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tv   DW News  PBS  April 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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berlin. a van piles into pedestrians in canada. unconfirmed reports say to people were killed with several more injured. police have arrested the driver. it is believed he tried to flee on foot. we'll go live to toronto for the latest. also on this program, all change in armenia. the countries prime minister steps down after days of protest. a group of soldiers joined the demonstration demanding his
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resignation after a power grab triggered an antigovernment movement. britain's duchess of cambridge shows off her third child with prince william. the boy's hasn't been revealed yet. he has already had his first public parents. ♪ >> welcome. my name is christopher. christopher: we begin with breaking news out of toronto, canada. a van has run over a number of pedestrians near one of toronto's major intersections, young street and finch avenue in the northern part of the city. there are unconfirmed reports that at least two people have been killed. police have tweeted they cannot get confirmed fatalities or explore the extent of the injuries during authorities also same may have arrested the driver following reports he fled the scene on it.
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we are also giving early eyewitness reports from the scene. one man describing the scene after he saw the van slam into busy pedestrians. >> i was trying to chase it down. i was trying to catch up to see what happened. i mean he is going 70 or 80 clicks. he is just having people one by one. it was a nightmare. i have seen a lady with her legs , this is a gruesome scene. this is really bad out there. everybody, all these people on the streets getting hit one by one. the spots getting called up on people. one person got dragged on and the blood is all over, i'm so shaky, i'm still dying from this. i can't do this is happening. this is so unbelievable.
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>> joining me on his reporter jeff harrington. jeff, thank you for being with us. what is the latest? what can you tell us, especially these unconfirmed reports of multiple fatalities? jeff: right after that we can give you an update on this. we thought it was two lives lost but the update we are getting now at this, there have been five casualties related to this incident. they love -- this was of young straight toward the northern portion of the city. what we are hearing from witnesses -- such a dramatic clip we heard is that witnesses are saying that driving in a van, hung the curve and started driving down the sidewalk, 50 or 60 or 70 kilometers per hour and mowing down everything in his way. it was a scene of carnage and it
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has shaken people to the car here in toronto today. christopher: do we have confirmation that this was a deliberate attack? it looks like it was a deliberate attack. jeff: no confirmation from authorities that this was a deliberate attack but certainly we have heard from multiple witnesses, their describing that the that he intentionally hugged that term. in their words, this was no accident. you don't have a curve and accelerate at those speeds. 50, 60, 70 kilometers per hour, video is also emerging of the arrest, the suspected driver with toys, we have seen video where the suspect is holding what appears to be a gun might at least, post-up using the situation moments after and not
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suspect has been taken into custody. certainly this is going to take some time to get to the bottom of in terms of a motive, what prompted this individual at this point to carry out something like this. christopher: and the police said anything about the identity of the suspect? jeff: now, at this point we have no word on the suspect. we are all just starting to strings together. it happened a few hours ago. the scene has been one of chaos. i am coming to you from downtown toronto right now. this actually happened further north down the city. not too far away. this is a major street here. investigators are piecing together everything. at this point we can confirm that toronto police are the main investigators in the situation. one of the things that is coming
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is committed to terrorism related? toronto police will be looking into that at this point. if the toronto police do find any wrongdoing there, it is a national security threat, that i will be turned over to the rcmp. christopher: thank you for that, jeff. that was jeff harrington in toronto. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau has been speaking. this is what he has said. >> obviously we're just learning about the situation in toronto. our hospital as anyone affected. we will obviously have more to learn and say in the coming hours. christopher: we will keep you up-to-date with the start. we will catch up with some of the other news stories making the headlines around the world.
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police in the u.s. state of tennessee have arrested a man suspected of killing four people at a restaurant in nashville. a manhunt was lost after the government fled the scene of the fatal shootings. supposedly the suspect is mentally unstable. the has arrived in washington for a three-day state visit, seen as a test of his relationship with donald trump. trade ties and never nuclear deal are expected to dominate their agenda. emmanuel macron and his wife are due to have a private dinner with melania and trump. oliver stone is visiting iran at the moment for the international film festival. also to host a workshop. the festival is one of the oldest and one of the most important film festivals in the middle east. it is due to run until friday of
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this week. turning to armenia where the prime minister has resigned after more than a week of antigovernment protests. the groups of soldiers during the demonstrators earlier today. she was previously the country's president that saw to retain control by becoming prime minister and extending the executive powers of that post. that brought thousands of armenians onto the streets. >> celebrations on the streets of the armenian capital. after 10 days of mass protests, the people got what they wanted. the former president became prime minister just days earlier resigned. even soldiers had joined the demonstration against the prime minister. now they too were in a jubilant mood. in a statement, he admitted he
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was in the wrong. yet become armenia's president in 2008 and served 10 years. earlier this month he was elected prime minister by the country's parliament. this enraged many armenians who about this with secure his hold on power over the country indefinitely. the former soviet republic which is in the caucasus region was plunged into political crisis. many of armenians 3 million citizens are also struggling with economic turmoil. there has been disquieted about the close ties to russian president vladimir putin. back on the streets, the main opposition leader has received a hero's welcome. i many as i hoping it is the start of a new era. >> must get more on this now.
