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tv   DW News  PBS  June 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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berlin. people are stockpiling food. several arab states have cut air, sea and landings with qatar. they say the gulf state is supporting terrorism. qatar has denied the charges. also, coming up, germany is a step away from withdrawing troops from a turkish airbase. we will find out what his next
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as already tense relations between the two nato allies worsened. as london's mandates a vigil, the victims of saturday's attack, british names to of the killers, one of them was known to the authorities but was not thought to be an immediate threat. >> a major diplomatic rift is opening up in the gulf region, six arab governments led by saudi arabia and egypt have cut diplomatic ties with qatar. the accused the small gulf state of terrorism and destabilizing the region. the government is lining up against qatar, libya, egypt, bahrain, united arab emirates
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and yemen. al jazeera has been closed, it is funded by qatar. they have cut land, sea and air links with qatar. much to the concern of some people there. >> supermarkets and qatar have been filled with residents stocking up on groceries. the rush came after several countries declared they are cutting ties with qatar. saudi arabia is imposing a blockade on his neighbor. there are charges that qatar is supporting organizations like the islamic state and egypt's former rulers which qatar denies. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson currently in australia
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urged cooperation. >> we would encourage the parties to sit down together, address these differences. if there is any role we can play in terms of helping them address those, we think it is important that the gcc remain unified. >> just two weeks ago, donald trump visited the middle east. the middle east was already divided before his trip. they must leave the countries within 48 hours. the citizens within two weeks. the emirates are letting to pause flights to and from it. >> our international relations expert from britain told us that the charges in the arab governments -- charges the arab
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governments are making against qatar are unfounded in his view. >> there is a lot of substance behind them, there has been a lot of tension between qatar and the saudi's. other states in the region as well. predominantly since the 2011 arab spring. we see them providing a lot of support and a safe space for groups like the muslim brotherhood and the islamist movement in gaza. also for the group's leader. he had been stationed there for a number of years. there is a great deal of substance to be said for the saudi claims of providing support for certain groups. some of the other players are bahrain and meddling across the region. there is some substance to what is being said. >> simon reporting there and
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giving his analysis. >> we are talking about a tiny kingdom, qatar is a hugely powerful nation and one that has a lot of wealth but that could be all at stake. these gulf and african states aren't just breaking up diplomatic ties with qatar. they are their borders. some are also cutting transport links. it could hit the local economy heart and frustrated travelers. >> the skies of qatar are about to get quieter. from tuesday, several regional airlines will no longer be flying to and from the capital. the gulf allies have also closed their air spaces to qatar airways with saudi arabia saying it would lock all qatari lights -- flights by midnight.
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>> this is the first time this has happened, there is the operational impact of the flights. shippers and carriers may not have access to ports, that is clear. i think they will be watching quite closely over the next couple of years to see what the gcc is adding. >> should this escalate, the effects could be why rager. -- wide ranging. 9% of qatar's exports went to the neighboring uae. qatar relies heavily on the uae for its who delivered its -- food deliveries. the qatari state owned a major stake in germany's deutsche bank. >> wall street doesn't seem to be worried about the affair at all.
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why so little concern on wall street about what could be the worst diplomatic crisis to hit the oil-rich region in decades? >> first of all, that is a could be. we will have to wait and see how those tensions really develop. we have seen it so often in the past, a couple of months -- political events had only short-term implications on the stock market. stocks, even if they lost a tiny bit, they were there on record level. >> how is oil doing? there was a global oil deal that was sealed in the region. couldn't that be at stake? >> it could be in jeopardy, qatar is not the biggest oil producer.
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for sure, they could have the feeling that they are not find it by this agreement and they are stepping out and pumping mark doyle, maybe other countries will follow suit. this is certainly a possibility. nobody really expects military movements, there might not be supply disruptions at this point. >> this is also shaking qatari stocks. this is a definite. they have slumped by some 7%. how will this impact them? >> we saw a drop of a good 7.5%. the worst day for the qatari stock market in roughly three years. then again, qatar is a country
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running on guess and oil and not necessarily on the stock market. to produce oil, you need access to the capital market, further down the line, that could affect business for qatar, so far, the stock market -- the industry is about 80% -- export earnings are coming from the energy sector and qatar. >> just recently business travel has become very hot and qatar -- in qatar. >> economically speaking, qatar airways they become the biggest victim of this tension. some analysts are saying that roughly 30% of the revenue could affect qatar airways. >> thank you.
