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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  January 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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us to retaliation because amber is seeking to transfer baby girl to boston children's hospital. they're refusing to cover because amber's pending lawsuit. >> amber does that no one shall see her four -month-old daughter >> this shouldn't have any one. this is a complete abuse of power and my daughter sitting in a hospital room paying for a turkish can have her mom there. before this weekend, and it was only allowed to see him appear agreement george's hospital imposed in november. now she's been cut off entirely. >> it is retaliation of the transfer and they've been clear that they are not happy about the prospect of transferring. >> amber's twin survive separation august 26, shifted in the praise for children's hospital colorado. sister lydia died at birth. when had a had a close call in november, amber filed a complaint with the state, alleging the hospital waited too
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>> i'm horrified. this is my daughter and she's been struggling. >> but after amber's complaint, children's hospital imposed a behavior contract limiting amber to three hours a day of the neonatal intensive care unit. response amber start of the transfer process to move hannah to boston children's hospital. event center great anderson after she pled for medicaid to cover the transfer. >> are suppressing my daughter's transfer care team, a violation of the so-called behavior contract. >> name of amber's attorney, children's hospital set among other things that amber must over her intimates treating physicians and how they will be sorry for the decisions. >> i never said that. >> you know that because you've been recording them. >> it's all on one recording, 100 percent. now amber may not see her little girl until she's transferred to boston and i could take a couple weeks because of insurance issues.
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her daughter's medical records which for first and revealed to her that her daughter had fractured ribs and an enlarged heart, information she says he before. children's hospital refused to confirm or deny that the us, again citing that pending litigation. rob lowe, foxy when denver. >> information tonight, arvada hour they found a body inside the burned-out building in an arvada office park. less than an art without excavators and search dogs. body was found in the rubble. >> are peaceful day.
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excavators. down with what's left of this burned-out -- >> i dream and know what they're going through in there. everything came down so everything collapsed inside. pam is leading an addiction counseling class that they would open up in flames. a chart of clients from the time we were going on this disco you can the stairs. it was just totally black. couldn't paris breathe and you saw flames coming. john rutter, her coworker did not. >> i can't even remember everything that happened. there was no sound. firefighters have been been unable to -- for him. it was not safe to put anybody inside to today began the long path of tearing turning down the
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dogs find writers remains. >> we refer to have a different outcome than green pad. this is typical of the person else here day to prevent bad d`situations. this is very tough on everyone. the corner and start his trench sermon if the remains are that of john ritter. s spent the last ten years with creative options something to recover from addictions. live in arvada, macready acre, foxy when denver. the denver post a summary the community is my last london newspaper columnists the parker data for the weekend at age 62. during her tickets of color burn colorado coach work for both the post and the parking news and covered a lot of society's death and was pretty cool person. saturday. no word on her death. if you are about the caucus committees a few hours to change
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the republican or democratic party. the deadline to do that and be eligible to participate is midnight tonight. to update your final registration on the website and we posted a link to that at with the story on our homepage. four weeks from tonight the first votes will be cast in the presidential election and as the new year starts candidates of both parties are pulling out all the stops to every last vote. the racist bowsprit the candidates on both sides hitting iowa and new hampshire trying to win over voters with just weeks to go before things get real. and on the first big campaign day of 2016, the big debut of hillary clinton's not so secret weapon. >> first about a map grandfather and i'm not mad at anybody. >> the former presidents folks spoke fondly of his wife and her
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not address the trumps recent attacks on his infidelities. >> we don't want to run away from the place we've been. america is a place that welcomes all people who are willing to treat other people.he would like to be treated. >> president clinton isn't the only when using the not-so-subtle approach to taking on today. showtime is over. we are not linked to an entertainer in chief. >> the shop subscribe to the constitution as entertainer in chief. >> subtleties that feature of transfers campaign tv ad. >> and donald trump and i approve this message. >> turning politicians and to have touting his eye -- to fight isis. >> donald trump cannot play football, of all things. says the new york jets is jeb bush supporter.
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armed standoff continues prepared by is monitoring it. they will bush took the government meet their demands. its architecture a peaceful -- to split the human family. they served their time in a judge ruled that sentence is too short and order them back to prison. the armed militia take over. >> they been provided for us for us to come together and unite and making them a hard stand against this overreach, just resources. meantime ted cruz and marco rubio are urging these armed militants to stand down. floodwaters and started to receive in parts of the best west is now now the cleanup is underway. furniture is up in garbage heaps. us to explain to more than two dozen people in missouri and illinois could be weeks and months before the situation
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another hover board fired near sacramento. distant explosions started other fires inside the home. the homeowner say the overcharging their hover board for over half our way to make several and i pop in and the board exploded with debris flying 15 feet. >> there were sparks embers which emanated from it and through the investigation we reveal scorching and marks of the carpet and it did cause fire and damage to your home as well as destroying the hover board. the homeowner say they've been using their hover board since before christmas and this was not one of the cheaper models. there's been dozens of these fires around the country. >> i opened the one who gets the. the latest in technology is about to go out in flight. by what company thinks the display you could roll up like a newspaper may be the future of watching tv. the denver defense has plenty to celebrate. what franchise record they -- from being the top-ranked
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i'm dave fraser. if they succeed the sun and the radar.
