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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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fox 31 denver, news at five. welcome, turning the nation orange. the name of the game from the "rocky" mountains to the city, turning out ten full force to turn on the oregon crash, -- orange crash. the fanfare freezing cbs tech -- final countdown to kick off. across the bay area all weekend your denver broncos take on cam newton and the carolina panthers
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mile high city. good evening, thank you for joining us fox 31 denver at five, santa clara, california broncos countdown to the road to the championship. we have you covered back home in colorado -- you can see fox 31 denver erika gonzalez with more how denver preparing for the big game coming up tomorrow but first out here the excitement truly is the bronco fans turning out in your numbers to support an earlier in san francisco when last rally and chance for to gather before the big game. with some classic rock playing the cheerleaders and mascot leading the charge super bowl city dan tim the official broncos super bowl 50 fan rally come it joined
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broncos alum and several hundred fans him blue and orange showing support. the broncos giving away a pair of tickets to the super bowl to one lucky fan in the crowd. we talked to bronco supporters all over the country including this one in the pacific northwest. i was born and raised for grad school. so i had broncos fans come in bowl 48 so wit was awful. just trying to come to beautiful country but so fun to be around the broncos fans. we talked about the bronco alum on hand and one was mark jackson who predicted broncos blowout tomorrow but as you can imagine that was a huge hit with the crowd there but as we set all angles of the big game covered fox 31 denver tammie with a look at spinning at super bowl parties and return to fox 31
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. jeremy, we are on the red carpet and it is a packed house full of celebrities and nfl grades but was just take a look a dram peterson talking right there. if you look down the road, just a ton of people but we find out who the mvp of the leak is tonight likely cam newton in fact i guarantee it will be cam newton but you also have hall of fame pro football hall of fame announcer and roco's are a poor it's commit jarrell davis, steve atwater and sean lynch but one of those guys have to get it at some point but we also talked to a number of athletes current quarterbacks who think their thoughts of peyton manning and lasting legacy, take a listen just so we talk two minutes ago. as a football player, i'm involved as well, but the sport
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opposite side of the ball him so if he goes out on top. a voice been such a huge fan and so much respect for what he's done i love watching him play and i'm really excited to watch that. he's definitely a legend and i look up to him. definitely made a difference in my life. . >> a lot of people picking the broncos on this red carpet. it is interesting everybody picking the panthers but a lot number one timber defense. you know who is on the number one timber defense tj ward. he is from the bay area but we have the pleasure of catching up to the people who know him best. his head coach high school head coach, his father and his brother, take a listen. i love to laugh so. tj ward off the field commit tj ward the broncos serious come i
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his father could not be your son to be happy, pray well it's not everyday your brothers and the super bowl and are at home in san francisco wow!. it ward is the younger brother and running back for the falcons. you can have those veteran things to show me but it's a help my with the year. at that time if you ask me you know that kid will be a starter your crazy. the legendary high school coach conquered but once help national winning streak record of 151 straight victories and he said despite not being the ideal something else. i think it was his will and determination but it did not surprise me. i mean, come i think when you're
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something to prove. i was an afterthought so to progress through college and be a pro bowler now it's hard to look back and see it and say, can i do that again? his young wife took a drastic turn in 2,004 when his close friend is found shot and killed in his car picking up a friend, terrance kelly was just two days away from going to the university of oregon very had a full ride for football. the initial reaction how, why but then they start questioning why. especially being out here and seeing people from my past. we will never seen anything like this again in our lives. the story made it to hollywood when the tragic loss commit tj took that moment in his live and turned it into a process. i have to hand it to tj for
