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tv   DW News  PBS  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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♪ >> this is "dw news," live from berlin. it's official. angela merkel will be running for a fourth term as chancellor. conservatives name for the candidate for elections coming up in september. a new poll puts the social democrats ahead for the first time in years. also coming up, the syrian refugee taking facebook to court over fake news. he is suing the social media giant over stories that labeled him a terrorist. and celebrating a historic
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victory with the africa cup of nations winners. relive cameroon's comeback victory against egypt. ♪ brent: i'm brent goff. tonight the battle lines for germany's parliamentary elections this autumn have been drawn. that comes after the conservative christian democrats and their bavarian sister party confirmed angela merkel as their candidate for chancellor. but they will have a fight on their hands after the social democrats snuck into a single point lead in the latest polls. she has already had to quash conservative infighting in order to run for what could be a fourth term. >> german chancellor on the low merkel arrived separately from the leader of the conservative
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csu. they are both working hard on the impression that they are on the same political page. he took his time, but he is now rallying behind her bid for a fourth term as chancellor. her own cd you backed her in december. >> we are going into this election campaign together. it was already described last year by the chancellor as the most difficult election campaign and she was right. >> after my decision to make myself available as candidate for chancellor and receiving support from the cdu, i now also have support of the csu, which is the prerequisite for the second point it needs clarifying, that we work together on an election campaign. >> but one point of contention remains. the csu is sticking to the number of refugees allowed into germany to 200,000 each year.
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>> we have a difference of opinion regarding the cap and the limiting of numbers. >> we have differing opinions on the question of an upper limit. we have therefore decided to respect one another's positions, but we did not try to gloss over it. >> the meetings outcome may not have been completely harmonious, but the conservative sister parties agree on one thing. it is going to be a tough election campaign. martine schultz has put the cdu csu under pressure. brent: the pressure on the conservatives see to be growing by the minute. look at the latest polls that just came in today. they give the social democrats 31% of the vote, surpassing her alliance for the first time in six years. only last week the same poll
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painted a different picture with 32.5% and the social democrats falling behind. so, definitely a change in a week. let's bring in simon young for some analysis here. good evening to you, simon. the social democrats haven't looked this strong in years. is it all due to their new candidate? are we talking about the schultz factor tonight? >> it really does seem to be a mole -- martin schultz factor, giving this amazing loose to his party. i think maybe it's the excitement that some social democratic supporters feel that their party has dared to do the unexpected and not choose the obvious candidate to go up against her in september. that would have been the party leader. of course, instead of that they have chosen martin schultz, who has got good credentials as a
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man of the people. he's not exactly an outsider, he's been at the center of european politics and the head of the european parliament for years, but he is outside her government and that could be very important. he's a different kind of character, much more passionate. he could really energize the campaign. brent: one thing that they can bank on right now is unity in the party. for the german chancellor, she can't really count on that with her bavarian allies. for our viewers and may not be as aware of german politics, there has been a lot of infighting in the conservative camp because of her stand on refugees, right? >> that's right. the head of the bavarian conservatives, this important bavarian party, are cleaning unity today, saying that they
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agree they both want to get refugee asylum seeker numbers in germany down, but there has been this huge split in recent months where they say they want a cap 200,000 as the maximum number of people arriving and angela merkel said that's not needed, she's rejected it. it will all depend on if more people arrived. that could be a problem for the conservatives. if not so many people arrived, than peace can continue to reign. brent: all right, that's simon young on the story for us tonight here in berlin. thank you very much. also here in germany, also connected with the chancellor, a landmark trial against facebook. the trial has been delayed slightly. a syrian refugees taking the social media giant to court to demand that it remove fake news posts featuring his photograph. the hearing is now set to begin in march. >> everything started with this
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selfie showing this refugee with the most powerful woman in the world. taken when the german chancellor visited a refugee shelter in berlin. he had just arrived in germany and was full of confidence. today, almost one and a half years later, he is disillusioned. he is -- his picture has been misused numerous times and spread online. >> since 2015 my picture has been used three or four times for fake news stories. the first time, my picture was linked to the terror attack in brussels. the last time they said i was involved in a crime was when attackers set fire to a sleeping homeless man in a berlin subway station.
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all of these allegations are absolutely untrue. but they were published on facebook again and again. he and his lawyer reported the images and asked facebook to remove them. the company says they did. >> we are sorry to hear his concerns with the way people have used his image. we have quickly disabled access to content that has been accurately can't -- reported to us by his representatives. we do not believe that legal action here is necessary or that it is the most effective way to resolve the situation. but for him, that's not good enough. his lawyer said that the image is still being misused on the platform. facebook rejects the idea of paying any compensation, but he remains upbeat. >> i feel really good, my lawyer did very well.
