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tv   DW News  PBS  January 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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," live fromdw news berlin. most wanted,y's authorities say they are close to naming the gun man suspected of killing 39 people in istanbul nightclub. more than a dozen have been arrested in connection with the new year's attacks, but the suspect himself remains on the run. we are bringing you the very latest on the hunt. also coming up, is another syrian cease-fire deal on the verge of collapse? syrian rebel groups have suspended peace talks. they say the government has repeatedly broken the four-day old truce. a public dustup between u.s.
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president-elect donald trump and his fellow republicans. congress forced to backpedal on plans to dismantle a body investigating political misconduct. this after trump lasted to move on twitter. is this a sign of trouble to co me? we will speak to our correspondent in washington. another obstacle in britain's have to brexit as the ambassador to the eu resigns just months before the start of divorce negotiations. we will find out what this means for brexit. sarah: i am sarah harman. thanks for joining me. turkish police have made multiple arrests as they hunt for the gun man who opened fire on in istanbul nightclub on new year's, killing 39 people. the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying they were carried
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out by a so-called soldier of the caliphate. we will bring you more on the investigation in just a moment. first, a government under pressure, and the emerging image of turkey's most wanted man. reporter: this could be the face of the nightclub killer. turkish police have released this footage apparently a selfie video showing the alleged that man. no details about his identity have been released, but turkish media say he is thought to be from central asia. they say he had rented a flat in the city with a woman thought to be his wife and 2 children. they have been detained. so far, police have made multiple arrests in connection with the case. these 2 foreign nationals were detained at his dental -- istanbul's atatürk airport on tuesday. the prime suspect himself remains at-large meanwhile,
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more chilling stories are emerging of the attack itself for the first time, cameras have been allowed into the reina nightclub. joining reporters, one of the club's owners. he is the man shown in this cctv footage on the right jumping the fence of the club entrance as the gun man opened fire. , he says hehe scene only survived because the attacker thought he was shot. he describes the killer as a mad dog. "it was like something out of a homer movie, but it was real. there was nothing we could do. i tried. when i opened my eyes, the attacker was still there. i thought about jumping on him, but he seems so professional. he shot at me again, but he missed." this description of the attacker as professional echoes other eyewitness reports. it is thought he prepared his
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weapon and numerous ammunition rounds in the carpark for several minutes before moving in. other pictures of the aftermath of this attack. mourners at the funeral of the youngest victims, an israeli teenager, scene repeated at other funerals in jordan, lebanon, turkey. o emerge are from before the attack. the seconds when those in the nightclub counted down the new year, a moment of shared hope before the horror began. our correspondent joins us now from istanbul. the dead are being married, cameras are being allowed from insight -- being very, cameras allowed inside the nightclub, and yet the gun man remains at large. is there more than speculation at this point?
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reporter: the number is steadily increasing -- 2 foreign nationals detained at istanbul airport today along with a number of other arrests. many believed it to be in connection with a telephone call the alleged gunman made using the phone of the taxi driver that drove him to the nightclub. security forces have been following that lead very, very closely. despite them having video and a clear image of the alleged gunman, they are starting to identify even his nationality. throughout the day there have been reports of him being incurred to stand. -- being from turkestan. others saying he is from the uighur minority in china. not even clear how we entered the country. -- how he entered the country. a lot of unclear unknowns and
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this is adding to the feeling that security forces are not really on top of this. security forces have been promising that they will be sn close to identifying him but at the moment they are still struggling to do this. the fear is with every day that passes, the terror attack gives the killer an opportunity to either strike again or to flee the country, possibly to syria. sarah: what is the government doing to keep people safe? government are promising a very tough stance. they say that the security forces will again step up their operations. the trouble is that people heard this repeatedly after a year of sustained terror attacks, be it from kurdish rebels or islamic state. the state of emergency will be extended another three months. the prime minister announced today. but he dismissed calls by the opposition for a discussion on islamic state activities in turkey or even a parliamentary inquiry.
