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tv   DW News  PBS  January 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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theresa may has become the first foreign leader to meet with u.s. president donald trump. the two leaders emphasized the special relation between the two nations and each other. theresa may said that donald trump had about 100% support for nato. we have full coverage of the press conference.
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i am sarah kelly, thank you for joining us. sarah: donald trump and theresa may have met for the first time. in a joint press conference at the white house may said that trump had promised that he was 100% behind nato. that is after trump had ratified european -- radel european allies by suggesting that the transatlantic alliance was obsolete. theresa may said that the two leaders have promised to or together on post brexit trade deals. we have the view from both washington and europe. we're not going to washington dc. and we have a correspondent from berlin. we will turn to my first. theresa may and donald trump cannot be more different as leaders. how did this first meeting go?
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>> there has been a lot of talk about a thatcher reagan to point ou -- 2.0. a throwback to the 80's. they are different from their predecessors. they both needed this meeting to go very well. some so he could show that he can handle foreign policy and other war leaders. theresa may to show her people that there is life after brexit and there will be trade deals and that the u.s. relationship will remain strong. they have gotten on very well. theresa may managed to thread the diplomatic needle of looking strong in her own right by being able to get along with donald trump. >> a lot of topics on the tables. sarah: security was one of them. listen to what these leaders had to say on that topic. >> united and our recognition of nato as the bulwark of our
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collective defense. today, we have reaffirmed our unshakable commitment to this alliance. the president confirmed that he is 100% behind nato. i have agreed to continue my efforts to encourage my fellow european leaders to spend their 2% on defense so the burden is mark fairly shared. sarah theresa may: sharing that she got an assurance from donald trump. this nato defense clause has been a significant concern for many in europe after donald trump basically raised questions around it. is this the assurance that may was looking to get? >> quite learly, she had to say it, then she? he spoke first. he didn't really specifically mention nato. it was theresa may who pretty much appears that she quoted out of their conversation and
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brought the president behind her definition of being 100% behind nato. this is something that everybody in europe wants to hear. this can be seen as a clear signal pushed by theresa may toward russia particularly on the eve of that telephone conversation that donald trump is due to have with quote vladimir putin. she got some reassurances there. there were questions from british journalist saying that you would promise that they would be a special trade relationship and deals. that wasn't specifically mentioned in this press statement. there was no specific commitment from donald trump. by the week we have seen, that can be be used as a disappointment. >> that is so important. sarah: as britain ramped up for trade does. donald trump is speaking about his support for brings it.
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donald trump: i think brexit will be a wonderful thing for your country. once it i is out, you will have your own identity and the people you want in your country. you will be able to make free-trade deals without having somebody watching you and watching what you're doing. i think it will go down that brexit was a fantastic thing for the united kingdom. i figure will be a tremendous asset. not a tremendous,. sarah: donald trump not mincing words there. what could he possibly gain from this? >> we know that in terms of foreign policy, raise it is one of the few issues he came into office knowing about because he sees brexit as having paved the way for his electoral college victory in november. that made him president.
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it is unclear if he was really sending signals to europe per se. he supports the breakup of the european union. what can be said is he simply looks like he was looking out as -- as a -- and saying you made a good decision. donald trump looks like he was trying to throw his weight behind theresa may as she tries to leave her -- lead her country out of the eu. sarah: the fact that germany, france and russia will all have trump's here tomorrow, what is that mean? >> it would be interesting with the white house has to say after that portion that we expected to happen first. what kind of message you will have. he was asked about that as well. he was actually very unspecific. asked about his relationship that he expects with vladimir
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putin. he said it could be bad. pretty much, speaking from his personal experience. also, theresa may was quite specific ons -- on sanctions. donald trump, in the past was seen as someone who might give in on the pressure sanctions. he found it very -- sounded very noncommittal right now. it'll be interesting to see what the official statements are. sarah: there have been some reports about the sanctions and russia. those are coming out of the united states. john mccain commenting on the speculation that donald trump could left sanctions against russia. what can you tell us about john mccain's comments? >> i agree with the assessment
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that he was noncommittal. we do know that there have been rumors swirling around washington about the possible lifting of sanctions over this weekend when he has this big phone call scheduled with vladimir putin. on a technical side of things, there are some sanctions that he could left by executive order. he couldn't lift all of them. some need congressional approval. john mccain hit back almost immediately when it became public that this was being considered be a twitter. he said i will be standing against the lifting of sanctions and i will work with my colleagues to make them law. to make the sex is permanent. john mccain, we have to remember is one of the most senior members of the republican party. he is been a senator for decades. he is a war hero and a former presidential candidate himself. a lot of people on both sides of the aisle really respect him and
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his policies. if he is already hitting back at trial, it doesn't look good for trump on that account. sarah: thank you for your reporting maja. we thank you both very much for your take on this first meeting between donald trump and british prime minister theresa may. that was an interview i did with our correspondence. let's turn to other news. germany has been making a plea for more free trade from brussels today. we have more on that story. here's a letter. alanna: -- elena: they are speeding up trade deals with a dozen countries, mainly in asia to boost support for free trade around the world. this is against a backdrop of rising protectionism. a paper presented to the eu finance ministers blocks leading economic power.
