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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  February 12, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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>> . we have locked down our phones. tablets. you know. all the computers. >> . thousands of pictures, posts and videos. that make self-cutting seem like it's okay. >> it's again it's this weird social net work. >> somebody will text a friend. and say i just cut tonight. >> if you see that on your kids texting.
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about it. >> how do you start that >> . have you ever thought about cutting. i know that some kids in your school probably do. way. backfire. scared she was going to get in trouble. how do we help you. >> . seek professional help. >> be calm. be straightforward. and instill hope in your child that we are going to get help. >> >> their daughter is doing better with the help of therapy. and psychiatrists say most kids eventually grow out of it.
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to handle life. >> so eye opening. for more information go to for links to helpful web sites. >> . colorado state patrol releasing new stats on the number of people arrested for allegedly driving while stoned. more than 45 hundred citations were issued last year. for driving under the influence of alcohol. or drugs. in 347-over those cases marijuana was the only indicater.
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marijuana citations to drivers dropped by 1.3 percent. from 2014. >> in order to qualify. patients need to show a diagnosis. or a for the military. and the owner says funding is required through other business ventures like edibles and cultivation. >> . after another day of triple digit loss on wall street. analyst r-s starting to
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>> . to be a true recession. it would need to drop another 16 percent. >> . we will have complete coverage of the popes mission to mexico of the starting tomorrow colorado. >> . a huge trip for sure.
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the white house says it's taking no chances. president obama is asking for nearly two billion dollars. in emergency funds to fight the disease. the latest numbers from the show 52 travel soerbgted cases. have been reported in the u.s. now.
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and in washington dc. >> . donations can be down as much as 20 percent. during the winter months. it's estimated the virus could impact two percent of the blood supply. >> we're likely to continue to see substantial spread around the world. >> today in washington. the cdc director gave congress
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asking them to approve -l president's request. to fight the disease. symptoms include fever. rash. and red eyes. pw urt defects have been birth defects have been reported. >> . if you're pregnant. it's better not to travel. >> in brazil officials hired disease experts scrambling after soccer player hope solo said she wouldn't attend the games in august. if it worsens. >> . the most goggled valentines gift idea. state by state. colorado is spot on. you'll see.
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>> this is great. after 70 years of unanswered questions and wondering. a couple has reunited just in time for valentines day. >> cool story. they fell in love during world war two. the problem. the battlefield called. he answered and life happened. after 7 decades. they're finally together again.
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letter. and thought he was already married. so she refused his invitation. and they went their separate ways. they married other people. thomas becoming a widower. she got divorced. last year one of her sons found him online and reconnected on skype. after more than 70 years. >> . you broke my art. >> you broke my heart. >> i don't believe that for a moment. >> . a crowd funding campaign raised enough to make that happen. journey. to australia. >> .
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just before virginia v day. reuniting 7 decades later. >> . still don't know what to get your honey for valentines day. google some ideas. >> . take a look at the map of america. shows the gifts google users look up the most in each state. >> . here in colorado. we look up cup else yoga. tp fd nevada. fredericks of hollywood. in the pacific northwest. bearskin rugs and washington. and romance novels in oregon. plus size kansas is pretty tame. lovers there search for diamonds the most.
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popular in michigan. in tennessee, adult toys are popular. but they got to be cheap ones. and not to be out done. people in pennsylvania search for edible under wear. more than any other valentines day gift idea. >> . seriously. >> . khopbg chocolate. >> . part of edible under wear. who knows. >> . glad we live in colorado. >> . let's go. we have. okay. all the cold and the snow. we have been talking about here. there is a little moisture coming in to the pacific north pacific northwest. i didn't get lobster tail for montana.
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by. temperatures. colorado. taeupbs. 5 5 in gunnison. >> . we'll pwreupg the temperatures down a bit.
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and east. this deep blue shade here, is some of the very cold air. in the midwest. backing in to northeast colorado. so. be prepared for temperatures there. only in the 30s. and we'll have 60s where we had 70s to the south and east. 34 in the morning. 44 at the lunch hour. on our way to a high of 54. again. light jacket for the kids. or may not need it. sunshine feels so good in the morning. >> better weather here than pennsylvania. >> the broncos. still celebrating their super bowl championship. coming up next, we'll have some of the heartfelt moments behind the scenes that you didn't get
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avs delivering tonight. patrick roy and the boys looking to snap a 4 game losing streak. this the tph eurs frame. avs go to work. on the power play. on the board first. the a s. one to nothing. in the second period. another power play opportunity. this time. two to 0. awful. so so no surprise. efplss on the power play again. >> it's all about the road >> . it was nice to have the confidence on the road. you need to win on the road. urblgly that's the harder place. and our confidence is growing there for sure. >> . all right. buffs hosting the cougars. cu big man skwrurb scott. on the josh scott on the bench tonight
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>> . buffs wide receiver produce is ready to see where he competes with the best of the best. getting the official invite to the combine. the rams go to guy. hollywood. he'll of course be there as well. his teammate will join him. and two weeks. more than 3 hundred nfl hopefuls will be judged on their dash. to interview skills. >> . nobody captures that moment better than the net work.
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>> von miller embracing his friend and mentor. in the final minutes of the epic game. here's just a peek at the super bowl 50 sound effects. >> ab hour long. they'll rerun that. amazing stuff. >> . so many mikes and so many players. there's so much stuff you miss in the moment. >> . check it out. >> . i got a ring. you got one too. >> .
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lady gaga fan.
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donald trump have a third wife personally i retire if it didn't do anything he can play the papa john's softball league will be fine catcher when everyone until the other viral could did you see this to handle in a happen i love it money love this so much just visits by the cbn regular people that is a dumb game that dudes would do that back pain
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that regular dumb dudes and the big story of the day allied should you wait so to you finally popped the question how long are you wait and it's been eight years no need to rush anything i would say girls getting a letter they should do to three years the average wait time here our region is three years coupled in the northeast waited longer for three years getting us to longer just about right i was a girl and then want to get married so you know it can be in an isolation should let go the hammacher russell has so i didn't need the ring although it all changed this is
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swear to you on valentine's day she took oreo cookies and laid a trail of oreo cookies that led to the hot tub where and a hot tub was how they go on to do what happened and if sales were like this and he laughed and took another five years or we started dating she tries to trap them i got wild animals she totally did and then once i tried to my tagamet i bagged them i knew he was a good when good one i wasn't letting go i think a solid decade and then he popped the question speaking of love how about hitting that love
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you have some more modern songs does anyone know the song other than me midnight confession wave of our grandparents listening to this family will antiquated i will admit it valentine's day how much you spend it turns out first of all a half of the celebrate valentine's day that shocks me that the average price of the a hundred and $50 here's the kicker the article in today's is the woman tells you she doesn't want anything she is lying i bet that was a given unaware of anything hundred and 50 bucks i think that's a little to rich save it you it on the car that then you can easily find a nice coupon somewhere two for 1 million a walgreens like a


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