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tv   DW News  PBS  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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cob zuma, could have sold political favors. they are calling into an inquiry with a family, who are said to have influenced cabinet appointments. it is the latest blow to the president that has been repeatedly accused of corruption. ♪ >> this is fast becoming the esidency.sis of jacob zuma's thousands of protesters on the street with a message that they want the president to step down immediately. wyers -- not -- r today, zuma' anchor: south africans taken to the street and protest -- in process. also on the program, and go merkel -- angela merkel criticizes the list -- press freedom. saying that tayyip erdogan is one of the worst offenders for silencing journalists. and iraqi special forces on the outside of mosul. civilians caught in the crossfire and trying to flee. we will hear from an aid organization in the region. ♪
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anchor: thank you for joining us. corruption allegations against jacob zuma. a report calling for an inquiry into allegations that a wealthy family known to zuma was appointed in state-owned firms. the publication of the report came as thousands took to the street of pretoria to protest against jacob zuma who has been engulfed in corruption scandals. he is under scrutiny, the result of -- and big losses. [chanting] anchor: joining us is our correspondent in johannesburg. alice, talk is to the main accusations leveled against the president? reporter: the allegations are about his relationship with a family, three brothers from
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india who have business in south africa. it is about how the influence has worked with the appointment of cabinet ministers. there is a deputy minister of finance who had a meeting at their residence and they offered him the job of minister of finance, saying you could get cash now in a bag if you want to become the minister. so they were trying to bribe for the position. there is also suspicious business dealings. that they were kickbacks for jacob zuma, with the state owned power company. there is a lot of details and testimony and it is explosive. anchor: this is a report that the president try to suppress? reporter: definitely. he was trying to suppress it for a couple of weeks. it was supposed to be released in mid-october and he challenged in court. this morning, there was a court
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case and we saw a lot of protest today, because there was a court case against jacob zuma. and like a u-turn, all of a sudden he says it is ok for the reports to be released. now he says he will look into them and he might challenge them, launch a court case again after he reads the findings of the report. anchor: to be clear, this was a report by the public protector, held by the court, which the court today released what was it called on the president -- released. what was it called on the president to do? reporter: in the next 30 days he must set up a commission of inquiry within independent judge that will look into the matter with more detail. although the reports is it -- has a lot of findings committee said they do not have enough manpower and money to convince the data in a detailed way that
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is needed. there will be a commission that will look into the relationships with the goodell family -- gupta family with more detail. we should know more and the commission must have a report that really in detail outlines what the relationship of the family and zuma was. the beginning is pretty explosive. south africa looking through 55 pages of the report now. people are really wondering what it will mean for jacob zuma. anchor: briefly, now that the report has come out, not only are there more allegations against this president, but he is losing support politically pu. can he hold on? reporter: there is more pressure on him to resign. we have seen the government is divided. we have to see how it is going to respond. but his position is getting more unstable. anchor: thank you.
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the united nations has declared today the international day to end impunity for crimes against journalists. to coincide with this the international meteor organization, reporters without borders has published competitors of press, it is -- creditors of -- predators of press, a list. and on that list is the president of turkey, tayyip erdogan. german chancellor merkel has spoken up, describing turkey's actions as highly alarming. anchor: our correspondent dorian jones joins us on the line from is stumble. angela merkel says she is alarmed by the turkish claim down on journalists -- clamp
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down on jealous. does it alarm the turkish president? reporter: not really. the relationship has been bad. there is a lack of solidarity with the government and what it feels the greatest threat is. they have been speaking with the members of the government and there is markets are with those trying to overthrow the democratically elected president, rather than the president and government themselves, adding to the dialogue. anchor: the chancellor also said that turkish journalists can be certain of the german government's solidarity. what do turkish journalists expect the german government to do to demonstrate solidarity? >> i think they're looking at germany keeping the pressure appeared reporter: there -- pressure. reporter: and i think they are also looking to berlin to use
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their substantial muscle in europe to galvanize europe, the european government and commission, they have been reacting strongly enough. germany is looked at as a country to unite europe to put pressure on turkey. but it has to be said, most people realize here that europe needs turkey's cooperation with fighting the islamic state. and until europe's is prepared to give up that help, that is the power they have. anchor: this report that puts president tayyip erdogan on the same list of oppressive regimes, does anybody care there? reporter: i think that there are a lot of journalists and a growing alarm about what is happening with the country. supporters of the government, the president, the majority of the country, they feel evidence
