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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  February 6, 2016 1:05am-1:34am MST

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winding down but the excitement is building up. as orange friday in fake the city of the day, even more incentive to win one for pets as we learn about the team owners recent hospital stay. >> tonight at nine, team coverage of the broncos road to the champ chip. in denver i might bars. >> and i'm deborah takahara. >> and i'm jeremy hovered live in san francisco tonight. we start with the news tonight about pat bolin. he was actually in the hospital recently and a team spokesman says bolin is now comfortably with the personal medical issue in december. we are told that he is feeling the denver post is reporting it was a blood clot that happen before the broncos playoff run. but the good news tonight, bolin is doing much better and is even more incentive for the team to win it for pat. that's with the fans, players and coach's say they want to do. we have team coverage for you tonight from here in san
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raul martinez getting up with some big-name players, including brett favre, for his take on p manning. nick crotty engine is -- can't little talking about the steps taken to keep you safe from drunk drivers this weekend. we start with kent. >> hundreds waiting and security lines. >> we are told this is a shorter line. if this is short, i don't want to see the long one. >> fans here dropping a quarter billion dollars on the bay area. for some that doesn't even include going to the game. >> lived in illinois a and we commute back to the game. we can afford the tickets so we decided to come in vacation and support the team. >> orange friday, clearly a hokey day for those who traveled from denver today, and the legions of bay area broncos fans
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someone four-legged broncos fans intel. >> you want to play don't you. we decided it was a good chance to come down to the beach. as on the crews yesterday about my dog today. >> with blue waves crashing blow them and the orange and blue parasols above, it seems broncos. his everywhere here. so if miles leading the chair, they are all taken the chance to capture this moment in broncos history. >> the picture will have half the bridge and half the bus. if you guys want all gather. >> in front of the iconic golden gate bridge, a moment they hope to remember forever as they kick off the weekend in california that they hope is altogether and forgettable. >> it's fun and excitement. the atmosphere and people, everyone has been wonderful. >> that was a huge look at what happened in separate cisco today. a huge part is the security guarding super bowl related
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denver police want to make sure any celebration of faux super bowl 50 .com is not a replay of super bowl 32. rioting broke out at the broncos first-ever super bowl victory engineering 1998. september 10,000 people celebrated on downtown denver streets. hundreds overturn cars, set fires and cause millions and property damage. please say they will handle things very differently this time. >> it's very important as that everybody be able to celebrate in a safe environment and to facilitate that we will have a large number of officers out and about on sunday both on foot and in vehicles. >> denver police also produced a series of videos asking fans to celebrate responsibly. meantime, kent ertl is live in denver with a plan to keep you safe from drunk drivers during this busy weekend. kent? >> that's right jeremy. it's not just sunday. the state patrol actually stepped up their dui patrols that will span all the way through the weekend.
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last of the broncos played in the super bowl it was the second deadliest day on colorado roads. as host of a super bowl party, jobe elio takes his refreshments super seriously. yes, it is hard not to find alcohol at a watch party, but this year it will also be hard to ignore watching messages like this. >> if you drive junk, you simply put are a shortsighted, utterly useless, oxygen wasting human form of pollution. >> budweiser's give a kp may be blunt but consider this, the lesson the broncos played in the super bowl there we're 327 dui arrests in colorado, last year it there were just 234 arrests, which is why the broncos return to the big game is bringing a bigger spotlight on the issue. >> we think they're going to be a lot more people on the roads and a lot more people at parties and unfortunately more people
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>> i'm an uber guy, through and through so it everyone at my party. >> uber and mad action burning on a promotion. you can use goober infants to pay for right or give your guess a credit towards one. if you do mad will also give a $10 donation. >> i think that's a win for all of us. >> that's great. i will do that actually. >> and if or when the broncos win, we will deftly be out of on the town in an uber. >> they do make it pretty easy these days. uber top actually lets you create your own promo code for your own party. talk about exclusivity. there are more ways to find rights to a game party and find those posted at >> thank you kent. local attorney mike so all says he's doing his part to keep you
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he's offering to pay for your right if you had too much to drink. >> i think 50 people thinking i know i'm going to have out to a party and i'm going off fun and i know i'm going to have one or two more beers or drinks than i usually have, will don't drive, i'll pay for your way home. >> you must be 21 years old and $35. send your receipt and a copy of a valid id to the sawada law firm. details are on our website at come sunday when the broncos in the panthers take the field of the biggest game of the year, both teams will be sporting a little piece of colorado. fox 31 denver's live in studio with a firsthand at the official nfl super bowl 50 patches made by a company in fort collins. >> this is what is made it is a one-of-a-kind pat. it's out of the company in fort collins.