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and they lied. they said that they deleted the photo altogether, but it still online and can be seen at any time. so, now we have a small chance. i'm satisfied on this point and i'm not worried. >> an agreement between facebook and the young plaintiff has not yet been reached. but he hopes that the courts decide in his favor. brent: there is a lot at stake here for facebook. i'm joined by teresa, who reports for motherboard. good to have you back on the show. what issues are at stake here in this case? >> a syrian refugee who takes facebook to court and wants facebook to remove defamatory posts. he has been linked to everything bad that has supposedly happened with refugees in germany the last year.
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facebook on the other hand disagrees because they say that these pictures don't violate their terms of user content. >> they maintain that they are not a media company, not producing content, something providing a platform for the content. how long is that argument going to hold water? >> last time around when the lawyer of the syrian refugee filed a preliminary injunction in december, facebook delayed the entire case again because they said they didn't understand german and the claim was filed in german. brent: the documents were in german? >> exactly. the terms of use were in german. so, this time around they probably won't get away with it. >> they are all over the world, obviously doing lots of languages.
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what chances would you say that the refugee has in actually winning this case? >> it's very unclear. it's the first time, first of all, that facebook is actually on trial in germany, so it's an interesting case. the chances of him winning, the implications could of course be huge, that would mean that facebook asked to their business tactics entirely, or business practices, and it would mean that they would actually have to apply the mechanisms to remove like content. brent: we have to say that they have been taking steps, right? there is a coordination, for example, with an investigative news operation in germany to filter and find fake news, for example. they have hired some journalists in the u.s. to help the editors. but with those steps isn't mark zuckerberg admitting what we are talking about right now?
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>> that's right. and there is an argument that they have been using that is not watertight where they say it's hard to find manipulated pictures on facebook because in europe they are not allowed to use facial recognition techniques. but in the last transparency report, facebook admitted or showed, actually bragged, about removing a picture from the incident within the club where the people were shot during terrorist attacks. they said that they removed 32,000 instances of that within france. nobody knows how, but if these mechanisms are in place, there's no reason they couldn't be used. >> what work percussions could there be for other media companies? >> for the company that gets a
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handle on this best, they are probably going to thrive. their user base could change very quickly. brent: it's probably easier this stage of the game. we appreciate it. well, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the romanian capital for another night of demonstrations. calling for the government to step down after they announced plans to introduce a new bill making it harder for officials to be prosecuted for corruption. an earlier decree that would have achieved the same and was withdrawn after it sparked massive rallies. the protests of an going on now for nearly a week. here's a look at the other stories making headlines tonight. the french presidential candidate france walked the long has vowed -- france walked along
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-- france walked fillon -- franccois fillon insists that the work he is accused of is legal. in the catalonia region of eastern spain, a trial today for the organization of a symbolic referendum on regional independence in 2014. despite it being deemed illegal by the central government. tickets for the 67th berlin international film festival have gone on sale in the competition is fierce. fans spent hours lining up for tickets this morning. 400 films from all over the world will be screened this year. you are still watching "dw news," live from berlin. still to come we will visit the desolate french rust belt. our struggling factories like these fertile ground for the
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national front? we will try to find out. that, plus hobby air will be here with the latest business headlines. back on the other side of the 62nd break. ♪ >> make your smart tv even smarter with the dw for smart tv app. what you want, when you want it. up-to-date. extraordinary. in depth. you decide what's on. find out more at ♪
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brent: welcome back here with "dw news," live from berlin. top stories, german conservatives have confirmed that uncle a merkel will be their candidate for chancellor in the upcoming election as a new poll has her party trailing the social democrats for the first time since she became chancellor. donald is facing low polling data of his own. he is in florida meeting with american troops. he has had lunch with the enlisted soldiers before addressing them in a speech
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about the ongoing fight against terror and the american role in nato. having called the terror -- transatlantic military alliance obsolete in the past, he now says that he is behind it, but on one condition. trump: we strongly support nato. we only ask that all of the nato members make their full and proper financial contributions to the nato alliance, which many of them have not been doing. many of them have not been even close. and they have to do that. brent: donald trump there, talking about nato and financial obligations. hobby air is here now. donald trump to repeal the dodd frank law. javier: it's making a lot of people nervous. all the way to the president of the european central bank, mario draghi. these resolutions were put in
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place to prevent tanks for making the type of risky business that got us into the crisis in the first place. if trump gets rid of those, it spells double trouble for the eurozone. if the banks here face strong regulation in the u.s., they can -- they become less competitive compared to their american competitors. >> and other big moment for donald trump. he had pledged to loosen restraints on banks. friday, the process began. he ordered a complete review of the dodd frank financial oversight law. >> we have principles for regulating the united states financial system. but it will be bigger than that, right? >> the obama administration enacted it in 2010. it is considered one of his cornerstone achievements as president. it was meant to help stabilize the u.s. financial system after the crisis of 2008.