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the last time we were talking on sunday, arrests were being made, the prime minister was making bail threats of a security crackdown and now suddenly he says i got it wrong and steps down? how do you explain this turnaround? >> it is difficult to give a full account of the things that might have happened behind closed doors but there were probably a few factors at work. one is security. i mean it can't afford to have much instability. in fact there has been movement on the border and the line of contact with the republic next to her. secondly, tomorrow marks the annual commemoration of the army and genocide, this will review the population, the whole nation. this would have been a very unfortunate week and event serves domestic or political turmoil in the country at this time. >> parliament has seven days as
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far as i understand to nominate a successor. who might that be and what -- where might the new leader take armenia from here? >> the prime minister has resigned but the party that he needs is to the majority in parliament. the oppsition leader has made the steps quite clear. he would like the candidate of the people to take over temporarily. he did not especially name that candidate. but he envisions a transitional government that will receive a vote of no-confidence and that will precipitate fresh -- free and fair elections within a reasonable timeframe. christopher: you say free and fair elections, the tone of voice you are using suggests to me they haven't been as free and there's they could have been? >> unfortunately, in the modern political history of armenia,
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transparent elections have not been a hallmark. after elections that have often been protests and rallies on the street. in general, they suffer from a lack of legitimacy. this is one the reasons why there has been so much indignation in the current authorities. christopher: a court in belgium has sentenced a key suspect to 20 years in prison. the8-year-old is t las suiving suspect fr the 2015 paris terror attacks which lef 130 ople dead. he is currently being held in a french prison awaiting trial in nnection with those attacks. the ruling in belgium today was for his part in the dramatic shootout with police led to his arrest. >> at the palace of justice, he received a maximum 20 year
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jackson's for his role in a police shootout. the compass was handed the same sentence. neither of them were present for the verdict. the lawyer representing the police raise the judge's decision. >> is all about demand have been met, i think we can be satisfied. but he says he still have some doubts. >> i'm not convinced of anything in this verdict. i will review it with my client. it is a very solid -- it is a verdict so i respected. if he appealed we will decide the next steps. >> today's verdict was the first step in what could be years of president against him. the 20-year-old -- 28-year-old is believed to be only surviving suspect in the paris terror
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tacks that left 15 people dead in november 2015. he was arrested in brussels of march of 2016 following the shootout with both employees. -- with french police. prosecutors will judge whether he was one of the masterminds or just a low-level follower. >> cure washing dw news. still to come on this program, britain's duchess of cambridge has a third chance -- just how different their child. we will get to the latest from daniel. protection is the talk of the town. twice before and against, donald trump's threat of tears are sparking cooperation among his
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rivals, mexico and the european union are taking a stand for free trade, abolishing almost all tariffs between them in a new deal today. while touring the world's biggest industrial fair in hanover, henrique pena netto said he is optimistic about the renewaof the north american free trade agreement that trump has threatened to tara. >> for german engineering companies, mexico is an enticing prospect. as a market for production robots and other engineering equipment also as a production location. that is something german carmakers have capitalized on. mexico's geographic location makes it a perfect platform for exports to the u.s.. those factors have attracted over 10 9000 german investment. germany is now the country's third-largest trade partner after the u.s. and china. >> over the last five years, mexico has lost important
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structural reforms as a basis for future development. to make it a center of opportunity. above all, to show investors that we are trustworthy country. on their joint tour, angela merkel told mexico's president the trade ties between the two countries are also set to expand under the new eu mexico free-trade agreement. security still poses a major problem along with corruption, mexico is also in the midst of tough net to free-trade negotiations with the u.s. in the country electing a president in july. but those uncertainties are likely to scare up german investors. >> german companies find the restraints and mexico and opportunities outweigh the risks. they're looking to expand in the field of mechanical engineering.
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if the trade in between the eu and mexico goes through, the partnership could throw -- grow even stronger. >> alexei there. we asked the chief economist of the world trade organization if donald trump has a point when he says we should take another look at free-trade if the average joe and single countries like the u.s. don't feel the benefits of globalization. >> at the ordinary people feel most of the benefits, it is just that it is in their lower prices and a greater variety of goods that they get to buy every day. it is very diffuse, it is very spread out across many many people. the people who complain more about it are the firms that feel like they are unable to compete with on him once that is a much more concentrated group of people. they tend to be more vocal, they
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organize because they are more concentrated. they will organize and complain about the effects of trade. our research has shown that the much bigger effects on employment and competitiveness, bout from technological change, automation, robust is asian, we face a high, artificial intelligence. i think there are a lot of challenges but most of those are domestically generated. they are not necessarily generated across borders. >> any report by human rights watch shows chinese employers continue to discriminate against women. it can't the chinese government as one of the worst offenders. almost a fifth of almost 3000 postings showed a preference or outright requirement for male applicants. the report also found that many jobs which were open to women were sexist, pandering to stereotypes demanding the candidate to be beautiful or married with children to ensure
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she doesn't get pregnant while on the job. companies named in the report like alibaba and 10 send claimed these apples were isolated incidents, another baidu highlighted their almost 50% gender balance. i spoke to separate richardson asking if the report chirp picks the bad examples, ignoring the progress made. >> i think one is too many. it is not hard for us to find multiple versions of these as for each of those companies over the span of about five years. equally problematic, the government on civil service job listings, we notice that in 2017, about 13% of those ads stipulated a preference or requirement for men and on 2018, that went up to 90%, it is a most want in every five government job as said it was for men only.