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back to grant. brent: germany is poised to withdraw its troops from a turkish -- from turkish airways. the germans -- turkish prime minister met with president erdogan to resolve a dispute in both countries. he made no progress. turkey is allowing german lawmakers to visit german military troops at a naval airbase. germany now has no choice but to pull out its troops. >> when he arrived, he still hoped to convince his turkish host to lift the ban but the effort was in vain. german lawmakers are still barred from visiting troops based in intellect. ask i regret this, by the same token, i ask for understanding that we will have to withdraw our soldiers from insula, from
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our own -- for our own internal policy reasons. 280 german soldiers and six tornado jets are stationed at the nato airbase. they don't carry out airbase but undertake reconnaissance flights as part of the international coalition fighting the islamic state. germany's opposition parties are critical of turkey's position. >> in the fight against islamic state, erdogan is a reliable partner. sometimes he is fighting the islamists, sometimes he helps them, you don't know where he stands. the german foreign minister -- turkey says the officers were involved in the attempted to last year and is demanding the extradition. >> turkey is unhappy with how we
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do with turkish citizens who have applied force asylum and -- in germany. independent authorities deal with that in our country and in the end it is the decision of the courts. we have a very different understanding of constitutional processes. alternative location for the german soldiers is being discussed. this will mean an interruption in our fueling lights and reconnaissance flights in the fight against islamic state, we will do everything we can. >> for more on this, it's go to our chief local correspondent melinda crane. good evening to you. let's assume that germany does decide to move its troops to a different place in the region.
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what implications could that have for the islamic state? >> you heard the defense ministers saying it would be some interruption for german officials. these planes that would be moved our aerial reconnaissance planes and they don't directly take part in missions but they support them with reconnaissance. of course, there are also the soldiers. they would have to interrupt during the. which they are transitioning to a different base. the defense minister says she is convinced that the base does except a comparable alternative to king abdullah of jordan has given his full backing. this phase has been used by u.s. plans flying against i.s.. it has had some international capacity. >> for people watching the
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story. it is amazing that one is refusing to let the other have access to its own troops. where does this leave relations between germany and turkey? >> germany's foreign minister said on his way to turkey that the relationship has been going to a rough patch that is certainly the case. there are a whole array of factors that account for that. the fact that germany has granted asylum to some people leaving turkey in the wake of the aftermath of the last year's events. turkey's journalist with double nationality, including famous ones who have been detained in turkey. german parliament, condemnation, the armenian massacre, a whole
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host of factors. where do things go from here? both sides meet each other, they were at pains to say they want to preserve the relationship but this transfer of forces could be a blow. >> thank you very much. we will be back in just 60 seconds with more news. stick around. . >> germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much, we can do this is something hinders us, we must overcome it. >> going where it is uncomfortable, global news that matters. dw, made for mines. >> did you know it cost 50 said --
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>> welcome back with dw news from berlin. our top stories, several islamic state have severed ties with qatar. they are accusing qatar of supporting terrorism in the region. they have denied the charges. british police have released the names of two of the men carried out saturday night's terror attack in london. one was a british citizen. he was known to authorities but
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there was no intelligence to suggest that he was planning an attack. less known was this man. several people were attacked on saturday -- killed in the attack on saturday. >> this woman joined her fiancé in london. she died in his arms, she was 30 years old. just south of the bridge, the first signs of everyday life returning at the scene of the attack. access to the area remains very limited. businesses are closed. this part of london is still far from normal. >> i am scared. they may see around her back all the time. >> i would consider myself a reasonable, liberal guy.