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that will feed into the great divisions and polarization within the country. such terror attacks in other countries bring the country together. this one appears to be only feeding into the deeper polarization into the country. sarah: turkey very much not united in the aftermath of the attack. we are getting reports that there have been demonstrations at the attack. can you tell us more about that? reporter: i think it was more of a ceremony. you saw hundreds of people walking to the nightclub. .hey then laid wreaths some were carrying turkish flags. turkey and istanbul are in a profound sense of shock, and the recognition that many who died were tourists visiting the country, and turkey depends heavily on the tourist industry, which has been absolutely devastated by a year of terror attacks. the hope was this year could offer a turning of the page, a new opening. the latest attack appears to have dashed those hopes and
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fears into the concern of how devastating terror attacks are, adding to the fear. people remain stoic but the fear is that another terror attack is waiting to happen. sarah: here in istanbul. thank you very much. peace talksria's have been dealt a blow after rebel groups said they would put negotiations on hold. they accuse government troops taking the truce that began a few days ago. this video you are watching is distributed the has social media and is said to be recorded in idlib. peace talks brokered by turkey and russia had been due to start . for more on this, let's pull in somewhat in turkey where he works for an opposition radio station, which broadcasts within syria. thanks for being with us today. what can you tell us about the rebel claims that syrian government forces violated the cease-fire? documented been
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since day one by a number of media organizations, independent observatory groups. when the regime has launched attacks on rebel-held territories, especially towards , a numberf damascus of civilian casualties have been documented. according to the syrian observatory for human rights, so far more than 51 violations of the truce have been committed by the syrian regime. a number of other violations and aommitted in idlib number of other provinces where there is presence of the syrian opposition groups. sarah: so is there any hope for these peace talks that were due to be held soon in kazakhstan? , the peacery honest
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talks that were being held in kazakhstan so far including orosition more between -- between the two brackets, opposition basically embraced by the regime, one that does not really represent the military groups on the ground, which come in other words, means that even if they agree to something in kazakhstan, it is not going to stop the war. it is not going to end the bloodshed in syria. so far, the military opposition groups who are in syria have suspended the participation and the kazakhstan negotiations because they have not seen the cease-fire being respected by the government side. until we really see a complete cease-fire, complete cessation of hostilities, as they call it in other terms -- unless we see
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that, i don't think military groups will agree to go to kazakhstan for peace talks. the war in this case will continue. sarah: government forces have recaptured aleppo and some rebel groups did agree to a truce following that the moment. has the tide in the syrian conflict turned in president bashar al-assad's favor? hashis is something that been evident over the past few months. yes, in a number of ways the regime has been gaining ground. but you have to remember this is not just the regime is it -- that is advancing on the ground. it is the regime and iranian-supported militias and foreign militias that are, to some syrians, occupying forces. the russians are having the upper hand in syria, which means syria does not have certainty anymore. the syrian regime is not able to control things on the ground.
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short answer, the government has advanced on the ground. at the same time they have lost a lot in terms of certainty and the ability to control things on the ground. sarah: he is in turkey working for an opposition radio station. thanks for being with us today. to the u.s. now, where a newly elected congress has been sworn in. republicans now have a majority in both houses. donald trump is set to take office in about two weeks, and is is said to be an era of greater control for the party. but that has begun with a very public dustup between the president-elect and republican lawmakers. in a closed-door session, they voted to tame the independent body that investigates political misconduct. that sparked an angry tweet from trump. republicans then dropped their plans. let's go to washington.
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good to see you. andblic spat between trump republicans. is this a sign of trouble to come? >> it's so interesting, you remember when the candidate donald trump said you have to vote for me -- he said to his fellow americans that you have to vote for me and republicans because i am a rich guy and you cannot buy me. sent me to washington, i'm likely to work for you, i'm going to drain the swamp -- meaning all the corruption here in washington, d.c. the first thing that his fellow republicans did, they came together behind closed doors and decided to get rid of a small office that is fighting corruption among members of , what is really very stupid to do. speaker paul ryan tried to convince his republicans not to vote like that, but obviously, he was not strong enough. donald trump came with his tweet
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and then the republicans backed off. this time republicans amadou as your question -- republicans, to answer your question, or following donald trump and listening to what he was saying. maybe next time when it comes to russia, they may say we are not going to follow you, donald trump. sarah: really briefly, republicans control both houses and the executive branch. what is going to be top of their agenda? think we are going to see, first of all, the repeal of obamacare. i'm not sure whether they have a plan how to replace obamacare. they will try to get rid of all , and of regulations course, new tax reform is something that is very important to republicans. sarah: health care and tax reform. thanks. we are going to take a short break here on "dw news."
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when we come back, a shock resignation. bridget -- britain's ambassador to the eu quits months before brexit negotiations are to start. we will go to brussels to find out about the likely impact. stay with us. back in a flash.