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trump's presidency it has risks for the world economy. >> free trade was on the agenda from the very beginning. protectionism is a lose-lose proposition. protectionism seems to protect the country but it has immediate consequences on third countries. they react and push you into a spiral wherever you go. these come scum at the end of a week when donald trump polled the u.s. out of the transpacific trade deal. the eu remains bullish about free trade. >> we're not protectionists from europe. we should continue to work on free trade. of course, upholding european standards that we have labor protection, environmental protection, etc.. they are working on a number of free trade just drop the world.
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-- free-trade around the world. >> countries like japan, indonesia, china, australia and new zealand. berlin also points out that they have been like pushing for 20 years. -- languishing for 20 years. >> here's what he told us. >> brexit has hit the eu. the european partners and 28 including britain have now come together and are looking at ways to boost support for free trade and to bolster common policies.
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that only when it comes to defense but also economics. the fact that donald trump has now canceled tpp and is withdrawing, that leaves a void that could be filled by europeans. for businesses coming up in around 15 minutes time. over to sarah. sarah: germany has been observing holocaust remembrance day. lawmakers gathered in berlin to pay tribute to the victims of the not see genocide. this year, ceremony focused on a frequently overlooked group. the men women and children who were murdered because the not see consider them mentally or physically inferior. >> humility is drifting through german parliament. this music was considered degenerate by the nazis.
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today, his work is interpreted by one player felix klees are who has no arms. do not sees murdered 300,000 people who they declared unworthy of living. most were sick or handicapped. many were forcibly sterilized. inactive form of sound -- down -- and after born the town to do -- an actor born with down syndrome looks into this. people are start until they are just skin and bones. they delly flies. every week, 30 people died. they dairy they -- the skin color bones. the german parliament president
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states that the perpetrators were barely brought to justice after the war. these murders were only the prequel to the genocide of 6 million jews. this was a trial run before the holocaust. murder for -- using gas was the blueprint for the mass murders in the death camps. even the personnel showed impressive continuity. over 100 doctors, nurses and hired help carry out the killing of the sick. the first phase ended in 1941. it was immediately set forth in the concentration camps. in the german parliament, you can see the horror of those present in their facial expressions. the terror has not lost this
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shock value, even 72 years after the auschwitz camp was closed. sarah: you are watching dw news. i am sarah kelly in berlin. we will be back with more news in a minute.
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sarah: welcome back, your with dw news. theresa may has met with beltran. -- donald trump. theresa may said that trump was 100% behind nato. here in germany, there has been changes at the top of politics. the vice chancellor has given up his post as economy minister and taken over as foreign minister.
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one of gabrielle, first tasks will be to visit paris on saturday to meet with his french counterpart. these days, there is not a lot of time for job training. he says that germany should have respectful relationships with the trump administration. >> what ever hear from the u.s., we have to keep our transatlantic orientation. that is why i am traveling to the u.s. to meet with rex tillerson. i'm excited to hear about the challenges on both sides of the atlantic. that is not what the former economics minister is known for. everyone still has to get rid of their new rules -- get used to the new roles. >> i welcome you here in the ministry.
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>> they thought i should go first. >> oh i thought i should. >> he was appointed as the new economics minister. she too was pushing for a productive relationship with washington. >> after the u.s. has decided on a new economics minister, will contact them as quickly as possible and we will see where in the world we can meet. maybe he or she wants to take a trip to germany. this morning, german president's welcome new ministers. many changes in the german cabinet. she is taking over the ministry of economics. he is not hitting the foreign office. the former foreign minister was to become the new german president and the current german president was to retire. -- wants to retire. during the last three years, his predecessor went around the world 24 times on his business trips.
