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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  December 11, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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criminal past. guilty... a des moines man faces life in prison after a judge finds him guilty
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why he says the insanity defense didn't work. game safety... after a single point victory last night... cyclone fans rushed the court. hear from a man who got hurt...and find out if the university will face any penalties. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 a shocking revelation tonight about who is now managing the central iowa shelter and his past. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. the man is someone you may recognize and remember from the beginning of this year... mike dasilva reports 15:14:53--56 'the things that goes on in here is unreal to me.' drop by the central iowa shelter and there's no shortage of people wanting to voice their complaints about the way things are run... 14:57:03--07 and they bogus up in here, they aint fair to us up in here, and i dont like it. one of the things brought to our attention is the background of the man who is now the manager
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shelter. 14:51:03 'mark hanrahan. just punch him up on the computer, youll find out about him. remember this guy: mark allen hanrahan, the once high-level executive at principal was charged with felony kidnapping in january. police say he held a man at gunpoint and tried forcing him to buy crack cocaine. in may he plead guilty to carrying weapons while intoxicated and solicitation to commit a felony. as part of a plea deal, hanrahan was given a deferred judgment and ordered to serve two years probation. a shelter employee was surprised to learn he was hired as the shelter's new manager. identity. 03:49:40--56 i got a text message when i coworker who said youll never believe who the new managers gonna be. as hanrahan's past became public... the shelter tried putting employee concerns to rest. 03:50:19 "the whole discussion was around mark and justifying why he was in the position, justifying what he was arrested for, and
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situation was.' 03:58:02 'i dont think been clean long enough and i dont think that his criminal record has been clean long enough for him to work there, especially in the position that hes in. we tried asking hanrahan about that concern today... but as soon as we arrived... 14:51:11 am i lyin? he was scared to talk to you guys. he put on his coat and ran out the back door. he put on his coat and ran out the back door. director jim ferguson and board chair justin schoen declined going on camera to do an interview but they said hanrahan is doing great and the shelter is a place for second chances. dupont...the parent company of johnston-based pioneer... announced a 130-billion dollar merger with dow chemical today. "pioneer has been the most profitable, successful part of the dupont business. and so we're hopeful that will
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they're talking about maybe spinning things off. would pioneer become its own company again? that might be a possibility." :01-:20 the two companies say once the merger is complete... they will split into three different companies. they will be headquartered in johnston, midland, michigan, and wilmington, delaware. in addition to the merger... dupont says it will also cut its workforce by 10-percent. that would involve about 54-hundred jobs company-wide. how many of those would come out of pioneer in johnston remains to be seen. "before you had a couple guys competing, that gives the farmers a little leverage. well, now you're going to have one really big company. now, there's still a lot of other little successful companies out there. it is going to create a pressure there. and farmers may not like it, and i get that, but these consolidations are coming - and they were certainly coming in the chemical industries, for sure." :01-:19 the merger still needs federal
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until late next year. congress' inability to do its job could help a des moines construction project... lawmakers were unable to agree on a long-term spending measure to keep the government funded. instead they approved a five-day extension... allowing them to put the gridlock off until next week. the short term bill also extended the controversial e-b-5 visa program. it gives green cards to immigrants who invest at least a half-million dollars in the u-s economy. developers of the 100-million dollar events center hotel were counting on that program to generate 20-million dollars in funding for the project. they are now trying to come up with private funding as congress considers ending the program. the hotel is also 3-million dollars over budget. a judge has found a des moines man guilty of killing his elderly neighbor. judge jeffrey farrell found 20- year-old ngor makuey guilty of first degree murder in the death of 97- year-old rupert anderson. the judge added assault, robbery
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makuey attacked anderson and his wife, harriet in their home in july 20-14. harriet survvedi makuey and his family lived across the street from the andersons'. the judge says makuey needed money and that is why he broke into to the home. an insanity defense was considered, however, the judge said there were no symptoms of metal illness on the day he was arrested. 2:20 shortly after the crime... and he walked away. 2:38 maukeuy faces life in prison... he will be sentenced on january 4th. u-s marshals say one of its most wanted fugitives may be in iowa. 20-year-old bryan bridges of kansas is wanted for first degree murder. officials say he and others broke into a kansas home in
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the homeowner. investigators believe bridges pulled the trigger. officials say he has ties to iowa, mexico, denver and colorado...but... right now his whereabouts are unknown. a 20-thousand-dollar reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. bridges is considered armed and dangerous. we have had a week of warmer than average temperatures, but a cool down is on the way... meteorologist brett mcintyre joins us now with the latest...
