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tv   DW News  PBS  February 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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angela merkel measuring the tension with turkey. she visited the turkish president in the hopes that they could heal frayed relations. what happened? coming up, and it are full of donald trump. the president makes it crystal clear to the prime minister of australia he does not think much of a deal requiring the u.s. to take australia's rejected refugees.
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diplomatic ties with down under going south. british government publishes its plans for leaving the european union one day after getting the green light from parliament. good to have you with us tonight. germany's chancellor has been in turkey on a mission to improve frayed relations with turkish president erdogan. at a joint news conference it did not look as if the leaders made much progress in terms of defrosting relations. >> in the run-up to the trip to turkey critics were wondering why she was going there right
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now. could it be interpreted as an endorsement? at their meeting merkel didn't shy away from addressing controversial issues. >> we saw in the context of the attempted coup help the turkish people stood up for democracy and for the role that democracy and turkey. it is important at this time that freedom of speech be respected. erdogan defended his plan saying it would not destroy the separation of powers as the opposition argues. there is no truth to that. we have a legislative and judiciary. the separation of powers will not be eradicated. merkel called on turkey to let observers monitor the referendum
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on the constitutional changes. opposition is part of democracy as we see every day. later merkel is set to meet with leaders of the secularist parties. >> my colleague is in the area covering the visit. good evening to you. how would you describe the town of those talks that we saw today? >> they were not talks between friends but rather partners that need each other. it is merkel's first visit since the failed military coup in july. many have been waiting for her. she was visiting the parliament. she sent her message to the
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turkish people, a message of support. this is something the government and the people have been waiting for. that doesn't mean she supports the constitutional changes. instead she got vocal in her criticism on the human rights situation here in turkey and the erosion of democratic institution. she focused on the situation of journalists. 160 of them have been arrested. many others were sacked or suit. one very important sentence, a position belongs to democracy. the question is will they listen to her? >> we know the chancellor is under pressure to talk about the plight of journalists and the plight of human rights groups.
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was she able to put that point directly before mr. erdogan? >> she is very diplomatic in whatever she says. compared to other things she was vocal in her criticism. she was meeting members of the turkish opposition behind me. she met the later of the main opposition party. we have no confirmation if she met with the pro-kurdish party. many of their members are behind bars. this is an important signal, that she is not ignoring the opposition. >> what about the authority issue of the refugee deal? was any progress made? >> that was her personal goal.
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to come here and get a positive message on that deal because it is important to her own refugee policy and what they did in her meetings, she was saying that turkey did an extraordinary job. she was praising the efforts and offered more money. she offered to release the money that had been promised. 6 billion euros. this is money the turkish government is waiting for. of course this is in front of the background there are fears the numbers could be rising when spring comes. >> all right. reporting and on correll. thank you very much. the german chancellor will go there or she will join a summit of european union leaders. high on the agenda, efforts to curb the flow of migrants.
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the head of the u.n. backslid been government has warned the european union does not spend enough money to secure his government's help in achieving their goal. >> part of the solution to europe's migration crisis lies 400 kilometers away in libya. the eu is currently training the tripoli's coast guard. he warned it was not enough. >> we hope the eu mechanisms to help libya will be more practical. we are not going to mention the amount of money dedicated to libya for this help because it is a humble amount. it is now the main gateway to europe with some 181,000 refugees arriving in 2016.