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some business news, german authorities are expanding their investigation of volkswagen's cheating scandal. the man formally at the top could be in hot water. hi helena. helena: german state prosecutors now said they are investigating the former volkswagen ceo martin winterkorn. that is for fraud in connection with the dieselgate scandal. they say there is sufficient evidence about the cheating software and the effects much earlier than he publicly admitted. a week ago, the ceo of volkswagen martin winterkorn declared his innocence. now he is under investigation for fraud, media reports say that is the department was searched on thursday. he was informed of the allegations against him. prosecutors suspect that went to
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court new of it. -- new of these problems -- knew of these problems. during the course of our investigation, questioning of witnesses and evaluation of records, without sufficient factual indication that he knew about the manipulations earlier than he publicly stated. his attorneys say that he insists that he did not find about the cheat software until september of 2015. most like in executives claim to have informed him in july of that year. he says he is no recollection of that. prosecutors say on friday that they searched 28 homes in connection with the investigation this week. the number of people accused in connection with the commission scandal has risen to 37, 21. including martin winterkorn. sarah: a billionaire with paid
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business interest serving as u.s. president is something that many people still have to get used to. officially, donald trump has resigned from his business empire, leaving any has of his two sons and an advisor. critics say that doesn't provide conflict of interest. ever since the election, trump's projects have been doing very well. including some in south america. >> this model looks elegant, the tower is going up fast. blazed with a famous golden letter, this is on the southernmost tip of your a and bears the bread of the president of the united states. -- brand of the president of the united states. earning royalties are believed to be between 1000 and $100 million per year. to help with sales, typical
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trump speed. >> when you see the final product, this will blow your mind, it is truly the greatest building a south america. >> this is 70% sold and only top four -- top floor reservations remain available. >> i think it is really spectacular. certainly, it is beautiful and i also like it for the fact that it brings people from everywhere. but not everyone sees trump's name on the building as an asset. >> i don't really like him. i find his politics very radical. we are going through a moment in time when we should be a little more i like with all countries set of being confrontational. -- instead of being confrontational. many in the u.s. to like that the president, his family and his company are involved in such projects at all. they fear that the country's
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policies they be influenced by his financial interests. meanwhile, trump has doubled membership fees at mar-a-lago to 200,000 dollars per year. this is mixing politics with business. sarah: that is the latest from the business desk, back over o sarah. sarah: let's look at other stories making news around the web. police have investigated benjamin netanyahu. he was questioned about an illegal publicity deal that he discussed with a major is really newspaper.
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many fires have ravaged the south in the central regions. the town of santa over was completely consumed by those flames. chile's president has called the fires the worst in the country's history. time for tennis now. rafael nadal has won the second man's semifinal. paving the way for a final against roger federer. it was not plain sailing for the spaniard. he was made to fight by a determined greg dimitrov. >> tennis fans were already salivating at rafael nadal meeting writer -- roger federer. after the opening set went to the dell, the two played a close match featuring two sets that went to tie-break as greg mishra held onto frustrate disbanded --
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the spaniard. this will be 35th professional meeting between the dow and federal. both players said they did not expect to meet each other in a grand slam final together again. sarah: in soccer, the january transfer window has just a few days left. they have brought in nevin to the ditch to defend. he announced that he would be leaving only for injury to strike again and scupper a move. he hopes to get his career back on track and cologne as they fight for a european spot. over to pyongyang now where athletes at the -- they have been sharpening their
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basketball skills. they are hoping this will help korean benchwarmers and turn them into all-stars. >> will go to north korea. according to the state news agency, best of all players are getting to grips with a new training regimen. these will keep athletes suffer. according to the team, they are working. >> after doing the rhythmic warm-up exercises, my body possibility got better. >> this is the brainchild of this company. they create routines for football players. some exercises are performed without the ball and some with. the most important ingredient is music. >> it at least it won't exercises a snooty music, it is much easier to raise their level mentally, technically and physically.
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>> with a backing traffic this one, which can -- we can see what she means. basketball is kim jong-un's favorite sport. sarah: you are up-to-date on dw news, i am sarah kelly on dw news. thank you for tuning in in berlin. i will see you next time. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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