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gate bridge on the side of it. >> a logo design for the super bowl needs to be iconic. >> the way we put the shadow, the skyline a san francisco into the number 50. >> a patch worn only by the players and coaches on the field that final sunday. >> we are changing the game and a lot of industries with this new technology. >> the patch needs to be one-of-a-kind. >> we don't supply these to anyone except to the nfl tells us. >> brown abrams founded by relock incorporated out of fort collins. >> it's made out of high frequency molding of the middle east him. >> on the the broncos friday, abrams and his patented high-performance textured graphics have no competition. >> if to come up with creative product development, so the new that's never existed before, that's a big deal. >> come sunday. >> it's very satisfying to see it on television, in the super bowl. >> for the fourth year in a row. >> the large ones are on the jerseys and they go right here. >> the two super bowl teams will sport abrams creation. >> if you can imagine designing
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more people watch it than any other event on television, that's a rush. >> a huge accomplishment, that this year, feels just a little sweeter. >> when the broncos play it's >> only about a thousand of these patches were made. what people like you and i can find will be similar to this, but won't come close to matching the detail our quality abrams is able to create. >> that's really cool. fox 31 denver is your source for coverage and be sure to watch a pregame special this weekend at 8:00 on saturday night. on sunday, right after the game, switch to fox 31 denver to get postgame coverage on the entire city. we'll have live coverage of the reaction here in the city and any potential problems after the the game only in denver. we've been working hard on what we're going to have for you after the game. the minute that show is over,
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much more to come but mikan debits and it back to you. >> hall of fame cornerback brett favre opening up about plane in the super bowl. >> coming up, we'll hear what star-studded athlete had to say about the meaning and how super bowl 50 could impact his legacy. >> plus, almost time to get in the zone. our weekly coaches showed is on the road with coach kubiak this week and he is joined by wade phillips. >> and, we take you behind the counters and a brand-new edition of heidi hammett restaurant report card. fraser. it's nice to see the fun check
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rki friday night means restaurant report card. do you really know what is happening behind closed doors. here is investigative reporter heidi hemmat. >> inside duffy is bakery health inspectors found filth and fries. the denver degree sales a report card in its june and december inspections including 50 dead flies. employees handling soiled dishes and milk was held at an unsafe temperature and had to be thrown out.
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greece and grime on the floor. duffy's restaurant responds with this response. in large part doing the right way our follow-up inspection reflects all the issues were corrected. next we visit chevy's. our second this week. the location was settled for ten violations in may and september violations. among the violations were buckets of food held it unsafe temperatures which can cause food poisoning. including ten points of meat, a half a pan of shredded cheese and 30-42 mollies and green chili. and there was no sanitizer being used on the cook line. this is the second time this chevy's has failed our report card. the manager wasn't too happy to see is the first time we paid it
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this time chevy's -- we are dedicated to providing quality food to our customers regulations seriously. chubby's past a follow-up inspection in december. and finally and a goes to pander xbase and liquid pin to express lakewood. to see all of the violations listed in the report we have a link at just click on the news tab and restaurant report card. if you have a restaurant or any other story want us to investigate, send us an e-mail at tips at heidi hemmat, fox 31 denver now,
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mineralogist dave fraser. >> my kids love orange chicken at panda express. we want to show you the jet stream. all the cold air in the big blocking high setting up over the west and now with the recent snowstorm moving out we are in store for a lot of sunshine and a warming trend. this high is also affecting the west coast where the forecast for the game on sunday for the denver broncos couldn't be any better. the entire crew out there will be basking in 70 degrees weather and the sunshine day. today we only made it to 20s in the mountains and 30s and 40s over the eastern half of the state. timber coming in at 37 and once again this week was a cold one. we didn't have normal temperatures and by the end of the week we should be at 45.
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cold 15 at the airport with 15 mile-per-hour winds. sixteen and centennial and 20 in our product. armada armada little bitter winds which is the case. we have a colored cheated over 10 miles per hour. wake up with plenty of sunshine on saturday and we will see a bit of increase in cloud coverage of us who go from the afternoon into the evening hours that will make for a preset that but will keep things dry. same things as we look into the mountains and every -- it will spread onto the eastern plains and again, just a couple about. lows tonight and the single digits and teens. a cold night tonight and steamboat at five, eagle at six
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the coldest air and governments in and alamosa going below zero. we will be in the teens and 20s in the east and for mountains. a nice-looking day for skiing and fresh snow from earlier in the week up there. a lot of places above freezing and we get upper 40s and 50s here. we will be just a little chilly in greeley and fort collins at 40 degrees. forty-three in meade and 44 in the cano. forty-nine and superior in the west side of the town will see a string of 50s. forty-seven in downtown denver and the south side of town will start to see more melting and 47 in casa rock.
