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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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most importantly. police believe the deputy was shot. during what they are calling an attempted robbery. they do not believe that the suspects knew that the man was a law enforcement officer. there was. he was not in a patrol car vehicle. of any kaoeupb. was not wearing deputy clothing of any kind. we're learning this did happen around 7:20 this evening. so a little earlier than we first thought. we know the deputy we're told was able to return fire. with at least two suspects. he shot one in the leg. that was a juvenile.
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>> >> we're asking they stay inside until we complete the search of the area. >> . police have not been able to tell us why that deputy might have been in the area. but witnesses tell us they believe the man's girlfriend lived near the apartment complex. which is why he was here. as far as the suspect still on the loose tonight. police haven't been able to get any details from the man they
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>> ten people have been arrested in a child sexting operation. one of the suspects a denver substitute teacher. >> worked at warn village. none had to deal with anything like this. >> i hope i never do again. the president and ceo of the school says she has no reason to believe david hawker abused any tkeudz at the school. >> . this incident happened in adams county. >> . the same goes for the man who led the investigation. >> we discovered tkurlg during
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we didn't know who was going to be involved in this. until it started. >> affidavit shows the investigation started with a text conversation between hawker and an under cover agent.
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sky fox was over the scene. near tpho urt and wadsworth. lake wood police say the driver of the silver buick ran a stop sign. crossed 6 lanes of traffic. hitting and killing a pedestrian. on the other side of the road. before slamming into the side of
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>> two males also suffered minor injuries. firefighters got the flames under control in about an hour. >> . a pilot program to test drivers who maybe under the influence of marijuana. troopers gave us a look today. at the five devices they are now being tested state statewide. tonight. we take a closer look at the future technology. to catch drivers beyond what troopers are already doing. >> plus. maneuver test. it's not always so obvious for
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>> the legalization of marijuana. has increased the need to stop drivers who have thc from colorado threshold for an impaired driver. >> it would be a home run for any company. that develops the technology. >> the ce, of life lock technology in wheat ridge. instead of saliva. his lab is working on a marijuana breathalyzer device. the 250 thousand dollar grant. from the state of colorado. >> . the advantage of the a breathalyzer. is it provides virtually instant feed back.
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so within a matter of seconds, they can get an accurate
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>> so modest. >> trump says he will be attending a fundraiser for wounded warriors on thursday
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>> . no specific agenda. president obama praised hilly reu clinton. week. >> . authorities say a leader of a group of protestors occupy a federal wildlife ref refuge in is in kw us
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>> . causing their children to be born with unusually small heads. the virus is mostly found in south america. >> . hollywood bidding farewell to
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beloved character actor. died in his sleep and his daughters new jersey home last night. he was a veteran of stage and screen. playing in the god father. and earning 3 emmy's as a police
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>> . the road to the championship. under way. ready for game time. which is now less than 12 days away. >> crews are installing new turf. which is is expected to hold up during the wet weather. california has seen a lot of rain lately. because of el nino. >> . fans have a lot to say about the broncos decision to wear white
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>> . t sz unite it's united in orange. and for super bowl 50. it's united in white. >> . fact is .s the denver broncos chose to wear their visiting team colors when they meet up. with the panthers. in super bowl 50. >> . white isn't even a color. why would the broncos choose white. over our beloved orange.
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>> . wearing white has been a winner lately. teams wearing white jerseys have won ten of the last eleven super bowls. i like the odds. >> i didn't know that.
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how about pictures for you. >> >> show your love too.
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>> we have a strong ridge of high pressure. as the system rides the ridge tomorrow. we'll see some of the scattered clouds tpeultder in.
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through the taoufp future cast. with the sunshine and south winds. quickly. low temperatures tonight a lot of single digits sp some going below 0. up in the mountains with the temperatures. over on the western slope. you're into the teens. five down it durango. for the low. and then from i 25. off to the east. it's 20s and teens. going 24 for the low here in denver. with the high temperature tomorrow 52 degrees. ten degrees warmer than today. across southeast colorado. i think we see some 60s show up. 61 the high temperature for lamar. and pueblo. and up in the mountains where you were in the 20s. should go into the 30s tomorrow. and also go into the 30s over into montrose.
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a little closer view of the high temperatures. across the metro area. hitting 51. in groom field. 50 golden. 47 over in evergreen. >> 52 for little ton. >> i think friday is the warmest day. out of the next 7. 60 degrees now we'll be close to that on saturday. hitting 58. and then things start to change again. you know any time you warm up. snow. saturday. now as we get into monday and tuesday. i think that's a bigger deal for us. looking at the computer model. and extended range. it is looking like we have a chance for a significant snow event here. so something to watch. heading into monday. going into tuesday morning.
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highs back in the 20s in denver on tuesday. >> week of denver theme shows coming up. the trip to denver. to shoot segments for the show last spring. thousands came out to see the wheel mobile. and hundreds had a chance to audition. now you have a chance to win. 3 day trip for two to hollywood. to be in the studio audience -fpt for the shows. all you have to do is watch wheel of fortune this week. once you see the bonus puzzle solution.
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at >> . all right. is this peyton manning's last rodeo. the surprising conversation between peyton manning and bill. that could signal a near end to his hall of fame career.
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>> eleven days and counting. until super bowl 50. perhaps just one win away from maybe peyton manning riding off into the sunset. would make some kind of story. whether he wants to answer questioning about that or not. he'll get the possible retirement questions coming up. throughout the next week and a half. especially after this. one of big talkers.
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>> that leads us into the web poll question of the day. at >> . not peyton manning. but it was the broncos defense illustrated. >> von miller specifically on the cover. taking down brady. orange rush. broncos rushed and hit brady 23 >> . the broncos do finally get into game action next sunday,
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the lookout for gary's under the radar secret weapon. that gary takes with him everywhere. tight end daniels. he has been with the coach in his last 3 stops of his coaching career. houston. and baltimore. now heading to a super bowl in denver. >> we had a little moment. i know it means a ton to him to be in the situation. it means a lot for many e to share that with him. >> . avs on the road. 3 game road swing. until the all star break. >> . first goal of the night. not really sure how. how did that go in.
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>> back to the broncos. >> we did this story a couple weeks back. of a building. >> . >> the story has been written. it's mannings time.
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