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sources say another 350,000 are still waiting in libya for brother -- for better weather conditions. the plan to reach a turkey style deal is widely supported. >> we have to call operate with them. it will be very vigilant and proactive. >> carbon migration and brags it may not be the most important issues on this agenda. fears that president trump's policies pose a threat to the eu are set to overshadow the evening. the council president concluded united we stand, divided we fall. the summit is supposed to show
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europe can keep it together in spite of trump, brexit, and the migration crisis. >> the u.s. president trump is questioning a deal struck the obama administration to take in 1600 3g's rejected by australia. -- 1600 refugees rejected by australia. trump tweeted that obama had agreed to take illegal immigrants from australia and said he would study what he called a dumb deal. the washington post said he hung up but the australian prime minister insists the u.s. has agreed to honor the deal. >> i am not going to comment on the conversation other than to say in the course of the conversation and was confirmed
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by the president's official spokesman and the white house the president assured me he would continue with the agreement we entered into with the obama administration with respect to refugee resettlement. >> president trump has threatened to cut federal funding to the university of california at berkeley after violent protests targeted a right-wing speaker. this appeared on trump's twitter feed. if uc berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view no federal funds. a thousand students hurled smoke bombs and smashed windows on the campus forcing organizers to call off a speech by an editor with breitbart. his top political advisor is the former chairman of breitbart news.
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germany's foreign minister is visiting the united states. he is due to meet his counterpart, >> tillerson. he sees himself as a guiding hand for a new administration in washington that doesn't know much about how the european union does business. >> as germany's chief diplomat, he will have to find a way to get along with the u.s. administration. two weeks ago he was economy minister and not impressed by trump's approach. >> if they impose harsh trade restrictions will harm the americans themselves and they will soon notice it. the auto industry has become a hot button issue. trump says he wants to protect u.s. manufacturers and impose tariffs on imported vehicles. when he complained germans were
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not buy american cars he had a pithy response. my recommendation would be bad -- would be build better cars and someone might buy them. he said europeans must stand together and defend their interests. he has also said he is going to washington with an offer of friendship and trust. he took over as foreign minister from -- last week. his american counterpart was only sworn in as secretary of state last night. he quit his job to join the administration. the two new ministers are about to sound each other out. a lot is at stake maintaining the deep and now troubled u.s. german relationship. >> the social democrats are getting the first opinion polls
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since nominating marshaled to challenge angela merkel in elections coming up in september. for now the move appears to be paying off. pollsters ask voters who they would prefer. martin scholz came in strongly at 50%. that is up nine points since january. angela merkel is down to only 34% approval. when german voters were asked who should lead the next coalition. half would choose the spd over her conservative block at 39%. the cdu has dropped three points to 34%. the spd, they have gained eight points to stand at 28%. the alternative for janet e -- for germany has taken a hit losing 3%.
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a big boost for the social democrats. will the elections have peaked too early? we put that question to our political correspondent. >> i would not say that. they have some good numbers here on the back of this poll. a pretty strong surge. they have a new candidate, announced just a week ago as the chancellor candidate, the man to channel -- challenge angela merkel. he is not a unknown figure. he has been around for many years. popping up on germans tv screens. it's a slight surprise that he can put a percent on the spd support just out of the blocks but i'm sure it will be taking heart from this whole.
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>> simon young reporting. live from berlin. still to come, the british government has published his most detailed plan yet for leaving the european union as britain prepares to trigger divorce talks with brussels. we get the latest from london. plus daniel back with the business headlines. stick around. >> make your smart tv even smarter with the smart tv app. what you want, when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. in-depth. you decide what is on. find out more.
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>> welcome back. life from berlin, our top stories. germany's chancellor has been in turkey on a mission to improve frayed relations with president erdogan. the two leaders have not made much progress towards defrosting relations. the british government has published a policy document setting out its plans for leaving the eu. the white paper reiterated the priorities set out by the prime minister last month.
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it includes a trade agreement with the eu migration control and taking control of u.k. laws. it comes one day after members of parliament voted to allow the prime minister to trigger the brexit. our correspondent gave us some more details about that policy document. >> i think people including myself will have to continue pouring over it. from what i can see so far, it is interesting that it was stressed today in the house of commons the u.k. wants the eu to succeed. that was the first from the brexit secretary when he was talking about the white paper. obviously something that is important to the british government. they reiterate the slightly veiled threats.