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is precious. even for the better or for the worse. i think it has given him purpose and i think he has more than a purpose to be great on the football field, but he has a guardian angel so to speak. just everything, he's on it. what an incredible story for tj ward. it is amazing to see how he's embraced that and taken it to heart and he's become stronger for it. the nfl honors red carpets come i'm just looking down the road, guys i'm seeing shannon sharpe, charles woodson, the names are calming left and right. it is unbelievable to look out. we will have more for you on tonight special at 8:00 o'clock and we will find out if we have some broncos that are in the
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francisco red carpet back to you, jeremy. each one of them that is for sure raul martinez, affect to denver and fox 31's denver, getting ready for the big game tomorrow, danny. in the last stretch on the road to the super bowl come a lot of people pining themselves tackling last-minute purchases for their parties including for. win or lose, the broncos are helping retailers score big. anything bronco related even up to orange hair coloring cumin -- at this timber walmart, s super as tomorrow's football game. during a typical weekend, 60 pounds of chicken wings, but this weekend, 500 pounds. the broncos are winning and a good streak going on. and flying off the shelves, a routine week this walmart sells
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now selling 266 liters. from 12 cases a typical week to 270 cases. pepsi or coke or something, but even broncos colored cupcakes beat previous sales. fifteen packages a day to 100 and expert said sandwiches to 35. the hunger is not limited to food. big screens, also, big sales. we certainly see people think a little bit more about pulling the trigger, specifically today than any other day of the year. at best buy the demand is running up the score but the company had to call in enforcement. this last week we had to fly and resources from other states to get enough jobs done. people buying the latest in high-tech tv, four times as many this year
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we have samsung 40-inch hd smart the monaco family a smaller sport smart "the dish" smart tv is all they need especially since it's not their team on the about the broncos other than an eagles fan, and get out there today, they should be able to help you install it but otherwise on your own, you don't want to fumble the installation reporting live timmy beall fox 31 denver. a lot of those tickets are -- cheaper than the tickets commanders tim way people will do that but in front of the tv watching the game everybody gathered santa clara, california wonders what the forecast is going to be and is this beautiful sunny weather going to old, fox 31 denver mark monstrola, can we count on more of this? thanks a lot, the big rig him place, the beautiful weather
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will not far to the east the next 24 hour so great news for kickoff but we know people's track record on warm sunny days looks good for the broncos in that respect but the temperatures tomorrow mid-'70s, 72, around kickoff 4:30 mountain time as we had to the end of the game hopefully the broncos to host up the lombardi trophy with temperatures in the mid-60s but a few clouds overhead, should be a lovely day there on the west coast, jeremy r wright, we are looking forward to that but of course the entertainment schedule leading up to the game jampacked him jampacked in all week coldplay is not really your style, something that might be a little more suited to you coming up tonight my metallica how about that the rock 'n roll hall of fame in san francisco with so-called night before concert with all the hype leading up in casting the show for free on the
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inaugural event jason aldean and bentley a different tone fish year for sure, get your earplugs ready but of course metallica is not the only one celebrating the for the big game fox 31 denver your source for coverage to the championship all weekend long and kicks off 8:00 o'clock but be sure to tune in for the special pregame coverage of a, some great stuff in short for you and then fox 31 denver, to beat the post game that griffith raul martinez with the highlights from the players in live team coverage of the reaction in the city and back home in denver and potential problems may arise from the broncos went because we know that's what's going to happen fox 31 denver for the best local coverage of the denver broncos a much more to come from santa clara but for now back to denver. enjoy yourself out there, jeremy you have some huge cruise for both of those show so tune in 8:00 o'clock looking forward to
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fans gearing up denver police gearing up for your safety, officers out in full force all we can long money the do's and don'ts of celebrating. cheering on the broncos is great but celebration on the rights of others it's a crime. very important wes everybody be able to celebrate in a safe environment and to besaw's at a large number of officers out and about on foot and in vehicles. and all of this comes to decade since the broncos won their last super bowl in 1988 when the fans took to the streets in celebrations became riots. there will be no tolerance for that behavior and anyone damaging public property will be arrested immediately. we want you to celebrate. just party responsibly, call in sick monday, some state lawmakers want to defund it.