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europe began to also install stricter regulations and policy makers are reluctant to give them up. >> we are handed more expansionary monetary policies more or less everywhere. differing in degrees, depending on the fact of which stage of the recovery cycle the various economies are. so, the last thing that we need at this point in time is a relaxation of regulation. >> a loose monetary policy combined with weak regulation, economists say that that is the accommodation that led to the financial crisis. but the u.s. president and his government, which include several former management -- managers of hedge fund banks say that the banks of an overregulated and removing the protections will help the economy grow. brent: onto one of his signature phrases, "buy american, hire
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american." his promise to bring back jobs was a key reason that people voted for him, especially in the so-called rust belt states, where the traditional industries have declined. it seems that in france marine le pen is promising -- copying the strategy. one town has already seen a shift from left to right. >> this disused steelworks signals the decline of the industrial heartland in france. it closed in 2012, in some cases leaving three generations of a family out of work. >> your father also worked here? >> my father, my brother, my grandfather. >> many people here feel that they have been forgotten by the political establishment. in a town that was once a bastion of the left, the mood is changing. disillusionment with france's
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socialism is widespread. >> they made bad political decisions. these have had consequences. it is easier for people to hear the call of the national front when they open their refrigerators and find nothing to eat. when they cannot pay their bills. >> three years ago the town shows a member of the far right national front as mayor. after the surprise when of trump and united states, observers say that the concerns of disaffected voters in the rust belt could be a deciding factor in the april elections. >> this man behind me is the new bulgarian president and like every new president, he is making state visits to allies in order to strengthen ties. his first bilateral meeting was with germany. the move could also be politically motivated. times of rising tensions between
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russia and the eu, it is the time for bulgaria to show their fit -- their official colors. >> the new president needs investors and the scouting them out in germany. infrastructure and tourism needs to be expanded, the energy grid is to be upgraded. during the campaign, supporting an end to sanctions. he knows that the move did not make them any friends. is he for or against the sanctions now? >> let's be clear here, my dirty is to serve -- my duty is to serve the bulgarian people, to work for better conditions. the fact that my first visit was in brussels, my first bilateral visit is in germany, this proves enough my orientation. >> with an annual economic
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output of just 44 million euros, they are the poorest country in the european union. for years, well educated young bulgarians have been emigrating to other countries in search of better salaries. leaving behind a big gap in skilled workers. >> often it's a lack of information. we have good jobs being created that pay good money, good salaries, compared to the bills, but no one knows about them. >> the delegation hopes that a critical mass will be meet -- reached and more young bulgaria -- young bulgarians will be looking for jobs at home. brent: that is all for now for the business desk. to the bundesliga football now, frankford hosted knowing that a wind would send them back into
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third place. it should have been plain sailing for them, but then there were those referees. >> everything seemed fine before the game. after he missed this in the box? they seemed less than impressed. and then after 74 minutes it was all out war. after the referee awarded a penalty following this bout of wrestling. then he tucked it away. until then there have been few chances for frankfurt as the bottom club, but that soon changed. walking through the defense, providing the finishing touch. frankford suddenly find themselves in third place. time will tell how high the eagles there to fly. brent: the africa cup of nations
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final was won by the underdogs, cameroon. known as the indomitable alliance, they came in with low expectations after several star players pulled out. yet cameroon overcame all odds for a thrilling final. >> for the fans of cameroon, it was a never forget kind of night . their side defeated egypt, a club that had fully intended to win its eighth african cup of nations. instead? >> no one liked us, no one gave us a chance. we are overjoyed and have done the impossible. >> we are african champions, we are so strong and we are going to win the world cup. an improbable victory at was. egypt took the early lead in the first half and seemed in control , having given up all of one goal in the entire tournament.
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but the defender headed the ball home in the 59th minute and suddenly the cap seemed very much in reach. then a spectacular goal off the bench, just two minutes from time. egypt was left with a runner-up title. >> we showed people that we are like a group of friends, a family. we showed the people that we are a great team and that's amazing. >> a month ago even the most avid fan of cameroon could not have believed that they could win this tournament. eight of their players refused to come. there was a bonus round with the federation. most of cameroon did not even know the names of some of the players. fast-forward a few weeks and they are champions who deserve it after a thrilling victory over egypt and a winning goal. brent: and here's a reminder of the top stories where falling
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for you. german conservatives have confirmed that angela merkel will be there candidate for elections in september. a new poll has her party trailing the social democrats for the first time since she became chancellor. and a landmark trial against facebook here in germany has been delayed until march. syrian man is suing the social media giant over fake news, accusing facebook of allowing stories that accused him of terrorism. after this break i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ gyxqñqrqyqiqiqñq
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