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of anti-tayyip erdogan rather than concerns for democracy. they think that most of the world is prejudice against the president. anchor: thank you. police in iowa in america say that they of arrested a man accused of ambushing two officers today. they named him as 46-year-old scott michael green. two officers shot in des moines. the first incident happened in a separate and the second fatal shooting was 20 minutes later if you kilometers away. this is the third police ambush in the u.s. this year. now a week until the u.s. presidential election and candidates are putting their resources into the final swing states. the race is getting tighter. for the first time in months, one national poll has donald have ahead of hillary clinton by one percentage point. another shows clinton and head
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of donald trump in florida, a state he must win. reporter: this is one of the men heating up the race, fbi director james comey who has reopened the investigation into the clinton e-mails. not just that, the fbi has released documents in the case against bill clinton and a controversial pardon he gave as president. on his last day of office he parted the billionaire mark reich. he is now dead, but he faced an assignment --indictment for tax evasion. proponents of her clinton said that this was because of extensive donations for the democrats. this revelation house on the pressure over the final stretch of the election campaign. in swing states like florida, the clinton campaign is trying to convince undecided voters. [applause] [chanting hillary]
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>> i want to make sure that every voter in florida spends these next seven days thinking about what is at stake in this election. because honestly i believe this is the most important election of our lifetime. reporter: republican nominee donald trump is in another swing state, wisconsin, calling on people who have cast early votes for clinton to change their ballots. >> this is a message for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. [laughter] >> in other words, you want to change your vote. wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballots if you think you have made a mistake. reporter: this is possible and only three states, another
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aspect of a complicated system that makes predicting the outcome of the u.s. presidential election even more difficult. ♪ anchor: during the campaign, much attention has been devoted to young people, the way they will vote. often referred to as millennials, they make up a growing portion of the electorate could the next report comes from boulder, colorado. it used to be a swing state, bu+ is now regarded as democrat territory. and it is most known for recently legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. we go to colorado to see what young voters are saying. reporter: this is not your socks off -- knock your socks off, something that this campaign has not been doing for young voters. some are sure, if c cannabis was running for president, it would have a better chance than donald trump or hillary clinton. >> cannabis is bigger than any
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of the candidates. reporter: the presidential race turning toxic here, especially for millennials who are still mourning the defeat of bernie sanders. if there is one thing young voters on both sides of the political divide agree on, it is that they want to see change to the political establishment. hillary clinton is part of that and that is the problem for her in these elections. ♪ reporter: at boulder university, campaigning for hillary is in full swing. but once you get talking to some students, that distinct lack of enthusiasm for her as president turns into outright rejection. >> i think with my white counterparts, they loved hillary clinton and they want us to vote for her, but a lot of my friends do not want to vote at all. >> i have seen a lot of brothers
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and sisters at these elections, this has proved literally to be the decision of getting stabbed or shot at. reporter: lawmakers in colorado know that they cannot afford to ignore the voice of the millennials, the power base of the future. young voters are becoming increasingly critical to the success of our elections. >> this election provided a new opportunity for folks to get involved. reporter: colorado has moved from a swing state to a safe democrat territory, more despite ban because of support from millennials. once this season is over, both parties will need to go back to their roots if they want to win over tomorrow's key group of voters. anchor: and other stories making news. hong kong, two newly elected legislators have been thrown out of parliament. they wanted to participate in
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the swearing in ceremony despite being barred for insulting china. lawmakers in the legislature -- and a 20 migrant workers drowned when a speedboat taking them home cap sized. about 40 people were rescued from the bow. police have arrested some for organizing the voyage. and this is dw news from berlin. still to come, as iraqi forces go house to house on the edge of mosul, we will hear from an eight organization -- aid organization in the city. and those being caught in the crossfire. and we will have that and more world news and business news in just a minute. stay right there. ♪
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♪ anchor: this is "dw news." our top story, corruption allegations against president jacob zuma of south africa, appearing crimes have committed. calling for allocations -- inquire into allegations of that he influenced appointees into their cabinet. many protesters demanded his removal. and iraqi fighters going house to house flushing out islamic state fighters. tuesday they broke through defenses. further advances today are unlikely as poor weather and smoke from fires is hampering visibility. as the military campaign progresses, organizations are warning about the lives that are in great danger.
