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tv   DW News  PBS  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. it germany's chancellor is ready to do it all over again. a member says she will run again for chancellor for a fourth term and next year's general election. we'll get the latest. also on the show. security is higher. police targeted an organization accused of spreading the and threatening the country's constitution.
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barack obama embarks on his final trip abroad as u.s. president using his first stop in greece to stress the time. i'm brent goff. it is good to have you with us. a high ranking number of the cdu party has said tonight that chancellor angela merkel will run again. in an interview with cnn, a member said she will run for chancellor and she is absolutely determined and ready to contribute to strengthen the international liberal order. she will run and she will act as a responsible leader.
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let's pull in the political correspondent. good evening to you rupert. what more do we know about this? this isn't a formal declaration is it. we have been trying to confirm this news. what i heard from there is that they think he wasn't talking on behalf of angela merkel. it is more estimation that fact. they are claiming he wanted to give his impression but he is not talking on behalf. if she is going to run for a
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fourth term or not, they said the party chairman will announce her decision on whether she is going to run or not in due time. when this do time is. one good date is next sunday and then the board meeting is up. they told me to wait until sunday and they would have snooze. brent: we may have some type of declaration on sunday. why are we hearing this now? is there any connection to the visit of barack obama? >> we don't know. it all depends if he has been talking on behalf of angela merkel or not. especially after donald trump has been elected president of the united states and if this is
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connected to the obama visit, i seriously doubt that. brent: our local correspondent on the story for us tonight. police across germany carried out 200 raids against a radical islamist organization today. the group calls itself the true religion and is known for distributing carron's in foreign towns. it is also may be involved in recruiting fighters. germans in interior minister has banned the group. >> this happened early in the morning. raids like this one took place in more than 60 german cities. hundds of police department searched warehouses.
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germany's interior minister issued an official ban on the group. >> under the name of the true religion, this organization claims to advertise for islam. what it really does is bring together jihadist islamist. the ultraconservative had -- guy had chronic translations. he used that contact you rattled -- radicalize those interested. he is thought to be the head of the organization. in numerous appearances and videoas has spoken out. later traveled to syria and iraq to fight the organization like the so-called islamic state.
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>> we don't want people recruited for terrorism and we certainly don't want terrorism to be exported from germany. the number of celibates is growing. it is estimated there are more than 9000 of them in the country. german authorities say the movement is a breeding ground for islamist fighters. the banning of their true religion had been there for some time. it is one of the government's boldest moves so far. >> germany's foreign minister is on a difficult diplomatic mission to turkey. his first visit. they were immediately in defense mode. turkey is set up with the eu's condescending attitude. >> a parliamentary tour to see the first attempts and amid the
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growing tension they tried to find some common ground. leave in germany have big respect for the people of turkey. and ankara is increased. they say they are being used as a bargaining chip. >> we are fed up with the condescending attitude and the criteria is clear there are double standards. this is what we don't like. >>'s scheduled became full after he got lost -- last-minute
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invitations. they ramped up the rhetoric criticizing statements from brussels. repeating accusations that the eu harbors extremist. >> eu should stop report -- terrorist groups. they should decide whether they want to cooperate with turkey. this should be the eu's priority. they expressed frustration of his own hotly criticized frustration. he reiterated that he stood with ankara. brent: let's pull in our correspondent. good evening to you dorian. we understand that the foreign has now met with turkey's president. what did the two men talk about? >> it was a meeting behind
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closed doors and there has not been any official statement. judging by the faces after the meeting it was not an easy one. he is been facing a barrage of criticism and much of it directly aimed at germany. you had to mention it early in the month. i think that message is expected to be repeated and turkey feels that germany is not doing enough to crack down. they're saying they should crackdown more on that and also they have been accusing them of harboring people from the coup attempt. there is this growing anger. brent: he also met members of turkey's opposition.
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it would normally be something out of the normal but was that something to provoke turkish authorities? >> he was in a very difficult position there. there is a great deal of concern and he met with leading members whose leaders are in jail and there is been a crackdown there. he faces a lot of criticism from his own party there. he is concerned over the state of the opposition in turkey. you are right and this will be seen as former meddling. turkey is not going to tolerate that. brent: use president barack obama has stressed the importance of strong ties
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between the united states and europe. he was speaking in athens, the first stop on his last four and four as president. amid a fast-changing political landscape, he said that donald trump's election victory and the vote to leave the brexit -- european union means people need to pay attention. he said debt relief was crucial to eight vessel recovery. >> i have been clear from the beginning that in order to make reforms sustainable, the greek economy needs the space to return the growth and start creating jobs again. we cannot simply look to austerity as a strategy. >> greek prime minister alexis tsipras echo the sentiment.
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they cannot take any more austerity. earlier during talks, obama offered reassuring words. >> i want to reaffirm not only my appreciation but underscore how important the transatlantic alliance. it is a cornerstone of our security. he praised greece's efforts to deal with the influx of migrants. over a million asylum-seekers increased last year. obama is set to tour the apocalypse. before continuing his final
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foreign tour as president in berlin. brent: russia's president has fired the minister over charges that he took a huge ride. it is the most senior official to be detained for corruption since 1991. >>'s arrest shocked the russian capital. he was detained overnight and must now answer on corruption charges. he is excepting a $2 million prize here. they accuse the minister of bling negotiators in handing over the right in exchange for cooperation. claims he denies. the rest has some observers.