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thousands of iowa state fans had been waiting for hours and in
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days just to see last nights cy-hawk showdown on the basketball court... students say when the final buzzer sounded and the cyclones claimed a comeback victory... just one thing was on their minds... "it's a feeling you can't describe, so much adrenaline and yelling going on really hard to know what exactly happened." but that thrill of victory came at a price for some...a stadium usher named pat murken was sent to the emergency room for treatment to his knee after fans stormed the court... randy peterson, a des moines register sports reporter suffered a broken leg in the aftermath but has since said it was not from fans running onto the court... in may the big 12 passed a rule that would punish schools with fines or loss of future home games for a failure to keep fans from rushing the court or field after games... the injured usher says fans were just caught in the moment... despite the injuries the big 12 director of communications rob carolla says the actions followed conference protocol saying quote: "game management staff appropriately handled their
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ensuring the safety of the teams, coaches, officials and administrative staffs" the big 12 conference said iowa state did not violate sportsmanship or ethical conduct... and they wished a speedy recovery to the des moines registers randy peterson... as cyclone fans stormed the court, there is a hawkeye fan who was inconsolable. one of our viewers sent us this video of her son after the game last night... it's been shared on social media over a thousand times... the hawkeyes will have a chance to redeem themselves.. on the gridiron... in a few weeks.. coming up next. rose bowl.. how many tickets have been reques and how hawkeye players took a moment to stop and smell the roses this week.
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washington avoids a government shutdown.. and reaches a budget agreement.. the details.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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it's an unlikely pair... but a toddler and a local tattoo artist teamed up to make a special design on something other than a body 591010 - you know ive always kind of had a soft spot for kids i guess, they are innocent, they havent done anything wrong for the most part so why wouldnt you help a child nathan gerger hand - painted 2 - year - old kai grabill's walker. grabill has a rare medical condition that effects his muscle tone, making it hard for him to walk. it took eight hours for the artist to create the galaxy theme and several coats of paint.... ironside tattoo parlor did all of the work for free. after meeting kai, gerger said he would like help transform other kids casts, walkers or helmets
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the university of iowa athletics ticket office has received requests for nearly two and a half times as many tickets as it has available for the rose bowl... the school says more than 54- thousand tickets were requested... priced at 150 to 185 dollars each. the university is allotted 22- thousand tickets for the game in pasadena. fans who made requests through the university will be notified on monday whether or not they get a ticket. if you missed the deadline, or can not get a ticket through the university... the cheapest tickets at stub-hub-dot-com start out at about 600 dollars each. members of the university of iowa football team took time off from college bowl preparations to bring smiles to sick kids. players delivered yellow roses to patients thursday at the university of iowa children's hospital. the roses were actually sent to the team by a local grocery store chain. but the school says the players wanted to share them with the patients. iowa plays stanford in the rose
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ad lib weather toss back coming up -- if you are ordering gifts online... they may be a little late this holiday season... but first -- a new year is coming and so are those new year's resolutions... the priority many americans are
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drug companies. require medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. let people buy their prescription drugs from countries like canada at half the price. and cap monthly prescription costs for every american. the drug companies have been over charging long enough. it's time to fight back. i'm hillary clinton
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stocks posted their largest daily drop since september. causing the dow to drop more than 309 points. the s-and-p dropped nearly 40.. and the nasdaq ended down 111 points... american optimism towards their finances seems to be on the uptick... as the new year approaches. a new study shows that americans are making finances a priority... when it comes to their new year's resolutions for the new year... for some tips on how to make the most of your investments for 20- 16... here's lauren brouhard, the senior vice president of
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"number one is saving more and especially this year for longer term goals such as retirement. number two spending less. and number three paying down debt, especially credit card debt." for more tips and resources on how to select and keep your 20-16 financial resolution, go to fidelity-dot-com- slash-resolutions. americans are spending more ... the commerce department says sales at retailers and restaurants rose a seasonally-adjusted point-two percent in november.. it's the largest increase since july. ongoing job creation and slowly rising wages along with low gas prices appear to be giving consumers the green light to spend. that money was spent over several categories... including electronics, appliances, clothing, sporting goods, books, restaurants and bars. retail sales figures had come in nearly flat over the past three months. all of that extra spending is backing up delivery services, such as u- p-s... on-time delivery rates for u-p-s ground packages based on their normal shipping transit times... fell
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last year the on-time rate was ninety-seven percent which is the shipper's average during non-peak months. fedex's early numbers were also lower than their usual times... at an estimated ninety-five percent. u-p-s has been hit with unexpected high volumes and not enough equipment to handle all the packages at some locations... the company this week assigned managers from its corporate headquarters in atlanta and elsewhere.. to work at delivery centers across the country to help with additional packages. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- striking a deal.. washington avoids a government shutdown.. and reaches a budget .. we'll recap