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i'm feeling more and more angry. more and more upset about it. >> police say they have recovered a huge amount of printed material and evidence from the vehicle. also, from properties they have rated. they released the identities of two of the attackers. both of them lived in the parking every of london. always have yet to identify the third attacker. authorities say they are facing a new kind of terrorism. >> what we are seeing is low-tech attacks. it is against targets that are easily accessed and we are also
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seeing police who seem to be highly volatile. perhaps from behaving quite normally to making a plan and carrying out an attack in a very short space of time. >> how to tackle this attack, that becomes the key question in britain. opposition leaders have slammed theresa may, blaming her for making cuts to the police force during her time as interior minister. theresa may insists she is doing enough and want attitudes to change. >> i think we need to take a much more robust approach to dealing with extremism in this country. we made progress on this. i introduced some strategy when i was home secretary. i think we have seen too much tolerance of extremism in our society. >> british muslims say they haven't been lax on extremism.
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>> i think the muslim community could have done more. i will to you why, these individuals who committed the acts of terror, the tough not in the name of islam, not democracy, not in the name of anything good, they did because of their own criminal ideology. >> the investigation continues and the police net is widening to see if the attacks were helped out in preparing. >> we are hearing that from london, a more robust approach to fighting terror. i'm joined by rafael. he is a terror expert for international and security affairs. good to have you back on the show. we have theresa may lining up this four point terrorism plan. what hasn't been tried?
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>> it has been old and tested ideas. some of it reinforced. this is a silver bullet. there are no easy answers to be fair. --, t , to be fair. >> let me ask you, to second guess the prime minister, if we didn't have the election, to think we would see a four-point plan? >> yes, it is particularly amplified. on the other side, we have seen more tax than on any other -- -- we have more police force cuts. there are also other debates that are planned to coincide with what we had before. it now looks even more critical.
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there was the report that has been prepared inside of the government. the opposition has been asked for this to be public. there is a locker -- a lot brewing in the weeks to come. >> this is looking at the funding for terrorism that takes place on british soil. >> in this particular case, it doesn't look like it is a major operation. in general, the whole infrastructure, the ideological teachings, that has gained a lot of international support. it is a well-known fact, the extent is always contested. the limits to respect and to be -- can be controlled -- to which tha tct can be controlled. >> we have is vote coming up
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on thursday. how much of a referendum is this becoming on how the u.k. deals with extremism? >> i do think the election will be too swayed by it. she will perhaps gain a little, she is under fire. i think most polls come down to the turnout. i don't know if it will be massively affected by this kind of event. it will have an impact. i think a secondary one. >> people in france have only just finished collecting any president but there is another important vote ahead for lawmakers in the national assembly. the poll was crucial for emmanuel macron who needs to get a majority in parliament to push forward his reforms. half of his candidates have no political experience.
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it is not clear how successful they will be. dw went to see them on the campaign trail. >> they have found new hope that pharmacists have lost trust in french politicians. he is now a parliamentary candidate in emmanuel macron's movement. >> when i first met the campaign team, i was really moved. it reminded me of when i used to help the families of needy miners. they could become consumers or entrepreneurs, this is the chance to bring them back in. at this small farmers market, he is running into a lot of cynicism. >> politics has become nonsensical to me, i am not interested anymore.
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politicians come to see us once or twice during the campaign, after that, we stop existing to them. >many customers are voicing ther consent. he hopes that he can win them back over with his enthusiasm and charisma. >> macron has a different approach, he has been listening to the people's concerns and is taking them into account. i think that many will realize what a turnaround this is and that this could really improve their lives. he is up against experienced political opponents from the far right. he is running on an anti-immigrant and top against terrorism -- tough against terrorism platform. >> in this city and other cities, immigrants are isolating themselves more and more.
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they are adhering to radical islam. this is the only party that proposes to immediately expel foreigners that can be radicalized. we can't show any weakness in front of islam that is weakening our identity. >> this is the wrong way to take the country forward. >> we are pro-europeans, we want to open our borders even more. limiting immigration doesn't make sense. the national is missing the point. you need one or two people to prepare an attack. they could be foreigners or french people, how could citizens stop them? >> they are hoping their vision of inclusion will win the day in the election.
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>> it is a reminder of that top story we're following for you, several arab states have severed diplomatic ties with qatar. several of them cutting off all air, land and sea links. they are accusing qatar of supporting terrorism in the region. they deny that charge. after a short break, we will be back to take you through the day, see them. -- see you then.
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