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he was widely viewed as a barrier. he was under investigation for more than a year. >> he helped to further open russia and enjoy close relations with many western political figures. observers fear his arrest marks further consolidation. they say he was arrested to send a message. >> signal on everyone else to behave. they are saying they take this so seriously. it is worth the risk. after his arrest, liberals are wondering one thing.
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they could find themselves on the wrong side. you are watching dw news. still to come, swimming and water. we will take a look at the campaign to save the dead sea. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. you are with dw news. germany's chancellor will run again in next year's general election. that is according to a senior member where markel is absolutely determined and willing and ready to strengthening the liberal order. if reelected, it will be her fourth term in office. barack obama is increase on the first stop of his foreign tour as u.s. president. they met with the greek prime minister and assured him that
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donald trump went up hold international commitments. the prospect of donald trump in the white house has triggered a wave of street protests. we hear from clinton supporters in san francisco who say they have no plans to stop their protest. some are even thinking about some radical political alternatives. >> fight back. the fight against donald trump is not over yet. in san francisco's castro district, more than 1000 people has turned out to protest against the future president. they are from the lgbtq community and black americans and hispanics. they are all people donald trump
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has attacked. >> you are destroying families and lives. i hope you're happy with what you have accomplished. the 34-year-old spent six weeks working as a volunteer for hillary clinton's democratic campaign in nevada. during that time he actually lost his normal paying job making donald trump's victory all the more frustrating. he claims his claim to reunite americans is a bad joke. there is widespread mistrust. >> i talked to a lot of people who are first-time voting and they were latino. they are the first one in the family that is legally allowed to vote. they were afraid they were going to get deported and it took a lot just to add -- answer the door. they were afraid they would be deported them. tensions were very high.
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they keep asking themselves if the disease and half -- possible to work with trust republicans. >> if they cut out all this crazy stuff. it is my understanding that david duke and the ku klux klan thought that a trump presidency was the finest day of their lives. that is not the republican party i grew up with. for jared and many others here the sense of resignation is mixed with anger. they take trumps claimed that they have nothing to fear with a grain of salt. jared's favorite bookstore, conversation is focused on health insurance than literature. >> we finally got hillary over the line to go for a universal health care and we don't get to have that on our horizon for at least another four years and they are ready talking about
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taking away obamacare and all sorts of things that obama got done. >> in san francisco and many other parts of the country left-leaning voters are hoping that the american of checks and balances will prevent the worst from happening. and some are considering radical change like the so-called calix it. >> it is a playoff from brexit. basically showing that california has had enough. if anyone wants to be so figurative racist we don't want to be a part of it anymore. donald trump doesn't take office until january of next year. his critics want to turn applying pressure now in the hope that many of his threats don't become u.s. policy. business news now. hobby or is with us.
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>> everyone wants to know what is going to happen. as we find out more about a trump administration in the united states uncertainty here grows over transatlantic relations. germany and the u.s. are about to go separate ways. >> how should globalization looking in the future? it seems that the united states and germany has set themselves on their diverging paths. the offense has said he wants to scrap free trade. this debate over openness versus isolation will keep us busy or the next new year's. >> germany has pledged to work with this european partners to strengthen global trade. partnerships are a vital criteria for economic growth.
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>> that is what separates us from the united states and others in europe. we acknowledge modernization but also our responsibility. i think that is the true secret of stability. german captains of industry are still alarmed. they worry that the future of free trade could be at risk under the next president. brent: to find out more we asked the chief economist in frankfurt how he sees the economic future of the u.s.. it seems to be a protectionist approach. >> deficits will increase possibly in the u.s. on already elevated point. we have all these policies
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against immigration which means that labor supply will decline in the u.s. which is the negative for potential growth. there is free trade. this is nothing trump is standing for. by the knowledge that free trade has placed well in the u.s. as much as it has in europe. it helps to boost the potential growth and we have just seen rhetorical that is going in the opposite direction. and another big question is what is going to have with deutsche bank. stocks of sword after donald trump won the election. u.s. authorities are finding the
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bank. now president-elect has stands for it conflict of interest. >> it has become one flesh known as the world's most dangerous bank. it is obvious that trying to negotiate down to $14 billion penalty. now the banks relationship with incoming president donald trump and what that would mean for the negotiations has come into focus. it has been one of trumps biggest lenders. in 2003 at helped finance the trump casinos in atlantic city. in 2005 it helped develop the trump international hotel and tower. there was also financing f post pavilion. trump has campaigned on more
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relaxed regulations for the financial sector. he may be under pressure to show he is -- it brings into the larger question of his corporate career. just one more wild card the future administration. a group of eco-activist has swum across the dead sea and attempt to raise awareness about the deteriorating condition of the salty lake. environmentalists say it is disappearing at an alarming rate. this action is not taken soon.
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>> i must say. is the it is a constant fight. this was a challenge. the swimmers have to wear special masks which is so salty it can cause life-threatening injuries if swallowed. the 25 swimmers aim to save the dead sea >> to raise awareness of the catastrophe we are witnessing. you are doing something that has never been done before.
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brent: a reminder of the top stories. angela merkel will run again and that is according to a senior member. is elected, it will be her fourth term in office. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. stick around. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> here is your host. >> our week just wouldn't be the same without some highlights. so let's get this show on the road with a quick preview of today's subjects: gadget guy, a british special effects artist and his extraordinary batman suit big book, painter david hockney presents a monograph of his work. cultural city, we discover the arts and literature scene of frankfurt in west germany. we start off the show with grown adults dressing-up in super hero outfits even though it still isn't halloween or comic-con. one man leading the way irishman julian checkley, who's perfected his caped crusader costume to


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