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important meeting... russian president vladimir putin will
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john kerry next week... what they are expected to talk about... search continues... investigators are still trying to piece together clues into last week's deadly shooting in california... what they are looking for, and the link the couple may have had with a convicted terrorist... white christmas.. where folks are dealing with alot-- maybe too much--- snow.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 congress is scrambling to finalize a more than one-trillion-dollar government spending bill before lawmakers head home for the holidays... today the house passed a short-term spending bill to keep the government open for five more days-- it is now on its way to the president's desk for his signature. mike emanuel has more from capitol hill. house lawmakers approved a last- minute temporary spending deal called a 'continuing resolution'--buying congress time as it tries to pass a
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the federal government was set to run out at midnight. for now--the bill avoids a shutdown. rogers says "this continuing resolution is very short--limited in scope, simply buying us more time to wrap up our negotiations and bring a full-year bill to the floor." democrats are blasting republicans saying they're trying to tie in too many policy measures hampering progress towards a long-term deal. republicans want to lift the oil export ban and roll back some obama administration regulations. lowey says "republicans insistence on including dangerous harmful policies in progress." but the white house warned president obama won't give congress weeks or months more to finalize a budget. press secretary josh earnest says time. earnest says: "we are not going several more weeks negotiating a budget deal." emanuel says "for their part--democrats want
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money for research on gun violence. on capitol hill, mike emanuel, fox news." big meetings set for next try and address the ongoing violence in syria... including confirmation tonight that russian president vladimir putin will meet with secretary of state john kerry in moscow. john huddy is in jerusalem with the latest. these -- some of the latest pictures out of syria... where the ongoing civil war continues... now - the u.s. says there's a diplomatic push set for next week ...talks aimed at finding an end to the violence. monday, secretary of state john kerry will take part in high-level meetings in paris...with european and arab foreign ministers. then, on tuesday, secretary kerry will head to moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin and foreign minister sergey lavrov. the discussions come at a tense time between the u-s and russia... as the u-s is only targeting isis in syria...
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at some syrian rebel moscow is working to help syrian president bashar assad maintain power. lavrov says: "to decide the fate of bashar al assad ? this is of course raises a big question and there's a grey area between our point of view and that of our partners" meantime, kerry and lavrov are working together to try and start peace talks between assad's government and the syrian opposition. kerry says he's pleased with ongoing progress that syrian opposition groups have been making ...trying to form a united front to negotiate with assad. kerry says: "there are some questions and...kinks to be worked out and i'm confident they're going to be worked out." in moscow secretary kerry will talk with president putin -- not only about the ongoing syrian civil war... and isis... but also the instability in ukraine. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. the search for clues into last
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underwater today... f-b-i divers returning for a second day to a lake in san bernardino... just a few miles from the inland regional center. teams may be searching for a missing hard drive from syed farook and tashfeen malik's computer. bowdich says: "we have indications at some point they came to this park.. ...i want to reassure public there is no belief there anything dangerous in this place." the fbi also looking into a possible link between farook and sohiel kabir. kabir was convicted of plotting terrorist attacks against u-s troops in afghanistan in 2012. the two- along with farook's neighbor enrique marquez... may have been part of the same social circle... attending mosques in proximity of one another... also nearby, a hookah bar that kabir used to meet potential terror recruits. meanwhile.. f-b-i divers have brought several items to the surface... some of those have then been thrown back into the water. at least a couple appear to have been bagged and taken away for further inspection.
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those items are. spanish police have arrested an alleged al-qaeda recruiter wanted by the fbi... spanish authorities have arrested ali charaf damanche... he was wanted by u-s authorities and interpol... he is believed to have been involved in the foiled plot to murder a swedish cartoonist... police in the north-eastern region of catalonia arrested him after receiving information he was in barcelona... the us justice department is seeking his extradition to the unit stats.
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pelehtaebn arond basketball much long than i have. said they saw flashes of lay bird ln.. who am i to argu? jrouof anfi. hfaacaerhh3 points with minutes to play in the firt half. then the cyclone adjusted uofha wpisi he sendh the women's rematch tonight. hawkeyes led by as much as 11 in the sendaf. hs hl' e a rpsayr. ia state comes back, knocks of number 23 iowa 69-66.
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the chiefs haven't lost a game since the royals won the wl seie. at xstraight. but mitch holthus has something else
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o dogs... you're looking at some very special puppies. these little cuties represent a -- they're the first puppies born through in vitro fertilization. this litter was produced by scientists from cornell university and the smithsonian institution. while a common procedure in humans... dogs' complex reproductive systems have made it difficult for scientists to use i- v-f in canines until now. it's hoped this research could be used to help preserve endangered wild dogs, such as the african painted dog. biologists could also learn ways of treating and preventing disease
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