest topics. the nikkei was down almost 1.5% on tuesday. that's on the back of a stronger yen and both of those factors have increased in intensity as you just covered there with oil prices, fears of an oil glut have spurred recent declines. wti has fallen below $40 a barrel. look at it now, still $39.74. and lower crude hitting oil companies as we definitely saw with exxon on wall street. but prime minister shinzo abe's plan was not enough for investors as they were expecting a bigger package.
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the finance minister held a joint meeting with the bank of japan chief, seeking to reassure markets that the latest moves were a joint effort between the government and the boj. government bond yields rose as did the yen, and the markets were somewhat disappointed. >> and the yen is stronger against the dollar, especially. tell us what's going on with currency. >> we did see that sharp drop of the dollar against the yen initially, below 101.12, it's at the lowest levels since just after the brexit vote when the dollar was down 1.5% against the yen. we have the all important jobs data that's due out on friday.
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the lower rates tend to weaken the economy which we have been seeing on the dollar. the fed is unlikely to raise rates any time soon. across asia, kospi is dropping lower, sidney also down, the dollar actually recovered from an initial loss after the central bank reduced rates 1.5%. we did see a decline in sales for toyota for the month of july in the u.s. back to you. all right, rumi, thanks a lot for that update. we'll talk to you in a few hours time. as rumi mentioned, japanese government officials have revealed the details of a stimulus package worth more than $270 billion. now they are working on ways of funding it as they draw up a budget for the current fiscal years. the plan is to take about $40 billion out of account for the
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central budget. out of that the government plans to sell construction bonds of about $30 billion to cover a funding gap. the extra funding will provide a one-time payment of $150 for people on low income. facilities to process food for export will also be constructed before the trans pacific partnership free trade agreement takes affect. the cabinet will try to finish up the budget this month and present it this fall. something is cooking in the barbecue business. an increasing number of japanese families are gathering on city rooftops this summer. >> reporter: easy access, that's one reason that rooftops are on fire. i'm on the roof of this large
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shopping complex in the city. there's this lip licking aroma of cooking meat. that's because people come here to barbecue. customers bring their own food and drink. staff prepare the grill and afterwards they tidy everything up. users pay about $15 per adult. weekends have been fully booked ail summer. >> translator: it's fun and easy eating at a place like this, we just bring the ingredients. >> reporter: so the roof barbecue doesn't just benefit the owner of the building, but also all the tennants down below. there's a grocery store in the basement. the barbecue store offers a 20% i discount to people who buy their ingredients here. >> translator: sales have risen about 4%. we expect more growth during the summer vacation. >> reporter: the whole operation is run out of this office. this man is company president.
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he says the secret sauce to his business is accommodating as many people as possible. rooftop space is limited, and conventional grills need extra space to do the cooking. he decided to place the grill in the middle of the table, allowing diners to stay seated. this simple trick doubles the number of customers. here's another one. a retractable roof keeps the business rain proof. the company now operates about 60 barbecue sites in and around tokyo. >> i often hear people say they want to have a barbecue. i have added many improvements so that it becomes more accessible and convenient. >> reporter: another company is targeting the high ends market. this office building is in the heart of tokyo. with the japanese garden, the rooftop is a place to relax. the barbecue operator rents the space on weekends.
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the pitch here is privacy. single group bookings only. it's run by a 2-year-old venture business. unlike other cooking spots, this one provides food, and not just any food. the menu draws on recipes from around the world. >> translator: the ingredients were top notch. my taste buds are tingling. >> reporter: the quality and taste of the food can make or break the business. the company researches exotic flavors and condiments. like this corps get just the right taste. the company also sells the ingredients online. >> translator: selling online, we can target ordinary customers around japan. which enables us to maximize our
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profit for our eight-month season. >> reporter: rooftop cooking is taking off. and with an estimated 24 million japanese joining a barbecue every year, it's a business with plenty of room to grow. >> fun times, all right, that's the latest in business for this hour. godzilla has stomped it's way to a box office total. it's the first time a live action film has reached the mark in japan. total ticket sales for the series of films starring the iconic monster topped the $100
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million mark. godzilla first appeared on the screen in 1954. the latest work, "shin godzilla," is the 29th movie in the series. it came out last friday and attracted over 700,000 viewers in the first four days. the film distributor says it's the first time for live-action films produced and shown in japan to set such a record. it says the animation film series featuring robotic cat doraemon was the only one to reach the milestone so far. godzilla is now a global pop culture icon, appearing in video games, comic books, and television shows. people in are picking up after the typhoon blew through. >> our tropical storm is continuing to push inland. it's over there towards hong kong and southern china and actually a really great statistic coming out of this, there have been no deaths reported in this storm. but it did leave behind some damage. i want to show you some video. just to give you an idea of what it looks like here in hong kong. you had those rough waves out there on the harbor, winds of up to 104 kilometers per hour. you did have some downed trees
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and some downed power poles. we actually had a tornado that blew through a city. there was 11 injuries in this event, but as i said, no deaths were reported. so that is the good news, much rather hear about injuries instead of fatalities coming out of this area. take a look at the forecast, this is drifting off there towards the west. really the storm system as far as the winds or tropical weather, that's pretty much over, but there is going to be some precipitation and there is some additional threat of some flooding extending over towards northern areas of vietnam. let's take a look at the forecast for japan. actually some heavy rainfall the last several days here as well. we haven't seen those strong
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cumulonimbus clouds. today's going to be quite the same. it's still hot and muggy, we have cold air aloft and we're going to see precipitation on top of what we are already seeing, we have gotten 120 millimeters of rain. off to the northwest, 106 millimeters. thunderstorms from central to northern areas of the country, we still could see 100 millimeters of rain, definitely some strong winds associated with this. if you hear the thunder, you want to head indoors, some of these storms could become severe. hail and maybe tornadoes developing in one of two of these cells out there. you really want to be on guard as this goes throughout the day. tokyo, showers as i mentioned. seoul with 33, beijing on the warm side. let's take a look over here, brazil, we're actually talking about the olympics coming up over the next several days, and
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friday specifically, the opening ceremony looks rather well. before that hatppened wednesday and thursday, the northern edge of the high pressure there. there was kind of a little trough moving through, that's going to bring some showers on wednesday, but you can see that kind of clears up, drifts off towards the east, by thursday, cloudy skies, friday, though, beautiful weather, 34 the high, saturday the games start to kick off as well. 31, partly cloudy skies. if you're out there, do enjoy the decent weather this coming weekend. i'll leave you with your extended outlook.
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before we go, we would like to remind you of breaking news this hour, south korea says north korea has fired a ballistic missile from its western region toward the sea of japan. the japanese government also says it has obtained information that north korea has fired a missile. the government says it's special task force on the north korean situation is conducting analysis at the prime minister's office. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. nhk "newsline" will be back another the top of the hour. thank you for joining us.
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narrator: welcome to "global 3000." this week we're looking at animal species which are under threat of extinction and at the -- those trying to protect them. we go to south africa where rhinos are still at the mercy of poachers. their horn is more valuable than gold. what can be done to put a stop to this illegal trade? in kenya, we learn about bee populations that protect elephants. it might sound like a joke, but it's not. but first we go to kazakhstan, home to the saiga antelopes. recently, the species was nearly wiped out. we went to find out why. it's been a year since news emerged of the agonizing death


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