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christopher: well the companies you site says almost half of the senior and middle managers are women. so the progress, although -- those and that were mentioned were terrible, the progress and is to be emphasized. >> it is amazing how many of those companies have offered that up as some sort of justification for engaging in other -- discriminatory behavior. it is good that they have women on their boys but it is still illegal to run ads that stipulate a preference for one gender over the other. frankly if they're interested in gender equality, they ought to be talking probably about the skills and the qualifications that any applicant should have, not about what gender they should be. >> you mentioned that china is getting worse when it comes to women's representation. why this negative trend? >> i think there are a couple of different factors that play into
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this. one is that it is not an accountable government. it is not democratically elected. obviously the government itself is violating its own laws. it has not been terribly aggressive in making companies adhere to those laws. president she's government has worked hard to crack down on independent activists including women's rights activist to push hard on issues like this. i think this is all contributed to these problems getting worse. >> all of the anti-gender discrimination laws are in place for most of them at least but they are not being enforced. how can you encourage the state to take a stronger stance or what can be done to ensure that these laws are worst? -- are enforced? i think there is a sonata public pushback about these kinds of ads.
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there has been something of a debate inside china about me too. also, greater gender equality. i think of the companies really take down" these kind of ads, it's a little bit of competition between the government and those private companies. there is also a lot of scope for making more precise laws. what constitutes discrimination is big. chinese courts could easily except a lot of cases related to discrimination that come before them that they reject. i figure has been a precedent and reject and that would be helpful. >> thank you very much for talking to us. that is all your business but now it is back to christopher born. christopher: britain's duchess of cambridge gave birth to a baby boy this morning. this is her third child. market fans got the treat there
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been so really waiting for. the queens sixth great-grandchild is fifth in line to the throne -- his name is not been released yet. alex, the name is not out yet. tell us about the speculation. what names were in the running? alex: the queen's own father is named arthur so that is top of the running but there are other names including albert, queen victoria is linked with albert. there is frederick, james and possibly philip. we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out what daschle name is but that is what i'm guessing.
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>> everybody's asking how mom is doing. >> we saw her there looking radiant. there she was appearing before the cameras, before the public with baby in arms, next to her husband prince william and after they had been on the steps of the hospital, they were wished off to kensington palace back home. that is good news for her. you have to remember she has had very difficult pregnancies. she's had a morning sickness with every single one of her children. i think that is caused or a lot of discomfort and it has been quite a worry for all those doctors involved. i think the fact that she is back home is a good sign. christopher: what about the dad? prince william, where is that he is a very dedicated dad. >> get yesterday, the words she said this afternoon were thrice the worry now. because now he has three children. i think is great difficult -- different from his assessor.
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certainly his grandfather and more his father. more like his mother, diana princess of wales who died in 1997. he is trying to bring a different mind to the royal family. we know we -- we know he gave up his job as a helicopter pilot to spend more time on duties. he will be next in line after his father. i think he was to spend more time with his family to show that he is a modern father. >> what about the public mood in britain which has been overshadowed for months now by the prospect of exit. is this going to allow people to be a bit better? >> people have been camping outside the hospital waiting for this baby to be born. this is what they needed. they have had a tough time, a torrid time and it is what the government needs, some good news
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out there. that is what they have. we have that and next month we had this fairytale wedding where prince harry is going to marry this american actress meghan markle. obviously the excitement over that is palpable. that is what they needed. this baby can have arrived on a better day. today is st. george's day. george is the patron saint of england. i think if you want a really nice present for the u.k. or for england, you have it today. >> thank you very much. bringing us up to date. a quick reminder of our top stories now. a van has one over pedestrians in toronto, canada with reports of several people killed in the incident, police have arrested the driver was believed to have tried to leave the scene on foot. the incident happened at a busy intersection in the northern part of toronto. >> the prime minister of armenia
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has resigned. the opposition had been leading 11 days of consecutive protests. that gives increased powers to the prime minister. that is your world news update for now. i will be back in just a second without in-depth look at the most important stories of the past 24 hours.
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woman: a place in costa rica where a remarkably high number of people live to be over the age of 100. what's the secret to their longevity? i'm elaine reyes in washington, dc and this is "americas now." first up, costa rica's largest peninsula also hasne of the largest populations of centenarians on the planet, with more residents who are over 80 than anywhere else on earth. man: they have sort of a positive outlook on life and they value a lot their social, their relationship with their families and with the community. [man speaking spanish] elaine: correspondent harris whitbeck visits the people of the nicoya peninsula. he'll tell us why inhabitants of this lush location live such long lives.


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