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tonight and are mostly clear skies and a nice bounce up tomorrow. remember we should be at 45 so is seasonal day. you will notice the little breeze as the clouds coming to play in the afternoon. on sunday you notice a stronger wind and the wind will become more of a northerly direction. it will bring more clouds and cooler temperatures. we will dip back down to 39 but only a one day drop back. we're back to seasonal 45 on monday and everything else next week is a break from winter weather, something we can certainly enjoy here as the first five days of the month were so snowy and cold. i think wednesday we could get to 60 and 53 and 55. a chance to thaw out. >> i think this is playing out perfectly. you see 52 for the parade on tuesday and that would be outstanding. going with a positive attitude
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alternative. >> i'm splitting in my yard. thanks dave. one experienced quarterback shares his words of wisdom for another. >> coming up next, hall of famer, brett favre, speaks out about paying manning had a super bowl 50. >> in a moment of crisis. >> he was lying on the ice in a pool of blood. >> with the unthinkable can happen. would you know what to do to prevent this? all next week on
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good day problem solversn te
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i wrote the chairmanship coverage continues life and since it francisco and while the broncos players on lockdown, we are talking a former athlete set of thing on the big stage before. we sent raul martinez to the red carpet any joins us with more on today's festivities.
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crazy. fans are entering the major experience and we see tons of former athletes including one that had a ton of records as people manning -- where athletes and technology are being combined. i asked brett favre about all of the records being broken by peyton manning and here's what he said. >> records are meant to be broken. i can't sit here and sound like i'm upset but i feel like a set the bar high, really high, and i'm proud of that. i'm also proud that it's peyton that broke them. >> earlier week caught up with
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walter pinning man of the year award. does he want patent to retire board would he like to see his brother play football warmer year. >> i just can't imagine a season when he's not there. just knowing my big brother is not playing in a big game is awkward the year he was injured and missed the season. you knew his clinic come back. >> it's been a good decade for the manning family and one more thing. he was the only athlete the right time to today that picked the broncos over the panthers for super bowl 50. i'll be on another red carpet with three former broncos been up for it the hall of fame. steve atwater, -- from san francisco, california, roll our teen is, fox 31 denver. >> they all three blanche and can and would like brett favre even more after what he said about the broncos coming up this sunday.
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special coverage all we can long. stay with fox 31 denver we have a special pregame it saturday night with everything broncos you need to know and on sunday right after the game ends, switch to fox 31 for the best coverage in the city. we will have the highlights from the players and team coverage with reaction here from san francisco and back home in denver. any potential problems switch to fox 31 denver for the best local coverage. we been in super bowl city all week that we are about to move down to santa clara tomorrow outside levi stadium. i can't wait to see the stadium and i can't wait for the big game. >> let's make your predictions. croson a win and what's the score can it be? >> i think the broncos win by a field goal and it's going to be
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>> i was going 20, -- >> i'm going broncos 34-17. >> a blowout. we like it. >> a super sunday gets closer, just how much sleep of the broncos head coach getting. >> i'm not thinking about a lot of things. it's driving the coaches crazy. >> it's all part of in the zone show coming up after the break. coach kubiak sits down with sports director nick griffith to cover everything as it relates the big game. >> i will leave tonight was a more united and orange fan photos. you guys have been great sending it to us.
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tips at eighteen games down, one super game to go. the sheriff has sights on potentially writing off into the sunset. >> i am going to go participate in rodeos. >> can he deliver in his first year back in denver? in the
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bowl addition starts right now. welcome to end his own super bowl edition with coach kubiak. hasn't sunk in that the super bowl is here your first year back in denver. all of these great storylines and it's almost as if your storyline was buried in this whole thing. >> i don't know about that. it's sunken and it's great to be here. we are getting closer to the game but things have been great. we've been working hard and the focus has been dead. we have a couple a big workdays left here but let's enjoy the moment and wearing a great place looking forward to the game. >> what something you're really stressing with these guys too, have fun and focusing on what is a huge football game but be in the moment and be present. >> no doubt. the bulk of our work was done last week and we got on the
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preparation. we are trying to sharpen up and i want them as fresh physically and mentally as they can possibly be. we've a lot of time now before game and we need to keep them focused and ready to go. >> anything special about the super bowl as it is super bowl 50. >> maybe it will kind of pay you on sunday when you see all of the pageantry around what's going on but this is number seven for me and it's special. the longest i've been in the league and to have that opportunity. i know guys that have been here forever and barely get into the playoffs. for me to have mr. b's team and this organization is very special. >> are you sleeping okay? >> yes, i'm up think about a lot of things. been a coach is kind of crazy but i am. i have my wife with me and she stayed all week long and she keeps me grounded.
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moment and what we are doing. >> you mention the work week
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