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the international aid ornization, mission east, we have a representative on the phone. welcome to dw. what is the situation where you are? >> the situation here is controlled, but tents. there are a lot of organizations standing by with aid as refugees are arriving at the camps right now. judging from the number so far, it looks like things are heating up. anchor: so where you are, this is one of the places people are fleeing the city center to? >> not at this time. we're monitoring for the various coordination channels, so we have not seen major arrivals as such. most fleeing seems to have gone south and east. anchor: the reports that is has been using civilians as human
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shields? can you confirm that? >> we have heard the reports, but it is not something that we can confirm. anchor: what is the situation for civilians? >> the situation as it looks is that it is hard for them to leave. it is for a variety of reasons, heavy fighting going on, it is making them hard to move out. and there is no clear core doors -- corridors leading out of mosul in either direction. they are arriving rather scattered at the various pickup points. and from there to the emergency camps where they are screened by sigourney forces. anchor: winter is coming. how is it likely to change the situation for civilians? >> obviously, there will be an increased need for warm clothes
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and winterization materials like blankets and such. these people have left everything behind, so we will need to add just the contents -- adjust the contents of the aid distributed. that is something we will be doing continuously in" nation with -- in close coordination with those on the ground. anchor: thank you. business news with heather humphrey. and word from the top economist. heather: germany has the repetition of a powerhouse from europe. there is have academic advisors -- economic advisers say not to rest on their laurels, wanting them to stay strong. the panel represents the annual report on wednesday and and it -- in it, they urged europewide reforms and discipline.
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reporter: the economists are dissatisfied with the german government. they say berlin has done little to stimulate growth and prepare the economy for the future. the title of the report this year by the economic experts sums up the findings, time for reforms. >> we have sketched out reforms for germany that could enable the government to maintain its role as an anchor of stability and continue to be a motor of prosperity. the report says the german government did not take advantage of the country's positive economic climate to implement necessary reforms. for example, in the service sector, for tax laws and education. but reform should not just stopped in germany. the german economic experts urge europe wide reforms and criticize the bank for their policies which in danger the
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financial markets. the advisors predict that germany will have a slowdown next year. growth this year has projected to be 1.9%. in 2017, the forecast is only 1.3%. heather: joining me is one of the authors of the report, and economic reporter, thank you for joining us. in your report, you call for europe wide reforms and fiscal discipline, but is growth just to blame for the -- europe just to blame for the slowdown of the academy? -- economy? >> so far it is driven by fiscal policy and it is urgently needed that the state reform economies so they become more effective and efficient and competitive. heather: this comes into the firing line, why is the bond buying program no longer
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justified in your opinion? it has an effect on the whole eurozone. >> with medicine, the dosage is key. we think that looking at inflation broadly and modern policies, it brings risks. risks for the banking system and financial stability, because there are more risks building up in the banks, given the long term. and the other issues governments are getting used to getting cheap funding. the ecb is buying government bonds so they do not reform or consolidate. in the long run you need to bring down debt in order to get sustainable growth. heather: let's look domestically. you have called for economic reform in germany. and the chancellor has said, there is always time for reform. what do you want to see the government do? >> germany should be going ahead with this example. they are making the right points
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on the european level, but at home they need to be more of an example. the reason they are not is because germany has been doing well. we had reforms, label market reforms, and that helps growth in germany nowadays. we have very little in employment rates -- unemployment rate. so they have been resting on that. but when you think of the retirement system, there have been handouts and special increases in pensions for mothers, early retirement instead of making it later, so we need to go back to more market-oriented reforms which enhance the competitiveness of the economy. : heather: thank you for coming in and explaining some of the reports to us today. >> you are welcome. heather: lufthansa reporting that the net profits doubled to
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1.4 billion euros between july and december. they benefited from short-term business travel bookings despite pressure to lower their fares. they want of continued -- warned of continued volatility. like how the european airlines, they have had to contend with unions pushing back at cutting costs. and let's talk about this with our financial correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange. how does lufthansa feel about the figures? >> they are really reason for our louis vuitton the -- for lufthansa to feel happy. especially in the third quarter report, it is noteworthy. they were able to strike an agreement with their staff about pension entitlements. it will allow the company to cut
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down on their and numerous amount of money they have to set aside for future pensions. heather: from louis vuitton the two will cost --lufthansa to low-cost airlines, we have reports from ryanair and others. >> ryan air is probably one reason for louis vuitton the not to get very -- louis vuitton the not to get very cheerful -- luftansa not to get very cheerful. and another -- ryan air will be flying to and from frankfurt. this is the home base of lufthansa. and in berlin, there is rumor that they will close down some of their bases. nothing is confirmed. i can tell you that the rumor alone is weighing on the share price of air berlin today.
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heather: thank you. our financial correspondent at the stock exchange. thank you for that. and we will have more business a little later. anchor: thank you. a little bit of football. the champions league, a powerhouse, munich qualifying with two matches to spare. they came from behind, to-one. and a home win against throw stuff. manchester city fought back to beat barcelona, 3-1. arsenal qualifying for the knockout stage. and psg beat basil. and -- against dynamo kiev. and our top story, antigovernment protests taking place in the south african capital.
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this came as a report came out about allegations against the president, jacob zuma. there will also be an inquiry into a family link to the president that try to influence cabinet appointments. and that is all for this hour. i will have more for you at the top of the next. there is always the website if you cannot wait. have a good day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪ population of more than 5 million people, at first sight the country seems to be blessed with rich water


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