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west in the snow and $400 million and growing. that is the checkbook for wednesday's powerball drawing jackpot rolled over after everyone saturday's drawing of 32 main dollars. official site the chance of winning bid prices is but one in 300 million. can see if i wednesday night on fox when denver news at nine people in the part about jackpot, mcdonald's is trying to keep save a few bucks. the giant launched its new. to menu today line customers to choose to items for $2 the options are the chicken, mike " -double-low-quote mozzarella sticks and small french fries. mozzarella sticks are new to the mcdonald's menu. starbucks is adding new print menus tomorrow.
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starts the layer of steam milk and espresso shots in the middle and foam milk on top. some copy paper say it does make sense since they are two very different drinks. it will cost $4 which doesn't make any sense. flatscreen tvs could be getting humans skinnier as the latest tech trends are going on sale at -- the shampoo concept for tv. the 18-inch screen is when a prototype cell and bail and is ultimately clear what you want to roll up and then your tv. it's unclear if this model will ever make stores. it's kind of cool anyway. speaking of cool, foxy when denver good day colorado kirk yuhnke headed to the shown the slightest to look for super seven wednesday morning on good day colorado.
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nick griffith. >> we're situation in denver. not often you can pick and success missed with that left position. the spark leadership that the manning provided against the chargers, he looked healthier to brock ice while in his seventh wins. decision time for gary kubiak although with the bye week, make it is not time to make that decision. i have no timeline been focused
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about getting a football team and how we're going to purchase next week especially as we wait on our next opponent's. and like i said, giving them a break right now and we will sit down and get some sketches together when we go back to work on thursday. now to the most important position, the one that everybody's been talking about, the running back that cj anderson and running hillman. >> they go back and forth and it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. >> sorry. first in yards per play and try to try to push you get that,
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knock you out. to have links now work colorado is making up some ground in the stands to get there look good if they could properly establish some home ice. on the some game against -- belichick said with a 6-9-3 record at the pepsi center. that brings dead last this season. on the road, for some reason, we tried to simplify things. keep doing that and not for some plays too much. making sure that we make the decisions for the puck and they come with us again. hockey players -- slapshot to his eye. he still recovering. he's on the mend and they are playing better right now.
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t nf a custodian eight tinkham is close to where we should be. this seasonal average is 43 and 16 pick up a the record cold. we got a few high clouds around and humidity is low. it's battle that strong and we've got 34 and 29 at the airport. freezing and aurora and 37 in wheat ridge. thirty-one up toward goals and
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and 30s up towards ice 36 and 137 joules per and 35 and parker and 31 in -- freak do the comparison, it's about where we were at this time, and 80 degrees corporate future cast will keep your the high clouds and i called public cloudy. some of the club cover will move onto the eastern plains and the snow will stay up and over the colorado high country and points west. as a matter of fact, focus on the stand months month and you will see one wave coming in early to bring in the snow showers break up in their late on and off today and two later in the day when we get a secondary push and a little more stay still continuing down into the southwest and they turn it will cease now getting over to utah and started to head in our direction. and he still he picked up over the mountains next two to four
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than an inch to get her to the san juan spit that's's hopeless colorado. going to an inch or two in some spots a little more than that. the temperatures say, have you in that single digits and you only get up to 70 thing gunnison. it is very hard to warm up and pueblo. twenty-point here in the denver area and then tomorrow eastern plains about the same. better in greeley at 39 and warmers and 40s -- in the mid and upper 30s, gunderson as he qaeda could you get to 30 tomorrow. think you're likely to get to 18 degrees. forty-seven at the airport and
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close to 50 downtown and close to 50 degrees on the website at home. the sergeant this incurable start at 220 on her way to 47 degrees. a little bit of a slip on wednesday to 44 degrees. then i mentioned the coldest coming back. thursday 36 with snow underway in the afternoon and into the evening. could get up an inch out of that. the snow will take a break friday morning. there will be sunshine for more snow returns the friday afternoon and friday night and that a light stoked to the first part of saturday. now you see the stuff thursday, friday, saturday, it doesn't snow the entire three-day. thirty friday and 25 and 28 for your weekend. not as long as that last one. that was long. that was three weeks. especially when you're on break.
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there's only so much one can do. the south that is what santa brought. let's get that check out today. racing questions question sent other questions for coach kubiak about which quarterback people start the postseason. still wait options and teams getting time off into thursday. trouble with china's economy on thursday 2016, they drove to www. digits today. was the worst first date here since 2008. futures and after-hours trading could step drop and level of tomorrow. that's good news and sanctity of the major indicators. crews are better having to lower themselves into the burned-out husk of a building. that cut fire over the weekend. seconds of the scene late this afternoon. the building still very unstable
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addiction counselor john rutter still unaccounted for although we knew no fire crews found the body in the burned-out building today. that clears you what started the fire and how it started. investigators to looking into that. will have a live report coming up on fox 31 denver news at nine. crystal and news for you and have the latest nine at 10:00.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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your milk, is delicious.
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