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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the victory party as a super celebration rolls through the streets of downtown denver. >> here is video justin from skyfox over dove valley where the team and the buses have just arrived within the last ten minutes. you can see fans lining up at the entrance waving to the buses as that teen posing. everyone is so excited to welcome the team home. returning home of the third super bowl title. that lombardi trophy being handled with the utmost care. securely fastened, super broncos. our borders are all over the metro area covering all be as a the valley right now huge clouds of plans. >> take a look behind me i'm going to step outs you can see what's going on.
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usher in the dean. they buses pulled in about eight minutes ago the players now pulling out of his parking not in their course these fans sticking around just a waste of some rolling down the windows to my innocence denver broncos fans were last able to walk up on their team as super bowl champions. >> @think i was 19 years old the last time they won the super bowl. these up and bring your office being there for them. a geek taken advantage of every moment. fans lining up outside death valley.
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celebrate with them. >> hoping for a friend to a fellow, you thank you are even just mile. >> you can see the excitement out here. fans seriously just waiting for one glimpse of the extremely proud. all of them telling me they will be at the parade tomorrow. >> broncos quarterback break hayden manning not on the plane. he took his post game celebration to disneyland. where he and his children had the victory many of them dressed in broncos orange. it griffith is just back from santa clara and i just now
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spent this victory monday. everybody running on adrenaline. >> as broncos players however, a few of them had some early wake-up calls. peyton manning is i was off to disneyland while the mbp this is the scene at that ms. guinea in downtown san francisco. von miller showing off the mvp trophy. also there to talk about not only the great game that vann had, but also just a win in general what it brings to bring a lombardi trophy records in number. >> the stand here today and to be the head coach of the denver broncos the world champs super bowl 50, represent pat bolan, these players, it is something that i keep with me for the rest of my life.
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brothers and my and already. i'll be able to be with those guys for 100 years. >> going to relive some of the best moments of super bowl 50. also at the oddsmakers think about the broncos chances of repeating as super bowl champs next year. >> this super celebration would end a gotze filled the streets around loaded low to once again mended forcing to shut down roads in that area as well as ramps from the authorities are turning their attention to tomorrow's victories. through downtown and steps off that man from 17th and monsignor union station and makes its way through the city. >> they're hoping it goes as
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it all starts and ends here. entertainment kicks up here at 10:00 o'clock before the parade actually gets underway. you'll want to bring plenty of patients along with you because the crowd this estimate of between 750,000 to over 1 million. there will be a lot of people behind the scenes making sure they are safe. >> your world champion denver broncos. everybody thinking big and have a million people here, so that just you're making sure that the park is ready. >> in fact,, all denver department are tax to handle parts of the parade safety and logistics. >> we had plenty of staff on hand they will have plenty of police officers and again not because we're anticipating trouble, but because when you
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things can happen. to counter any job before it starts perky people downtown will definitely see a large number of police officers particularly on foot in the area around the parade route. with only minor incidents during last night celebrations at thing for the public self to keep it that way for the parade defense with. with 1 million or more people packed into downtown, denver police say if you see something, say something. report anything you think might be suspicious. >> the 98 and 99 parades were held as a huge and safe success and this time they've had lots of practice. >> bring plenty of places done here, denver police wanted talk led to many specific details, but they say don't bring backpacks some heavy bags, does bring bottled water. basically the things he could be allowed into broncos game with.
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strictly prohibited. it's been 17 years since fans felt every inch of space at union station and it will happen again tomorrow. today just a smattering of orange outside a renovated union station. >> i was eight and nine years old, so i was really little. rewind 17 and 18 years ago, ses over tory bronco fans filled blowed out like a tsunami of support. >> been around that many fans of that me and them that much pride in that much, it was really a good time. fans expect an even larger turnout tomorrow.
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we're expecting down here cracks it wouldn't be hard to beat a regular tuesday afternoon with the addition of hundreds of thousands of people down here. the parade route looks at union station and troubles on 17th street to broadway and ends a little more than x civic center around the way the city of denver shows that strength. in their orange and blue. >> khris want the cities. two blocks of the parade route that it's going to be a gorgeous winter day in february. there's going to be national media attention. at least 17 years older, with the exhilaration of the wind, timeless. >> i anticipate the win tomorrow
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times as crazy. it will tell you everything you need to know if you making plans to head downtown for the parade and the best ways to get there to where you go downtown. >> if your watching on tv turn in for complete coverage of the super celebration tomorrow in denver. arc length coverage begins at 5:00 a.m. and daybreak on our sister station channel two. at 10:00 a.m. as they broadcast everyday life from civic center park after that, from 11 -- three. jeremy huppert and, of course, will be my bring you all the sights and sounds of the victory parade will be simulcast both
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martinook you heard, but the denver broncos are world champions. this is a few of the incredible images captured after the game is the players defend and celebrate a super bowl win. while you were celebrating you may have missed one of the dust my posting moments i'm funny, some awkward, some might monday night football commentator john meredith used to seeing this at the end of an nfl game. singing but that was not the game for super bowl 50. the party was just getting started. like when peyton manning post game spoke from the sidelines
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>> i'm going to drink a lots of budweiser tonight. at the awards are money moments later, de ja vu. and going to kiss my wife, kiss my kids, i want to celebrate with my family and teammates and i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight, jim. >> all the while brother eli appeared without emotion live long and prosper. >> we're constructing this team. >> john elway had something to say. >> and going to say this and he would not want me to say this. but this one is for pets. >> showcasing not only the trophy but here's the denver broncos owner pat bolan. it will ever forget his fall from grace. and his rise to glory.
