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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  February 2, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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no one should have to go through losing such a loved family member. >> a community outraged after a man opens fire in a dog while out on a walk. two owners, to homers, two separate blogs both out on walks yesterday evening peak at 1.1 of the dogs broke free and ran toward the other dog and that's when the owner pulled out a gun. you no 930 kevin torres live in glendale with all the details. >> reporter: depend upon who you ask, the answers are debatable but police tell us the owner of the one dog who had begun tried pulling the two dogs apart. he did shoot and kill a dalmatian mix. his dog is believed to be a german shepherd. >> almost everyone in this apartment complex has a dog. >> the apartments at cherry creek are full of people who love their pups. >> everybody is always walking
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you kind of no know everybody's dogs. >> so imagine the horror when residents were out and about witness to this. >> he had a small german shepherd and a small dog walked up his german shepherd and he shot the dog in the head multiple times. >> this person works in the veterinary field and has for years. >> the owner of the dog i could hear was screaming why did you shoot my dog you shot my dog why did you shoot my dog. >> she was my best friend he was my best friend. he wasn't just a dog. he was my family. >> it was katharine weber's dog who was killed, a harmless dalmatian she said. >> and the fact that he had to die in such a horrific way by a man who thought it was necessary not to just fire warning shot but to shoot my dog in the face and four times in the abdomen. >> the police said the owner of the bigger dog believed to be a german shepherd fired several blogs and the smaller one in a residential area leaving some to
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could've been. >> especially in weather like this multiple shots he could've slipped and shot a kid. >> police say part of their investigation will rely on whether an investigation believes the smaller dog was a threat. working in that field this person says the smaller dog wasn't. >> a simple warning shot or there were a lot of people standing around, he could've asked for help pulling the dogs apart. >> so says glendale police, a lot of it will focus on the gunman's permit. he does have a permit, but it is from texas so they are checking in into seeing whether it is up-to-date and whether he would've been allowed to fire off that gun in this area. everyone we ask around here is talking about and a lot of people are really really upset by what happened. for now we are live in glendale. >> in other news out of aurora tonight and $8,000 reward hoping to catch the person who shot a jefferson county sheriff's
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marquez was visiting his girlfriend in and aurora went to be google tried to rob him. one shot him. one of the suspects was a juvenile and is in custody but the other suspect is still on the loose. the deputy is still recovering in stable condition. problem solvers update the mother of a conjoined twin may soon have her full visitation rights restored at children's hospital. we have followed amber mccullough's story for months. she gave birth last summer to a pair of conjoined twins knowing only one of them could survive. after she filed a complaint against children's hospital in november, the hospital restricted or visiting hours. children's hospital has agreed to gradually restore her full visiting privileges by february 12th when her daughter is due for major surgery. in return, amber has agreed to not secretly record her interactions with hospital staff. live coverage of the broncos road to the championship. jeremy hubbard got the lucky assignment to cover the team the days ahead of the big game and
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there. >> it has been fun. a lucky assignment for sure. also lucky for the broncos players who could come home and play in front of family and friends this weekend at the super bowl. rule martinez will show us the pride is high for a native you will only see on fox 31. >> 22 running backs were taken in the 2013 nfl draft. cj anderson wasn't one of them. that is why he wears the number 22, so he will never forget. he also never forgets where he came from so we stopped by his hometown where his family, friends, teammates and coaches say he has always played with a chip on his shoulder. >> he always left the field thing i'm going to be better. >> he he was a coach i want to do that want to do that and you had to tell him to be quite a lot during practice and during games. >> a lot of personality. >> on the staff on the team
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>> jeff turner coach cj anderson and jesse in the legal later one option quarterback until his senior year he rushed for nearly 4,000 yards in his high school career. >> you never know how far person is going to go, but with all the intangibles he had and his in his work ethic, he realized his dream. >> high school's word starts. >> now playing in a second super bowl 24 -year-old means so much to this community. he still gives back and his jerseys retired, hanging up high. >> when they say hometown hero, that's just what it is. >> that if is my football family coming back and giving back to the kids where he grew up from. all of that is - -dash we need it. we need him coming back and he does. >> sieges football family played a role in getting him into the nfl but it is the family inside this house who made him the man he is today. >> i helped out and i disciplined.
