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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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pay they will, super bowl prices skyrocketed to near territory and many fans, warren cham blew onto victory. and we need to see out in california thank you for joining us at five, you can see the countdown, the broncos and the panthers, super bowl 50, and out just 13 days away, the team and the fans ready to tap off the season as world champions and team coverage fox 31 denver problem solver to break down the super bowl deals around but again, sports record nick griffith what the team had to say on the victory. more and more about motivating forces at play for the broncos and pulling out the two-point win against the patriots and a lot of it revolving around peyton manning 11 year veteran to marcus where. the obvious line throughout the postseason peyton manning
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advancing to a fourth super bowl worked hard to get back and i knew about three weeks ago, four weeks ago through a discussion that we had able to come back and leave the football team. then there's the not so obvious, to marcus where 11 year veteran trip to the super bowl. like a lot of young guys don't realize they look at him and his career, his success and they had no idea they had taken a championship game. no idea it only one to playoff games, a pregame speech the night before they took the field against new england. if you beat it down, and they opened up and i poured out the first super bowl trophies at the broncos one and set it on the table and i just got really quiet and i saul and all the guys eyes how it
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i felt the same way, probably one of the best pre- games that i heard a my life. we need to do that like right before we beget dressed for the game. gary kubiak to get the pregame talk in a couple of weeks and something tells me peyton manning potential as the member type speeches might do the trick but we will keep you posted out in santa clara covering the team next week. hoping to see the broncos taking on the panthers are pregame festivities fox 31 problem solver did the work to find out the best deals for the big game, live in denver with everything you need to know. there is no such thing definitely note cheap tickets but i can tell you if you are thinking about coming to the super bowl, the more you will say. i checked prices last night and again today and they have gone
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hotels. now that the denver broncos hunch their ticket there to get to the super bowl, fans are clamoring to get in on the action. >> to get the best deals come a time is of the up -- essence super bowl 50 in santa clara, california but then 35 miles of three international airports. san jose is the closest only 6 miles from levi stadium and according to orbitz the least expensive flight option. arriving two days before the game and leaving the monday after will cost at least $450 and into santa the santa clara san francisco silicon valley area about 35,000 hotel rooms are left in 100,000 rooms available when the super bowl played in new york area and that means rooms are not cheap price links to -- $200 a night, three starts asking for more than 300 for a bed and four stars cost
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night, problem solvers a ticket to the game to start at four grand a seat in the upper deck. a seat in the lower level 50-yard line will cost $16,000. with money is not an object before a full travel package in one easy by the broncos teamed up with prime sport to buy tickets to the pregame past, super bowl tickets or travel packets with a game or no game ticket packages but the full package air who trial, air, hotel, 6900 per person. so if you want in on the super bowl action be prepared to pony up in a list of things you can do what you get to super bowl city on the website sports authority field, fox 31 denver, thanks and we heard from viewers about confusion amongst season-ticket holders and tickets available for super bowl 50s so we asked the broncos and we are told more than 23,000
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of the teams look at -- limited ticket allotment by a computer-generated lottery system that is weighted by season-ticket tenure. denver native and olympic champion and me vandyke to be honored during the first quarter break but the storms back east made her steam out east and she posted this photo on instagram saying watching the broncos in our hotel and have been home since thursday. the broncos come a good luck. baltimore, missing the game made her emotional. been here since thursday and you know, the thing that meet me the set status was not necessarily being that gore stranded come up we couldn't go to the broncos game. it was going to be such a huge deal on the field for the first quarter just to be there in that atmosphere and watching the game them but at the same time i got
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it appears luck taking for the turn for the better, hunter and tom on a flight out of phoenix. broncos fans united in orange, super bowl 50, fan photos keep pouring into us fox 31 denver that we would love to see them so keep sending them to us e-mail to tips or post on fox 31 denver facebook page. one facebook share your photos of golden memories of the broncos throughout the years. we know you certainly have some good ones but remember fox 31 denver is station for complete super bowl coverage, live report in the newscast starting this weekend. other news developing right now the victim of an armed robbery in his own home in littleton could face criminal charges himself and that homeowner shot and killed a man who came in to his home after responding to a craigslist ad fox 31 tammy live
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tammy. the sheriff's office and district attorney playing all the evidence in deciding whether to charge the man who lives here. some question whether the states , to protect him. he went from victim of an armed robbery inside his home to a possible suspect for killing one of the men who tied him up at gunpoint and robbed him. sources tell us the man who died is 38-year-old david martinez who had extensive criminal record come a burglary theft of drugs. he started as a craigslist ad. investigators say the homeowner who we are not identifying for his safety and tight himself and came outside and fired shots at his car with martinez inside a. martinez crashed the car down the block and died. i don't want to see him charge, now neighbors cannot believe a victim can be charged when trouble came looking for him. that is self-defense and beyond the house, wherever you are.