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is no room. and the broncos to (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference
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(tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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just months after launching colorado bus one, sent shutting down, routes from timbers to the mountains, colorado springs and boulders but state funding is in jeopardy fox 31 denver live at the capital with more on the situation, joe. guys, the busting just heard of this past july but this week the republican-controlled state senate to redirect its funding. they want to move to the democrats, those with the car should not be forgotten. >> here is the mustang rolling into union station saturday. it is probably 40, 50 people. on board to see a concert
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but the bus budget be bested? sliders and more than $650,000 bonus. state senators have their way it will this week republican-controlled senate passing a bill to shift money to fixing roads and the funds rate now come from vehicle registration fees but instead of hunting a bus, you write it should go to fix potholes. i -- some drivers applaud republicans for finding a way to fix roads. roles are terrible and you cannot drive through denver, and others say hold on. every week in my debt lives over here. j does not have a car but says if the bus goes away how will he get here. a lot of people don't have cars. c-dot tells fox 31 the are strongly opposed to changing the funding but the major debated by
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more likely people are to share justin's view. i say keep it, it's a great system. telling me today the majority of colorado support mass transit and the state should be supportive the place are getting around that does not involve a car. denver. joe things switching gears, nice and sunny california but we don't care if it's below zero. it will be and i stayed tomorrow. a little cooler than what we saw today. enjoying the great outdoors tomorrow, parked on the couch, little recliner area, 70 degrees or so which will feel really nice at 4:30 but the 700 -- the 70s, meanwhile at home, couple of clouds overhead mason said, the snow packed on the ground from the latest snowstorm
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temperatures did well, too, 48 right now downtown, dia 46 degrees, the winds to pick up a little bit, getting breeze out there especially eastern front range and foothills. want to talk more about that in just a moment high of 48 degrees come a few notches above 45 on part as far as low temperatures concerned, drop down to 17 early this morning 46 boulder, 50 degrees kelso rock, 37 parker and pretty wide friday of temperatures and the planes 20s greeley, 30s near the border and still couple 40s closer to the city but meanwhile in the high country teens and 20s. the winds are starting to whip around a little bit. georgetown 30 mile-per-hour wind gust from the northwest blowing in a little bit, little breezy and the planes as well as downtown. tonight five to 15 mile-per-hour wind gust, maybe a little breezy at times but nothing compared to
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community with northwesterly winds to hell around 50, 60 mile-per-hour wind gust not out of the question estes park to georgetown, little breezy, 20 to 30 mile-per-hour wind gust but again just a little breezy at times downtown, nothing compared city. some light snow showers this evening northern front range but other than that clouds passing through with high-pressure in control but we showed earlier eight day forecast on the west coast the strongest part of the rich just to the west of us but on the eastern side, notice the net -- the winds from the northwest to push cooler air our way but i don't think we get past low 40s, touch below average a little cooler than what we saw today but plenty of sunshine, couple passing clouds overall through the day tomorrow as we head towards take off but early, maybe had to church or
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game, the big party come i really good day so no worries as far as that is concern. 23 degrees overnight. partly cloudy breezy at times and the city but certainly wendy as you travel further west. tomorrow afternoon, little cooler than today, breezy at times with plenty of sunshine throughout the last day of the weekend. once that ridge begins to move a little bit further to the east, that is where the warmer air begins to kick in. the next seven days, moderate into the mid-40s by monday, throughout the entire stretch, back into the 50s by tuesday. we are looking at 60 degrees wednesday afternoon. we will hang up into the upper 50s all the way through beginning of next week. we deserve this one spring is knocking on the door. thank you very much, 55 tuesday, perfect. parade weather. not upset about 60. champions,
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years. coming up next the local restaurant with the broncos ahead of some of the biggest games. presidential hopeful preparing
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when gop candidate >> you talk sports, supper sessions superstitions but apparently a spaghetti superstition and even went the broncos eat there before a game they win. fox 31 denver dan took time out of his busy schedule to investigate the claims and taste this seemingly magical pasta. who would have thought aim -- a restaurant in boulder would have the faith of the denver broncos and fettuccine. pour chicken parmesan for that matter. j,
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been feeding the denver bronco franchise for years. you understand the value of carbohydrates for a few fuel two days before they play a game and so they been using us for the big games and throughout the playoffs. the last 16 times posta jfet the broncos before a game, they one every time. that 20122013 season, they played the chargers, the chiefs, tampa bay and the raiders. who one? the broncos the this when after the broncos ravaged posta j ravioli, of course. the last trip to the super bowl, they skip posta j and loss to seattle 43-age. the seattle seahawks have won
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>> think superstition is silly? think again, the denver broncos are wearing their white uniforms for the sole reason that they just don't when super bowls. message to the broncos commit eat your linguine. and bring home lombardi. dan daru fox 31 denver. thank you very much, dan don't forget to celebrate the maybe for the big game fox 31 denver is your source for coverage for the road to the championship all week long and kicks off 8:00 o'clock. be sure to tune into the special pregame coverage a fantastic special for you that you do not want to miss. when i didn't have a beard, we would lose which is why we never won a game. that makes perfect sense. the gop debate is hours away and one candidate still not invited to their fair coming up presidential hopeful carly fiorina was told she could not
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massive crane collapse following hundreds of feet in new york and what investigators say a cleanup process now to begin.
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