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>> meet barbara gaddis. just like cj, grandma is a big personality and anderson's hero. >> my grandmother is one of the reasons i'm sitting here. the aid she is for her to get up at 345 in the morning and wake me up to drop me off at the bus stop so i could catch the bus everyday so every day so i can make weight. >> to see him where he is now is happy times for her. >> and is i do sit there and go that's my grandson. i can't believe it. i get a little emotional. that's my grandson. i don't know how other people did it, but it's just amazing. >> cj's love for his grandmother went viral last year when he bought her a brand-new car. >> she was excited. she was crying for her to quit couldn't believe it and it felt so good to do that to take care of your family. >> when i opened up that door and everybody was in the yard and that cars in the driveway and that's a prize i just blew it and you saw the video. that was an ugly cry and when he
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didn't have to pay anything on it, i couldn't have had anything better. >> just so you know, barbara has lived in that house for 50 years. cj says when he gets his next big contract is going to buy her a new one. grandma says you better save your money. >> what a great grandson makes you like tj even more. that's awesome and we have a great update to a story we brought you over the weekend in and ailing als patient desperate to get to the super bowl this weekend but they needed to raise money to do so so they reached out to fox 31 denver problem solvers and we're happy to report to you tonight that george gallegos received his tickets today from an anonymous businessman in the area. over $4,000 in donations came and since our story aired. gallegos is a psychologist that it nursing home in castle rock in and the residents have been working hard to get him to the big game, wanting to take care
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them for so many years and check this out. you could win a lot of broncos goodies to enjoy during the game. go to to find the link on our homepage and you could be drawn to win one of these 18 cool prizes. yes, that crock pot is among them. you have until friday morning at 8 a.m. when we will randomly draw the names of the winners on good day colorado and best fit at colorado and that's it for us and our sports director joins us live from santa clara again tonight. he met up with the broncos legend from the past and we will have more on that in the fall in the sports cast. >> i agree with you. you like cj even more now right? >> yes. thanks for sharing that. a local man arrested three times for crimes he says he
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>> coming up why he says (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president
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keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> first arrested for para her bank robberies. the get tipsy was the man in this video when running from security guard in bank robbery number one at walking out with cash and bank robbery number two. both charges were dismissed when kelly produced an airtight alibi bank robbery number one. but a year later he was rearrested for bank robbery number two based on fbi facial recognition technology but as we reported last week, problems in that case service that his pulmonary hearing. the bank teller testified he was in the man who held her up. >> i'm pretty pierced. i'm really tired of this. >> tired because he expected the robbery charge to be dismissed after a judge released him from jail three weeks ago. now he is back in jail on a new charge related to something that
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timing suspicious. >> a story breaks and then we have our day in court and then a new charge. like i said, the timing is curious at best. >> according to the arrest affidavit new charge accuses him of altering a receipt that he submitted to prosecutors. he had been charged with threatening his former landlord at the house who he said the receipt was his alibi proving he had been of the plasma sets at the time the landlord claims the threat took place. police say he had the right day on the receipt that the wrong time making his alibi alive. he says he forged nothing. >> it supposed to be people prosecute the guilty and protect the innocent but they are doing everything they possibly can to basically i don't know character assassinate me. >> why it took so long for police to make basically of forgery case out of the document is the question his defense attorneys asking tonight.
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warrant was not signed by judge until three days after the pulmonary hearing in and that robbery case went very badly for prosecutors. >> we will continue to follow that story for sure. manning may not like chilly conditions, but our very own snow manning wouldn't have it any other way. >> coming up next to put our
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test it is snowing. we are going to the super bowl so let's have some fun. >> are bought give us an assignment that we actually have to build a snowman. >> we are going to call him
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let's get to work. >> the conditions were not excellent so this is not really to show off my snowman making skills properly. >> the snow is not really the consistency of the snowman making bowling ball. >> we try to pack it down. >> we had to add our own water. >> it's a mini snow manning how about that? >> >> i like it. >> i like to say it's peyton manning sitting down. >> yes. a little shorter. >> broncos themed snowman that we did we want to see some of yours and they are a heck of a lot better. we'll show you summarize here. if you get a snowman dressed up in broncos gear or e-mail it to us at tips that katie br .com and we will do our best to get it on every newscast leading up to super's super sunday. >> it's looking good out there. >> ours was sad. we tried. >> the rest of them were like dangling on the floor below.