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the facts are very to the homeowner here. the law is not. legal expert dan says work. it is not enough now, to retaliate gate -- retaliate he had to have been threatened the moment he pulled the trigger. if the guy is driving away coming even in a car he stole, you cannot press charges against him. make my day only applies inside the home. that tells us the law does not count. the prediction is that the homeowner may be charged but the courts will be lenient to provide a plea bargain with no jail time and the please still searching for the second suspect who is a hispanic man in his 30s. overnight the stolen gold mustang trekking and federal heights, in littleton, fox 31 denver.
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students and faculty of another fondling incident. amp this. a man touched a woman over the we can and investigators not releasing details about the suspect tonight but if you have information about the incident you are asked to call the police. the latest in a string of crimes reported on campus for the start of the year and wanted for felony assault and escape hospitalized in critical condition after shot in greeley and authorities responded to two cars about suspicious intoxicated male causing disturbance and 16th avenue but the second time they found a man at a home and try to take him into custody. they try to tase the suspect but that did not work and shot after he came at the officers with a weapon. no officers were hurt unexpected delivery from one oregon family, celebrating the birth of their newborn son levi after plane had to be diverted to dim for when little levi came to the world
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denver outside of the university hospital with a remarkable effort to help this family, amanda. today marks the tenth day for little levi -- levi. with the university hospital in he will be here for at least another six weeks and his parents will stay by his side thanks to help pouring in from across the country. the moment most parents 89 months for the chance to hold a newborn baby for the very first time. to be able to hold him. amy and nathan moore did not get nine months to prepare and more than two months little levi's due date they did what many expecting couples do and booked extent of baby was moon in cancun. we figured we would take some time for us our last trip before hand. the never expected what happen on connecting flight to portland, she started having contractions and diverted to
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it was like totally, it's not time for him to be born yet levi born january 15, 201610 weeks early. so happy to see him their little boy weighing 3 pounds, 6 ounces needing around-the-clock care but ten days in he's taking mom's milk while they take in the precious few moments. incredible. and the moore say they could not get to this point without the kindness of strangers. this people reaching out to us and supporting us from donations to warm close to a local couple of ring up there home, the couple can stay here another six weeks until levi is ready for the journey home. he's a little person already. a site set up for this family has
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will have a link to that when our website and i want to point out the family says any additional funds not used for levi's care donated to other families with preemies at the hospital live and aurora fox 31 denver thanks, amanda having a newborn is stressful but completely strange environment everybody helping out and metro area city, ping steep prices after the officer shoots and kills a service dog. the amount of the historic settlement and how lawyers fused the fourth amendment to bring justice for the animals family. afc championship gear yet? what items are a hot seller and meant the broncos family we start this part the spotted at a local store. scattered, moderate snow in the foothills over the metro area ten of which expecting to cause too many problems on the roadways for the evening
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you were celebrating the broncos afc with championship when, hard at work to show the broncos pride and out of the blue screen printing cranking up the afc championship t-shirts after the game ended and out of the blue, 12 hours later around 5:30 come after that 4,000 shirts out of trucks heading to retailers all across the timber area. the end of the game marks the start of the afc championship shopping spree fox 31 denver greg nieto but the surprise shopper led to get their hands on some orange and blue. within minutes the hottest ticket in town from sports authority field at mile high -- to sports authority at tenth and broadway. what a wonderful game yesterday and it was great to see the broncos when like they did.