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happened. a small dozen of super bowl ads turn to grab your attention in the game but about 31 denver and your date favorite was doritos. this one is called ultrasound and cost $2,000 to make. and at the worst commercial of the night because it doesn't have premature birth. on fox 31 denver to have the broncos super celebration offered for you. our live coverage begins at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow on good day, colorado. i'm 31 denver and daybreak on our sister station channel two. at 10:00 a.m. join us is we broadcast everyday life from
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after that from 11 -- three jeremy and i will be upheld by bringing you all the sights and sounds of the victory parade. >> at commercials have become an afterthought now, they release them a week before. they hardly paid attention to them, i don't. >> nubbin your broncos win the super bowl. the in the three of us were here last night during the game, kind of getting ready for after the game and quite frankly i didn't see a single commercial so that doritos i've got to go back and watch that. i guess it was funny i heard all about it just haven't seen it yet. timing is everything in weather and we have not only a fantastic week ahead, but tomorrow most important and i got a forecast for you if you're planning to go downtown. let's get to work with pinpoint weather. across the country and why we will enjoy a little bit of a break from winter. cold air and snow pouring down to the midwest across the great
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new england is dealing with right now they've got another storm system on the way. the jet stream you can see it talking just to the east of colorado and all the gold there is bottled appear. meanwhile, out to the west a large area of high pressure is dominating. that's it made from the beautiful weather for the super bowl yesterday. this high pressure is just slowly going to migrate across colorado and the reason is we've got a temp traffic jam. we had a little bit of a breeze out of. damages easy in the upper 30s and '40s the denver upper 40s to the south it a mix of denver coming in at 42. it's pretty close to where we should be which is 45 for an mri. outsider and not a few high clouds around and it's not that bad that wind might've been
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44 in littleton 45 in lakewood. again very pleasant temperatures across the rest of the front range. low 40s from the castle rock to parker, 42 in bennett. you will notice some breezes at times, but nothing very strong. again, what is out today is pretty much what you're going to see for the coming week. we'll make up with sunshine and a few high clubs, we go past the lunch hour. then we get into the evening of a clouds across the rest of the state nothing changes. again high pressure and anchored just to our west keeps a little bit of the that is really going to be about it. glycinate, the single digits and teens in the mountains. obviously there are skies it will be chilly with temperatures in the teens and 20s about 24 in denver and highs tomorrow thursday's close to 40 lots of
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warmer 50s and '60s will bump the temperatures into the 40s, mid- 40s and even welcome back some 50s. not me get to my forecast 24 tonight was a criminal little breezy. are you getting the staging set and county building. here's what we're expecting at 10:00 a.m., 46. look at this, and can't ask for better weather. it is good as but not going to give it for you. if you're working all week are parties of the line was
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all of the weather. >> pretty perfect. nobody's going to work tomorrow. >> we are. >> i am, this is true. we'll be here. never broncos world champions
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we love seeing our are celebrating the super bowl victory and here is the shot of the pumping long-standing season-ticket holders going back 21960. the little victory dance there, victory not only great for the team, but also for the city and the entire state of colorado united in orange for sure. a local high school is joining in on the super bowl celebration pointing garrett commemorating the big win. green mountain high schools printshop is creating special world championship t-shirts with united in orange on the front and school logo on the back. all the money will go back to the green mountain gear. that's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to super bowl swag, a lot of fans pouring into
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championship gear. the sweatshirts and flags. >> i figured i better, and enjoy this one. >> the broncos we are the champions. it's all about the super bowl champion flag. they clinched the win, we headed out to the floor. >> after a pack mates then showed up at sports authority as early as 6:00 a.m. >> ever it he picked up the shirt, a longsleeved shirt, and a hat. watch out now. the postgame excitement is certainly in the air. >> it's incredible i couldn't believe it. and so is the love, that number
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for and his wife jam. anniversary. >> a broncos win and your anniversary. was wonderful. and the fun continues. we are so excited. >> still a lot of fans that they plan to where they get that they picked appear to work today, tomorrow. if you're interested in details on our website at >> there is some dues and don't you should prepare for if you're going to the parade tomorrow. when chipotle chipotle
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