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helping us. >> when you guys left to go do it i heard you guys were we didn't have a challenge because this was light fluffy snow. that storm is moving out and we get to enjoy nothing but cold until next month so here it is. just a wide view of what is going on. there is the storm now making its way across the midwest. it is a large storm a thousand miles from north to south and there is severe weather on the tail end of it. we are seeing clearing sky here in denver about the next storm is already heading our direction and that one will be in play thursday night and friday morning. in the wake of this storm look at the cold air carved out across the rocky mountains and unfortunately, even though get the sunshine back with the cold air in and in place it's not going to warm up. strong wind on the eastern plains the storm is moving and that it's it it's dying down.
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you can see the front range temperatures. look at the single digits as you climb into the mountains and of about 16 in and the fort collins area and across the rest of the state. just about everybody in the teens a few twenties in the south and storm system lifting out clearing skies partly sunny skies and there will be some clouds during the dance am snow mountains. temperatures in the teens and twenties and we will get better than today's 22 by about five or 6 degrees and just above freezing. 14 to 24 at the lunch hour. that is warmer than we were all day today. we will top out at 27 degrees. it will be chilly out there. make sure the kids dress warm and tell them to watch their steps as they head out for the bus tomorrow going back to school and with some sunshine, melting the roads will be wet on
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will give you the rest of the seven-day forecast and talk
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where back out here at levis stayed in the side of super bowl 50 just five days away. we are getting closer. the line has no change. broncos still a heavy underdog and panthers still pick favored a six points but we know back in broncos country it is just fine by us. broncos have thrived in that role off season. underdogs going into this all-important game on sunday and broncos will get back to work tomorrow and stanford university. the practice is taking place over at stamford. they did not work out today. this video was shot from monday. the team did not practice and while the super bowl is getting close, gary kubiak remains confident that his guys are ready to go. >> we wanted to get all of our mental work and hour-long meetings all of those type of things done as quick as we could someone we got here we could get a sharp as we could be and get
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i like the approach. we will stay in our routine but our work last week was very good. >> brought from broncos of the present to broncos of the past. we did recently get a chance in denver to catch up with billy thompson p or you guys know that name right? a great member of the vaunted orange crush defense a long time bronco, three-time pro bowler, member of the ring of fame and they remind us its defense that wins championships. >> i think defense will play a very important part. there are a lot of similarities between this defense and my defense. i'm a defense defensive guy. i think you win championships with your defense and we have one and i'm excited about watching them play. >> i'm right there with you billy. up at the broncos winning by seven. let's go with what's hot in social media. did you catch this? nfl bad badly breeds.
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over social media. >> was broken? leg bone and tailbone. his arm bone? had bone. >> to me i think someone might have a little too much time on their hands. they do a really good job with it though. a funny video. one.6 million likes on youtube. you can catch that whole video at matt duchenne's gone country on stage with lee brice. he has always been country. in nashville at the all-star game .-dot she had himself a great time. the ask asked me a while back in action hosting chicago. they were trailing this game to nothing to the absent the blackhawks. they cut it for one when gable am a sockets the score but that is as close as they would get. i have us go down final score two / one. back out here live at levi's stayed emma want to remind you
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leave as we tackle the issue of team chemistry and why the broncos team chemistry has been so good all season long. 11 wins this year in games decided by seven points or less. we all know of the broncos keep it close they're going to pull it off in the end end because that's what they've done all season long. still plenty more news to come. >> fox 31 denver news that at 10 starts right now. digging out after a major snowstorm. some roads to have to navigate as crews work around-the-clock to clear it out. >> after a day for many to relax and play driving to work and
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traffic nightmare.
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