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if there is no deal or a bad deal it is better to have no deal. in this case the u.k. would have to pause legislature to mitigate this effect. that has been interpreted it as a threat to lower corporation taxes. that might be slightly worrying for some in the u.k.. what's interesting, powers will be taken away if the u.k. leaves. it hasn't really been specified which powers. that is soften the blow. northern ireland and scotland, they voted to remain. these are crucial points in this large document. >> here is some other headlines. in romania more protests have been taking place against the
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degrees -- decrees against corruption. the government's decrees could freeze dozens of officials jailed for corruption of the prime minister says he will press ahead with his decision. the russian president has arrived in budapest to meet the hungarian leader. he has been calling on the european union to lift sanctions on russia. sanctions travel bans, one u.s. tech giant is pleading for exceptions to that recent travel restriction. you have that story. >> talking trump again. microsoft has asked donald trump for an exemption to his contentious travel ban. the president has sent a
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proposal to the new administration requesting case-by-case reviews. corporations like microsoft rely on talent from around the world to create their products. financials out today showing a record year. but it wasn't enough for investors. the shares sliding in trading. the road ahead is uncertain with firms divisions still driving in the slow lane. >> in china premium vehicles are in demand. sales rose almost 27% in 2016. that contributed to better-than-expected growth from daimler. the positive news was overshadowed by concerns over the group's future dealings in the north american market.
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unsurprisingly the new administration's threaten crackdown is causing alarm. competition for a stake in u.s. market is fierce among automakers. here is how they fared last year. over 380,000 vehicles sold. up slightly from the year before. sales fell by nearly 10%. audi did better with an increase of 4%. german carmakers have production sites in the united states and mexico. donald trump's threat to impose a 35% import tariff could put a lot of pressure on the german auto industry. >> clearly these days the car industry is not just about the vehicles but the software they run on. my colleague spoke earlier
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asking whether his company can keep up with the new breed of rivals from silicon valley. >> certainly i do believe, that is typically the perspective that within the traditional carmakers we are in a leading position as far as autonomous driving. there are new class, another example of that leading position . our intention is to maintain and we are putting a lot of resources and smart brains to see further progress and stay in that position. >> i found some interesting positions i would like to share with you. when testing driverless cars carmakers have to report to the californian government the number of times a human driver was forced to take control. according to their latest
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figures, per 1000 miles driven, the card made by googles parent company out the bet needed only 0.2 human interventions. bmw looking impressive. 1.6 interventions. in the mercedes they had to take the wheel 491 times. the bmw can cover 500 miles automatically. the mercedes can only do two miles by itself. that is not leading the field, is it? >> i don't know the specific statistics. the first place, mostly so far using a production car, the class without modifications, i think this is fantastic result with this product.
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there are prototypes which we have an hour development as well . it shows a different performance in this specific definition you made. it doesn't change my statement. within our industry, i'm not talking about google, we know and it is recognize that we are in the leading position. >> to another big german company, is deutsche bank a sinking ship? the lender has been riddled with scandals racking up a loss for 2016. the banks executives saying it is doubt with the woes. the bank is not out of the woods just yet. >> john cryan, shareholders do
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not share his sentiments. they want action taken. >> i won't beat around the bush. there were phases in 2016 where we were under considerable pressure. >> as is been reflected on the stock exchange. investors began to fail on the flagship lender going bankrupt. the share price has recovered somewhat. partly because the bank has resolved its most serious litigation cases relating to mortgage securities and money laundering claims in russia. the real challenges have yet to come. 150 years after its birth deutsche bank must ask itself what branch of the business it belongs to. the biggest question mark is
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over its investment arm. there is also its subsidiary. they announced plans to hive off the unit. they have not solved or floated the unit. >> german prosecutors are investigating the head of stock exchange operator, accused of knowing about plans to merge with the young -- london stock exchange. the purchase was made in december 2015. he could be found guilty of insider dealing. the supervisory board has described the claims as groundless. that is it for your business news for this hour. >> thank you very much. a quick reminder of the top stories we are following for you.
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angela merkel has been in turkey. the two leaders have not made much progress towards defrosting relations. i will be back to take you through the day. the end of the world order as we know it. what and who will replace it? amber will be my special guest. we are back after a short break.
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