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sarah: welcome back. you are watching "dw news." our top story -- turkish police have made multiple arrests in connection with the gun attack on in istanbul nightclub. the gun man himself remains at large. turkish media release of this footage of the main police believe killed 39 people. britain's ambassador to the european union has resigned just three month before prime minister theresa may is due to start formal negotiations to leave the bloc. is reported to have confirmed the move in a
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note to his staff without explaining his reasons. last month he predicted it could take up to 10 years to negotiate a new trade deal with the eu after brexit, a timeline the government rejected. for more on this story, let's go to quentin peel, an associate fellow with the europe program at chatham house in london, one of the u.k.'s top think tanks. what have reactions been so far to this announcement? brexitl, from the pro- side, there is a certain gleek my think, that somebody who is seen as not just a great expert on eu relations, but somebody who disapproves of the whole process of getting outcome has been forced out of his job. on the other hand, from the civil service and his colleagues, i think there is real shock and dismay that probably the one man who more than anybody else knew everybody in brussels, new the system, and
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would have been absolutely a key player in negotiations, is resigning before they start. sarah: it raises the question, did he jump or was he pushed out of the job? >> i think he was probably made so uncomfortable that he went before he was pushed out of it. it is always difficult to tell in these things. but he had been unpopular with the brexiteers since december, when it came out that he had warned the government it could take as long as 10 years to negotiate a new trade deal with europe. all this was ridiculously pessimistic, we can do it in a couple of years. what it exposes, though, is the division that goes through the british government on how to handle negotiations and whether brexit orhard soft brexit. sir ivan would have been going
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for the soft brexit. sarah: the brexit turmoil continues. thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. trump'snalists, donald tweets often seem like the gift that keep on giving. in the business world, they sometimes cause a stir. >> away all week for a donald trump tweet story and then several come on at once. could it be the first wave of the trump affect to influence the car industry? ford motor company is canceling plans to build a front in mexico. the company will instead invest 700 million in a flat rock assembly plant in michigan to create 700 new jobs there. factorymake the capable of producing electrified an anonymous vehicles and an electric suv with an estimated range of 300 miles bills of the plan. ford was criticized by u.s. president-elect a donald trump when it announced it was moving
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production of its small focus card to mexico. those plans are unchanged. german unemployment declined in december as a further pickup in hiring pushed the bloc's biggest economy closer to full employment. the jobless rate is at 6%. analysts noting that is due to solid growth in europe's biggest economy. here is what the chairman of the country's employment agency had to say. >> on average, through 2016 as a whole, unemployment reached 200 6000 900,000, the lowest since 1991. the lowest unemployment came in 2016 in november, when 2.5 million people were out of work, a big drop on the start of the year. but the outlook remains uncertain for 2017. that is due to changing tides in
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the global economy. in germany specifically, no one can predict how quickly and to what extent the recent influx of refugees will find its way onto the german labor market this year. and more good news for germany. inflation more than doubled last month. it is at its highest level in over three years. prices jumped by 1.7% compared to december, the year before. that is close to the target rate of 2%. for the whole year, prices increased only slightly, by half a percent. the german economy has been relying on a booming construction sector, government spending, and private consumption for growth. i am talking about spending. finland is the first in europe to test an unconditional basic income for the unemployed. for two years, the government will give randomly selected jobless people hundreds of euros a month with no strings attached. reporter: in the next few days,
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2000 people without jobs in finland will receive an unusual letter telling them they will be taking part in an experiment that makes their lives easier over the next two years. they will be getting 560 euros per month as an unconditional basic income. they will continue to receive the money if they accept a job that only pays minimum wage. until now, many have avoided part-time or low-paying jobs because they fear losing unemployment benefits. or they think they will be worse off once they have to pay taxes. "this will show us how economic incentives affect people's behavior. it will give us useful real-world data. the current discussion is mostly based on opinions, and there are very strong opinions for and against the basic income." proponents hope that the unconditional basic income will provide people with an incentive
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to enter the job market. critics say it will reward laziness, and if too many people don't bother to work, the system will run out of money. the fact is that there are 250,000 unemployed people in finland. on employment rate has remained stubbornly above it percent. the experiment ends in two years. hope to find out if an unconditional basic income makes people more industrious or not. daniel: and that wraps up your business news. if you are looking for an extension to your holiday season , sarah can help you out. sarah: that's right, daniel. christmas might be over for you and me, but for other people, festivities are just beginning. orthodox russians celebrate the holiday on january 7, and in moscow, there is plenty to get people into the christmas spirit. took us on adents romantic spin on one of the city's most impressive ice rinks.
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reporter: the view was breathtaking, and the location is spectacular. 254 meters above the ground -- reporter: in one of russia's hottest winter attractions. reporter: you can realize two things at once, ice-skating and floating above the clouds. reporter: here on this skyscraper, it is not just a treat for sports fans. take a look. the view is incredible. >> great. >> fantastic. reporter: that they can do it, can we? reporter: can you escape?-- sk ate? reporter: first time on skates. reporter: if you are going to try anywhere, on as well try it here. reporter: exciting.
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time,k better the first but i should practice. reporter: now let's take a look at some of the city other rinks. moscow is a paradise for skating fans. the very best is right here in the center of the russian capital. reporter: on red square. the department store was the soviet union's main shopping center, but back in those times you need special permission to go shopping here. today's stores are open for everyone if you have money. it is even free in the morning. and until midnight, only costs seven euros.
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>> my dreams have come true. i'm thinking of my childhood. we didn't have sitting links like this then. >> the surroundings are fabulous. >> great. it is just like when i was young. reporter: this is really the best way to enjoy red square. reporter: perfect for skating and only for skating. already for christmas in moscow. sarah: bottoms up, boys. quick reminder of our top story before we leave you. turkish police have made multiple arrests in connection with new year's attacks on an istanbul nightclub. the gun man remains at large. turkish media have released this image of the man police believe
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killed 39 people. syrian peace talks appear to be on the verge of collapse. rebel groups have suspended negotiations, accusing the government of repeating the -- repeatedly breaking the for dale cease-fire. -- four-day-old cease-fire could that is "dw news," coming to you live from berlin. always more on our website. i am sarah harman. see you soon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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