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comedies and t-shirts come everybody you see is a winner. i was born in temper but i live in southern california. so you're a patriots fan my how did that happen? celebrate he. among the first to arrive, some royalty, the t-shirts for everybody coming andrew mccarthy is here, the sister the defensive coordinator wade phillips. he kind of looked at me like i was busy. busy preparing for one more came and already proud of what brother has accomplished. we were so excited for wade. and the credits that he deserved. a great year and so happy to be back in temper. back in temper and back to the eight -- bay area super bowl 50 style, super bowl 50 winning
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denver. we are following developing news out of the east coast where people across the region taking out one up and worst snowstorms, washington dc, the winter weather system dumped dozens of inches of snow and doing everything they can to clear the road but some neighborhoods are still buried in snow queens, new york, soap at that snow plows are getting stuck. a difficult job and it's not easy getting down the block. we are going to try now. what a mess. thirty-one and related deaths over the we can. lots of damage and that area. the travel bans have been lifted in dc and new york officials telling everybody to stay off the roads unless it is an emergency. the kids get another snow day. a lot of my friends back east posting photos running around the streets all quiet. snowboarders on the road in
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but we've actually seen a couple hour. mother nature doesn't seem to know what to do with herself, wendy today. some snow out there and a couple of spots and live look outside from sports authority field kim showing mainly cloudy conditions downtown. but again, peaks of sunshine here and there with a couple of bands of snow that everything pre- settle down town for the moment. wouldn't be surprised over the next ten minutes we start to see flakes the please bans working mountains for the foothills and you can see the -- heading to centennial, pushing back from time to time at best half of an inch on grassy surfaces. this will not pose too much of a threat to the evening drive and
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pavement. really continuing towards colorado springs, the palmer divide but notice what happens the northern fringe of the storm. not seeing a lot in that continues through cheyenne. more to -- more stable air from the northwest ahead of the high-pressure system building our way watch what happens as about seven o'clock all the way through tomorrow afternoon. and from north to south, midnight, i 25 core door, new mexico border but across the metro area into the high country, into the planes come everything settled camp by midnight. by 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, beautiful sunrise and tomorrow afternoon looks great. plenty of sunshine on tap but it will stay cool because this high building in from west, that jetstream up and over and down undulating to the east, to the
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northerly push with cool air can throw, highs today into the upper 30s. tomorrow a few degrees better than that but by the middle of the week, further to the east and we start to get the return to the south. that is when the warmer air to creep our way. the middle and letter stages, notley above average but likely and upper 50s and low 60s by thursday and friday. tomorrow come it that pushed to the north high of 40 tomorrow afternoon and then by wednesday, to the east. notley the sunshine but the southerly winds to push those highs into the 50s but today, fort collins, 39 for your high but a couple of 40 southeastern colorado and highs in the high country 20s and 30s right now. thirty-one downtown are brown dia 30 degrees but the little breeze from the north 620s and 30s and the planes, starting to see things cool off in the high country chilly single
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little chilly downtown 18, partly cloudy skies, the snow fades away about nine, 10:00 o'clock in the metro area up. further south about midnight before the show -- snow shuts them plenty of sunshine on tap a beautiful day but a touch below average average high this time of year 44 but we will save 40 tuesday afternoon. then from there, this week 50 degrees wednesday. we moderate 56 thursday and i think we do have the 60-degree mark by friday with each and every day full of sunshine bend the temperatures tumble by the end of next week with the next storm system they be bringing snow by sunday. that is a super forecast and we should take friday off. saving lives. how doctors here in colorado are using it to get instant expert advice and the emergency room and as we go to break the
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view, your face on tv e-mail us fan photo, tips at and post to the facebook page. we love to see them. that is a good one right there.
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fox 31 denver michelle turner. a big salad recall to tell you about backed greens made by told to the mysterious outbreak that killed one person and a dozen it does a dozen other treated for symptoms, the center for disease from adult processing plant springfield ohio on the recall list so with you have the salad with the manufacturing cold but the letter a throw it out right away or take it back to the store for a refund. the outbreak. fish year, nothing like last year but the cdc said we are not the worst activity expected next month and doctors say no, it's not too late to get a flu shot right away. colorado doctors using to save lives in the er but instead of waiting to hear from a specialist instant teleconferencing allows doctors to collaborate at another location right away.
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colorado to explain how it works the stroke specialist can watch the narrow being done through robotic camera and can make the administration medications that can actually save a person -- a person a patient's live. diagnosing concussions in children but also skiers and other athletes but that's a look at news affecting your health. thank you, the service dog these two historic settlement in colorado. the only local news at 5:30 how much paid for the family of the dog shot dead by an officer. plus, cam newton squaring off against the sheriff, why t again! r again! again! again! again?
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